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  • It's a Matter of Trust

    by James Callner
    This is more than a memoir of my life living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It is more than my challenges and struggles with OCD. It is a book of hope, strategies, processes, tools, and solutions that I learned over several decades--all of which gave me my life back. I use them to this day and share them with you now. Living with OCD does not mean you cannot have a productive happy life. You can! For all of the courageous souls who take on OCD every day as I do: This book is for you. ... more
  • Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic: How Dying Saved My Life

    by Lawrence Furman
    Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic is the fascinating story of a midwestern boy who began having out of body journeys when he was 9 years old. But the freedom and joy those flights provided faded when he began sinking into a quagmire of mental illness. After he was tossed into the antiseptic world of drugs, electroshock, and enforced isolation that was the 1960’s mental health care system, his condition only worsened. Trapped as he was between wildfires raging in his head and a narrow-minded versio... more

    by Barbra Lynn Reifel
    The Body Snatcher accused. My husband still. What would become of his free will? Would he try to run? Would he stay and fight? I had to keep him in near sight. To prove his innocence he was free. In time we would see. He put me in harm's way. Without a care. A pawn I would stay. In my nightmare. As he became unraveled. More dangerous became my road traveled. Soon enough, time would tell. My release from Hell. The monster exposed. And put away. Oh what a twisted game of lies he... more
  • Chicago: A Journey Through Life

    by Sonya Thompson
    Chicago: A Journey Through Life is an entertaining collection of short stories based on true life events. Readers will be inspired and encouraged to exercise their faith in God, and will find various situations which have some relevance to their own personal lives as well. The story begins with a four-year-old little girl from a military family, and is centered around her experiences playing with her friends. Readers will travel with the main character through stages of life and experience the l... more
  • Backbone: The Life and Game-Changing Career of a Spinal Neurosurgeon

    by Volker K. H. Sonntag
    On a beautiful spring morning in 1989, neurosurgeon and spine expert Volker Sonntag was finishing his rounds. At that moment sixteen miles away, a boy veered his bike into the path of a speeding pickup truck. The impact all but killed the boy, leaving him with severe internal injuries, a massive blood clot near the brain stem, and—but for the fragile spinal cord—a complete separation of the skull from the spine. This is the riveting story of how Dr. Sonntag's pioneering innovation that day laun... more
  • Breaking Little Bones: Triumph and Trauma, the First Cures of Childhood Leukemia

    by G Bennett Humphrey
    In this profound, complex story, G. Bennett Humphrey, MD, PhD, chronicles his year on 2 East, a pediatric leukemia floor. Doctors are fighting a presumedmortality rate of 100 percent, but the cost of finding a cure weighs heavily on their hearts. The cure rate for the children of 2 East in 1964 will turn out to be 15 percent. With almost no training in pediatrics and no experience with chemotherapy, the author confronts an entirely different world. From the beginning he is amazed by the stren... more

    by Barbra Lynn Reifel
    The Body Snatcher before his time. On the path to his notorious crime. My life with the man behind the monster. My battle against the monster within the man. All my good intentions could not stop his road he paved to Hell. He dragged me down that road every time he fell. Destruction at every turn. When you get so badly burned, you can't help but learn. But why did I stay when I wanted to leave? Not even I could conceive. I so wished he would make it back. Love can mess a girl up.. ... more
  • Regroup: the How-To of Never Giving Up

    by Jaunique Sealey
    Real, relatable and raw - an unflinching look at what it takes to live life on your own terms. Written in the words of a savvy best friend and packed full of emotion-stirring moments, Regroup is the entertaining and uplifting read that we all need in these days of uncertainty. Serial entrepreneur and lifestyle architect Jaunique Sealey gives the tools required to move past the pain, despair and confidence-attacking side-effects of setbacks and obstacles with the intention to motivate and i... more
  • Rough Draft Confessions

    by M. Jane Colette
    A non-fiction collection of inside insights about writing dirty, the power of words, taboo language, the freedoms and limitations of genres, fulfilling your creative drive, and the business of writing, this behind-the-scenes companion piece to the author’s erotica and romance novels takes readers inside the process of writing and selling flirty-dirty stories. Part coming out story, part creative manifesto, all subversive, RDC connects readers to creative resources in off-the-wall ways, exami... more
  • Faithful And Devoted: Confessions Of A Music Addict

    by Jenna Rose Robbins
    Both an ode to the joy of music and a cautionary tale of obsession, Jenna Rose Robbins’ coming-of-age adventure offers a glimpse into a subculture where unchecked fanaticism can lead to both euphoric and devastating consequences. As a love letter to fellow music addicts, the memoir of her time following Depeche Mode on the 1993 Devotional tour brings readers face to face with the artists she idolized, while speaking directly to the heart of every music fan.
  • Grimmy's Girl

    by Tina Truax

    What does a too-mature-for-her-age girl do when she meets and befriends a laid-back, sweet talking younger boy? She falls in love, of course.
    In the charming short essay, "Grimmy's Girl," author Tina Truax offers a glimpse into her budding romance with Grimmy, who captures her heart during her nineteenth summer.

  • Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down

    by Tina Truax

    Tina Truax is a free-spirited, sassy, independent woman who battles convention at every turn. In Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she shares a thoughtful expose of her many attempts at fitting in and behaving according to society's unattainable standards. After a mental breakdown at age thirty-four, Tina took a closer look at where life had taken her and has chosen to move forward on her own terms. With Girl on the Right: Memoir of a Life Upside Down, she throws expectatio... more

  • Where Children Run

    by Karen Emilson
    Twins David and Dennis Pischke’s lives change forever when heir father dies, and a Polish immigrant damaged by the war arrives at their farm near the isolated town of Moosehorn, Manitoba. Boleslaw Domko quickly works his way into their lives and their mother’s bed. Where Children Run opens with one of their earliest memories—the day Domko throws their infant stepsister against the wall. In this first-hand account, the twins recall years of neglect, starvation, and enslavement; horrific beatin... more
  • American Rococo: Essays on the Edge

    by Isham Cook
    What do seashells, obesity, graffiti, and the American ghetto have in common? Nude hot springs and the Japanese theater? Atheists and family-values conservatives? Why do atheists go on religious pilgrimages? How have schools infantilized our understanding of Shakespeare, and the textbook industry conspired to turn our language's history into agitprop? What is the single most dangerous sexual idea that even the liberated can't handle? Ranging across centuries and continents, Isham Cook's far-flun... more
  • At the Teahouse Cafe: Essays from the Middle Kingdom

    by Isham Cook
    It’s 1949 at Revolutionary University. Chinese students spend all their waking hours in political meetings—when they’re not hauling feces from the latrines to the manure fields. Jump to 2015. Chinese endure endless meetings at the hands of bosses and are required to keep their cellphones on around the clock and pick up at once—or be fined. They live in a technological utopia while enslaved by the same structures of psychological control of over half a century earlier. Underlying the myth of a “N... more
  • Passages Through Pakistan: An American Girl's Journey of Faith

    by Marilyn R. Gardner
    “I had grown up in Pakistan, was nurtured on her soil, took my first steps and said my first words there. Pakistan was a land that knew me before I had a recollection of ‘being;’ before I knew I was human.” Memories of joy and pain, close friendships and loneliness interweave in this compelling portrait of an extraordinary childhood. In Passages Through Pakistan, Marilyn Gardner traces a journey of growing faith and emerging identity in a small missionary community. From the close quarters o... more