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Other Nonfiction

  • Black Education in White America

    by Shukdeb Sen

    Final Book Synopsis 


    The book Black Education in White America opened the window to show our State of American Education in general, and in particular, the Black education. America followed segregated education since its inception. The higher education system is controlled by segregation, caste system, academic slavery, and racism.  American competitive intellectual output is falling behind globally and our educational superiority is going downhill. The nation is at risk!

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  • A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity

    by Patrick Paul Garlinger
    A World Without Identity offers an incisive diagnosis of the problems of our current political, economic, and legal systems, and a profound critique of the conventional ways we attempt to reform them. Our system and solutions all suffer from the same flaw: the illusion that we are separate from each other and therefore must defend ourselves from others. In reality, we are all one; our lives are entirely interconnected and interdependent, and we all share the same fundamental emotions, desires, a... more
  • Battlefield Scientology: Exposing L. Ron Hubbard's Dangerous "Religion."

    by Paulette Cooper Noble

    Battlefield Scientology: Exposing L.Ron Hubbard's Dangerous "Religion"

  • Stans By Me: A whirlwind tour through Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

    by Ged Gillmore
    Ged Gillmore likes to think of himself as James Bond. Or Indiana Jones. Or a suave and daring hybrid of both. As he flicks through his world atlas, he pictures himself infiltrating enemy lines, uncovering ancient artefacts, and strapping himself in for white-knuckle flights over dusty arid landscapes. So the very thought of joining an organised bus tour is enough to make our intrepid traveler dry retch and shudder. But join one he must if he's to survive multiple border crossings on his miss... more
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  • Flawed Attitude

    by G Lenny Brown
    Flawed Attitude explores beliefs and behaviors embraced by black America that, contrary to intention, hinder the attainment of equality. Further examined are the origins of the beliefs and how they manifest in negative outcomes. Lastly, based on historical failures, current actions are reassessed to determine the more appropriate actions to begin the process of moving black America down the path to attaining equal status and treatment.
  • Flawed Attitude: how black people’s beliefs & behaviors hinder their equality

    by G Lenny Brown
    Flawed Attitude explores beliefs and behaviors embraced by black America that, contrary to intention, hinder the attainment of equality. Further explored are the origins of the beliefs and why they manifest in negative outcomes. Lastly, based on historical failures, revised plans of actions are presented to begin the process of moving black America down the path to truly attaining equal status and treatment.
  • The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair: When You Think You Can Never Love Again and Someone Proves You Wrong

    by Pippa White
    Ellie White is a beautiful, bossy, bouncy and extremely clever Lurcher who takes over most of the bed, knows her rights and talks better English than any other dog around. The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is the first in a series of books about dogs. But things were not always like that: Ellie’s human family split up when she was little and she was fostered, before a Google Search and Lurcher Link secured her a new home. Always decisive, she was a little scrap of a Bedlington-cross Lurche... more
  • Healing/Heeling

    by Sassafras Lowrey
    In these experimental lyric essays, Lowrey explores queerness, PTSD, anxiety, and created family. A framing of Rally Obedience and Dog Agility course maps create a textured story on the page, a hybrid form in which Lowrey recounts a spiritual-like relationship to dogs beginning in childhood, a passion for dog shows fractured in adolescence with a period of homelessness, a service dog, anxiety, and a return to dog sports. This collection transcends Lowrey's personal relationship with dogs to tell... more
  • The Yeti in the Library

    by Gill Winter
    2012 was a year in which documented abuses of human rights reached alarming heights in Tibet. At the same time, there were an unprecedented number of self-immolations, as individual Tibetans made a fiery protest against the erosion of their culture, language, religion and freedom. As a foreign teacher of English in Dharamshala, centre of the Tibetan exile community in India, the author witnessed the pain of her students and friends in this tragic year. But amidst the sadness she found humour... more
  • Between Monks and Monkeys

    by Gill Winter
    The town of Dharamshala in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas is home to the Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetans in exile. Teaching English to adult Tibetans was the assignment that took the author to India. But as it happened, the teacher learned far more than she taught, in a Buddhist community where compassion for all living beings is the bottom line. It made the journey an unforgettable and life-changing event, full of humour, fascination, and constant surprises.
  • "Tears on the Church House Floor"/ISBN 978-1-9736-2303-8

    by Dan Pratt
    In "Tears on the Church House Floor" author Dan Pratt shares a deeply personal story about the grief that he and his family experienced in a traumatic year of their lives, losing a grandson, a mother , and a beloved pet. But more than that, it is a story of the incredible God who did not just stop and turn to aid them in a moment; rather , God wove himself into their lives over a fifty-year period to prepare this family for a season of grief. We cannot see what God is doing until we see what he ... more
  • Changing Change

    by Darrell Haemer
    Changing Change is a deep dive into the nature of change, the role it plays in our lives, and why we tend to view it negatively. This book offers insight for daily living, work, leadership, learning, and creativity, and is designed specifically for working teams to study together to improve workplace change culture.
  • Garibaldi's Ghosts: essays

    by Thomas De Angelo
    Garibaldi's Ghosts is a collection of essays ranging from the 19th century European politics that concerned the making of Italy and the Risorgimento to personal essays dealing with the Italian psyche.
  • Play Better Scrabble

    by Merlin Goldman
    Play Better Scrabble is written by National Scrabble Championship winner and the first victor on Channel 4's Countdown, Michael Goldman. The book contains strategies, hints and techniques for all stages of the game as well as instructional game examples, how to best use the S and the blank, anagrams and useful word lists. Play Better Scrabble will allow anyone to learn the Open Board Method, used by the elite players today to win games. The Open Board Method, pioneered by Michael Goldman, enc... more
  • Big Medicine: Transforming Your Relationship with Your Body, Health, and Community

    by Pierre Morin
    Big Medicine is a guide for anyone who is interested in health and healing, including “patients,” providers, and caregivers who want to uncover the deeper meaning of physical symptoms and build a new relationship with their bodies. Author Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, revolutionizes the field of medicine by explaining the body’s manifestations as a Process—one that is neither bad nor good, neither “sick” nor “healthy.” Dr. Morin explores how, through our body’s innate intelligence, we can gain creative... more