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Other Nonfiction

  • NAIL IT. Create and deliver presentations that connect, compel and convince.

    by Debbie Roth Fay
    A how-to book for any speaker looking to improve his or her game. From creating your presentation to preparing to give it to delivery and Q & A; this book covers it all. Includes chapter dedicated to fearful speakers as well as chapters about interviewing and elevator pitches.
  • How to be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas

    by Susan E. Gibson
    Do you want to travel and make a positive impact on the world? This book is designed for you. How To Be An Amazing Volunteer Overseas will give you essential advice on how to decide what to do and where to go. It will help you to prepare for life in a new country. And most importantly, it will set you up to get the most out of your experience by learning from local leaders and contributing in a meaningful way. Full of practical tips and personal stories from the author’s experience having wor... more
  • Shekhins

    by JD Hyobel
    Neither physical nor spirit beings - such is the finding of this book concerning the characters of John's vision (The Book of Revelation). But what are shekhins if these are not beings? JD Hyobel invites us how such a view is within the vision itself. The book is well-researched, footnoted, and indexed for academic reading.
  • Covidiots - Idiotic acts and bizarre behaviour

    by Steven Richard Harris
    A collection of hard to believe true stories about humankind´s often idiotic reactions to the outbreak of covid-19. From all corners of the globe, these tongue-in-cheek accounts of our reaction to the first wave of the pandemic in the spring of 2020 will make us wonder how on earth we coped, not just with the virus, but with those we now know as covidiots.
  • Behind the Lines

    by Mary Donaldson-Evans
    The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the German surrender in World War II. The 10th Mountain Division, the army’s first mountaineering unit, led the Allies to victory in Italy in 1945. Their soldiers are often celebrated for their heroism and ingenuity and remembered for their steep losses in the campaign to defeat Nazi Germany. Yet it has been estimated that no more than 14% of troops overseas in World War II ever saw combat. Behind the Lines is the story of a 10th Mountain Division sold... more
  • When He Was Anna

    by Patti Hornstra
    My child is transgender. He was once a she. When He Was Anna: A Mom's Journey Into the Transgender World is a mother's brutally honest story of the stress and confusion that consumed her family in the early years of her child's transition from female to male. In the end, there is one certainty--the struggle is real; so is the love. In "When He Was Anna: A Mom's Journey Into the Transgender World," Patti courageously shares her doubts, anxiety, and gut-wrenching questions she has about h... more
  • Redemption's Secret: Understanding the Mystery of Nisan 17 The Most Important Date in History

    by Sharon Aubrey
    Redemption’s Secret is a nonfiction, Christian book exploring historical events in the bible on one specific date. Seemingly unrelated events occur repeatedly on Nisan 17 resulting in the humanity’s redemption beginning with postdiluvian survivors. Later, deliverance of the nation of Israel from Egypt and in the Persian Empire and several other major events occur on this date, which eventually apexes with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In her newest release, Ms. Aubrey explores the meaning be... more
  • Jesus Unveiled

    by Sharon Aubrey
    Christian nonfiction exploring the biblical details of God's prophetic calendar, Passover, Easter, the Mosaic Law vs. the Covenant of Grace, events surrounding the Crucifixion Week, and the Resurrection of Jesus. As Jesus exhaled His last breath, the Temple Veil was violently ripped apart by God to allow everyone access into the Holy of Holies through Christ's blood. After three days in a cold, dark grave, Jesus resurrected triumphantly over death. Most Christians are aware of the basics, but di... more
  • The Theology Basement

    by Jacob Thomas
    The new atheists caused quite the furore with books such as Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion.” Christians were among those accused of promoting magical thinking and harmful ideology. Fifteen years later this claim still has emotional power. “The Theology Basement” de-legitimises this claim by critiquing some of the concepts that empower it. The theology basement contains discredited theorists, comfort merchants, and secret atheists. Removing these from the pile, “The Theology Basement” inste... more
  • The Dark Side of Memory

    by Tessa Bridal
    “The Dark Side of Memory” by Tessa Bridal is a gripping and incisive narrative of the multi-generational effect of the extremist military dictatorships in Uruguay and Argentina, as told to the author by families of the disappeared. Through her retelling, Bridal elevates the stories of the overlooked, voiceless and forgotten humans behind political turmoil. As University of San Francisco Latin American Studies Program Director Roberto Gutiérrez Varea praises: “Bridal offers us a poignant, ... more
  • The Unknown Storyteller

    by Leon Conrad

    The result of over 10 years’ research, The Unknown Storyteller builds upon the work of Christopher Booker, Joseph Campbell, John Yorke—and many others who have also written about story, narrative and structure. It is the first consistent application of George Spencer-Brown’s Laws of Form to analysing how story works. I was George Spencer-Brown’s last student, and he guided me through Laws of Form himself. His work has helped me uncover the hidden links that connect tra... more

  • Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

    by Leon Conrad
    Imagine you’re in a room, looking at a colourful grid of many different shapes spread out on a wall. There’s something intriguing about it—something almost magical. There are triangles, circles, squares, stars. Each has something on it—a word or diagram. There’s one shape of each colour … placed in a strange formation … what could the underlying pattern be? It's as if each shape is a door or window to another world; the whole display a chocolate box for the mind—a magical carriage to take you on... more
  • The Land of Piceno: The Life and Times of Le Marche, Italy

    by Phoebe Leed and Nathan Neel
    Indigenous peoples cancelled by a burgeoning empire. Devastating earthquakes level ancient monuments. Marauding invaders loot and pillage art treasures. And yet, verdant hillsides ripple with vineyards and olive groves. Dramatic blue mountains shelter shepherds, freedom fighters, and necromancers. Lined with palms and orange trees, the luxurious coast is monitored by medieval towers and pagan temples. This is the Land of Piceno—Le Marche, Italy--whose founding symbol picus, sacred woodpecker of... more
  • "Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic / Power of Forgiveness."

    by Brenda L. Moore

    Battling with an irreversible choice, unfathomable crossroads, combined with relentless troublesome times ahead and a plight of vulnerabilities:  will unconditional love and the powerful effects of forgiveness unequivocally be persuasive?

    Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic is a personal narrative about unawareness of marrying into mental illness, survival of the struggles, and the horrific challenges that come with mental illness; will unconditional love, faith, and God's... more

  • The Complete A-Z Of German Verbs

    by Connor Bartlam
    I think I know which verb to use….but can I use it in this context….? I have a verb in my mind that I think should be used, yet is it the one used by German speakers themselves? How can I find out?! Does this sound like you? As a fellow linguist and Translator, I completely empathise. This was the question I asked myself for many years. The world of languages can be a tricky one indeed. Countless days of learning verb tables and endings and running through verb after verb; this may seem like an ... more