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Other Nonfiction

  • Vintage Rolex Field Manual

    by Colin A White
  • A Higher Conversation

    by Neil David Chan

    “Your journey in life is not complete until you make your first contact with your soul. This will uplift you to your next stage in personal evolution—The Hybrid Being—physical at times and metaphysical at other times, with the power to move between these two stages at will. For this to happen, start a conversation today with your soul. The Universe is waiting for this to happen… Are you ready, player one?

    What will you gain from reading this book—nothing. However, let me tell you what y... more

  • Monroe and the Over-Soul Phenomenon: Based on True Events

    by Elle K. West
    Why are women and men from London to Canada and from Los Angeles to San Francisco claiming they are the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe? This breakthrough book on what is known as an “over-soul” will astound you. Elle K.West spent nearly all of her life reliving many situations experienced in her past life as Marilyn Monroe. But she is not the only one. There are others. In 2016 she underwent past life regression therapy that helped her solve the mystery surrounding this phenomenon. West d... more
  • Short Term Furnished Rentals

    by FOX Corporate Housing LLC
    We have a range of short term furnished rentals and private rooms which can suit your budget, requirements and are appropriate for short stays as well as long-term stays.
  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame

    by Dave Berger
    Most of these baseball injuries occurred off the field. Whether it was falling out of a bathtub, getting bit by spiders, getting bit by your mother-in-law's dog, or other crazy, bizarre injuries, this book tells the stories of why players had to miss ballgames because of their injuries. Injuries that could happen to any one of us.
  • Engineering: The Insider's Guide

    by Luke Zollinger
    Discover engineering in this easy-to-read insider's guide for engineers and non-engineers alike! This book will inform or refresh you on the basics of the profession and clue you in to interesting facts - things you don't know or perhaps forgot. Filled with lots of photos and insight, there's something here for everyone!!
  • 24 Hours of Love at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel

    by Jacki Gluck
    Many people come to Las Vegas to gamble. Others for a quick wedding. This is the history, and many stories, of the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the Boom of the wedding chapel industry from the mid-Twentieth Century to the New Millennium. The chapel was an iconic fixture that graced Las Vegas Boulevard South for 45 years. Jim Duszynski, a young boy from Toledo, Ohio came to Las Vegas with a DREAM of making it BIG! For five dollars, he bought a business that one day woul... more
  • Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

    by Raewyn Weller
    Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth shares a lifetime of study, information and experience that will help readers to heal themselves and prevent dis-ease. It will guide readers to an understanding of the Power of their Mind. To help them boost their energy and self-esteem, heal themselves, enhance the quality of their relationships and live a healthy life by learning how to take control of their thoughts, habits, addictions and stress. Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth offers the tools one ... more
  • Three Legs and a Spare: Essentials of the Canine Amputation Recovery and Care Handbook from Tripawds

    by Jim Nelson
    Whether your dog has already lost a leg or will be having an amputation soon – due to canine cancer or for any another reason – Three Legs and a Spare will help you prepare for your dog’s new life on three legs. Three Legs and a Spare is the first Tripawds dog amputation e-book, originally published in 2009. Now in its Fourth Edition, this essential canine amputation recovery and care handbook has been updated to include numerous informative articles, forum topics, videos, podcast interviews,... more
  • Blogging the Plague

    by Peter Vernezze
    Blogging The Plague: Camus, Covid-19, and the Current Chaos chronicles a crucial four-month stretch when the pandemic transformed from smoldering fire to full-blown inferno, inflicting death and suffering on a scale not seen in America for more than a century while simultaneously devastating the economy and upending most of life as we know it. Vernezze uses his reading of The Plague as a jumping off point for Camus-inspired observations on everything from One World at Home to Black Lives Matter... more
  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    by Chad Prevost
    This book is designed to bring you clarity, not clutter. We’re infiltrated by information fighting for our attention, fighting to persuade us, to manipulate us, to shape who we are, how we think, believe, and behave. This book will help you construct who you are, and how you want to feel, think, believe, and behave for yourself. The readings come from psychology, philosophy, poetry, essays, biographies and autobiographies, memoirs, dictionaries, treatises, and literature. The quotes inspire, com... more
  • What the Hell is an Economy?

    by eric johnson
    Describes the elements of the U.S. economy (banking, markets, corporations, government, etc.), and how they interact with each other.
  • Book Blogger Directory

    by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt
    This Book Blogger Directory lists blog addresses, contact information, where reviews are posted, as well as standard turnaround time and book formats accepted. Indexes list bloggers by accepted genre so you can easily find bloggers amenable to your subject matter. More than 200 blogs are included, all current as of June 2020. The index lists each genre linked to each blog that accepts books in that category.
  • The Little Handbook for Navigationally Challenged Cidiots

    by D. C. Head
    Filled with hundreds of common driving offenses, this gut-wrenching funny handbook features hilariously, jaw dropping terms and phrases describing some of the nastiest driving habits you or another cidiot have engaged in almost every day on the highways and byways. Inside, you'll find "The Motor Mouth Motorist" who suffers from road rage, "The Para Lane Bluffer" who can't decide if they want to merge with oncoming traffic until the last second, "The Eye Shadow Bandit" who thinks she's skilled en... more
  • Invaluable

    by Maya Grossman
    Invaluable is a career development book for young professionals who want to become kick ass employees. It’s a step-by-step practical guide for the skills and strategies employees need in order to position themselves as invaluable, stand out at work and future-proof their career. Does the world need this book? There are thousands of books written about how to become an entrepreneur, start your own business and become independent. But what if you don't want to be your own boss? What if you lik... more
  • Christmas Is All about Gifts

    by Kevin Lofton

    Christmas Is All About Gifts illustrates a parent teaching his inquisitive children about Christmas. This is not a children's book. It's a Christian parent's guide to teaching their kids about Christmas. This book should never be read by children without a parent being present nor should the song be played to children without a parent being present.