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  • Finding Mother: A Journey of Loss and Love

    by Grace LaJoy Henderson
    BASED ON A TRUE STORY Two-year-old Grace, and her five siblings, were abandoned by their mother Geneva, who ran away and left them with their father, Jerome, never to return. When Grace turned 18, having a baby girl of her own inspired her to begin an emotional journey to locate her mother. Finding Mother: A Journey of Loss and Love is Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson's recollection of searching for, finding and reuniting with her mother after 49 years. Grace LaJoy has combined her Finding Mother Ser... more

    by Anna Penenberg
    Dancing in the Narrows chronicles a mother and daughter’s multiyear journey through illness and trauma. At sixteen, Anna’s youngest daughter, Dana, is stricken with a mysterious and debilitating condition, eventually diagnosed as Lyme disease. Desperate to find a cure, the two women are thrust into the established medical world, then far beyond. Full of adventure, humor, and blind faith, Dancing in the Narrows is an inspiring story of self-discovery as a single mother fights to save the life of ... more
  • Aussie, Actually

    by Lois Nicholls
    Lois Nicholls is pregnant and heartbroken when she leaves her country of birth, South Africa in 1997 to begin a new life in Australia with her husband and toddler. Through a series of anecdotes, she provides a snapshot of her emigration journey with candid, humorous and touching accounts of her new life on foreign soil. Battling through endless Brisbane summers, she tells of her struggles to make friends, coming to terms with leaving her family behind and understanding the quirks of living in... more
  • Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home

    by Susan Pohlman
    The true story of a California couple on the brink of separation who unexpectedly find love again on the Italian Riviera. Tired, empty, and disillusioned with married life, Susan Pohlman was ready to call it quits. As soon as she and her husband, Tim, wrap up a business trip in Italy, she planned to break the news that she wanted to end their eighteen-year marriage. During their last day as they walked along the Italian Riviera, Tim fantasizes aloud that, perhaps, they could live there. Susa... more
  • A Time To Seek: Meaning, Purpose, and Spirituality at Midlife

    by Susan Pohlman
    With wisdom, reverence, and grace, Susan Pohlman delivers a lyrical meditation on midlife and motherhood while traveling the cobblestoned streets of Florence, Genoa, and Rome. A Time to Seek is a must for those navigating the empty nest or a period of personal transition. As the journey through Italy unfolds, Pohlman shares how travel moments can be used as opportunities for contemplation and spiritual growth. Various settings stir feelings and issues that speak to the concerns and hidden fears ... more
  • Silver Linings

    by Richard Squires
    Joachim “Joe” Nitz, born December 31, 1937, in Berlin, Germany, lived his early life amid the chaos of World War II. Forced to flee Berlin as British bombs fell, Joe found refuge in Poland and Northern Germany with his sister and mother while his father languished in a Russian camp. Through run-ins with Russian soldiers and war-related difficulties such as hunger and trauma, Joe and his family persevered. Joe later became an engineer, fell in love with Helen and emigrated to the United States, w... more
  • Answers Inside Out

    by Blanche Haddow
    Answers Inside Out is the story of finding out, aged 51, that the author has Aspergers. It follows on from her first book, Living Diagnosis in the journey of exploring just how our heads process things and how we fit in or not with Society. The book looks at and describes how the world is experienced through the eyes of this particular adult female and how this might be different, not only from the currently normal, typical ideas and views of Aspergers but also from the rest of Society in genera... more
  • My Impossible Life

    by Charlene Jones M.Ed/M.A.
    Spontaneous, impossible miracles like meeting Madam Pandit, Neru's sister, who guided me through India conflict with extraordinary dangers like being held hostage for 3 days by two armed criminals. While others in his group of followers wanted Enlightenment, I wanted to go home. Life continued to be impossible delivering both dark adventures from the slums of Sydney Australia to the Swiss Alps and healing from the golden beaches of California Baha to Norway's rugged coast. Through it all... more
  • Arcade Life - Life versus Video Games

    by J.W. Tapper
    From Space Invaders in a village pub to the final chapter of this book, this is a true story of life and death, winning and losing, extreme heroism and tragic failure. There are also a heck of a lot of video games. John Tapper was born in 1963, sixteen years before he first played Space Invaders, forty-seven years before he started the mobile gaming blog Arcadelife. Now he describes that life, from the dawn of the golden age of video game arcades to the current era of disposable mobile games;... more
  • The Bond - Second Edition

    by A.M. Grotticelli
    “The Bond” is a powerful memoir that chronicles the strength of the relationships formed among a collection of unrelated siblings who forged a remarkable, separate, and permanent family within a foster home.
  • The Knowing

    by Nita Lapinski
    The Knowing: Awake in the Dark is the true story of a young woman's journey as she struggles to find her own self-worth, dignity, and love amidst a violent predator, secrets, deception and lies.
  • Craving London: Confessions of an Incurable Romantic with an Insatiable Appetite

    by Jessica Stone
    “Read Jessica Stone’s evocative memoir and prepare to be dazzled. When I grow up, I want to write like Jessica!” –Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of The Big Leap Still single five years after a broken engagement, 29-year-old food lover Jessica Stone decides to leave New York City for a fresh start in London, hoping the change in scenery would finally usher in a new relationship. In this all-consuming memoir, she indulges in one culinary adventure after another while u... more
  • Allegiance

    by Darien Hsu Gee
    What does it mean to be Chinese American? How are we reflected in the people we love, and us in them? What obligation do we have to those who share our blood, and how does a woman claim her life as her own? In vivid and evocative flashes of prose, Darien Hsu Gee dissects her beliefs and navigates the complexity of family dynamics in search of her identity.
  • The Crocodiles Will Arrive Later

    by Kathy McCoy
    Growing up in mid-century suburban Los Angeles, Kathy's great fear was that she would end up as a San Fernando Valley housewife. Her second greatest fear was nuclear annihilation. And there was another fear that grew over the years: that her mentally ill, alcoholic father would kill her. This memoir by award-winning journalist-author-psychotherapist Kathy McCoy explores the impact of living with mentally ill, abusive, intermittently loving parents and the people who intervened -- including nun... more
  • A Way Forward: My Years In The Marine Corps

    by Christian Dattwyler
    Can a teenage boy struggling with school, family, and drugs turn his life around to become successful? Not without the help of a nearly two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old American institution called the United States Marine Corps. A Way Forward: My Years in the Marine Corps reveals how a Marine recruiter used every old trick in the book to compel young Christian Dattwyler to sign his life away for government service. The memoir delves into his mindset as he experiences legendary Marine Corps boot ca... more
  • Sub: Inside the Notorious School District of Philadelphia

    by Clayvon C. Harris
    Ex-sitcom writer turned substitute teacher discovers the devastating truth behind why Philly’s public schools keep failing. At times humorous, often heartbreaking—Sub exposes the link between education underfinancing and the impact students with unmanaged emotional and behavioral disabilities are having in classrooms across the US.