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    by Chuks I Ndukwe
    From manager to the verge of homelessness, and now author, a man who was once a sought after manager in the high tech industry loses everything he owned—his job, franchise he bought with his life-savings, family, and miraculously survived. Now he recounts a journey of successes and failures astounding his readers with the telling of events that brought him down to a few hours from knocking on the doors of the homeless shelter to ask for bed. In this memoir, A Matter Of faith, Chuks I. Ndu... more
  • My Wild and Precious Life: A Memoir of Africa

    by Susie Rheault
    From walking with lions in the bush to dodging bombs in Dar es Salaam, psychologist Susanne Rheault recounts with candor and humility the hard lessons learned during a life working to help impoverished communities in Africa. Starting with work to end the AIDS epidemic Susie travels throughout east and southern Africa finally focusing on a small rural village in Tanzania where she and her husband form an alliance with two Tanzanian educators. They start with nine AIDS orphans and are now educatin... more
  • The Purse Diaries

    by Lisa Wanner
    The Purse Diaries is an inspirational collaboration of real-life experiences of women and their opinions on various topics. You will get to know me (the author), as well as other women who have shared their stories and opinions. You will read about their experiences on how they were brought up, how they felt about themselves then and who they have become now.
  • 978-1-68470-261-9

    by Richard John Albero
    For author Richard John Albero, this story starts with the tragedy of 9/11 when his nephew lost his life in the attack. In Not Just a Walk in the Park, Albero offers a first-person account of his 1,200-mile solo walk from Tampa, Florida, to the Bronx, New York, in honor of his nephew, Gary. In this memoir, Albero, who was sixty-five and retired at the time of his trek, narrates the stories of his three-month odyssey from home plate at Steinbrenner Field, the New York Yankees’ spring training ... more
  • MEDITATION TIME, Know Yourself and the World Around You

    by Laurent Grenier

    Meditation Time is a philosophical essay that centers on the meaning of life and the art of living, and also deals with many different but related topics, like the nature of human knowledge and the fundamental principle of the universe. Readers should regard this book as an opportunity to embark on a thinking adventure, a kind of treasure hunt whose success depends on their willingness to actively participate. The book’s contribution to this adventure consists of salutary insights glean... more

  • Diaries for 2018

    by Tcr Bang
    The ebbs and flows of this alcoholic. It’s all true. A year’s worth of words on my recovery journey, how I see things, and reaccounts of people I bump into. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  • The Man Who Murdered My Mother

    by Tina Ann Healey
    When I was two years old, my mother, Donna Litchfield was brutally murdered by Stephen Moore. My mother had broken up with Stephen—her boyfriend, at the time—only a day prior to being killed. A jury found Stephen guilty of the stabbing murder and the judge sentenced him to life in prison. Moore was sent to the maximum-security Trenton State Prison. Stephen Moore escaped from Trenton State Prison and was on the run for five years. After he turned himself in, he was shipped off to a mental inst... more
  • Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!

    by Paula Baack

    The teacher disparity in pay teeters on the tip of the iceberg. How American culture treats teachers, through entitled parents, social media and lack of support from administrators, is the deplorable underbelly of this glacial mass. 

    Navigating the waters of an adolescent accidentally lighting her hair on fire during my class and having a parent threaten my life, I awoke one spring day, the victim of forced retirement. 

     My memoir comes laced with narratives of success, failure, p... more

  • Beating Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs: A Memoir of Survival in a Male-Dominated World

    by Julia A. Sherman, PhD
    Sherman, a nationally recognized psychologist, shares experiences that women have been keeping secret: sexual assault, #MeToo, depression, sexual pleasure. At last someone who not only writes frankly, but brings science to the personal. Driven from her profession for testifying against a psychiatrist who had sexually abused a patient, she survived, conquering her depression and bipolar disorder. Medicated to near oblivion, she was sustained by her determination to uncover the origin of bipolar d... more
  • From Wolfenbüttel to Curry’s Rest: A Personal and Professional Memoir

    by John M. Carson
    This compelling and remarkable life story of family, love, and courage takes the reader from an idyllic childhood to a courageous escape from Nazi Germany to a professional career in economics and urban planning that spanned continents, cultures, and history.
  • Treasure Hidden: A Journey of Faith in Christ

    by Pedrameh Manoochehri
    This is the story of my acceptance and commitment to Jesus eight years ago and my faith walk since then.
  • Shedding the Wife: a spiritual journey through divorce

    by madison meadows
    shedding the wife is about a spiritual journey through divorce with inner landscapes of floods and fires the storm becomes a catalyst to self-discovery this book is for all women healing from the wounds of betrayal, neglect, and/or abuse and by doing the inner work empowers us to let go of the past and move forward as a warrior

  • No Ordinary Life: Awakenings in the Final Days of Apartheid

    by Mary Ann Byron
    When Mary, who dreams of travel and adventure, meets Patrick, who has dedicated his life to Foreign Service, the two are a perfect match. The couple marry and set off for his assignment to South Africa. The year is 1992. Nelson Mandela is free, his course set to end apartheid. Patrick's post at the U.S. Embassy in Cape Town is to keep the American diplomatic community safe during what will be two years of political turmoil. Instead of her dream of adventure, Mary struggles with the restricti... more
  • 58 Days: A Wilderness Story

    by Marissa Gould

    Experienced child actress Marissa Gould is looking forward to spending the summer before her senior year of high school at UCLA’s musical theater program in hopes of entering the drama school there as a college freshman. Instead, she is jolted awake one morning by strangers who drag her off to a wilderness character development camp for troubled teens. Until now, Marissa thought she shared an open relationship with her parents. At the wilderness camp, Marissa endures exhausting hikes through ... more

  • Tales of Bus and Subway Riders

    by Peter J Miller
    Pay your fare or purchase a ticket, and then get onboard to take a ride with author Peter J Miller, on the numerous public transit venues across the United States. Become astonishingly aware of the odd, bizarre, and humor-filled circumstances that occur regularly while commuting on any kind of bus, subway, or train. Make the sign of the cross, hoping that you will survive to return from the sublime infinity of public transit.