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Other Nonfiction

  • The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter

    by Gregory V. Diehl
    Do you have something important to say? Are your knowledge and experience unique, valuable, and in demand? Do you want to write a book that changes the way people think and live? By combining his experience as an educator and entrepreneur, author Gregory V. Diehl teaches passionate thinkers how to turn unique messages into profitable books - without sacrificing royalties or creative control to a publisher.
  • Words We Can Dance

    by Francisco De La Calleja
    Words We Can Dance is a new collection of wisdom, inspiration, motivation and humor for dancers, choreographers and teachers of all levels and is sure to become every dancer’s favourite book. Dance teacher, author and blogger Francisco De La Calleja, draws on the experience of a 33 year performing and teaching career to share his experiences about performing, learning, teaching and living the dancer's life. The book, with 24 full color images, presents 82 memorable and unique thoughts that to... more
  • She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul

    by Erica Ross
    She Reflects invites us to journey through eight turns of a sacred spiral - a transformative process of softening, listening, daring, shedding and celebrating. At each turn, Erica Ross reflects on her life and asks us to do the same, through her personal stories, reflections, best practices, goddess mythology, original artwork and music playlists.
  • A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots

    by Marcel Heerink
    A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots addresses the challenges and possibilities of social robots. It blends storytelling with essays on philosophical and psychological issues and is inspired by the experiences and insights I gained as a researcher on social robots for people with special needs.
  • Being a Vet in the 21st Century

    by Paul D. Stevens
    It's about being a vet. Not about what vets do but about how they do it. By using real vets' Personality Traits the author asks challenging questions about the Vet Profession - ultimately revealing what it's like to be a vet. If you want to know: How to be a vet; What's it like being a vet? Do the right people become vets?
  • K: How a Jewelry Thief Turned Chemist Turned Into an Author

    by J Kharene Porter
    Deep into her waning thirties, Jhana was quickly running out of time if she truly intended to correct the course of her redundant life. No matter how hard she tried, she found herself in the same predicaments, wishing for the same do-overs. And day by day, the realization of her childhood dream seemed further away than ever. This story chronicles her journey as she confronts the issues rotating through her life with patience, sweat and a sense of humor. As time winds down for her to fulfill the... more
  • "Prayers that get through to God"

    by Rev. George Pryor
    The book looks at all types of biblical praying and it’s result. A section on why prayers are not answered is Also covered . A bonus chapter on biblical peace is also included.
  • Learn to Crochet

    by Natasha Butler
    The easy way to learn to crochet. The learn to crochet book has been designed for complete beginners. The covers all the basics and has easy to follow step by step photo tutorials, simple projects and lots of helpful hints and tips.
  • Top-To-Bottom Home Organizing

    by Caralyn Kempner

    Top-To-Bottom Home Organizing is a complete, one-of-a-kind reference book designed to bring order to any living space in your home. This must-have home-organizing guide will prove to be an invaluable resource that you can use over and over again. Innovative storage arrangements for your household belongings get featured in the many illustrations. Just refer to the chapters that address your specific projects. The detailed guidance allows you to approach any home-organizing project with confid... more

  • flower delivery dubai

    by rima omar
    Sprouts symbolize verifiable things in different social solicitations. The social monstrosity of tints anxiously impacts the choice and use of sprouts. People a significant part of the time slant toward blooms that are related with their ethnic get-together or country, and varying tints may have stunning ramifications of fortunes or club or other fundamental human characteristics.
  • A New York Christmas: Ho-Ho-Ho at Gothamtide!

    by Sibyl McCormac Groff
    A book that captures all of the magic, beauty and spirit of Christmastime in New York. Learn of the histories of Christmas traditions, notable sights you should definitely see, unusual holiday activities, and the joys to be shared by a lover of a New York Christmas!
  • A Sin of Sodom

    by Dinka Doll
    If you liked "50 Shades", you'll love "Sin of Sodom". This book is full of beautiful erotic pictures. It all started when photographer sent an email to a model offering her a paid erotic photoshoot. This one simple email turned into a very complicated raunchy relationship full of emotional ups and downs. “He likes it slow and sensual. He runs his hands over my flat tummy, he is circling my breasts, my nipples. I feel the sweet nectar of my being streaking down. He keeps touching me again and aga... more
  • From Homework HELL to Help!

    by Chris Hare
    Maybe this sounds familiar? You're a parent/caregiver of a K-12 child who is having challenges with: ...keeping homework from getting lost. ...not catching mistakes that are affecting grades. ...managing classroom projects. ...studying faster and smarter. ...knowing how to communicate with difficult personalities. The school experience is definitely fraught with the potential for chaos, but as a parent of multiples myself -- I have learned a ton of time-saving, stress-relieving, and organizati... more
  • Sex- hilflos ausgeliefert. Anton und Antonia.: Sexheilung in der Nervenheilanstalt, Teil1 (German Edition)

    by Lily Merlin
    Antonia, eine wunderschöne junge Frau, landet in einer Nervenheilanstalt, in der Klinik Ansbach. Sie wird zunächst von einem netten Arzt, Herrn Dr. Reinhart Frank und später zusätzlich von einem Pfleger und seinem Praktikanten, Anton und Roman, betreut. Sie bekommt regelmäßig beruhigende und betäubende Medikament für eine Ruhigstellung. Ihr Zustand bessert sich mit der Zeit, aber etwas stimmt nicht. Antonia träumt wilde Sachen, die die Herren mit ihrem Körper anstellen. Oder sind es gar keine ... more
  • Will the Office Be Open on Thursday: Organic Economics - A Different Point of View

    by H Doyle Smith
    Financial economics, both macro and micro, measures economic activity with reference to money. This book introduces the processes of economics by defining the basic activity as the use of a resource to accomplish an objective and not the exchange of money for goods and services. While processes do not have data, and therefore cannot provide measured information for use in decision making, looking at economics as a process and not a collection and interpretation of data widens the scope of eco... more