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  • After the Darkness

    by Rev. Candace Nadine Breen
    A woman describes her life of abuse and how she was able to overcome the negativity and thrive.
  • MelbaSterz

    by MelbaSterz MelbaSterz
    Dr. Melba Stetz Offers Bio Neurofeedback Therapy in Kailua, Hawaii. Part of her tools are cognitive-behavioral counseling for stress, anxiety, ADHD, pain, headaches, high blood pressure and depression.
  • Iron or Steel: A Memoir on Living Dreams

    by Linda M. Best
    Marek Maria Pienkowski was born in Łódź, Poland, on Sept. 8, 1945, with a hereditary title of nobility in the country enduring the tribulations of World War II longer than any other in Europe. Pienkowski’s rebellion against Poland’s loss of independence after the war began at age five or six, when he became a founding member, with two friends, of the modestly-named “Organization to Liberate Poland.” The trio recognized that liberation required secret identities—so the author was Snake and his... more
  • Finding Karen Black

    by Diane Bay
  • Forever Herself: A Son's Memoir of a Remarkable Woman

    by Kerry L Stevens

    A strong woman embraces life on her own terms.

    Berthella Stevens is shaped by childhood adversity in an impoverished, fatherless home during the Great Depression. As an unconventional adult ahead of her time, she’s inspired by natural living, flower gardening, writing and raising her family. But when she dares to be herself in her rural Indiana community, she endures ostracism and loneliness, finding solace in her faith.

    Berthella’s story is expressed ... more

  • Boy 2 Man: A WAHA STORY

    by James Welcome
    The book is about the different things, young Scoota went through growing up. The hard times his family endured, and how he tried to better the situation. He thought the streets was the answer until he ended up behind bars, in those prison blues.
  • LOVE IS ALWAYS THE LESSON: My Stories From the Edge

    by Sherry Smith R.N.N.P.
    This is a collection of stories involving love, loss and life lessons. It deals with death and communication from across the veil. The spiritual messages are profound and the living examples of inspiration, courage and the many ways love weaves it's way throughout the author's life are deeply moving. Readers are raving about this book!
  • Pass The Torch: How A Young Black Father Challenges The Deadbeat Dad Stereotype

    by Jamiyl Samuels
    ​The touching literary debut memoir from Jamiyl Samuels about a young father determined to break the cycle of absentee fatherhood experienced during his childhood. When his father walks out of his life as a young boy, Jamiyl grows increasingly angry and resentful. Samuels finds refuge in the power of Hip Hop music channeling his angst into the art of rhyme. The birth of his child adds new purpose to Jamiyl's life and "Pass The Torch..." is his story of reflection, heartbreak, forgiveness and d... more
  • Fifty Years of Begging

    by J. Calvitt Clarke III, PhD
    A consummate and innovative entrepreneur and fundraiser, by the 1950s Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke was running the world?s largest Protestant organization dedicated to the welfare of children. Yet while Dr. Clarke?s life and accomplishments make him one of the twentieth century?s foremost and beloved figures in philanthropy, his legacy is sometimes recorded with confusion, contradiction, and even outright error. In Fifty Years of Begging, Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke III, author and grandson to Dr. Clarke,... more
  • Coming About: Life In the Balance

    by Mario Dell'Olio
    A mid-life crisis, a sailing adventure, and a rescue at sea, Coming About tells a story of survival and inner-strength through a foundational loving relationship. Coming About is a memoir of Mario and Jim who, at 40, quit their jobs and sell their home in San Francisco to follow their dream. They buy a 50-foot sailboat and move to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where they discover many quirky facets of adjusting to life on the island as well as its many cultural idiosyncrasies. During the maiden voy... more
  • Buttons in my soup: Holocaust survivor story (True WW2 Surviving Memoir)

    by Moshe Ziv

    "Buttons in my soup" is the story of a boy, Moshe-Yankel Zisovitch, who survived the Holocaust.

    This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating testimonies of that dark period, thanks to the author's ability not only to recount what he endured, but also to reflect on his feelings back then, in the camps. Existential difficulties preceded the deportation of Hungarian Jewry, yet nothing could have been worse than the extermination camps.... more

  • Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins

    by Jewel Hart
    How Does a Child's Life Change When His Mother Tries to Murder Him? It's one of the most profound betrayals imaginable, and it can follow the victim into adulthood, into all he does with his life, tainting his sense of self and his relationships with others. How does a man's life change when he discovers that with his thoughts, his imagination, and his ability to listen to his higher self, he has the power to overcome the devastating events of his past and build a new life and a family? This ... more
  • Booklife Prize

    by Florence Grende

    The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir, is an unflinching account of what it means to be the daughter of Holocaust survivors. In short chapters and with lyrical prose the reader is brought back into a post-war New York world, into a house sheltering secrets, and then further back into the Polish forests where partisans and families coexited, and where her parents survived. 



  • This Side of Heaven: A Memoir

    Just a few days before Christmas 2009, Valerie Staggs received a call that would change her life forever. Her husband, Ken Staggs, had been found unconscious at the bottom of their pool. Four days later he would be declared dead leaving her a widow at 42 and her son, Ryan, fatherless at the age of seven. This Side of Heaven chronicles the lives of Valerie and Ryan as they struggle to survive the aftermath of Ken's death in a world that neither they nor anyone around them really knows how to n... more
  • Travels in India

    by Awais Hussain
    After graduating from Harvard University in 2015 where I studied philosophy and physics, I travelled around India for the best part of 15 months. I went with only a backpack and an open mind aimed towards experience and discovery. This book is a collection of essays produced from those travels. Along the way, I got to live on a train for 15 days and travel over 8,000km by rail. I lived in Bihar, one of India's poorest states, where I got to see the birth of a new rural university, and I comp... more
  • Guardianship a Daughter's Journal

    by Pamela Turner

        Our experience could happen to your parent, grandparent or neighbor. Strangers asked to share my nonfiction narrative with their patients and clients. Dad revoked his Power of Attorney, and started to misbehave. We tried to keep him out of jail, protect his small savings while his humor kept us guessing. Inexperienced counsel and missed deadlines added more surprises through the judicial proceedings.