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  • Memoirs of Arbaia

    by barry j england
  • Broken Spirit to Boundless Joy: How to Break Through Your Hurts and Take Back Your Life

    by Kathy Bates
    Kathy has been described by some as a walking miracle. The traumatic events she has endured could easily cause a person to turn to substance abuse, self-harm, or even suicide. Instead, she has been triumphant and a true inspiration to others. This is a story of transformation from brokenness, grief and despair to spiritual and emotional healing and deep joy through perseverance and faith. We all have been hurt in some way and when that happens our emotions can take over. Anger, bitterness, ha... more
  • Lady Father

    by Susan Bowman
    a memoir which chronicles my journey through the Episcopal ordination process of the 1980's and my subsequent ministries. It is compelling, real, humorous, painful, and joyful. It is filled with real-life experiences which will speak loudly to anyone who feels called to ministry in the church, anyone who is in the process towards ordination, those who are serving in ministry in the church, as well as those in any profession who find themselves in an uphill battle against tradition and just plain... more
  • A Tortuous Path: Atonement and Reinvention in a Broken System

    by Christopher Pelloski

    Silver Medal Winner of the 2019 Living Now Book Awards.
    Bronze Medal Winner of the 2019 Global Ebook Awards.
    Finalist, 2019 International Book Awards.

    In this thought-provoking sequel to his award-winning memoir, “Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Love: The Fall and Rise of a Physician who Heals Himself,” former elite cancer doctor and researcher, Christopher Pelloski, chronicles his compelling journey from federal incarceration to halfway house detention to the firs... more

  • The Creative Heroine's Path: Live Your Creative Life

    by Julie Baldwin
    Do you long to express your creativity, but you fear it's too late, or you're not talented enough? Here's a secret: on the other side of your fear is your aliveness. In this book, author and creative mentor, Julie Baldwin, takes you on a journey of self-discovery and creative growth. Her inspirational stories and exercises help you get unblocked and energized to take your first steps—and keep going! By the end of the book, you will understand how to wake up your life and blaze your own creative ... more
  • Gui Ren: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People

    by Erin O'Neil
    Gui Ren is a written Chinese phrase that encompasses the synchronicity of people entering your life with purposeful timing to help guide you through difficult challenges. Erin O'Neil graduated from college with a plane ticket across the globe and her dream job in hand. She had all the building blocks in place for a successful post-graduate career and a thrilling adventure. But when all fell tumbling down on her, and she found herself stranded in Shanghai, China, unemployed and heartbroken, she k... more
  • Resilience: A survival story

    by Shane Bautista

    ‘I started to cry and yell as I felt anxious and scared. I was only two years old when Craig came crashing out of his bedroom, holding a pillow. As Craig held the pillow over my face, I remember kicking and pulling at his arms, but he was too strong. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my panic increase, my heart beating faster. I thought I was going to die…’

    From the age of two, Shane didn’t have the normal upbringing. Being handed ... more

  • "Crossing Troubled Waters: The Memoir of an English War Widow"

    by Elayne Grant Archer
    The memoirist, Phyllis Grant Archer, was a war widow, Canadian immigrant, and feminist before her time. Born in London in 1911, Phyllis led an exciting life, overcoming the challenges of a tumultuous childhood, discrimination as a working woman in the 1930s, the birth of her son during the Blitz, and the death of her husband in the war, just after the birth of her daughter. Seeking to start anew, Phyllis took her children to Toronto in 1944. Once there, however, she often faced hostility as a si... more
  • Dear Al, A Widow's Struggles and Remembrances

    by Marilyn Pellini
    This book was written in hopes of bringing to the fore the plight of widows and widowers in our society. In other cultures those experiencing the loss of a mate, are cared for, nurtured, entertained and allowed whatever length of time it takes to find some new joy and purpose in life. For some experiencing grief the emptiness never totally disappears, but these lost souls need to know that is expected and accepted too.
  • The Art of Healthcare Innovation

    by Christina D. Warner

    What if you had a crystal ball that revealed the future of the healthcare landscape?

    Wouldn’t you want that ball?

    Think of how that information could boost your success and impact your future. You could be on the cutting-edge of change and reap the rewards.

    Accept that change is inescapable. Discover how healthcare changes will impact you, your family, and your career. Listen to pioneers who share their secrets and predicti... more

  • The Human Spirit Under Siege

    by George Baum
    A chronicle of events that led to the author's incarceration in the Terezin concentration camp, contrasting his experience to the world we live in now, when masses of humanity are recording their plight on their cell phones for everyone to witness. The author was born the same year that Adolf Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany. The book describes how their lives intersected a number of times in the ensuing decade. The 15 Episodes of the book are a personal account observed and recalled thr... more
  • Forgotten Satoris Don't Count

    This book, a forty-two-year-long life journey, delivered in thirty-two chapters takes you across the country and around the world with a man seeking answers to the age old questions about the meaning of existence. The author’s life is presented chronologically in concise views that are not just personal but tied to the context of the changing times. As it demonstrates a life evolving it also illustrates the environment that informs that evolution. The book takes you from an idyllic childhood on... more
  • My Epidemic: An AIDS Memoir of One Man’s Struggle as Doctor, Patient and Survivor

    by Andrew M. Faulk

    WHEN YOUNG DR. ANDREW FAULK first learned he was HIV-positive, he was devastated for it certainly meant imminent death. Until then, he’d been an outstanding young physician with years of intensive training. That day, without warning, he faced the great divide of his life. Due to the rigors and stress of training, he considered abandoning his medical career. But, instead, he dedicated the remainder of his life to the fight against AIDS, ultimately participating in the care of approximate... more

  • Rounding Home

    by Sarah Swindell
    In 1991, 21-year-old, Sarah, the recently divorced mother to 2-year-old Hayley, moved from the dusty small town of Farmington, New Mexico to the bustling city of Houston, Texas with dreams of a better life. A year later, she was swept off her feet by Greg Swindell, an established Major League Baseball player who had just signed a lucrative contract with the Houston Astros and was quickly becoming the talk of the city. Six weeks after their first date, Greg asked Sarah to quit her job as a hair... more
  • Me and Mario: Love, Power & Writing with Mario Puzo, Author of the Godfather

    by Carol Gino
    After THE GODFATHER…The Last Great War, according to Mario Puzo, would be the war between men and women. His books sold more than 20 million copies. But few souls knew the man behind The Godfather as she did. With humor and poignancy, bestselling author Carol Gino gives readers a rare glimpse inside the life of one of the world’s most beloved storytellers and their unlikely but enduring love. In a world that often lacks many “Happily Ever After’s,” Gino’s twenty-year relationship with The Godfat... more
  • Irreversible

    by Taylor Mason
    Taylor Mason?s Irreversible traces the life of a ventriloquist from the moment he discovered that a talking sock on his hand made someone laugh to winning television variety show competitions to performing on the biggest stages with some of today?s biggest stars. It?s a story of perseverance, hard work, and the sheer joy of doing what one loves.