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  • I Am Here: Postcards from My Daughter in Spirit

    by Judith Jones Togher
    I Am Here is about the endurance of love and communication even after death. It is a story of the loss of my adult daughter, the overwhelming grief, and finally healing through small messages - or what I call postcards - from her on the other side. It tells how you can find these postcards from your loved one too. You can find joy and healing from loss if you are open to your postcards from the afterlife.
  • Full Chase Mode

    by John Vanderpoel
    In 2011, John set off to undertake a North American Big Year. His whirlwind adventure took him to the edges of the continent. He sailed the high seas with the Admiral of the Atlantic, the Queen Bee of the Western Sea and a modern-day mystic. He raced ATVs over the stones of St. Lawrence Island with the Czar and up a snow-covered pass on Adak Island in the middle of December with a frontier man. Along the way, he tallied more North American birds in one year than he'd seen in his entire life and ... more
  • Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water

    by Kenton Geer
    Most fisherman don’t really fish just to catch fish. While we might appear to only fill our boats with fish, the reality is fishing fills our hearts with purpose. Many of us don’t conform to land well, or even at all. We often find ourselves more lost on dirt and grass than a parakeet in the middle of the ocean. The rogue nature of men who often live in vast waters without roads and traffic signs makes for a bad fit in a society filled with rules and regulations. Our relationship with the oppos... more
  • God Works in Unexpected Ways

    by Angie Phillips
    God Works in Unexpected Ways is a memoir about how the author went through trials and tribulations with mental health issues, tragedy, and reconnecting with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saved her life and now she wants the world to know her story.
  • Four Months...And A Lifetime

    by Chris Meyer
    “Our seasons lasted only four months, but the memories will last lifetimes.” Four Months...And A Lifetime is the touching true story of a father who coached his son’s basketball team from kindergarten through eighth grade, a remarkable nine-year journey with the same boys. Their final march to the eighth-grade season Championship is interspersed with the author’s own journey of falling in love with basketball in early-seventies New York, filled with anecdotes of Dr. J, sneaking into Duke’... more
  • Joy

    by Joy Clausen Soto

    My book is entitled, "Joy: The story of a dolphin trainer, filmmaker, and cancer survivor." It is about my story of being hit with cancer at 25 years of age. I had been a dolphin trainer and was treated at a Children's Hospital in Los Angeles as an adult. That is where I met kids who were going through cancer. I would tell my roommates about working with the dolphins and their eyes would light up. Then I met Bailey. She was my five-year-old roommate and she stole my heart the mo... more

  • Fail To Win: Because of The Beatles

    by Jeff Parry
    The Beatles. From his first exposure to Please Please Me at the age of nine, to bringing his London West End production of Let It Be: A Tribute to the Beatles to Broadway, their music has shaped Jeff Parry's career and life. And what a life. Producing Flood Aid in support of the devastation caused by Calgary's 2013 flood, flying on Bill Coby's private jet, mounting extravaganzas in Japan, dining with Randy Bachman in London—music and theatrical promotion have taken Jeff around t... more
  • Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia on Bowen Island

    by Derrick King
    Love for a Deaf Rebel is the true story of a tumultuous romance. With pathos and nostalgia, the author recounts his roller-coaster ride with Pearl, a vivacious deaf maverick, who, unknown to him, had paranoid schizophrenia. We follow their encounters through actual notes written before Derrick learns sign language; we go on their motorcycle ride to Mexico and Guatemala; we watch as the happy couple moves to Bowen Island, a British Columbia community with just three paved roads. Pearl and the aut... more
  • Survival Symphony

    by Louis V. Cesarini
    Survival Symphony is one cancer’s patient account of his journey to battle stage 4 lung cancer while using music to help depict his story. Amidst COVID -19, it's a lung cancer survivor story told against the backdrop of Beethoven’s triumphal 9th Symphony! After years of success in oncology sales and marketing, Louis Cesarini is faced with his biggest challenge of all when he is told he has Stage 4 lung cancer. Through his oncology experience, Louis begins his journey as an “informed” patient.... more
  • Red Card: A Bet You Can Win!

    by Tony Kelly
    Former professional soccer star (footballer) Tony Kelly lost it all, but he stands today as someone who is unbreakable! Having lost over £500,000, his house, and eventually, his partner, Tony, refused to be broken and fought back. Through years of pain and suffering, somehow, Tony managed to turn his life around in a positive way, and his journey from disaster to redemption and triumph is nothing short of amazing. Tony has literally been to hell and back, but through family and friend's supp... more
  • Career Menu with Ingredients

    by Darell Tapp
    Career Menu with Ingredients: Secrets from The Job Man is a reference book for those looking to enter the job market. It's designed to help them find the job they love the first time drawing from the details from my varied background to guide them. This is made for not only teens but everyone that's out in the workplace. It may direct you to a job that's more fulfilling.
  • Sunflowers

    by Kirby Peterman
    Sunflowers is a compilation of heart-achingly beautiful stories and poems. We see life as experienced by a young Texan girl as she grapples with growing up, learning to love and trust in the aftermath of rape and assault.
  • Well, Doc, It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time

    by Elayne Wells Harmer
    In 1976, Paul Waymack began chronicling his experience as a third-year medical student, and for the next 20 years, he kept a journal filled with crazy stories of unusual patients, maladies, and international espionage. Some of them, he’s the first to admit, seem unbelievable--like chasing a naked patient around the ER parking lot in the middle of the night . . . or constructing a horse sling for a 700-pound patient . . . or treating a patient who swallowed a cigarette lighter . . . or serving as... more
  • From Pain to Love Our Journey Outside the Rainbow

    by Naomi W Scales and Marilyn J Jordan
    One girl's love for her mother is on full display as she provides care for her mother during an illness. Another girl lives a secret life conflicted with holding on to her faith and the guise of who she was expected to be. Both are born in the 1960s and lived lives filled with confusion, laughter, chaos, and love
  • An Impossible Wife

    by Rachael Siddoway
    Mitch and Sonja’s marriage faces challenges unlike most. Mitch falls in love with Sonja from their first meeting, but despite the passion between them, Sonja’s harrowing struggle with bipolar disorder creates roadblocks to their happily ever after. Written by the couple’s own daughter, An Impossible Wife, is a raw, honest look at everything it takes to love a partner with a mental illness and proves that even friendly fire can draw blood. This true story crafts a compelling and heart-wrenchin... more
  • The Joy of Scholarship: Teaching Law and Writing History

    by David J. Langum

    Retired law professor and legal historian David Langum describes his teaching career and shows in detail the subject selection of his eight scholarly books, and then how they were researched, written, and presented to publishers.  Langum also offers numerous humorous vignettes and anecdotes.  Since he lived in San Francisco for many years, he includes many details of that colorful city during the 1960s, including the Hipppies and their "Summer of Love."  He also discusses many important issue... more