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  • Bound by My Choices: How a Death Nearly Broke Me But the Navy Saved Me

    by Keshawn A. Spence
    Young Keshawn's parents were absent and almost non-existent, but he never let that diminish his dreams, or his tenacity to succeed. Bound by My Choices is an illustrated revelation of his personal stories of trials and tribulations, failed parenting, and ultimate success and redemption. It is filled with experiences and lessons that molded a young adolescent boy to become a Senior Chief in the United States Navy, and graduate college with two degrees. This book will prove that no matter what sit... more
  • White Woman Black Heart: Journey Home to Old Mapoon, A Memoir

    by Barbara Miller

    Barbara often found herself saying, "the stork dropped me at the wrong house" only to find she was repeating her mother's words. In this riveting memoir exploring race relations and social change, Aboriginal elder Burnum Burnum, told her, "you may be white but you have a black heart, as you understand my people and feel our heart.' He suggested to International Development Action that she take on the Mapoon project and played matchmaker by introduc... more

  • The Dying Days of Segregation in Australia

    by Barbara Miller
    Did the deep north of Australia experience racism, discrimination and segregation? Yes. But it was different from the deep south of the USA. A system similar to South African apartheid existed on Aboriginal reserves like Yarrabah in Queensland till as recently as 1984. This book, The Dying Days of Segregation in Australia: Case Study Yarrabah, is unique in that Australian Aborigines themselves tell their story of living under legal discrimination on reserves and discusses their aspirations for s... more
  • Musings of a Military Maverick

    by Yoginder Sharma
    'Maverick's Musings' starts with a tender tribute to a soul-mate. The young officer (YO) who had wooed and won the heart of a girl from an alien land shares his 'Jab We Met' (when we met!) moments of 1958. There was little in common between them except their humanity and core values of two ancient civilisations. They overcame impossible odds to create a relationship that lasted for 55 years. It is a heartwarming story that triggers emotions at a deeper level. The 'episodic' narrative then follow... more
  • A Transcendental Journey (Twentieth Anniversary)

    by Stephen Evans
    There was no plan: just an old car, an old map, an old book, and the beginning of a new life. A Transcendental Journey is the quirky account of one man’s meander across America, encountering natural wonders during the day and the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson at night. Throughout the narrative, Emerson’s life and thought are explored through his essays: Self-Reliance, The Poet, Experience, Nature, and Circles. These famous works shape the experience of the journey, just as the journey shapes... more
  • So Okay...

    by C. L. Fails
    A young high school graduate from modest Dalton, MO, embarks on an expedition to find his way in this big, beautiful world. More than 75 years later, his granddaughter is deployed on her own mission; capturing the unimaginable stories of his incredible life. The adventures and anecdotes shared by this war veteran and Buffalo Soldier, quickly morphed the mission into something much greater. Author C. L. Fails, now sought to find the secrets to a life well lived. His stories hold all the can... more
  • A Mother's Survival: Finding Balance Through the Storms by Hope Brooks (pen name)

    by Hope Brooks (pen name of Deanna Adams)
    After retiring from her teaching career of 38 years, Hope sat at her computer and began writing the story of her life's journey. From a childhood marked by sexual abuse, Hope became empowered to rise above the fallout of lost innocence, marriage to a man with mental illness, and the consequences of bitter divorce on both her children and stepchildren. While dealing with her personal life, she also faced unremitting crises as a classroom teacher in the City of New York. In her last chapter, Hope ... more
  • Me, Kniest & Understanding

    by Fiona Porch

    Fiona Porch is passionate about helping others to leap their hurdles and pursue their goals. By sharing her unique life story, she hopes her message will provide understanding and become a boon for all those who want to fly.

    Within the depths of these pages, Porch gently reminds us that it is okay if we all do not look the same, act identical, or believe in similar things while providing insight and encouragement to push through heartache and pain, and embracing the life you gain. ... more

  • My Box of Chocolates: How My Child with Autism Learned to Read, Write and More

    by Goretti Rerri
    Like any other young mother, Goretti Rerri is delighted and excited to embrace child-rearing and family life with all of its usual ups and downs. She emigrates to the USA with her three children to join her husband who is already in a medical residency program in New York City. However, when her youngest child, Teresa, begins exhibiting atypical behaviors as a toddler, Rerri grows highly concerned. When Teresa is diagnosed at 3 years old with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Rerri is stunned.... more
  • Joan Crawford A Talent for Living

    by Jennifer Bitman
    The Hollywood spotlight shines on this intimate biography of screen legend Joan Crawford. From the forgotten child to the Jazz Age flapper to the winner of Best Actress for her role in Mildred Pierce, Joan Crawford’s life continues to capture the attention of generations of classic movie fans and a wave of millennials who have crowned her the queen of Old Hollywood. But if you think you’ve read everything about The Legend, think again. Abandoning a traditional approach, Joan Crawford A Talent... more
  • Jum & Muz: I Forget - A Caregivers View of Alzheimers

    by Mary Ellen Connelly
    Jum & Muz is the story of the 20 years of the frustration and desolation of Alzheimers disease that the Mary Ellen Connelly's husband suffered. It chronicles the descent into oblivion. It explains how to cope, what they learned as a family in the hope it will help other families in dealing with Alzheimers. The author explains the symptoms and the research that is now available. As the primary caregiver she explains her feelings, her attempts to deal with the onslaught and some of the things tha... more
  • The Valley Rat: Steaming Across the Face of Life

    by Michael R. Burns

    The Valley Rat is a coming of age story of me while growing up in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas during the sixties. The book is divided into ten chapters that cover my early life through college years, elaborating the hard scrabble struggle from finding my way in a lower/middle class upbringing and escaping the mediocrity of this life and finally flourishing into a productive, happy soul.

    The book highlights my exploits as a competitive swimmer, surfer and waterman in the vanguar... more

  • Secrets: A Story of Addiction, Grief & Healing

    by Ann Bennett-Cookson
    Society is quick to formulate judgements toward those struggling with addiction. However, is addiction a choice? Is mental illness a choice? Everyone's story is different. I can only share mine and how our family was affected. The effects of addiction ripple out washing over everyone in some manner or form. Like many, I originally thought substance use was a choice, a deficit in one's moral code, a weakness that one should be able to control. Why must tragedy occur to inspire illumination?
  • What Nobody Knew

    by Amelia Hendrey
    My story begins aged 3, when my mother abandoned me and left me with my brutal father to raise me. Nobody knew the secrets that went on inside that house, or the journey that I travelled on after leaving it, until now. This is the story of my survival. What do you do when no one wants you? How many people need to destroy a child until that child wants to destroy herself? What if social services always got told a different story? What would you do if you were in my position? Survival is... more
  • I'm Crazy Great

    by B Alan Bourgeois
    B Alan Bourgeois has been called many things over the years. During the past 6 years as he created Texas Authors, Inc., DEAR Texas, Inc., and the Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., plus many other events and programs, all while he was homeless. I’m Crazy Great is a mantra that Bourgeois uses to express that while he does things that very few people would do, and to live a life that even less would consider living by choice, he was Crazy and Great at the same time. It was his way of tel... more
  • Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude

    by Fabiola Piedad Maria Alicia Reynales de Berry
    ACQUIESCE to LOVE PEACE GRATITUDE,, introduces Susana, who lost everything within a short period of time. Her life turned upside down by what appeared to be the circumstances she lived at that moment. The story demonstrates the immense role of the subconscious mind, creating the return of past emotions and traumas triggered by unrelated events. What do you do when life places you in a deep emotional hole? Engage with simple methods to make your mind aware of emotions, thoughts and feelings th... more