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  • Now that Nursing Orientation is Over

    by Jean McGrath-Brown
    Nursing is a noble profession, and nurses everywhere are special people who give of themselves tirelessly. Nurses experience a stark contrast from school to the floors after having learned the art and science of nursing in the classroom. Author Jean McGrath-Brown is one of those nurses. In Now that Nursing Orientation is Over, she shares a compilation of experiences she gained in her thirty-eight years in the nursing profession working in several institutions in various positions. Filled with a... more
  • A Place LIke This: Finding Myself in a Cape Cod Cottage

    by Sally W Buffington

    When newly engaged Sally Buffington is introduced to Craigville, she meets an expansive Cape Cod cottage that is virtually a family member itself. She quickly finds herself competing for airtime among the talkative, assured band of brothers and her new mother-in-law,the cottage's lively and confounding matriarch.

    Sally,a Cape Cod local, soon wonders how she'll ever maintain her independence, let alone her sense of self, when the day's anenda and every detal is already set in... more

  • Love's Legacy: Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish Girl

    by Daniel Fallon
    Love’s Legacy chronicles the author’s search for hidden meaning in two letters he inherited from his father, addressed to his great-great-grandfather in summer 1817 by the adventurous diplomat and famous founder of modern French literature, François-René de Chateaubriand. The book is a suspenseful detective story, an intimate biography of Chateaubriand, a story of forbidden love fraught with passion and tragedy, a genealogical quest, and a memoir recounting the author’s ancestry leading from his... more
  • Kilo 3

    by Richard W. Foster, Jr.

    True story of a 17-year-old who quit high school to join the Marine Corps. He went to Vietnam eager to save the world from Communism, only to become discourage by a lack of progress in the field and from the exhaustion of continuous ground combat. Upon his return to the USA, he was selected to serve in the most prestigious Marine ceremonial base in the world: Marine Barracks in Washington DC. For those interested in understanding personal combat contrasted with the bright lights and facades o... more

  • Love Has No Limits

    by Armine Papouchian
    Love Has No Limits is a story of an ordinary immigrant girl and her extraordinary life’s journey. Forced at age 16 to leave Armenia and move with her family to America, Arminé left behind a young man she had completely and deeply fallen in love with. Undeterred by deaths, divorces, betrayals and the greatest challenges imaginable, Love Has No Limits culminates with Arminé connecting 30 years later with her true love, with all the magic it would expect to bring, to soon losing him yet again. It i... more
  • Turning a Blind Eye

    by Te' Writes

    What happens when one member of the family decides that the family secret isn’t worth keeping?

    Based on a true story, this riveting tale exposes the shared secrets that many families would rather take to the grave.

    Chantel’s world was turned upside-down when she discovered the abuse of her brother Roy at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, J.R. Outrage and panic left Chantel’s head spinning. How could someone do something so disgusting and violating?

    Even a... more

  • LIST FULL: List Poems of Necessary Orderliness

    by bart plantenga

    LIST FULL heralds a new appreciation for the neglected & belittled list as literature. The book documents many aspects of my life from the personal to the organizational, from the demographic to found lists rescued from waste baskets of people close to me. From the humorous to the throw-away to the tragic.

    The Lists in LLIST FULL are short, framed mini-memoirs, a portal into obsession and the need to make lists in a world that seems to overwhelm us. I call them Household Haikus of ... more

  • 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle: A WWII Pilot's True Story of Faith, Courage, and Survival

    by Donald J. "DJ" Humphrey II

    A Grueling Survival Story About a WWII Hero’s Fight for Freedom

    On January 11, 1945, Major Donald J. Humphrey had his B-29 Superfortress directed at Singapore Island. After navigating the 1900-mile trip from India through dangerous weather, they had just successfully bombed their target. And that’s when Japanese Zeroes shot off the wing and sent the mighty aircraft death-spiraling into the Malayan jungle.

    Jumping to safety, Humphrey and a few of his remaining crewmates... more

  • Chasing Alexander

    by Christopher Martin

    A haunting, fast-paced war memoir, Chasing Alexander is Christopher Martin’s account of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    A failing college student obsessed with Alexander the Great, Martin enlists in the US Marines to become a different sort of man, a man like Alexander. From his difficulty at boot camp to his disappointing deployment to Iraq, Martin fears he may never follow in Alexander’s footsteps.

    Then, after a strategy change, Martin an... more

  • Eat Your Rice Cakes: Discovering Empowerment After a Life-Changing Diagnosis

    by margaret weiss
    Change is hard, especially if a medical diagnosis reshapes a formerly comfortable life. Celiac patient and practicing dietitian, Margaret Weiss, uses personal and professional experiences to create a guide to handle reactions to major upheaval, with the ultimate goal of acceptance and empowerment.
  • Naked Ink

    by Tobias Maxwell
    “Everyone has read about the journey of famous actors. But what about the thousands of actors who struggle to survive the dog-eat-dog actor’s life in New York City and never reach fame and fortune? \t Welcome to the nitty-gritty life of an actor cum art model in all its naked glory; the story of an illegal alien’s journey to America, a sex-addicted bisexual, hell-bent on making something happen for himself in NYC, circa 1980.”
  • Second Parent

    by Lora Liegel
    After her wife gave birth, Lora struggled to find her identity as a new parent and lesbian, non-biological mother. When she learned that the legal system did not fully recognize her parental status as a non-biological parent, she chose to do a “second parent” adoption. Initially, this further spurred feelings of inadequacy. She was not the bio-mom. She was the second parent, the other mother. As Lora’s son grew, she grappled to fit into social and legal landscapes and even her own family. ... more
  • A Groom with a View

    by Sam Ofman
    Approximately 2,130,000 couples got married in the United States in 2018. That’s 2,130,000 speeches in which somebody said, “You don’t realize how much work goes into a night like this.” On November 4th, 2018, Sam Ofman gave one of those speeches. A Groom with a View shares a groom’s story of what it takes to plan a wedding in America. Everything Ofman knows about weddings he learned the hard way, by living it. His tale of navigating the wedding industrial complex comes from a layman’s perspe... more
  • MUSIC IN MY LIFE: Notes From a Longtime Fan

    by Alec Wightman
    About MUSIC IN MY LIFE: Notes From a Longtime Fan Rock & roll first spoke to Alec Wightman as a ten-year-old boy when he heard Dion sing “The Wanderer” on his transistor radio. Over the next sixty years, Wightman would listen to countless records, chase live shows from coast to coast, promote singer-songwriter acts through his own concert production company, and work with leaders in the music industry as a member and chair of the board of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame—all while maintaining his ... more
  • Reflections on Contemporary Life: An Outsider's Perspective

    by Reza Noubary
    It all started around sixty years ago when a young boy witnessed an earthquake that caused detrimental harm to an innocent community. The unfortunate event left a deep impression on him. He couldn't forget that when he would ask about it, he would only be told that they must have done something bad to anger the god. Even though he was still young, he did not find the answer convincing. He then devoted almost all his waking moments to thinking about and making sense of what happened that day. He ... more
  • Under the Viaduct

    by Debra Kaplan Low
    Chicago’s South Side was a far different place in the 1950s and 1960s. First-time author Debra Kaplan Low provides a compelling first-person account of what it was like navigating childhood in one of these South Side neighborhoods alongside a colorful cast of characters. In her upcoming book, Under the Viaduct: Memories of Life in the Manor and Beyond (Book Street Press), Low details the environmental and social challenges she and others who grew up in the Manor faced, as well as chilling stor... more