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  • So Far, So Good-Answers To Questions I Should Have Been Asked

    by Elliot Glicksman
    I answered questions no one asked me about religion, what happens after you die, my life, how to name your baby and how I wound up a lawyer and comedian despite the redundancy.
  • François

    by Kyle Thomas Smith
    Nearing fifty, author Kyle Thomas Smith looks back on the days when he was a struggling young writer and hapless office temp. At the end of yet another workday when all he wanted was to go back to his little apartment, turn into a cockroach, and expire in a puddle of Raid, Kyle instead went out on the town and met a highly accomplished, globetrotting filmmaker named François. A romance ensued, but François flew out the next morning, leaving Kyle with nothing but a napkin on which he’d written hi... more
  • Privilege Lost

    by Joshua Elyashiv
    Many nice young upper-middle class white boys have dreamed about being the ultimate bad-ass. Few have been forced to prove it. For straight-A student and suburban Jewish boy Joshua Elyashiv, the dream of being tough and invincible, like his heroes Jason Bourne and Bruce Lee to name just a few, was so overwhelming that he convinced his parents to put him through military school where he became a decorated martial arts pro. Then, through a fluke chain of events that Joshua never could hav... more
  • As the Rivers Merge: A Story of Love, War and Perseverance Across Continents

    by Daniel Mamah
    When the Nigerian Civil War crept to his quiet college town, Matthew Mamah's global journey began. His father, an Anglican priest who survived smallpox, had always urged him to "aim high and shoot high." Matthew knew that his quest for excellence could take him to the horizon's edge, but he never imagined himself in Budapest, Hungary. Yet, it was there he met the love of his life.   The grandniece of famed composer Béla Bartók, Judit Koós grew up in the shadow of Hungary's bloody Revolution, i... more
  • And Always One More Time: A Memoir

    by Margaret Mandell
    The loss of a life partner strikes over one million women every year—shattering the present, leaving the future in doubt. At 65 years old Margaret Mandell loses her husband of 45 years to a fast-moving disease, and she cannot conjure a future without him. The bed is half empty. Her body betrays her. Laughter is elusive. Filled with longing, chased by memory, Mandell begins to write letters to the man she loved, retracing their history together. But when a tenderhearted college professor steps... more
  • Tripping into Love: One Man's Life of Miracles with Jesus

    by Sally Hanan

    Dale Alter's extraordinary journey with Jesus—marked by faith, redemption, and divine love—leads him from a pivotal encounter with Christ (while on an acid trip) to leadership in the Jesus Movement, a fulfilling career in emergency medicine, missionary work in East Africa, and an unwavering pursuit of God's kingdom on earth, despite personal hardships.

  • The Story of My Soul

    by Helen P. Slater
    Channelling 6th December 2022 Great Mystery ‘You must know that all I say is true, that the End of the World is nigh, and all shall be saved, for to raise our consciousness is the goal, not only of Creator, but of all souls who see Yeshua as their Saviour, and Mary his Mother as their own. I commend this book to the destitute and to the wicked that they may know their Creator and their lives be washed clean with Creator’s Light, and they shall be as One, as others are as One that know God, and t... more
  • By Chance

    by Rick Shortle
    His first book 'Full Circle' was one of those reads you could not put down once you'd started it. Rick related stories and events through his life from being a cheeky-chappy looking for sponsors, dare-devil antics and serious scrapes on speedway bikes to FF1600's and beyond - into saloon cars. This book in contrast, details the racing career itself focussing inevitably on the diverse range of cars, serious competitive drivers of character and fame, Martin Down, a life long friend and car designe... more
  • My Hospital Is Sick

    by Tim Kingswood

    Join me on an unforgettable journey through the enthralling pages of "My Hospital is Sick" by Tim Kingswood. With four pivotal chapters that each represent a distinct phase in the author's life, this memoir is a true masterpiece. Get ready to be captivated by its compelling narrative and immersive storytelling!

    The journey begins with "Stroke," revealing an unexpected twist of fate after a successful Superdrug project. The author's stroke bec... more

  • The Unknown Face

    by Gregory Duncan

    A marriage with an imperfect love story goes tragically wrong one summer in a small college town in Virginia, and the husband is left picking up the pieces of pain and regret. How did it end in suicide instead of divorce? What he discovers six months later is both heartbreaking and astonishing. In a time when extreme events and behavior are more prevalent, this in-depth psychological account of a seemingly normal relationship describes how things kept hidden underneath provide one’s gre... more

  • Unbroken Optimist

    by Kofi Douhadji
    Readers have described Unbroken Optimist as a life-changing experience filled with courage, persistence, and a philosophy that inspires lasting change. Many raved about this memoir, calling it a timeless classic and a blueprint for living a fulfilled life. It's a captivating narrative that not only motivates but also invites you to see yourself within its pages. Kofi's message of optimism and love will illuminate your path, making "Unbroken Optimist" a must-read for anyone seeking to live the... more
  • Before There Was An After

    by Gerad Davis and Lisa Mead
    A powerful and emotional mother and son journey through his heroin addiction and multiple attempts at recovery. Honest, heartbreaking and revealing they share their very personal experience, mistakes, and search for answers. the book is intended to be a resource for families dealing with a loved ones struggles providing insight, explanations and validation that this insidious disease is a disease that affects the entire family. The hope is that by understanding what you are dealing with you can ... more
  • ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth: The amazing true life story of Rosco McGlashan as told to Mark J Read

    by Mark J Read

    Rosco McGlashan is a legend of Australian motorsport and drag racing. He is the current Australian land speed record holder. His early years were tough. He spent time in state-run homes and remand centres, eventually leaving home and school at 12 after a run-in with the Headmaster for parking his car in his shaded spot! He then drives north in Western Australia to find work, increasing his age from 12 to 16, to fund his racing career.

    He fought everyone and everything and, at 17, ended ... more

  • Sweet Boy: The Unintentional Offender

    by Roberto Carlos Cruz Garcia
    In "Sweet Boy: The Unintentional Offender," author Roberto Carlos Cruz Garcia takes readers on a candid and unapologetic journey through his life, revealing the inner workings of his unfiltered mind and its impact on those around him. In this introspective and often humorous memoir, Garcia explores the challenges he faces as he navigates a world that expects social norms and politeness, while his ADHD traits lead him to speak his mind without restraint. From childhood incidents that left a trail... more
  • Within The Portal

    by Krishnanand scott spackey
    On June 19, 2013 I was killed. Dead in the street... Mangled, bloody and… DEAD. Life can go from light to dark in an instant. Krishnanand catapulted to the other side when he was hit in the face by a full-size SUV. While he remained in a Stage 3 Glasgow coma for nine days, he remained fully conscious in a celestial dimension he now calls The Portal—what Tibetan Buddhists call The Bardo and what... more