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Other Nonfiction

  • The Apostle, the miraculous journey of Dr. G.B. Espy

    by Rick Hill
    Dr. Goodman Basil Espy III, was born on January 8th, 1935---the same day, month and year as another boy from a sleepy southern town: Elvis Presley. Ironically, the two would share more than just birthdays, childhood poverty and poetic names. The son of an Army Captain, who served throughout FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps, Espy moved 16 times before the age of eleven. Despite so many chaotic relocations, Espy focused on family, faith and education to compensate for his insecurities. Espy's d... more
  • Flashlight


    I would like to shed some light on why I chose these topics to write about. Sin is Sin, but still, there lies a difference in Sin. We know that all transgression is Sin. Sin Is "any want of conformity unto or transgression of the law of God" in the inward state and habit of the soul, as well as in the outward conduct of life, whether by omission or commission. The moral state of his heart determines the moral character of a man’s actions. The disposition to sin, or the habit o... more

  • Think in 4D

    by Erica Heinz

    Think in 4D is a book about product experience design: how to think holistically, creatively, and critically to create savvy, successful sites and apps. It pushes the tech industry to think beyond 2D designs and 3D experiences to 4D impacts. More than 500 illustrations and 40 exercises help any student, professional, or entrepreneur level up.

  • The Cosmic Web: Hope for Our World Through Science and Spirituality

    by Joy Andrews Hayter
    We exist in a highly interwoven quantum field: a cosmic web. To see this is to better understand how to live. This enlightening book weaves together current physics, in easy-to-grasp descriptions, with the words of Wisdom teacher Jesus and the writings of many other mystics from the world’s spiritual traditions. The author shows how, with an open contemplative heart, you might access cosmic assistance so needed in these chaotic times. With an engaged spirituality, in alignment with science,... more
  • Laughing Through Life

    by Larry Moran
    This hilarious book invites you to sit down and share dinner with the Morans, a family of ten children, and after dinner to share in the family's pranks and crises. You will walk the streets of Carmel, Indiana, a quiet, small town and will see its shops and meet its neighborly people. Along the way, you will learn what it was like growing up in a large family in a small town during the 1950's and 1960's. Whimsical-at times knee-slapping-tales guide you through childhood, the teen years, early ad... more
  • Why Be Idle When You Can Run With Knives

    by Heather Hawk
    A young run-away searching for stability constructs a life of adventure, Not one to settle for the mundane or societal norms, she attempts to set her own path by calculated progressions or just sheer luck. The story follows her through over 13 different homes and several different jobs showing how all the different skills needed for various career paths come together in an unusual government job. This is about a young female who throws away a middle-class life to find ‘adventure’ with the ... more
  • Would I lie to you?: "How I went about to become a creative writer"

    by Ishak Choudhury
    It was an expected journey into prison which miraculously transpired to be a life time transformation of a dyslexic inmate. Losing his beloved mother amidst of it, but gained far more than what he had bargained for. As he unlocked knowledge which was a hidden secret for decades, acquired wisdom that no money can ever purchase, and develop courage to challenge any form of obstacle - no matter how powerful they may seem? After refusing to study in the foremost beginning and being constantly ... more
  • Rain Dodging: A Scholar's Romp Through Britain in Search of a Stuart Queen

    by Susan Godwin
    Scholar Susan Godwin is hooked when she comes across the captivating story of Mary of Modena—a seventeenth-century Italian princess who was only fourteen when coerced into marriage with the future king of England, James II, yet went on to cultivate a court full of women writers in an age when female authorship was rare. How did Mary achieve such a feat? Rain Dodging is Susan’s creative nonfiction account of the years-long search upon which this question—and her own unquenchable curiosity—laun... more
  • Killer God

    by Kerby Rials
    Perhaps the most difficult passages in the Bible are God's commands to kill every man, woman, and child in Canaan. Skeptics charge that God is either a monster or does not exist based upon these passages. Some Christians are deconstructing their faith as a result. Killer God proposes a third option: that there are explanations for each of these cases. It uncovers historical, archaeological, and biblical evidences for the goodness of God.
  • No More Delay

    by . Christopher
    All the religious literature from the Quran, the Torah, the Verda, Tipitaka or Pali, the book of Coincidence (for atheist and non-believers), and the Christian Bible it all comes down to the idea of what you believe or don’t believe. For the sake of brevity all the books of the Bible and the Book of Revelation comes down to one idea itself the salvation of Jesus Christ and for believers and non-believers alike to the idea of his second coming. Yes, No? Allow me to be as succinct as possible.... more
  • 20 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities

    by John Russell
    My third book, 20 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities, is a series of practical how-to lessons in psychic development that will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the learning process as you discover how to: successfully learn and practice psychometry; accurately interpret your dreams; begin to understand and read the Tarot cards; safely conduct your own seance; practice effective candle magic; make your own amulets and talismans; practice healing; record spirit voices; a... more
  • Schlepping Across the Nile

    by Aaron Zevy
    This collection adds a comic and often poignant twist to the story of the nearly 1 million strong Jews who lived in Arab lands before the second world war. But Zevy, the son of an ashkenazi father and sephardic mother adds some shtick to his recollections. His Ashkenazi side is the wry, bemused spectator of the antics and entanglements of his other half. In Crossing the Nile, the young Zevy begs his mother to make Lipton Cup-A-Soup and grilled cheese instead of an Egyptian concoction for a Ca... more
  • Bad Medicine: Litigating Medical Malpractice Cases In Maine

    by Benjamin Gideon

    In "Bad Medicine," Ben Gideon and Taylor Asen, co-founders of Gideon Asen LLC and seasoned medical malpractice trial lawyers, share their expertise on various aspects of analyzing and litigating medical malpractice claims. This comprehensive guide not only evaluates and scrutinizes Maine's medical malpractice laws but also explores the typical cases they have encountered throughout their extensive careers. These cases encompass birth injuries, spinal cord injuries, and delayed c... more

  • The Writer's Voice

    by Anne Janzer
    The Writer’s Voice is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to this little-understood aspect of writing.
  • Van Life With Cats: The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Traveling the Americas.

    by Damen Howard

    It is your much-needed comprehensive exploration of van life culture and the burgeoning digital nomad trend. What’s the real narrative behind this lifestyle? Let’s uncover it together. Inside the pages of Van Life With Cats, here’s what you’ll discover:

    ●A practical step-by-step guide to kickstarting your van life journey, addressing every aspect from budgeting to selecting the perfect van for crafting a cat-friendly environment.

    ●Crucial advice on navigati... more