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  • Wednesday's Children

    by Kathryn Anne Michaels
    When young RN Kate Jacobs switches from nursing to paramedic medicine and social work, she soon finds herself in a remote area of the Appalachian Mountains, where many challenges await: technical cliff rescues and hikes into remote back-country “hollers” to remove child victims of sexual assault from their homes, only to have an indifferent judge order them back the next day. This memoir is filled with tales of heartbreak and laughter, courage and cowardice seasoned with a candid look at the ... more
  • Hangover to Jesus: An encounter with Jesus in the most unlikely of ways...hung-over.

    by Gerald J. Zgabay Jr.
    Hangover Over to Jesus is a story how God interacts with us in in the everyday. No matter the path we are on or were the decisions lead us, God is calling us to a real, authentic faith. A faith that is our own and not dictated by those influences around us in the form of church, religion or distorted truths. Gerald's story reads like fiction. The twist, turns and encounters that include drugs, sexually acting out and culture influences lead him to Del Rio, Texas. Face to fact with truth. Physica... more
  • It's Just Your Imagination: Growing Up with a Narcissistic Mother - Insights of a Personal Journey

    by Ella James
    Pinnacle Award Winning “It`s Just Your Imagination” is the book you want to read when you are looking to find some answers: Have you always sensed something wasn’t quite right in your life, but couldn’t pinpoint the cause? Have you always felt controlled and manipulated by those closest to you? Were you raised by a mother whose main priority was set on herself? Were you constantly told by that mother, “It`s only your imagination” when you questioned her? If the answer is yes, then this is the... more
  • When We Get Married (Love Lucky Book 2)

    by van Quattro
    Book two of the 'Love lucky' series finds Van married dealing with the volcanic demons of his past. Follow him as he tries to find himself in all the wrong place and things.
  • The Motherless Children

    by Karen Yarborough
    The children were scared and confused, but most importantly, they felt lost when the one person who is supposed to love you and care for you, abandon you and cares more about the men in her life rather than her children who she left behind for what? A man who probably doesn't love you, a life without your own children? Children are supposed to count on their parents not be forced to grow up fast and experience life without a true relationship of a mother.
  • Tenacity: A Vegas Businessman Survives Brooklyn, the Marines, Corruption and Cancer to Achieve the American Dream

    by Ron Coury
    Tenacity tells the gripping true story of how Ron Coury, a Las Vegas businessman, Marine and former Brooklynite survived corruption and cancer to achieve the American Dream. The aptly-titled memoir focuses on the determination necessary to overcome any and all unjust obstacles that may stand in the way of one’s dreams. Tenacity chronicles the evolution of the natural-born entrepreneur, a major business figure in Las Vegas for decades. As Coury climbed the ladder toward success, he faced a ba... more
  • Amour Anarchy: A Memoir

    by Maura Stone
    Nostalgic, charming and hysterical, Amour Anarchy chronicles the true-life account of a teenager running amok in Paris during her junior year abroad in the early 1970s.
  • Are We French Yet? Keith & Val's Adventures in Provence

    by Keith Van Sickle
    Can Two Americans Really Become French? Val and Keith turned their lives upside down when they quit their jobs and began a part-time life in Provence. But they wondered: Can we fit in? And maybe become French ourselves? Follow their adventures as they slowly unlock the mysteries of France… - Is it true that French people are like coconuts? - Can you learn to argue like a French person? - What books have changed French lives? - Most important of all, how do you keep your soup from ex... more
  • The Brazen Biddy's Club

    by Ruth Newell
    The Brazen Biddy's Club is a witty and moving fictionalized semi autobiographical story of a middle aged daughter and her elderly mother when they unexpectedly find themselves living together after a 40 year hiatus. After decades apart, the daughter chooses to remain to help her mother when, during an impromptu visit, she learns that her stepfather is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. Over time, both women are transformed by their new relationship, and by the humor that sustains them during dif... more
  • Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After The Suicide of My Daughter

    by Nina Bingham
    Raw and honest, the author shares her painful past: an abusive alcoholic father, a failed marriage, the rejection she suffered after she came out as a lesbian, and her own brush with suicide. What could have been a story mired in self-pity and misery, ultimately is a story of hope. Nina's compelling life journey shows how pain and loss can be transformed into strength and purpose. This book is not only for survivors but for anyone facing depression with suicidal tendencies.
  • In Love With A Doughboy

    by Jessica M. Jolivette M.Ed
    In Love With A Doughboy is a story of a woman who struggles to overcome life's obstacles after being in an abusive relationship with a Drug-dealer.
  • The Courage to Aspire

    by Chuks I Ndukwe
    A twelve year old boy turned on a switch and watched light flood his dark classroom—in a town where nobody had ever seen electric light before, he shouted that he wanted to become an electrical engineer when he grew up. Chuks I. Ndukwe’s innocent utterance seemed little more than a fantasy because his family could not fund his education beyond primary school. Suddenly everything changed; his teacher helped him gain admission to tuition-free technical high school where he won a scholarship to a t... more
  • Butterfly Child

    by Silvia Corradin
    Butterfly Child is the story of a mother’s journey through grief and incredible challenges. From the stillbirth at full term of her first baby, followed by a miscarriage, to the birth of her son Nicky, diagnosed with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin blistering disorder that requires extensive wound care and is considered life threatening. Challenges include Insurance Companies refusal to cover the most basic needs for any EB patient to Silvia’s trying to make sense of her ... more
  • God Threw Me Back

    by Gatluk G. Digiew
    Gatluk G. Digiew is a little boy cowherd when Civil War erupts in his homeland, South Sudan, and upends his life forever. His memoir, God Threw Me Back: A Child Survives War in Sudan, tells his horrific story through the eyes of a child. Gatluk is wrenched from his family at age nine?shot and left for dead at thirteen. During his agonizing, often solitary, four-year journey to recovery and safely in a new homeland, Gatluk draws courage from his father?s early lessons and deep Christian faith. Ga... more
  • The God of My Shoes

    by Kareena Maxwell
    I waited for him to come home and take me shopping for shoes. It was Christmas Eve. He promised. He never showed up until I had gone to sleep and the stores on Long Island, New York had closed. The next day, I went to Christmas dinner walking on my toes to keep the heads of the nails in my ripped loafers from hurting my feel. "The God of My Shoes and other short stories and essays," is based on that experience.
  • Born in the Bed You Were Made: One Family's Journey from Cesarean to Home Birth

    by Brooklyn James

    What the hell happened?

    Not exactly the question one might expect from a postpartum nurse, it echoed in my mind incessantly after birth. Induction, intervention, ultimately cesarean were nothing new to me…until I was the one atop an operating room table birthing my firstborn through an incision in my uterus.

    Brooklyn James grapples with her medicalized birth as she undergoes several unexpected health issues—fallout from a medically unnecessary cesarean, seco... more