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Other Nonfiction

  • Our Mothers, Our Daughters: The stories that make and create our lives (Divas That Care Collection)

    by Candace Gish
    The mother-daughter relationship defines who we are, how we view ourselves, and what we want for our lives. Much like this multi-faceted relationship, the lessons in Our Mothers, Our Daughters are strong, yet soft. Through a collection of curated stories, readers journey alongside moms and daughters as they share poignant moments and messages of an everlasting bond. A Divas That Care anthology, this book showcases the collaboration and celebration of women and is presented in three collections: ... more
  • Life Skills: A Handbook for Parents & Teachers of the Intellectually Disabled

    by Shari Pierce

    This book is intended for those whose lives are touched by people with intellectual disabilities. In it you will find ideas, suggestions, and actionable advice on topics that are concerning to parents and teachers, including topics you may not have even thought of before!

    My professional and personal experiences give me a unique perspective and a deep understanding of children and adults with special needs. My thirty-three years in the classroom will benefit teachers, both new and exper... more

  • Camelot

    by Jonathan Nolan
    CAMELOT Using the retroclone superhero rules in FASERIPopedia, expand your game and run a whole fantasy roleplaying game using this sourcebook! OR - Embrace the world of King Arthur, one hundred of his Knights of the Round Table, their enemies, their Castles and Keeps, Abbeys, monsters, Magical Items and so much more! Full rules for Knights, their Squires, Princesses, Sorceresses, Wizards, Witches, Men-at-Arms and Women-at-Arms and so many different creatures, people - one hundred entries deta... more
  • The Hathaway Equation

    by Phillip Hathaway
    Like an X-ray, The Hathaway Equation penetrates taboos and mores that blockade progress. It is a proclamation from a pioneer and pathfinder--a message dreamt of only by a visionary who arrives from nowhere in times of peril to show us the way home. A generous gift to all people of every race and tongue, from the highest to the very lowest stations of life, it is an elegant yet simple message. Once read, answers to perplexing riddles about the ecosystem are apparent, whereas before, they may have... more
  • Hearth

    by Carter Joseph Cronk
    Modernity, in this case, is the purposeful disintegration of the bonds which form an imaginary construct, in the efforts of higher understanding.
  • In Search of the Vintage Tiles of Catalina Island

    by R. D. Smith
    This book is an interactive companion with your smartphone to tour the Island, though you do not need a smartphone to complete your quest. QR Codes are provided to access maps, additional photos, and audio. More than a primer on the Vintage Tiles, you get a close insight to the history of this amazing Island. If you complete your quest, you will have explored the majority of Catalina Island and learned its history.
  • A Flowing Through

    by David Esling
    This book is a narrative of a teacher’s artistic approaches for teaching and learning in a primary school within a socially disadvantaged suburb of Hobart towards the end of his career. The inspirational stories of his explorations with the children by his side will captivate the hearts and minds of student teachers, teachers, teachers of teachers, and all those who love to work alongside children. The text of each explorative journey is accompanied by the teacher’s photographs and include rel... more
  • You're Driving Me Crazy!

    by John Reinhardt

    Don't drive another mile before reading this book!

    Most states require drivers to know the rules of the road to get a license. We expect people to follow these rules and drive safely and properly. Just because they know the rules, doesn’t mean they obey them!

    In order to develop safe driving habits, we should always expect other drivers NOT to follow the rules. Anticipating these situations is this is key to developing safe driving habits. 

    We... more

  • The Passover Story Haggadah

    by Stuart Leven

    The Passover Story Haggadah is a traditional Haggadah that is easy to understand, regardless of your background, knowledge, or faith.  It showcases a riveting, straightforward narrative of the Passover story in English, based on the story told in the Five Books of Moses / Pentateuch / Torah. The narrative replaces the sometimes opaque and puzzling presentation of the story in traditional Haggadahs.  It’s easy to follow, and it includes important events that are not re... more

  • Clara's Secret

    by Stephan R. Frenkel
    In 1939, Clara was forced to emigrate from her city of origin, Berlin, toward an uncertain destiny. As she journeyed alone, she searched for understanding in the history of the great metropolis and turned to her collection of memories from her adolescence at the dawn of the twentieth century. This was La Belle Époque—the Beautiful Era; an extraordinary age of optimism and one of the most dramatic transformations of culture. The Prussian capital became a pivotal city that was magnetic to the grea... more
  • Alex Painting Design

    by Alex Painting Design
    Providing a broad variety of services, Alex Painting Design is a painting and renovation company with offering a full range of property painting and renovation.
  • Digital Marketing Outsourcing: The Ultimate Recipe for Growing Your Business Online

    by Husam Jandal
    In Digital Marketing Outsourcing: The Ultimate Recipe for Growing Your Business Online, internationally renowned speaker, educator, and digital marketing consultant Husam Jandal draws on more than two decades of experience as an advisor to Fortune 100 companies, multinational corporations, and SMEs to provide you with the recipe for digital marketing success through outsourcing.
  • A Starting Point for Urban Homesteading

    by Wanda Farther

    Would you like to live a life that is sustainable and self-sufficient?

    Do you live in a city and don’t want to move?

    Are you wondering if such a life would suit you?

    When we think of homesteading we tend to imagine a small house on a plot of land, in a rural location. While most of us would relish this reality, many of us live in cities. But could you begin learning skills to make it happen in your urban environment? W... more

  • Winning at Public Speaking

    by Shane Read
    People who speak well are considered more trustworthy, knowledgeable, and persuasive. Why wouldn’t you want that same reputation for yourself and the invaluable advantage it will give you for your next presentation or speech? Furthermore, great trial lawyers spend their lives perfecting the art of persuasion and public speaking in the courtroom. Wouldn’t you want to incorporate their proven principles into your next presentation? From interviews and in-depth analysis, this book reveals the secre... more
  • Searching for Charles: The Untold Legacy of an Immigrant's American Adventure

    by Stephen Watts
    What started as a project to archive a family’s genealogy files became an insightful window into the life of Charles Watts, one of the millions of Dickens-era working-class English emigrants who risked everything for the possibility of better opportunities in distant lands. Searching for Charles is the chronological account of Watts’s experiences as told through his letters home—and the subsequent five-decade multigenerational search by his descendants. This book contains the only published, ... more
  • An Author's Guide to Literary Genres Volume 1

    by Lynn Maria Thompson
    Quickly and easily locate the correct literary genre for your Juvenile Nonfiction book with this handy guide, which includes information on: •\tOfficial BISACs and codes from the Book Industry Study Group, updated through 2022 •\tDefinitions for each BISAC describing the types of books found in it •\tA count of ISBNs available at wholesale within each BISAC •\tSample book titles in production for each BISAC •\tA Topic Index that shows options for different BISACs depending on the book's foc... more