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Other Nonfiction

  • Meant for More: Following Your Heart and Finding Your Purpose

    by Karen Olson
    What happens when we act on our innate kindness? It all started with a chance encounter outside of Grand Central Station in November 1982. Karen Olson, a successful marketing executive, was on her way to a business meeting when she saw an elderly homeless woman. Impulsively, Karen darted across the street and bought the woman a sandwich and an orange juice. She listened to the woman’s story and learned her name: Millie. This small act of kindness changed the trajectory of Karen’s life. Kar... more
  • Skip the Waiting Room

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    A patient’s and provider’s guide to the telehealth revolution What if we could see a doctor faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost? With the emergence of telemedicine, we now can. And this book is a primer on telemedicine for anyone who wants to take charge of their health and understand all their healthcare options. A mix of patient stories, research, and viewpoints from practicing physicians, Skip the Waiting Room explores telemedicine from all angles. Among other topics, it expla... more
  • The Revelations of Madame X

    by Maggie Bertrand
    True Stories and Historical Events Bridging The Past to The Present  In 2012, Gabriel and Maggie entered a self-imposed exile, fleeing the United States for France. Their plans to marry in Gabriel’s homeland take an unexpected twist when Gabriel discovers that he was born under the controversial French law Accouchement Sous X (Anonymous Childbirth Under Madame X). In search of his birth origins, Gabriel becomes engulfed in a game of cat-and-mouse with Camille, the woman he had always known un... more
  • The Plans He Has For Me

    by Rose Ann Forte
    The Plans He Has For Me is a twelve-week focused devotional for those who want to rid themselves of the psychological slavery associated with the habit of drinking alcohol. Each day the reader will receive biblical guidance in the form of scripture, encouragement, and a daily prayer to inspire the creation of new habits, stay the course, and feel the power of the Holy Spirit within. During these twelve weeks, it will become abundantly apparent how God has a much better plan for anyone after t... more
  • ELOPE A Modern Elopement Guide for the Free-Spirited and Adventurous

    by Sherry Martin Peterws
    ELOPE is written for those who think outside the box. It's for brides and adventurous couples who want to do something radically different for their wedding day and forgo a traditional wedding altogether. It creates the perfect excuse for those who consider themselves nonconformist, untraditional, or unconventional to plan their wedding day "their way!" It illustrates that eloping has nothing to do with sacrifice and that it's about prioritizing personal values and desires, without the pressu... more
  • Tenacious Teaching

    by Alex Benn

    In Tenacious Teaching, Platinum Apple Award winning teacher, Alex Benn, uses his twenty-years of experience to create a new system for supporting teachers and their students, which includes:

    • A framework for understanding the wide range of classroom behaviors students exhibit, The Eight Attributes of Student Success.
    • A measurement tool to help teachers evaluate their own effectiveness, The Formula for Powerful Teaching.
    • A specific criterion for measuring the progress... more
  • Killer Pocket Guide To Buying, Selling And Collecting Comics Paperback

    by John Crippen
    The pocket guide was designed to help beginners understand the basics of buying, selling and collecting comics. One of the reasons this book is great is that many people inherit a comic book collection have no idea what to do with them. I encourage people with comic collections to keep a copy with their collection. This book can be very helpful! The book also has tips on valuing, marketing and shipping comics. There's even a list of helpful resources in the book.
  • A Daily Sprint With The Runaway Nun

    by Vickie L. Sargent-Kler
    25 daily devotionals based on verses from Proverbs 31 and the life of Katharina von Bora the wife of Martin Luther. In these twenty-five sprint worthy devotions you will find inspiration to help you build stronger relationships, grow as a Christian, and gain more confidence living as the boundless woman God designed you to be.
  • Out of the Water

    by James Lewis Huss
    Out of the Water is a satirical epic in blank verse, the epic of the prophet-king Moses. The story remains true to the tales of the Hebrew tribe as told in the Old Testament. Except in this epic Moses does not obey the word of God. Instead he follows his bicameral voice, his own mind projected as a hallucination heard from a fiery bush or a grumbling volcano. And just like the Old Testament, Out of the Water is a narrative of war and murder, of faith and devotion, of conquest and failure, a narr... more
  • Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty

    by Joe Landwehr
    Many people with minimal knowledge of science and even less of astrology assume that astrology is a pseudoscience. The real story is more complex than that, as for thousands of years astronomy and astrology were inseparable. Only since the 17th century, has science disavowed the more imaginative, metaphysical and metaphorical dimensions of knowledge, which astrology retains. Because it does, astrology remains immensely popular despite the aggressive campaign against it by science and provides... more
  • Cape Cod's Secret Spaces & Mysterious Places #2

    by Don Descy
    You asked for it! Even MORE hidden history for explorers, trivia buffs, and people who still have nothing better to do! After a wildly successful first volume, Don is back with 25 more fun and exciting places to visit and explore. Here’s your opportunity to discover more intriguing places and investigate historic, fun, and quirky places many seasoned residents do not know exist. Discover the last three life-saving stations on Cape Cod. One that is a museum, one that is a bar and one you ... more
  • Help! I'm Covered in Adjectives

    by Theresa Callaghan

    "Help I'm Covered in Adjectives: Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer" is an updated and expanded exploration of the intricate world of cosmetic claims, designed to enlighten and empower readers in today's beauty landscape.

    In an era where consumers are inundated with information from various sources, distinguishing between fact and fiction is crucial, particularly when it comes to skincare choices. This second edition delves into the complexities of cosmetic claims development, shedding ligh... more

  • The Gospel of Jesus

    by Jon Rogers
    This book is the true history of Jesus' real Message. This amazing book, the result of a lifelong research effort on the part of one lone religious scholar detailing Christian history and tells how and why Jesus' Gospel was pushed aside in favor of today's Church-supported creed. It then identifies Jesus' original Gospel and shows you what Jesus was truly teaching. This is the historical truth.
  • Building Portland

    by Victor Graf
    Photographs, architecture, profiles, histories, anecdotes, personalities connected with over 80 notable buildings and spaces in the one square mile of central Portland, Oregon, today.
  • Teaching to Intuition: Mathematics

    by Edric Cane
    Teaching to Intuition: Mathematics offers original strategies on essential elementary- and middle-school math curriculum that can be directly applied in classrooms by teachers and in a homeschool setting by parents. It challenges explicit instruction approaches that favor an accumulation of memorized rules, and instead awakens students’ innate curiosities, builds connections with the real world, and nurtures a joy of discovery. Topics covered in this book include arithmetic with positive and neg... more
  • Same Cast of Characters Different Zip Code: Understanding Your HOA

    by Patricia Buchanan
    An entertaining and insightful must read for anyone contemplating the purchase of a home within an HOA. The book provides a look at the sometimes silly side of HOA living along with some practical guidelines for what to do before becoming a member of a homeowner association. The book explains the purpose of HOA documents, where to find important information, and the responsibilities of both the board of directors as well as the homeowners while poking fun at the silliness that sometimes ensue... more