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Other Nonfiction

  • Are You Looking Call Girls Service At Lowest Price

    by yamini das
    There has been a consistent effort on their part that they have the fun and take out pleasure while outing with them to somewhere. The best reason is they feel warm, welcomed and appreciated for being what they are unlike their real spouses at their homes who never do the same to them. ... More Info :
  • Confessions of a CIA Spy - The Art of Human Hacking

    by Peter Warmka
    What can you learn from a CIA spy who spent his career artfully manipulating regular people to steal high-value secrets? Plenty! In this explosive book, former intelligence officer Peter Warmka unveils detailed methodologies that he and other threat actors use to breach the security of their targets, whether they’re high-profile individuals or entire organizations. His illustrative examples reveal: *the motivations and objectives behind attempted breaches by foreign intelligence services, c... more
  • 101 Totally Unnecessary Redundancies (plus 30 spares, just in case)

    by Michael Macy

    Wonder what you'd get if you crossed New Yorker cartoons and Dr. Seuss? Could be spectacular or a disaster! I'd say 101 Redundancies is somewhere in between ...


  • Writing Craft Volume 1: Are You Ready to Publish? & Other Burning Questions

    by DeAnna Knippling
    Writing Craft Volume 1 is all about the care and feeding of writers, the big (and small) issues that can derail a career before it even gets started. But it also provides fundamental concepts about business and craft that can start (gently!) improving your career in the slow, everyday steps that make for lasting and versatile changes.
  • Shaken in 2020, But Not Stirred: Cocktails, Connections, and Humor

    by SA Monahan
    Drinks, humor, and uplifting stories to get you through any calamity. The year 2020 seemed like an apocalyptic nightmare or something ripped out of tabloid magazines. But many managed to stay connected, find humor, and concoct cocktails and mocktails when a pandemic struck, murder hornets threatened, and a zombie tropical storm appeared. Shaken in 2020, But not Stirred captures the American spirit of survival and inspiration. It’s a somewhat humorous look at how Americans dealt with a horr... more
  • Wake up Man of Earth!

    by Qiu Min Ji
    Mankind has been invaded; Mankind has been controlled; Mankind has been controlled to be killed by Satan/UFO! ! Now our society is at the edge of crashing, & 7 billion lives are all on hold… This book is about my over 11 years research based on the enemy's core system. i am God Almighty specifically created me and embedded me on earth. God Almighty put me in His trial to work on His behalf, to detect information and save humanity. I have been in the invading enemies core system t... more
  • Get AZ-104 Dumps PDF - Modified AZ-104 Study Material 2021

    by Admire Sath
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  • Alpha Epsilon Pi: Weathering the Storm (Delta Chapter 1990-1991)

    by Dan Glassenberg
    Alpha Epsilon Pi Delta Chapter, 1990-1991 is a compelling chronicle of one year in the life of a fraternity as seen through the eyes of one of its members. Pledge programs are administered, parties and dances are held, and the unique personalities of the members and the roles that they played in the fraternity are revealed. The atmosphere is indeed often festive, but the responsibilities are immense as the members attempt to keep the fraternity vibrant during a transitional period in its cha... more
  • 19 Things You Must Know (and that the Insurance Company Won't Tell You): If You've Been Injured In Tennessee or Mississippi

    by David Gordon
    The goal of this book to help injured people understand the various aspects of an injury claim and what to watch out for. Insurance companies can be deceptive when communicating with injury victims about their policies or the coverage of the at-fault parties. As a practicing personal injury attorney, David Gordon compiled these 19 tips for injury compensation to help not only his clients, but the general populous as well with understanding the issues to look out for in their injury claims. David... more
  • The Power of Vision: Principles and Practices to Help You Become Extraordinary

    by Oluwaseun Oyeniran
    After examining an immense trove of data, including articles, inaugural speeches, biographical reports, historical records, autobiographies, and almanacs, Oluwaseun Oyeniran explores how anyone can become extraordinary in life. With many feeling that their life lacks purpose and passion, this is a critical book at a critical time. Learn how to: • create a vision that propels you forward during challenging times; • operate with a big-picture mindset that informs daily habits; • triumph de... more
  • 978-1-950892-80-8

    by P.D. Pritchard
    Like mission-driven voyagers of the past, veterans today are best characterized by their commitment, comradeship, and goal orientation, moving forward into unknown territory as they transition to compete in the civilian sector of employment. Their exploring, pioneering, sharing of successes and failures becomes an ongoing learning and personal growth process exemplified through the exhortation, “The Journey never ends!” Voyager / Veteran is designed to provide a paradigm model (for how one th... more
  • Introduction to Bible Doctrine: Ten Foundational Truths behind Christianity

    by Reid A. Ashbaucher
    Introduction to Bible Doctrine was written as a resource to meet the prerequisite requirements of the author’s Textbook on Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century. Supporting Christian foundational truths, the author presents ten traditional doctrines, explaining their context and meaning to the body of Christ—worldwide. This work is equivalent to a 100 or 200 level college course in Introduction to Biblical Doctrine or Theology, making it useful for loc... more
  • This Can’t Be Normal

    by Diana Estill
  • Idiots and Children

    by Diana Estill