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  • PURPOSEFUL EDUCATION: My Bet Against Poverty

    by Ebrima Sawaneh
    Purposeful Education is an inspirational story of a village boy who grew from grass to grace through the power of education, mentoring and self-development. The author, a small village boy flourished from managing a donkey cart operation to becoming a Group COO & CFO of three seaports with over a billion dollars of assets.
  • Bus Love: Stories of Life and Adventure with the VW Bus

    by Tom Brouillette
    The VW Bus in popular culture often shows drivers and passengers as carefree hippies. Though there’s an element of historical truth to the stereotype, it misses the richer and deeper story of VW Busing. Bus Love reveals the VW Bus owner as resilient, creative, resourceful, mechanically-vigilant, patient, and philosophical—and with a vehicle like this, you’ve got to have a sense of humor! In the first section of this book, Microbus Memories, several authors recount childhood or first experienc... more
  • Wheelchair Bound?

    by James LaBelle
    For over fifty years I have pushed my chair through a society that doesn't make it easy for wheelchair users. On September 2, 1969, at the age of 18, I dove into lake Independence - and my definition of independence changed. I'm not "wheelchair bound." I'm not "confined to a wheelchair." My chair gives me freedom, and my book questions the absurdity of the term wheelchair bound. As a C 5/6 quadriplegic, I earned a BA & JD from the U of Minnesota, passed the bar, married the love of my life, and... more
  • The Brass Age

    by Gary Fadley
    This is the story of an Appalachian boy becoming a man during the Nixon era and during the final years of Vietnam, when young Americans demonstrated against the war, African Americans demonstrated for civil rights, and women demonstrated for equal treatment. The story is biographical and very personal in nature, but the narrative intends also to paint the milieu and general history of those very interesting, very momentous years in the American experience. It includes an auspicious beginning to ... more
  • How Hard Can It Be

    by Ian Jenkins
    So how exactly would you cook a bat? And what did Jesus get up to between being born in a stable in a hail of publicity, up until he appeared again at about 33 complete with a beard and an NVQ in carpentry? Questions like this are what happens when a middle-aged, overweight bloke has a mid-life crisis, buys a bike and decides to cycle, unsupported and with minimal training from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Whilst the actual journey itself is covered in the book in a self-deprecating humorous sty... more
  • Gas Meter Knees

    by Francis Fox
    “It wasn’t until I was 13 that I realised pressing 50 pence pieces into Plasticine sheets and filling the impressions with water, freezing overnight and quickly using the ice coins in the electric meter slots wasn’t normal behaviour.” From raiding the bins of London fashion labels, to being asked to bury dead bodies in a flyover, being beaten unconscious twice in one day, to regularly driving my inebriated maths teacher back to school for a fee, finding my boss dead in a mysterious suicide and d... more
  • Broken Object

    by Chérissa Iradukunda
    The contents of this book are dear to me. They represent a part of my life that I have had to live and deal with. We are a broken object. We are all broken in different ways. Some of us in a small piece, some in a big piece, and some in several pieces all over. As the author of this book, I was looking for those pieces I had lost, trying to puzzle over where they belonged and where they should be. It felt like I was picking up pieces of broken glass: it cut me every time I picked up one of the p... more
  • Fright Night Festivities: Your Ultimate Halloween Guide

    by leila ghodratabadi
    "Fright Night Festivities: Your Ultimate Halloween Guide" will take you on a captivating tour through the magical world of Halloween. Discover the rich fabric of customs, from early Celtic origins to contemporary world festivities. Explore the craft of making spooky décor, horrifyingly delicious sweets, and arranging a party that will captivate your visitors. Discover the various ways that people celebrate Halloween throughout the world and get understanding of the various cultural expressions ... more
  • Dancing Into the Light: An Arab American Girlhood in the Middle East

    by Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki
    Set against the backdrop of the early American presence in Iran under the Shah, and the burgeoning years of Kuwait’s early oil boom, “Dancing into the Light” is Kathryn’s memoir of growing up within both the expatriate Western communities and the larger Middle Eastern society of Kuwait and Jerusalem. She is already caught in both the joys of and the struggle to be both Arab and American, yet not fully either, when her young life of promise is disrupted by tragedy. But instead of derailing her li... more
  • Unquiet Spirits: Essays by Asian Women in Horror

    by Angela Yuriko Smith and Lee Murray
    From hungry ghosts, vampiric babies, and shapeshifting fox spirits to the avenging White Lady of urban legend, for generations, Asian women’s roles have been shaped and defined through myth and story. In Unquiet Spirits, Asian writers of horror reflect on the impact of superstition, spirits, and the supernatural in this unique collection of 21 personal essays exploring themes of otherness, identity, expectation, duty, and loss, and leading, ultimately, to understanding and empowerment.
  • Speak for Me, Mom: A Murder, a Trial, and a Mother's Enduring Love

    by Christine Wolf
    SPEAK FOR ME, MOM is Christine Wolf's raw and unfiltered firsthand account of the heart-wrenching journey that began on the night of her son's murder. The narrative delves into the painstaking homicide investigation, the arrest of the murder suspect, the grueling trial, and the aftermath of a crime that left an indelible mark on the many lives it touched. Unveiling the steep toll exacted by youth violence in America and the intricate and often perplexing maze of the U.S. court system, SPEAK ... more
  • SICKO The Stubborn Child of God

    by Kwame King
    IN ALL MY YEARS IN POVERTY, I HAD ONE GOAL : To make it out, by any means necessary. With many illegal involvements in the streets and high school no longer an option, I was certain that my life would result in struggle. Sure enough, it did: Homeless, wounded, neglected, and investigated. I mean, I got dragged through the bottom before I felt comfortable enough to mentor these students. In this 320 page autobiography, SICKO THE STUBBORN CHILD OF GOD, I discuss relationships and de... more
  • Rising: From a Mud Hut to the Boardroom -- And Back Again

    by Graci Harkema
    In this astonishing memoir, diversity, equity & inclusion expert Graci Harkema traces her path to finding her place in the world. Growing up as a queer woman and an adoptee from the Congo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Harkema was different from those around her. Eventually, she learned to see her identity as her superpower, instead of her shame.
  • DEAR MICHAEL: A Memoir

    by Adam Lieber
    In a series of colorful recollections, Adam Lieber describes an unusual journey through life and love. The insightful narrative examines his intrepid determination in pursuing careers as an artist, chef, and entrepreneur, traveling around the US and to faraway countries. The allegorical prose is alive with humor and energy, highlighting a very human tale lying underneath.

    by Rejoice Kur

    This is a story inspired by a childhood journey from Raga to Wau towns in South Sudan in 1987. This is a story that depicted what was sought after before I was born. In a journey of a civil demand of a just cause I came along and join the march. Within the story is a reflective memoir of about the power of a good cause and a family who believed in the triumph of the people. In reading the book, the reader could discover that what sojourned in our labour are the good that we assembled fro... more

  • Surviving Creative Evolution: Future-Proof Your Creative Career, Overcome Automation Anxiety, and Thrive in the Era of Artificia

    by Shannon Hayner
    In our era of artificial intelligence, where automation transforms how we work and create, my new book Surviving Creative Evolution is your guide to thriving amidst disruption. I take you on a journey through the AI revolution, shedding light on what makes us distinctly human. While machines mimic language, we possess deep critical thinking, imagination, and emotional intelligence. Your perspectives and creativity remain invaluable. Surviving Creative Evolution provides practical self-care strat... more