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  • Barrington

    by Margaret Seven Wellman
    Author Margaret Seven Wellman, daughter of legendary Hollywood director William A. Wellman, tells the story of her childhood as it was lived room-by-room, inside and out, at her home on Barrington Avenue. Poetic glimpses of family life appear to the reader like scenes from a movie, in a memoir that is honest and specific, yet beguilingly dreamlike.
  • Memoirs of a Future Ghost

    by Heather Scarbro Dobson
    Heather Scarbro Dobson probes her fears while seeking out the paranormal, sharing the true, often freaky and/or funny, sometimes sad tales of over a decade investigating ghosts and the people haunted by them. Through extraordinary occurrences in the everyday, she weaves a logical tale that death is nothing to be feared, that an afterlife exists, and though just like in life there’s a bad egg that gets all the press, most ghosts just miss their homes, their people, and their lives, and want to st... more
  • Pimpology: The Macking Game

    by DeVan Brittenum

    WATCH YOUR DAUGHERS! The Pimps are on the prowl. In 2016, statistics revealed that 5,551 young ladies were victimized by the commercial sex industry. Pimpology: The Macking Game exposes the reality of the Sex-Trafficking Game.  Sex-Trafficking traps young ladies into a life of prostitution. As we all know, the art and profession of controlling a group of adorable females is called the game. Hence, the Macks themselves are known as players. Learn the pimps' strategies. In Pimpology: T... more

  • Naked (in Italy)

    by M.E. Evans
    At twenty-seven years old, M. E. Evans had just graduated from college, twice, and still had no idea what to do with her life besides frequent strip clubs and fantasize about being a woman known for a sort of vague, unnamed success. But when her plans to become a better version of herself are derailed by the devastating loss of her brother, she moves to Italy no longer for personal growth but for self-preservation. Unfortunately, life in Italy isn’t for everyone. In the irreverent and hilar... more
  • Intoxicating Tango: My Years in Buenos Aires (#3 in Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy)

    by Cherie Magnus
    A story so sensual, so unconventional, and so shocking… it could only be true. After a series of life-changing and terrible losses, Cherie moves to steamy Buenos Aires, where the romantic attention of the local men reignites her youth and sexuality. But women like her, who stay to create a life and dance the best tango in the world, rapidly find themselves bombarded with flattery and compliments by the caballeros and milongueros - Men who see women as little more than sexual objects…making li... more
  • Arabesque: Dancing on the Edge in Los Angeles (#1 Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy)

    by Cherie Magnus
    It's 1960 in Los Angeles. Cherie is 17 and on the threshold of change, even as the world awaits the cataclysmic turbulence that soon comes. Cherie is a dancer, a student at UCLA, and in love with a handsome, troubled graduate student who wants her to give up her career plans. The havoc sets her off-balance and into a nightmare world far from her dreams. #1 in the Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy
  • The Church of Tango: a Memoir (#2 in Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy)

    by Cherie Magnus
    The Church of Tango is a passionate memoir of tragedy and adventure, lust and music, romance and tango, and above all, survival. A dancer all her life, she’d had to put it on hold while raising her artistic sons and caring for her dying husband. Now as she set her suitcase down on the ancient cobblestones of a Paris courtyard, she wondered—48 years old, 6,000 miles away from home, knowing no one—what was she doing? Each time disaster strikes her life, Cherie forges ahead, struggling to save hers... more
  • Uncharted: A west meets east jade sculptor's audacious journey

    by Lyle Sopel




                                   UNCHARTED  By Lyle Sopel -  



    Interspersed with subtle humor and an Indiana Jones-like venture, “ UNCHARTED “ by 

    Lyle Sopel is the compelling story of a Vancouver-born sculptor who gives up a secure and conventional lifestyle to ... more

  • Bedside Manner

    by Jay Glendell
    Patients often discuss the accomplishments of their doctors. A critical qualification always includes the physician's "Bedside Manner." When selecting a doctor, it is usually a deal maker or breaker. Medical schools have more recently implemented training for providing a caring demeanor when attending to patients. Molding a physician's character, however, may take years of experience. The incidents that a doctor responds to can be light or severe, humorous, or life-changing. This blog chronicles... more
  • Another Look at Life

    by Maureen Wingham
    Maureen Wingham’s life has been a cascading whirl of opportunities, triumphs and tragedies that have tested her in ways the young Maureen, brought up during World War II, could never have envisaged. She recounts her pathways through a professional life in advertising and PR consultancy, focusing on fashion clients and travel media representation; relinquishing her theatrical ambitions; severing a business partnership and plunging into the music business. You will learn how a chance meeting w... more
  • Paying the Rent

    by Dick Eiden
    Adventures of a Left Coast Activist Lawyer from the Turbulent '60s to the Era of Donald Trump. Growing up in Pomona, California, in the '50s, nothing prepared DICK EIDEN for his journey through the struggles for civil rights, using his talents as a lawyer to battle for justice, his heart as an American to protest for peace, his concern for our future to run for Congress as an independent.
  • After the Storm : Our journey through Grief

    by Regina Thompson-Jenkins
    Only married for about 3 years John and Regina’s marriage would be put to the test after facing the storm of a lifetime. John and Regina experience the most unthinkable pain that any family shouldn’t ever have to go through, the loss of a child. Their 19 year old son was tragically killed by a senseless act of gun violence. This storm would test their love, marriage, and faith. The journey wasn’t an easy road, but their belief in God would bring them through the process. John remained f... more
  • I Was Scared to Death When I Died: The True Story of Bryan Killebrew

    by Bryan Killebrew
    It is not often that someone dies and then writes a book. It all started with a bowl of goulash for dinner. Bryan Killebrew was a hot-blooded working sixteen-year-old all-American boy who was thinking about two things and two things only before he died: hot girls and hot cars, and yet God talked to him. After a normal day of helping his half-brother in his lawn service, Bryan went home, grabbed some goulash, got himself comfortable on the couch, and took a bite. The next thing that happened was,... more
  • Unreal: Adventures of a Family's Global Life

    by Phil McDonald
    Stalked by lions, charged by rhinos, and chased by pirates, Phil McDonald has lived a life of adventure working overseas. Typhoid, riots, and rebel soldiers were part of normal life. For his children, any day could be a grand field trip. While unreal might read like a thriller, this memoir is more than an adventure story. The author recounts ninety events, highlights sixty lessons, from over thirty years of experience. The dirty little secret of humanitarian work in the developing world was a s... more
  • August: A Love Letter

    by Zachery Lathen-Williams
    In an inspiring, vulnerable love letter to his three small children, Zachery Lathen-Williams chronicles the beginning and unexpected end of his marriage. Serious contemplations are balanced with wry observations as a father aims to explain the complexities of life and love in this poignant memoir of pain, understanding and resolve.