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  • The Quiet Place Within

    by Peter Ingle
    Short insights and observations about the nature of awareness, what it is, where it is, and what distinguishes it from the mind and body. An exploration of how awareness is not ordinarily aware of being aware, what this has to do with the ego, and how awareness transforms itself.
  • The Little Book of Awareness

    by Peter Ingle
    Awareness is the little noticed, rarely explored background of all of our physical and psychological experiences, and it longs to be consciously aware. This self-realization of awareness is the climax of life on earth.
  • Chapters: A memoir of Trauma and Heartbreak to Hope and Healing

    by Jacqueline French

    My adult years and the time we spent living with A.L.S. were only a continuation of the trials and tribulations I faced in my own life. As a young girl, I was sexually assaulted for years by a family acquaintance, which had a profound impact on me as I went through my teenage years. Soon after graduating from high school, I endured a car accident that almost killed me and my little brother. Years later I had an ectopic pregnancy that almost also took my life just weeks before my marriage to T... more

  • Following the Bouncing Ball: A Fragmented American Life

    by Rabon Saip
    This book is based on my experience of the past 80 years, from just before WWII to the present. As an advocate for conscious aging and a creative writer, I am fascinated with how we remember and story our lives, often to our own disadvantage. Now, in these later years, I've set about the transformative task of unraveling my own fragmented journey - a constant struggle for survival, through the re-invention of one self after another. This is how I faced the painful truth that if I could not own a... more
  • off-script: a mom's journey through adoption, a husband's alcoholism, and special needs parenting

    by Valerie Cantella
    A young girl dreams of the perfect life—marriage, children, and a career—her happily ever after. When a life-threatening medical condition, an alcoholic husband, and a traumatic special needs adoption shatter that dream, there are only two choices--crumble or change the narrative. Valerie learned to embrace the unimaginable to create an extraordinary life.
  • Travels With Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure in Europe, 1968

    by Gary Orleck
    A simple “thank you” led to the trip of a lifetime, along with an unbreakable friendship of two opposites. See them come of age while rubbing elbows with the rich and famous like the Shah and Queen of Iran, The Who, Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot, and even Shirley Temple Black. An unbelievable story, yet it’s true because nobody could make this story up. Find out things the rich and famous do not want you to know.
  • Miracles Through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing

    by Jerry M. Elman
    Miracles Through Hell is a deeply moving account of bravery, luck, and redemption, in which Elman uncovers the details of his parents’ lives before the Nazis took control of Poland, leads us through the miracles and hell his parents experienced as the war raged on, and finally, reveals the trauma of second-generation survivors. Through the telling of his family history, Elman’s own story is told.
  • A Someday Courtesan: A Memoir in Stories

    by Sephe Haven

    A loving Courtesan, once a Juilliard trained actress, looks back to her younger years to find why, being a Courtesan seemed to be her best fit. 


  • The Star Chamber of Stanford

    by Rony Guldmann
    This academic memoir recounts Stanford Law graduate Rony Guldmann's time as a law school fellow researching conservatives' alleged cultural oppression by the liberal elites. Things go awry when the project metastasizes into an all-consuming obsession that thrusts Guldmann into headlong conflict with his milieu, and he soon finds himself gaslighted by a cabal of elites seeking retribution for his transgressions against the ideologies of academia and the chattering class. Formerly a standout stude... more
  • War with Myself

    by Shani-Lee Wallis
    Held captive in a dangerous web by circumstances and fear, Shani-Lee watched the mystery and wonder of her childhood disintegrate leaving behind searing embers of abuse and bullying that scarred her deeply. Desperate to change and to control the narrative of her life, Shani-Lee found herself engaged in a battle royale, not with perpetrators but rather with herself. War with Myself is an eye opening, heartfelt memoir of one woman’s struggle with Bulimia and the horrific side-effects of th... more
  • Travels with Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure in Europe, 1968

    by Gary Orleck
    Find out how I, a nobody from the state of Rhode Island, was invited to travel Europe with the son of the richest man in the world at the time. We drove 19,965 miles through 12 different European countries in 10 weeks. We dined with Kings and Queens in Denmark, we gambled with the Shah of Iran in Monte Carlo, we had high tea with her Imperial Highness of Iran Princess Farah in Paris, we were rescued out of handcuffs by Shirley Temple Black during the Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia, and Brig... more
  • Misadventures in the Screen Trade

    by Alison Ripley Cubitt
    A young New Zealander lands in London with stars in her eyes, rising up the ranks of the cut-throat television industry, before crashing down in a sea of burn-out, exhaustion and relief.
  • The Vegetable Grows and the Lion Roars: My Peace Corps Service

    by Gary R. Lindberg
    The Vegetable Grows and the Lion Roars: My Peace Corps Service is a memoir about author Gary Lindberg's experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Ivory Coast, Africa in the 1960's. This powerful book offers a fascinating glimpse into what it was like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the early days of the program. This one-of-a-kind memoir presents how he decided to apply for the opportunity, how he trained, his project, the daily life activities, and the friends he made while he was there. H... more
  • Bipolar Adventures

    by John H Staines
    John has wrestled between sanity and insanity during a very busy professional career working for the British and American governments as an international travelling market researcher, despite his handicap of suffering a pronounced mental illness of bipolar affective disorder. This has resulted in cycles from ecstasy to manic depression which is reflected in his candid and honest description in a humorous non-judgmental tone, and even at times of absolute despair, he has looked back over his lif... more
  • 43 Days of Reflections and Ruminations

    by Tom Fahey
    When you find out you are going to be forced to have extensive down time with radiation treatments, you can react in many ways. I choose to use the time to put down my reflections on my life and my thoughts about topics I wanted to share with my children, family, and close friends. While facing 43 treatments I sure had time for 43 topics. My brother said I needed to share this outside family and friends. I hope you find some humor and commonality in spirit. Being a survivor of now two different... more
  • Life Blood: Lessons from one woman who survived serious illness against the odds

    by Cathy Koning
    ‘I decided to call my cancer the little c rather than the Big C. I wasn't giving it that much power over my life!' Cathy has been feeling unwell for some time. Eventually her worst fears are confirmed with the shock diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Cathy has a deep-seated aversion to medical procedures but without immediate treatment she will not survive - not a great combination. Maybe this is not going to end well. Cathy's moving, unflinchingly honest and often humorous recollections a... more