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  • Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler

    by Jeana Sue Kendrick
    Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler is a true story set during the Cold War, an era when Christians who resisted the Communists’ godless decrees faced prison or death. A naïve housewife in the Texas piney woods, Kendrick dreamed of being a Bible smuggler. She and her husband began praying an extra hour in the evenings. They were soon overseas, smuggling Bibles to Christians hungry for God’s Word. Through Door of Hope International, the Kendricks developed a network of trained couriers to deliver Bibles.... more
  • Solving the World's Titanic Struggles: Answers from Baha'i Philosophy and Spirituality

    by Rodney Richards
    Life and the world rolls on and seems topsy-turvy at times, or two steps forward, one step back. The question Why? permeates everything done or to be done, for good or ill. History looms large or small, the future holds promise or hurt. Humanity has chosen to look at its own devices to solve its problems, and look where we are, the wealthy prosper, the poor suffer, the middle class shrinks. But there are solutions, permanent ones, to our difficulties of loving and cooperating with each other... more
  • Atreus's View From a Tent

    by Michael Barrett Miller
    Atreus, a homeless man, living primarily in an outdoor shelter in Seattle, shared the following thoughts, letters, and notes with me over three years. These musings come from a man who was crushed by violence and loss. His reflections give hope to many who find themselves in similar situations, living on the outskirts of society.
  • Fildena 25 Mg - Medzsite

    by James Faranadise
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  • SHOT! Passing the Baton

    by Alison Drummond
  • In the Real World I Hike: Transformation of purpose and self in 5 million easy steps

    by Michael "SY" Sisemore
    I hiked the AT in 1999 and have had many other adventures since then. On my hike, I literally ran away from home, (or hiked away) my job, my house, my friends, everything, to embark on a search for a reason to live. Recently divorced, I had no sense of joy or purpose in life. I discovered this and so much more over the next 2,000+ miles and the hundreds of people I met and things that I experienced changed my entire outlook on what it meant to be alive. I met a hiker named "Baltimore Jack" Tarli... more
  • Chasing the Surge

    by Ja-ne de Abreu
    The compelling story people can't wait to read about life as a travel nurse, which is not easy under normal circumstances. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix. Learn how Grover Street navigates these unprecedented times in COVID hotspots in the USA with strength and grace while sharing important scientific facts about COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccine
  • Mountain Dream

    by Wei San Tang
    The book is about my fundraising journey to Everest Base Camp: from the life's experience leading towards, the preparation and the actual trek itself.
  • Whole Heart: One Woman's Incredible and Heartbreaking Journey from Africa to America

    by Michelle Felix
    In this moving memoir, Michelle Felix opens her whole heart and recounts her life, starting from her childhood in Africa to her transitions and current life in America. During her childhood, Michelle had her world turned upside down, as she was forced to face several family issues that deeply affected her and made her feel stuck in a cycle of pain, regret, and immense grief. However, even with the hurt that painted her childhood, Michelle is determined to find healing and turn her pain into purp... more
  • The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story

    by Laura Davis
    When Laura Davis published The Courage to Heal in 1988, she knew sharing her story about surviving childhood sexual abuse would deepen a painful rift with her own mother. Over the next twenty years, from the safe distance of 3,000 miles, Laura and her mother reconciled their volatile relationship. But when her mother moves across the country to entrust Laura with the rest of her life, she brings a faltering mind, a fierce need for independence, and the seeds of a second battle for power between ... more
  • Nest: Letting Go from Italy, France and Ireland

    by Jennifer McGuire
    At 46, Jen McGuire made good on a daydream. A little whisper of something that had sustained her through 25 years of raising four boys alone. She would sit in a broken down car in the school line up and think, "Europe." Pick nits our of her kids' hair, then her own afterwards and think, "Alone." Move from one rental home to another, and another, and think, "Someday." Someday she could go places. Beyond No Frills. Beyond the schoolyard. Beyond the park and the laundromat. Someday Italy. Someda... more
  • Start Me Up: Tips, Tales, and Truths about Starting Up and Starting Over

    by Jeannie Edmunds
    This genre-bending self-help/business/memoir is insightful, witty, down to earth and provocative. The stories are entertaining, the tips are actionable, and the takeaway is this: even an ordinary life can be lived in an extraordinary way, and in every crisis there is opportunity. A reader may not need to know what to do when confronted by a machine gun while on a news assignment, or how to get invited to sing in the White House, or the secrets to producing a successful infomercial. But as thi... more
  • No Rules: A Memoir

    by Sharon Dukett
    In this coming-of-age memoir, Sharon takes you with her on a nail-biting adventure through the early 1970s after leaving her sheltered home life at sixteen years old to join the hippies. Yearning for freedom, she lands in an adult world for which she is unprepared, and must learn quickly in order to survive. As Sharon navigates the US and Canada―whether by hitchhiking, bicycle, or the back of a motorcycle―she experiences love and heartbreak, discovers who she can and cannot trust, and awakens t... more
  • Chasing bin Laden: My Hunt for the World's Most Notorious Terrorist

    by Barbara K. Janik
    A secret truth: On the early morning of August 16, 2006, Osama bin Laden was arrested in Brooklyn by the New York FBI Terrorism Task Force. They were acting on a tip called in by Barbara Janik. Her memoir, Chasing bin Laden, takes readers along with her on an emotional journey through the hidden world of lay investigations, which is charged with high-stakes puzzle solving, Arabic message boards, and anxiety-provoking collaborations with the FBI. Barbara Janik is a middle-aged masters-level hi... more
  • Return to the Light Within

    by Dmitria Burby
    Return to the Light Within: How I Woke Up, Rediscovered Who I Am, and Found Happiness is a revealing and raw memoir of the author’s own journey from successful corporate executive to rediscovering and reconnecting with her soul and spirit. This journey of awakening to her light within allowed her to unlock the life she had always dreamed of. The book traverses through the emotional states and challenges the author encounters, and dives deep into the world of Shamanic healing. Ultimately the ... more
  • Make Me: a memoir

    by Lisa stathoplos
    A searingly honest and dark humored memoir exploring how one comes to be, to live in their own skin; exist in their very bones. "Make Me" follows Lisa’s memories in and out of chronological time. Her stories of growing up Catholic, coming of age beside the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, discovering dance, her activism and becoming a successful professional actor as well as a fishwife, are fraught, rewarding and often hysterically funny.