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Other Nonfiction

  • An Author's Guide to Literary Genres Volume 1

    by Lynn Maria Thompson
    Quickly and easily locate the correct literary genre for your Juvenile Nonfiction book with this handy guide, which includes information on: •\tOfficial BISACs and codes from the Book Industry Study Group, updated through 2022 •\tDefinitions for each BISAC describing the types of books found in it •\tA count of ISBNs available at wholesale within each BISAC •\tSample book titles in production for each BISAC •\tA Topic Index that shows options for different BISACs depending on the book's foc... more
  • 1959262025

    by Leslie Gianelli
    Peace & Health is the story of the 20-year-old who plants the flag for health care being a right, not a privilege, in his small hometown of Middletown, CT; the daughter of a sharecropper, who made her way north during the great migration and becomes the North Star of the drive to transform health in the community; the son of a Jewish émigré and pharmacist who breaks from his peers to support the cause; the musician who played in the big bands of the South in the 1930’s, who loses his teeth and i... more

    by PAUL M. KATZ
    The power of celebrities and Influencers to create cultural conversations, change opinions, and ignite action has transformed the marketing world in the past fifteen years. Yet many businesses and philanthropic organizations do not know how to engage and work with Influencers to support their causes. GOOD INFLUENCE by social entrepreneur Paul M. Katz is the first, comprehensive guide for creating and executing Influencer‐led, cause campaigns that tap into the exponential power of the Influencer... more
  • Breaking Midnight: A True Story

    by Lynn Walker

    John Walker was a Miami undercover narcotics agent in the 1970s. Ten years later, he was in prison for smuggling 12,000 pounds of marijuana. In prison, he connected with a South American drug lord who was still running the family operation from inside the federal pen. Within months of being paroled, John began smuggling again—this time uncut Colombian cocaine. And this time, he put everything on the line: his freedom, his family and, ultimately, his life.

  • A Skeptic's Faith: Why Scientific Materialism Cannot Be the Whole Truth

    by Charles Siegel
    This book skewers prominent materialist thinkers such as Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins, showing the obvious errors in their reasoning. More important, it looks critically at materialism, and it shows that what philosophers call “dualism,” the idea that matter and spirit can exist independently, is more plausible than the idea that only matter exists. It begins by looking at philosophers’ arguments showing that computers cannot have consciousness. Then it shows that materialism cannot provid... more
  • Heavenly Headbutts:

    by Allia Zobel Nolan
    Will you see your cat in heaven? That's the question readers can consider in HEAVENLY HEADBUTTS; Reflections of Hope about Cats and Eternity. Using Scripture, poignant but uplifting photographs, and brief anecdotes by everyone from Isaiah to C. S Lewis, from George MacDonald to James Herriot, this reassuring book pulls a comforting coverlet over those who're grieving a lost pet, while at the same time holding out the possibility to ALL cat lovers that the beloved animals who’ve been their soulm... more
  • Chainsaws and Cherry Burls

    by Jennifer Neves
    Chainsaws and Cherry Burls is the second nonfiction essay collection by Maine author, Jennifer Neves. In her essays, Neves explores the connection between her inner world and the 42 acre farmstead occupied by her large and wildly entertaining family. This collection is a both a window into the chaotic business of raising children and a celebration of how a family can grow and thrive while appreciating the beauty and complexity of the natural world. In Chainsaws and Cherry Burls, Neves pushes her... more
  • 5 Things Not To Do After You’ve Been Charged With A Crime and What You Need To Know Now

    by Paul Ghanouni
    5 Things Not To Do After You’ve Been Charged With A Crime and What You Need To Know Now helps if you or someone you know has been charged with a crime. This book shares the steps you should be taking in this type of situation and the five things you should not do. This book is designed to be a practical guide for those who are facing criminal charges, along with useful information to help you, including keeping track of your court dates, meetings with your lawyers, collecting important informati... more
  • Essays and Letters

    by Andrej Poleev
    A compilation of essays and letters written between 2003 and 2009.
  • Grief Unwrapped: Discovering Joy in a Season of Sorrow

    by Patricia Cameron
    Can I Live With Joy Ever Again? When Patricia Cameron’s husband passed away suddenly at 45, that was her burning question. Life without him seemed utterly impossible. He’d been her rock, inspiration, and one of the crazy ones who lived life to the absolute full, and constantly inspired Patricia and their three sons to do the same. She couldn’t imagine living with joy ever again. Then God stepped in and changed everything. If you’ve dealt with the devastating loss of your spouse, Patrici... more
  • The Coffeehouse Writer's Planner 2022

    by Mandi Allen
    Everything you need as an Indie author to plan your writing time and social media for the next twelve months, including a useful social content calendar, track followers, record sales, watch your word count grow. With a little planning you can achieve more in '22.

    by Joseph Charles Beach
    The book discusses the values of todays society and seeks to uncover God's truth. If you are seeking the meaning for your life and your purpose in life, perhaps this book can help. Also the book covers many of today's important topics and social values and how they have evolved. These topics are then compared to the values that God teaches in the Bible, to help Christians and non-believers discover real truth. People have many unanswered questions regarding these topics, and this book will help ... more
  • Manifesto of A Servant

    by Paul Paps
    The manifesto begins with setting the stage for the good work of the people to begin by laying the groundwork for the Tiger Foundation a worldwide trust organization for the betterment of society. The manifesto then presents forty real world objectives, directives, initiatives, and policy works for the foundation to undertake. Then the manifesto covers the religious world and ends with a call to duty for all the people.
  • Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track: The Brief and Easy Guide to Parliamentary Procedure for the Modern Meeting

    by Jim Slaughter

    Easy, accessible, and to the point. Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track gives you everything you need to know to conduct shorter, fairer, and more orderly meetings.

    In this new and improved update based on the most recent Robert's Rules of Order, you'll find:
    - The fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, with tips on knowing which rules to use for your meetings.
    - Simple suggestions for making, seconding, and debating motions.
    - A primer on voting, from knowin... more

  • Leary's Global Wineology: A Guide to Wine Education, Mentorships, and Scholarships

    by Charlie Leary
    This is the only guide to wine education programs, classes, and scholarships. Those desiring to increase their understanding and appreciation of wine for personal enjoyment or social know-how, and those who are want to pursue a professional career in the wine industry now confront a plethora of wine education options with a confusing array of titles, degrees, certificates, and specializations. Some wine education is free and short, while other programs can cost dearly in time and money. Some cou... more