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Other Nonfiction

  • Deeptide . . . Vents of Fire

    by Donald Ray Schwartz
    This mystery, intrigue, and adventure story may be only a year or two away from real-life events. Two women scientists intend to capture DNA samples of discovered remarkable life forms within vents existing in the deepest ocean depths.
  • Pluck: Lessons We Learned for Improving Healthcare and the World

    by Alfred Sadler and Blair Sadler
    Pluck brings together the spirit of courage, taking of roads-less-traveled, and living with a mindset focused on possibility that we can all call upon to improve everyday life. It inspires hope and collaboration, as well as meaningful change and actions. Alfred Sadler and Blair Sadler, a doctor and a lawyer, who are also twin brothers, worked together on the early laws concerning organ donation and the first heart transplants, the emergence of the physician assistant profession, the birth of bi... more

    by Rabon Saip
    Aging is a mystery and we are all detectives, but there are no solutions just waiting out there to be discovered. The future is within us, within our own evolving selves. We have simply outlived the centuries old social order that can no longer define who we are. we are now engaged in the creation of a whole new stage of life. We are truly up to us.
  • All Things Coffee

    by Farnaz Calafi
    All Things Coffee speaks to those who see coffee, not only as an enticing beverage, but also as a muse! This book is an eclectic collection of writings that capture the historical, cultural, health and social justice aspects of coffee, as well as fun facts and recipes.
  • In The Beginning

    by Wayne Hill
    "In The Beginning" is principally about our beginning on Earth and other interesting scripture that tells us about our beginnings which many people read over without giving it much thought. Actually, there are several verses taken from the Holy Scripture that fall into that category simply because people do not stop to think of what it is really saying. My book also has at its root, the theory of how humans came to be on Earth as I mentioned earlier. And, I try to show with references to the Hol... more
  • How to Master the Art of Writing Children's Books

    by Bobbie Hinman
    Everything you need to know about writing for children. If your goal is to write a successful children’s book, you must take the time to learn the art of writing. If you wish to acquire the skills needed to produce a well-written book, this may be the most important guide you will ever read. Learn to: - Develop a story idea - Find your target audience - Understand story arc and structure - Write creative fiction or nonfiction stories - Use appropriate tone and vocabulary - Understand... more
  • How Man-Ur-Script

    by EK Jasmine
    Are you ready to write that book that has been pounding your skull to escape? In How to Man-Ur-Script, you will find proven points and the help you need to finally unload that manuscript onto the pages and free you from burying another book. Try these easy-to-understand real-writing examples to expel your inner writing fears.
  • The Coronaggadah

    For generations, Jews have been gathering once a year to celebrate the great Exodus from slavery in Egypt. In 2020, the annual seder was abruptly canceled by Covid. This book, written for the Un-Seder I held in October of 2021, is a celebration of our cautious return to pre-pandemic socializing. From new answers to the four questions, to the 10 Plagues of the Trump press conferences, to all the things that helped us through the dark times (Dayenu!) The Coronaggadah tells the story of the pandemi... more
  • Wellness After Death

    by Dr. Osp
    Humorous presentation of a less expensive and more expeditious method for achieving wellness after death—that is, the salvation of the soul—than through traditional religions.
  • He Ain't Heavy (He's My Son) Part II

    by Dana R. Jones-Meggett
    He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Son) Part II is a book about a mother’s journey in raising her now adult son who is a man of color and on the autism spectrum. It is indeed an inspirational story but also serves as a guide and resource for parents, human service professionals, first responders, educators, religious leaders, or curious minds on how to (or not to) interact with someone on the spectrum or with disabilities. It is also a call to action for all of us to do our part in making the world a more... more
  • Wimsey the Manhattan Bloodhound: A Comedy of Many Errors

    by Elizabeth Silverman
    Follow the adventures of Wimsey, 125 lb. bloodhound improbably living on Manhattan's Upper West Side as he defeats the schemes of his owner's friend Elizabeth to show him, model him and turn him into a canine TV star. Whether bestriding the green carpets of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, hobnobbing with celebrities or causing chaos at photoshoots Wimsey was as impossible to ignore as he was to train. Nothing sad or serious here, just plain, unadulterated bloodhound fun.
  • Alphabet Soup: The Essential Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion at Work

    by Michael Bach

    Everything you need to know about creating LGBTQ2+ inclusive workplace, from A to Z.

    What you aren’t doing about creating an LGBTQ2+ inclusive workplace is costing you more than might think. Every year, companies who aren’t doing the necessary work are losing millions of dollars to low productivity, staff turnover, missed opportunities, and reputational damage—and no, simply slapping a rainbow over your company logo every June isn’t going to cut ... more

  • Unify Your Marketing

    by Bear Wade
    This guide will help your business soar! As a business owner, it is overwhelming to grow your company. Marketing can be time-consuming, costly, and full of heartache. You have no plan, guidance, or real direction. That is about to change. Unify Your Marketing is for you, the business owner, who is ready to grow their company with a proven plan. Using the Unify Brand Steps as a guide, this book is full of expertise, case studies, and guided exercises that move you through the steps and p... more
  • Atlantic B.C

    by Philip Beale
    "The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it" wrote Oscar Wilde. In 2019, ex Royal Navy Officer, Philip Beale, took Wilde at his word and put his maxim into practice. In his ship, Phoenicia, a reconstruction of a 6th century B.C. wooden sailing ship, he sailed with his crew from Carthage (modern-day Tunis) across the Atlantic towards Florida. Their mission? To show that in all likelihood it was actually the Phoenicians, an ancient Mediterranean civilisation renowned for their maritime sk... more
  • Peaches and the 19 Cobras

    by Paula Bailey
    THE “FINAL STRAW” It got to be pretty comical, but I think the “final straw” was when we had the masks on top of our heads! That’s when Mommy gave us “THE LOOK”, and Jake said, “Uh-Oh, I think she means business now! We’d better shape up and do what she wants us to do, or we might get “SPANKED”! (I still don’t know what “spanked” is, but I don’t think it’s good).

    The world has been home to horses for several million years. They have been so integral to the development of human civilizations that it would be challenging to imagine what the world would have been like without them. From as far back as the Kazarians of old who first domesticated horses and trained them for battles to our modern-day sport and pleasure riding, their presence in our lives has fostered our ability to develop a loving relationship with the natural world around us; a species exi... more