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  • Confessions of a Bar Brat

    by Judith Boggess
    Narrated by a young girl growing up in the coarsest, most hell-raising bar on Main Street, Rosendale, NY in the early 50s, Confessions of a Bar Brat, is an unforgettable memoir of a girl’s day-to-day living with the effects of overt and covert abuse, sexual abuse, and parental neglect. The story is told in a six to 12 year old colloquial dialect unflinchingly and honestly; it’s about the capacity of the human spirit to endure, to bloom, and to see humor in chaos. The Rosendale Theatre is whe... more
  • Kensington

    by Robert Haydon
    Kensington is a carefully constructed montage of colorful anecdotes based on life in the 40's and 50's in the atmosphere of a Maryland suburb of Washington D.C.. However, the book begins in 1957 when the author, after a painful move from Kensington, meets Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs at his new school, and they become a rock sensation in Dallas, Texas. This is the true story of friendship, love, and life in a small town.
  • Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood

    by Becky Graham
    Author and blogger, Becky Graham shares her unexpected journey to motherhood. Written in a warm and engaging voice, Becky takes the reader through a world of shattered dreams, hope and optimism. She questions God's plan at every turn as He asks her to take unimaginable leaps of faith. Not only will you be surprised by the ending but you will see how God remained faithful to her on her journey.
  • Travels with Vamper: A Graybeard's Journey

    by George Critchlow
    In the course of a two-month solo road trip during the 2016 election, Critchlow reflects on race, politics, religion and retirement. He weaves together legal tales, personal anecdotes, people, places, and past experiences to explore the competing narratives that divide America today. He also offers perspective on what retirement means for a generation of baby boomers.
  • Tattoo---Journeys on My Mind

    by Tina Marie L. Lamb

    These 21 chapters share an eclectic mix of genres and places that contributed to my continuing self-discovery. Included is a canoe trip in South Carolina to set the fun tone of tree house to right; retracing how I lost my cultural empathy in Northern India; an unexpected lesson in team dynamics and self-empowerment while dog sledding in Minnesota, notes on wives being put out to pasture in the Utah desert; Eastern Europe’s sideways look into gulags; and a pair of caving trips that alter... more

  • Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday

    by Edward C. Larson

    Set in the sweeping landscape of Montana, on the majestic, often perilous waters of Alaska, along the coastal lands and waterways of California, and in the skies over China and the Far East, Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday tells the stories of people Ed Larson has lived with and loved.

    Ed Larson paints pictures with his words and tells stories with his drawings. In Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday, he takes you on a series of amazing adventures; and in du... more

  • One More Moon

    by Ralph Webster

    Elsa's comfortable life in Mussolini's Fascist Italy changes remarkably in 1934 when she and her husband purchase the Pensione Alexandra overlooking the Mediterranean in Naples. Travelers from throughout the world come to their door, each with their own story, mystery, or surprise. Nearly all have been touched by the ominous changes occurring to the north, in Nazi-controlled Germany. When war breaks out, her fears are quickly realized as they attempt a desperate journey to safety in A... more

  • Harlem Bible-In The Beginning

    by Grant Harper Reid
    The Authorship of Harlem Bible We shadow the author as he sponges all things black Americana. We root for him as the Harlem nightlife grabs molds, swallows and kicks him in his ass while forcing him into young adulthood. Young Grant integrates two school systems. The author becomes one of the first black kids bussed from Harlem to a predominantly white public school. Grant then desegregates a second time becoming part of Teaneck’s racially mixed 6th grade school e... more
  • Harlem Bible-In The Beginning

    by Grant Harper Reid
    Harlem Bible is a delightfully amazing and exceedingly enjoyable book. Grant reminiscences his early years as an innocent young black child growing up in Harlem and the suburbs of New. We weave through the author’s past with flashbacks and timelines which are assembled and chock full of fascinating bygone circumstances of yesteryear.
  • The Migraine Book

    by Lea Carmichael
    The Migraine Book, A Memoir in Pictures, is a book of drawings that artist Lea Carmichael has drawn over the past twenty years while in the throes of migraine. They are accompanied by writings that expand on the artwork. Varying in style and covering many different aspects of migraine, the drawings are horrifying, poignant, gruesome, emotional, and sometimes funny. They were drawn spontaneously through, in reaction to, and in revenge against her pain.
  • Flannery O'Connor and Me

    by James Mcleod

    Outside of Milledgeville, Georgia, was the Cline-O'Connor farm, Andalusia. Seated on the veranda in a rocking chair overlooking the sloping hills was a badly crippled woman. She had a difficult hand to play. Her name is Flannery O'Connor, and she always did her own thing. The truth is, Flannery was a complex and mysterious female writer who had a deep desire for mystery and privacy of self. I am writing how I knew her and how I saw her and what she meant to me as a writer, thinker and believe... more


    by Julio Dam
    In my book, HOW TO BECOME GOD´S FRIEND I teach how to communicate with God, way beyond the usual "prayer": to talk to Him, or to Yeshua ("Jesus") and have Him talk back to me, and to tell me jokes (I relate two repeated jokes in my book. How to be guided in EVERYTHING YOU DO by Him, and not by our mind. That is one of the most efficient keys to live a successful life. The book I wish to be an e-book and a paperback, and be submitted everywhere.
  • Private Lucky

    A teen’s dream of flying is put on hold when forced into hiding in Nazi-Occupied Holland. He later pins his hopes on the American Army, but with pilot training shut down, will he ever reach his goal? Undaunted, Private Hank evolves into a popular soldier, arriving in America broke but determined to pursue his lofty goals in a manner only this very lucky Dutch-American would even think of trying, flying by the seat of his pants to the highest levels of aviation.
  • Born Fanatic

    by Michael McCormack
    The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat doesn’t begin to describe the life of someone born a sports fanatic. For born fanatic Michael McCormack, the outcome of 600 pro football games dictated his life. Only when his father’s 50-year NFL Hall-of-Fame career ended did the grip of his own football fanaticism become clear. Few have learned from football what McCormack has. What he finally uncovers, almost too late, is the reason for his dad’s deep commitment to the game. This book start... more
  • Wartime Vignettes: A Boyhood Memoir of World War II and of Its Aftermath

    by T. A. Dolotta
    This is the story of a young boy and of his parents caught up in World War II and in the Holocaust. It describes the events that impressed themselves upon the boy's memory, as remembered by him as much as 75 years later. It recounts stories of life in the Polish ghettos, and of hiding from the Nazis and their collaborators. It describes the horrors he has witnessed, the narrow escapes he has had trying to save himself from being sent to the extermination gas chambers, and his life on the run. Fi... more