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Other Nonfiction

  • Dog Secrets: Fun & Fascinating Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

    by Paulette Cooper Noble

    Over 200 informative and interesting, fun and funny, quirky and snarky facts, articles, and news stories for dog nuts like: A pill that may make your dog live longer – How to stop your dog from barking at the TV – Meghan Markle abandoned her dog – Does your dog need plastic surgery? –Celebrity mistreatment of their dogs – How O.J. Simpson’s dog proved he did it – Dogs are cleaner than men’s beards – Weird web sites – Sex and single d... more

  • Basilicata: Authentic Italy

    by Karen Haid
    Journey to the small, rocky region in the heart of the Italian south, to a land where ancient pagan rites live alongside those of the Catholic Church, world-class wine washes down edible hyacinth bulbs, zip-lines parallel old mule trails, and the air is infused with the ideals of Roman poets and brigands. Best known for the evocative cave dwellings of Matera, Basilicata packs an incredible diversity into the unassuming instep of the Italian boot. To discover what makes this region tick, the auth... more
  • Cannabis 101

    by Daniel Ulloa

    Cannabis 101 presents a comprehensive overview of cannabis legalization and the industry it birthed. The process by which activists and entrepreneurs developed a billion-dollar industry is chronicled along with remaining issues and the fallout from the War on Drugs. Miraculous stories of patients recovering from debilitating conditions through the use of cannabis are covered in depth. 

    The book delves into cannabis history, the medical benefits of the plant, the many uses of hemp, ... more

  • Coronavirus & COVID-19: What It Is, How to Avoid It, How to Survive It

    by Peter Kent
    280+ Pages - 90+ Images - 700+ Links to Useful Resources   Learn about the pandemic from the very beginning. What is a virus (and why are viruses not actually "alive")? Why are masks are so important (and why the authorities in the West lied to their populations in the early days)? How can hand soap can be so effective (more than antibacterial soap)? What's the difference between SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, novel coronavirus, SARS, and MERS?   Learn the 11 reasons the virus is nothing like the flu... more
  • 60+ Books - See Amazon Author Page:

    by Peter Kent
    60+ Books
  • All About Annapolis City Taxi

    by jimmy Malik
    Annapolis City Taxi has all the provisions to make your journey a pleasant one. They have reliable and efficient drivers, that can make your trip a memorable one. They are always willing to answer any of your queries, and provide you with the best possible customer service. There are few things that Annapolis City Taxi must do to improve the service it is providing. To this end, they need to follow a few steps to make their service more professional. It will help them create a better business r... more
  • The True Adventures of Gidon Lev: Rascal. Holocaust Survivor. Optimist.

    by Julie Gray
    The True Adventures of Gidon Lev is the story of a charming, playful octogenarian Holocaust survivor, a Californian thirty years his junior, and the writing of a book about an extraordinary life. Of the approximately fifteen thousand children who were imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camp of Térézin, less than one hundred survived. Gidon Lev is one of those children.
  • The Cattle Haul

    by Jan Trebbien
    The book is pure fiction, but based on reality. Any resemblance to living Of deceased persons is incidental, which also applies to all the names that appear in the book.
  • Inside… But Out!

    by Eric Clemons
    “Inside…But Out!” encapsulates the personal experiences of Eric Clemons, who grew up in inner-city Chicago, Illinois and found his way into the upper echelon of network and regional sports television, including ESPN Sports Center, Fox NFL Sunday and other stops along the way. With much of today’s conversation around how people from different backgrounds “code switch,” Clemons had to deal with all those ‘unwritten rules’ African Americans and others might come up against in the corporate world, ... more
  • The Holodeck

    by Michael Cloran
    This book is about a requirements specification for a Holodeck at a proof of concept level. In it I introduce optical functions for a optical processor and describe how they map to a subset of the Risc-V open instruction set. I describe how parallelism could be achieved. I then describe a possible layered approach to an optical processor motherboard for the datacenter and for a personal Holodeck. I describe Volumetrics in brief and show how its evolution to Holodeck volumetrics could be done wit... more
  • Number Theory and Modern Algebra Notes

    by Franz Rothe
    This book has been growing over the years out of several resources. Firstly, the courses in number theory and modern algebra I had occasionally been teaching at UNC Charlotte. Secondly, my interest to invent mathematical problems for competitions, and invent and pose problems for individual work with gifted students. After being forced to retire about two years ago because of health reasons, I did continue to occupy myself with these topics, and I learned more substantially from the work of Gaus... more
  • The Ohio Accident Book

    by Charles E. Boyk
    The Ohio Accident Book helps to teach secrets that insurance companies don't want you to know about your accident. Their main goal is to settle claims as cheaply as possible even if it doesn't have your best interest in mind or if you're not getting compensated fairly enough for your damages and losses. This book includes facts that you need to know to help answer your questions regarding medical bills, timelines of cases, how an attorney can help you, if you should contact the other drivers' in... more
  • Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections

    by Veronica Breaux and Shelby Kilgore

    Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections is a collection of short narratives from those who have been adopted. Adoptees of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences were asked discuss the joys of adoption and the struggle of living a life of secrecy and lost identity. Rooted in Adoption elevates the adoptee voice and helps to bring truth and social awareness to the adoption experience. Adoptees are not always given a voice, even when they are the ones primarily affected by ado... more

  • Increase Restaurant Sales

    by Restaurant Funnel
    Attract new guests and increase restaurant sales by creating a personalized and trackable marketing experience with restaurant funnel when you have an option!
  • Copyright Law: A Practical Guide

    by Victor D. Lopez
    This is a general reference for authors, artists, musicians, librarians, entrepreneurs and others interested in learning about copyright law. The material is an edited and expanded version of the relevant chapters from my Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets. It is designed as a a brief but informative reference for lay persons who need practical and accurate information that is easy to understand. The main text provides an orientation... more
  • Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets

    by Victor D. Lopez
    This is a general reference book for authors, artists, musicians, librarians, entrepreneurs and others interested in learning about intellectual property law and the processes for obtaining copyrights, trademarks and patents in the U.S. and other countries through international agreements. It is designed to be a one-stop reference guide that provides information and guidance for individuals considering obtaining copyrights, patents and/or trademarks on their own or with the assistance of an atto... more