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  • Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light

    by Tammy René
    Tammy René is a survivor of extreme childhood abuse. She has found healing from its effects and shares her journey to instill hope in other victims and understanding in communities. If you are asking how to heal from childhood trauma, or if it's even possible, Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light can help answer those questions. It is a compelling and raw story of overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse. In Miracles in the Dark you will gain insight... more
  • awfully hilarious: period pieces

    by Heather Hendrie
    In an intimate, courageous, and transformative collection, 26 girls and women of all ages share poems and stories exploring the ups and downs of menstruation, from first period to post-menopause. The award-winning anthology awfully hilarious series returns with its second installment, period pieces, featuring that most ubiquitous “time of the month.” These short pieces of prose and poetry illuminate our collective fascination, trepidation and shame around the biology of periods: from pre-pubesc... more
  • Awfully Hilarious: Stories We Never Tell

    by Heather Hendrie
    These are the untold tales of our times. This hand-selected crew of emerging writers share brave, true stories that the world needs right now. If you've ever gotten drunk, peed your pants in public, or gone on a bad date, you'll find solace here. This is a courageous tell-all, from the trenches of Tinder, to the kinds of experiences with tiny toilets that we've all been told to keep to ourselves. These refreshing pages contain the kind of poignant and hilarious truth-telling that have the power... more
  • Higher Love

    by Anne Kiehl Friedman
    Anne spent decades chasing professional accomplishment, marriage and family, thighs that didn’t touch… everything society told her to want. But all that got her was depression, anxiety, and a broken engagement. Then, her dad invited her to Amsterdam where recreational “magic mushrooms” imparted a series of visions that began a life-changing journey of self-acceptance, learning to make peace with her body, and finding true love. In intimate detail, Higher Love shares the wisdom gl... more
  • For the Love of God: A Memoir

    by Jackie Guinn
    In 1972, Jackie was twenty-two years old and had been married and divorced twice. After finally getting out of a turbulent marriage, she learned that her baby daughter, Jenny, was profoundly brain-damaged and would probably never walk or talk. When Jackie decided to take care of Jenny by herself rather than put her in an institution, Jenny’s pediatrician also told her to include a social life for herself. To pay for Jenny’s mounting medical bills, Jackie worked two jobs. One as a cocktail ... more
  • My Journey of Captivity: The Story of a German POW

    by Helga McKee
    Hans Gussmann, a German soldier, endured nearly three years of internment by the Allies after World War II-a forgotten chapter overshadowed by the more well-known tales of prisoners held by the Russians. "Prisoner of Peace" unveils this untold story, offering a true and sometimes humorous account based on Gussmann's prison notebooks and memoirs. This narrative diverges from the battles of combat, focusing instead on the daily struggles for survival as a German POW laborer. Gussmann, drafted into... more
  • My Father's Suitcase

    by Mary Garden
    A gripping tale of resilience and survival that offers hope to others who have experienced family violence and suffered at the hands of a sibling. A deeply personal and heartbreaking memoir that explores the troubled relationship between Mary Garden and her younger sister, Anna. (Anna died in 2023, after a short illness.) Mary unpacks her life of growing up in New Zealand in the 1950s and 60s, before making Australia home. She reveals complex layers of intergenerational trauma, including ... more
  • Golden Scars

    by Emily Barry Zarecki
    Golden Scars is the story of my breast cancer journey as well as the seemingly insurmountable life challenges that helped me face a cancer battle with determination and positivity. While the main plotline of the book details my cancer journey, a sub-plot includes flashbacks of those significant life challenges, including losing my husband to suicide, solo parenting our three young children, embracing love again and supporting my mom in her short battle with ovarian cancer.
  • Father, Son, and Soldering Gun

    by Steven V. Mycynek
    A collection of stories about my father and the time he spent with me growing up, written for a general teen to adult audience. The stories have themes of math/engineering, parenting, religion, loss, growth, and humor, with some reflection on the human condition in general.
  • Elk Love: A Montana Memoir

    by Lynne Spriggs O'Connor
    Having spent ten summers on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation near Glacier National Park, part of her doctoral fieldwork for a PhD in Native American Art History, forty-two-year-old Lynne Spriggs thinks of Montana as her healing place. When she moves to “Big Sky Country” from the East Coast in a quest to reset her life, she has high hopes for what awaits her. Great Falls, a farming and military town in central Montana, is not what Lynne imagined when she decided to leave city life behind. But ... more
  • Tuned In - Memoirs of a Piano Man: Behind the Scenes with Music Legends and Finding the Artist Within

    by Jim Wilson

    Emerging from a troubled childhood in a broken West Texas home, a young man moves to Los Angeles to pursue fame and fortune as a singer-songwriter. He soon strays from his mission when his piano tuning sideline blossoms into a career as piano technician to the entertainment industry's biggest names. His help in the development of the world's first MIDI-adapter for acoustic piano leads to him sharing adventures, sessions, meals, and laughs with dozens of his childhood heroes. His front row sea... more

  • Acres of Oak

    by Richard R. Kurrasch
    Unprecedented levels of change have transformed the American landscape in recent decades, the shape and function of organized religion very much included. Mainstream Protestantism especially has found itself increasingly marginalized in a culture largely indifferent to a mission or purpose that even its own members do not always clearly understand. This memoir reflects the author’s fifty years of pastoral ministry navigating a pathway for just such a church. A common thread weaves its way throug... more
  • All I Ever Wanted to Be Was An Ad Man

    by anthony eglin

    A young Brit, who dreams of being an ad man, succeeds beyond measure, as an award-winning mystery writer, rock band manager, filmmaker and more. "A deftly-written story with a heart of gold.

  • I’d Rather Be Dead Than Deaf: A Young Woman’s Journey with Liver Cancer

    by Andrea Wilson Woods
    In her own words, this is the journal of Adrienne Wilson, a teenage artist, poet, and beloved sister. Before her death from liver cancer at the age of fifteen, Adrienne expressed her funny, bright soul in this prolific journal. Her musings on life, relationships, music, love, and the beautiful grime of her adopted hometown of Los Angeles leap off the page; her deep sensitivity and perspective are captured in full-color prints of her award-winning artwork. Steeped in late-90s nostalgia, this arti... more
  • Cold Beer and a Hot Dart

    by Brandon Wolfe
    Before smartphones or international data plans, global adventure travel required extensive pre-trip research, solid street smarts, survival ingenuity, human interaction, guidebooks, paper maps, cross-cultural knowledge, and a shit ton of luck. This compelling memoir follows Brandon Wolfe and his international companions as they navigate that world of wanderology 12,000 km/7,450 miles by land and water throughout several countries within Southeast Africa. Brandon and his comrades find themselv... more
  • Disc Jockeys, Preachers, and Elvis

    by Ron Brandon
    Recommended for anyone who loves rock & roll music and grew up listening to their favorite Disc Jockey on Top-40 Radio. It's a nostalgic trip down memory lane, while at the same time providing real insight into the day-to-day business of radio, and why it is failing today. The universal quote from the DJs was "I can't believe they will pay me for doing what I love so much." Yet, today most of those DJs have departed the radio business, with AM radio, in particular, signing off for the final time... more