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  • The Ballet of Swallows

    by Mozhgan Mahmoodian
    Against the backdrop of 1979 post-revolution Iran, seven-year-old Mozhgan Mahmoodian struggles to understand the right and wrong in her world. At home, the kitchen wall is the only thing separating her father’s two lives – one with her maman, and the other with his second wife. In her dogmatic school, disillusionment threatens to take away Mozhgan’s claim to her one superpower: her brain. Determined to create her own path, she decides the best way forward is by doing the opposite of what the ad... more
  • Return to the Catskills Blue Line and Beyond

    by Michael Boyajian
    First a leg injury knocks the author off his hiking pace around the Catskills and then the passing of his wife Jeri throws him into a malaise of inactivity for years but Jeri’s presence returns from the other world across the rainbow bridge and the two lovers find themselves hitting the trails together once again.
  • The Extended War Diary of a German POW

    by Helga McKee
    In this poignant autobiography, a young German girl reflects on her harrowing experiences amidst the ravages of war-torn German during World War II. Navigate the gripping narrative as she grapples with the relentless challenges of fear, hunger, and the desperate quest for survival, painting a vivid portrait of the endless days and nights shaped by the tumultuous backdrop of history.
  • Disposable Teen

    by Brian Pelletier
    Rejected and alienated by those closest to him, a young gay teen embarks on a harrowing journey to find a place where he can truly belong and be accepted. The raw and unfiltered true story of Disposable Teen is a powerful coming of age tale that sheds light on the painful challenges and traumatic experiences that plague so many queer youth. Born into a shattered family, tormented by a zealous mother, this story delves deep into the author's tumultuous journey of seeking love and belonging. De... more
  • In the Face of Catastrophe

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    The Gift of Presence When a stroke leaves Jenn comatose and clinging to life just days before her thirty-first birthday, she and her family face an overwhelming and painful journey. As they struggle to grasp what happened, to move forward and heal, they discover an unexpected gift: how to be present in times of uncertainty while holding onto hope and the power of family and community to sustain them through these challenging times. Structured as diary entries, this poignant memoir shares m... more
  • Toxic Bonds and Betrayals

    by N. Njeri Jones
    Kat and Austin seemed like the perfect couple. The love between them appeared to have blossomed overnight. They had a few bumps in the road blending their families but were able to get past the drama. Believing that they were each other’s soul mate, they decided to get married. Kat had no idea that a storm was brewing in the background. Austin's mask began to slide off his face after each passing season. Thinking that a move would provide an exciting fresh start, they relocated miles away from f... more
  • Better than Cocaine

    by Barry Max Wills
    “You’ve bought what?’ ‘A plantation in Colombia.’ ‘Whatever for, darling? You’re not going to go off and live there, are you?’ ‘No. Well, not now, anyway.’ ‘And what are you going to grow? Cocaine?” And so, what begins as a romance in London, becomes the adventure of a life-time, taking our protagonists far from the leafy streets of Chelsea to Colombia's coffee-growing country. Barry Max Wills is not a fish-out-of-water but instead revels in the challenges of his new home and role on a... more
  • Lord, He Hit Me Again: An Insider's Look at Intimate Partner Violence

    by Smiley Grace
    Do you ever wonder why victims of domestic violence return to their abusive partners? If so, "Lord, He Hit Me Again: An Insider’s Look at Intimate Partner Violence" is a must-read masterpiece. Written by Smiley Grace, this comprehensive literary work combines raw testimony, scholarly research, and statistical data to advocate for action and raise awareness about the urgent issue of IPV. The cover art silhouette encapsulates the book's contents in a single image, effectively capturing its essence... more
  • Polio

    by Robert W. Janek
    Robert W. Janek grew up, with his mother, father, and older brother in the farm and ranch country of west Texas. It was a “normal” childhood… until the late summer of 1952 when he had just turned eleven years old and was stricken with polio. Polio: A Personal Spiritual Journey tells the continuing story of the effects of polio on a human being: what it means to go through the initial stages of hospitalization and then the life-long physical, social, and spiritual aftermath of living with partial... more
  • She Took a Turn

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Finding your true path isn’t easy. Sometimes, you’ve got to take a sharp turn. Early in her life, Kristi’s path was set. She traveled on the straight and narrow as an unquestioning Christian and dutiful daughter. This prescribed route, through her debutante ball and into medical school, set her up for success—and settled her into a life that never felt like her own. In her memoir She Took a Turn, Kristi Smith gives fresh insight into the challenging work of self-reflection and blaz... more
  • Immersion: A Linguist's Memoir

    by Linda Murphy Marshall
    Fans of the self-discovering journeys in Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Andrew McCarthy’s The Longest Way Home will love diving into linguist Linda Murphy Marshall’s adventure-filled international journey as she overcomes her past to find her place in the world—all over the world. Immersion is a memoir that takes the reader on a captivating emotional and physical journey through Linda Murphy Marshall’s life: from the longstanding, crippling impact of family members’ low expectations and abuse, to ... more
  • The Father Sings Over Me

    by Richard Mull
    THE FATHER SINGS OVER ME The Father Sings Over Me is the gripping story about how Nathanael, died in his father's arms, spent 40 minutes with Jesus, and rose from the dead. It is the story of the faith-filled prayers of his parents, Richard, and Dawn, along with the challenging and inspiring journey of his recovery from the devastation caused upon by medicine. The prayers, encouragement, and care from friends all around the world helped sustain this family. Day and Night the family and all... more
  • Two Years to Serve

    by Thomas Elliott
    The book is about my two years in the US Marine Corps. My life before, how I was drafted, boot camp, combat training, and tour in Vietnam as a radio operator in a grunt platoon. Includes accounts of combat, and loss of fellow Marines. And live after returning from the war.
  • A Quest to Discover the Essence of Faith

    by Evangelia VanPatten
    “In ‘The Quest to find the essence of faith,’ a gripping memoir, the author courageously unveils the tumultuous journey of her life, navigating through the darkest storms to ultimately find solace and redemption. Struggling with a husband ensnared by addiction and infidelity, she grapples with the heart-wrenching pain of infertility and contemplates the unthinkable. Amidst the shadows, a glimmer of light emerges as she discovers unexpected allies who provide unwavering support. Nature becomes... more
  • Don't Walk Away

    by Marilyn Raichle

    Don’t Walk Away, a Care Partner’s Journey, is the story of Mom and me, navigating a life with late-stage dementia.  Filled with hope, joy and lessons learned — told as Mom lived, in moments, quickly forgotten but filled with laughter and discovery.  And me, joining her, as a partner, building the best possible life for both of us.

    I grew up in the shadow of Alzheimer’s. Nearly everyone in Dad’s family and many in Mom’s developed the dis... more

  • Confessions of a Chaos Whisperer: My Life as an Organizing Guru, Business Owner, and Mom

    by Sonya Weisshappel
    In her debut memoir, Confessions of a Chaos Whisperer, New York City’s premier clutter-clearing connoisseur, Sonya Weisshappel, shares whimsical stories and hard-learned life lessons from three decades of moving homes, managing a business, and muddling through mistakes—all while trying to maintain her sanity. Embracing vulnerability, she bravely and candidly opens up about her early challenges, such as losing her father at a tender age and discovering her dyslexia, profoundly shaping her perspec... more