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Other Nonfiction

  • Eternally Rose

    by Lou Mastantuono
    INWOOD, LONG ISLAND, NY 1944 - Johnny and Rose were popular high school sweethearts when Johnny enlisted to fight in the war. Before shipping out, Johnny proposed, promising his eternal love to Rose. After the war, Johnny returns a hometown hero and the two young lovers make final preparations for their long-awaited nuptials. However, fate delivers a devastating blow when Rose is suddenly struck down on her wedding day. Now, more than fifty years later, Johnny's son - having lived in the shadow ... more
  • Good to Go

    by John A Horton, M.D. & Sushila Wood
    Good to Go is a passionate and personal appeal for how we can approach our last breath with wisdom and without fear, pain, or regret. Over five decades, Dr. John Horton developed five understandings about how we can move towards death and make our departure safe, comfortable, and peaceful. It can even be elegant. In Good to Go, he shares these understandings through more than 40 short stories of people whom he had the good fortune to meet and treat as they approached death. These stories wil... more
  • Legacy: Wisdom of African Traditions and the Bible

    by Chris Morehouse
    Legacy: Wisdom of African Traditions and the Bible compares almost 300 proverbs from all over the continent with Bible verses, organized into 46 broad themes, with reflections on each theme. Discover African expressions of the Golden Rule, African versions of loving one’s enemies and welcoming the stranger, and African koans about losing your way to find your way—and much more. The African idea of Sankofa—“go back and get it”—tells us that we can go forward by looking to the past. The task of... more
  • The Gift of Laughter: Jokes

    by Joe R. Eagleman
    Are you ready for a dose of pure joy? Dive into a world of laughter with, "The Gift of Laughter: Jokes"! This exceptional book is your ticket to an endless stream of mirth, clever humor, and feel-good moments mixed in with a look at humor and how it is very beneficial to us.
  • Myths & Facts About Low Speed Collisions and Occupant Injury

    by Dr. Thomas E. Dow
    This is a book of true/false questions designed to educate both doctors and personal injury attorneys on the dynamic of collisions and the injuries occupants of vehicles suffer and why. Dr. Thomas E. Dow has spent years treating individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. His expertise shines through in his informative book Myths & Facts About Low Speed Collisions and Occupant Injury.
  • The Story of Billy Biscuit

    by Engbert Johansen
    The story of Billy Biscuit is based on the life of a real dog, a very special dog. He made such an impression. The author didn't want him to be forgotten. Enjoy the story and imagine more.
  • New Teacher Confidential: What They Didn't Tell You About Being a Teacher

    by Shannon Hazel
    Being a teacher is one of the most impactful jobs in our society, leaving its mark on generations to come. Yet its challenges are immense, and there are few resources to help new teachers entering the field to prepare for the all-encompassing, overwhelming nature of the job. New Teacher Confidential: What They Didn’t Tell You About Being a Teacher, explains what new teachers really need to know—including how to minimize undesirable behaviors and increase student success, communicate effectiv... more
  • Ernst Kris: An annotated bibliography

    by Joan M. Wolk
    Ernst Kris: An annotated bibliography is based on the bibliography, “Writings of Ernst Kris,” which appeared in the 1958 issue of The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child. It lists the citations of Kris’ writings on art history, psychoanalytic theory, Nazi propaganda, and a list of his book reviews. No attempt is made to interpret the readings, but rather to highlight and summarize the major points of Kris’ writings. Collegial reminiscences are not included.
  • Gates of Wisdom: How Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz Created “Am Yisrael Chai” & His Other Life Stories

    by Rabbi Yacov Barber
    Discover the How and Why of “Am Yisrael Chai,” created by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz, which has become the ubiquitous phrase of defiance and determination for the Jewish People. Take a front-row seat to learn how Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz became a hero to Jews around the world. Inspire others by sharing these stories—the world needs more Jewish heroes. From boyhood, Yehonatan Eybeshitz was recognized as a genius of immense proportions. Be inspired by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz’s evolution from chi... more
  • The Red Movement

    by Shadan Kapri

    "The Red Movement" is a call to action against the injustices embedded in our modern world today.  It lifts the veil over the problem of modern-day slavery hiding behind the glittering image of globalization and its intersection with environmental degradation. It connects the exploitation of humans with the exploitation of the Earth. It not only reveals the problems in detail but provides solutions that each person can incorporate into their daily lives.  It’s one of... more


    by Susan Swanson


    Is a thorough reference to dog training that covers a wide range of themes important to dog owners. The book is divided into four parts, each focused on a distinct component of dog training. Throughout the book, there are chapters dedicated to typical topics like as nonverbal communication, managing undesirable behavior, mealtime issues, and separation anxiety. The conclusion includes additional resources such as books, websites, forums, and mo... more

  • Sports Shooting and Hunting Australia

    by Richard Skiba
    The book serves as a comprehensive guide to firearms, focusing on their mechanics, history, legalities, and safety with a specific Australian context. Aimed at potential and current gun owners, it educates on best practices to ensure safety and enhance shooting experiences. It provides a thorough understanding for those considering gun ownership and assists in making informed decisions about firearm selection and maintenance. This is particularly useful for individuals seeking firearm lic... more
  • Life Lessons of a Queen

    by Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah
    Life Lessons of a Queen is takes readers on a journey to discovering their purpose. It empowers female leaders to know their worth in the kingdom of God through their true identity and how He positions us for purpose.
  • The Happiest Preschool

    by Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D.
    The manual is a groundbreaking roadmap for preschool and kindergarten teachers and has the potential to revolutionize early childhood education. It takes the current trend toward play-based learning and social-emotional development to its logical conclusion, namely, freeing the classroom from inappropriate demands and expectations and inspiring children to follow their interests and retain and expand their curiosity and creativity. It has a section on responding to children's fantasy play, whic... more
  • Podcast Journal: A fab & fun way to keep track of your favorite podcasts, hosts, & quotes!

    by Candace Gish

    Award-winning author Candace Gish Presents Podcast Journaling!
    Never forget your favorite podcasts again!

    These journal pages for podcast listeners will help you keep track of your favorite episodes, hosts, and topics. Most importantly, this journal will help you remember the essential takeaways for your own life.

    With an easy-to-follow format, you’ll bring the best of the podcast world into your own in no time with:

    • Podcast & Venue Organizer
    • ... more
  • 979-8-865-25722-6

    by Gary Orleck
    ‘Travels With Maurice’ is a gem of a book that just sneaks up on you with its greatness. While the title makes you think it’s a travelogue or road trip book (and we’ve all read enough of these), Travels is so much more. The story begins with a toast in a bar to the news that an old friend has died; you are quickly drawn into the world of Gary Orleck, who did a simple favor for Maurice, a fellow student at Babson College, and then found his life changed in a way that he could have never foreseen.... more