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  • Embrace Grace

    by Arlene Mccain
    While the first part of the book is a more conventional memoir following the narrative of Arlene's life, the second part is focused on the establishment of her unique medical practice and consists primarily of letters, Facebook posts, and journal entries. This story transitions to the establishment of McCain Whole Health Care, the first direct primary care practice in the central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, as an outgrowth of her spiritual and religious calling.
  • Reminding Me of Mo

    by Gabriel Patterson
    Reminding Me of Mo is The Sandlot meets Boyz N The Hood.
  • The Philosophy of Arson

    by Ken Baxter
    This astonishing true life story of suicide, incarceration ,and redemption is a journey of love , learning and Philosophy of understanding the human condition that has to read to be believed
  • Becoming Successful in Real Estate

    by Cindy Bermudez-Presgraves
    As a single mother, Cindy Bermudez Presgraves knows the value of hard work. While going through a divorce and raising two children on her own, she became an award-winning realtor. Consistently a top producer for her agency, Presgraves seeks to empower other women with her success story. In her new book, Becoming Successful in Real Estate, Presgraves relates the highs and lows of real estate and offers a behind the scenes look at the life of a real estate agent. Presgraves teaches readers ... more
  • The Shell and the Octopus: A Memoir

    by Rebecca Stirling
    This is the story of Rebecca Stirling’s childhood: a young girl raised by the sea, by men, and by literature. Circumnavigating the world on a thirty-foot sailboat, the Stirlings spend weeks at a time on the open ocean, surviving storms and visiting uncharted islands and villages. Ushered through her young life by a father who loves adventure, women, and extremes, Rebecca befriends “working girls” in the ports they visit (as they are often the only other females present in the bars that they end ... more
  • Seven Parents, Daughter to None

    by Melanie Hope Lang
    How does one overcome a lifetime of trauma and deception? Melanie Hope Lang's early life was one of hardships, abuse, and difficulties on multiple levels. She suffered through a string of six fathers and an indifferent mother. During this formative period, she learned an important truth: we hold the keys to our destiny. This book confronts the demons lurking deep within. By finishing this tale, readers will perhaps discover their own strengths and come to understand a terrifying piece of the wor... more
  • Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions

    by Les LaMotte

    This book will help you in seeking to discover your core passions before making educational or business decisions. It reveals insight that comes from both the author’s success and from his failures so you can Imagineer Your Future! “A half-century ago, my grandfather taught me the wonder of designing, building, and flying my first kite. It was a remarkable experience. The kite was made of sugar pine, wrapping string, newspaper and white glue.” Those very valuable i... more

  • A Tale of Five Cities and Other Memoirs

    by Joyce Elbert
    A Tale of Five Cities & Other Memoirs by Joyce Elbert (1930-2009) is a collection of eight previously unpublished autobiographical essays, spanning the years from the Great Depression through the mid-1980s, when she was no longer able to find a publisher for her “zany, sexy, campy creations” (her words). Written with subtle humor and often brutal candor, Elbert’s memoirs recount her childhood aspirations, her failed relationships with men (some famous), her struggles with alcoholism, and, of cou... more
  • Well Done: A WW II Memoir From Childhood Dreams to Naval Aviator

    by Nancy Hungerford

    We follow a boy's passion for flying to become one of the unsung heroes of WWII. His extensive flight training — to aviator aboard the USS Franklin in the Pacific theater, deaths of friends, destruction of his ship. The eye-opening July mission, being hit, returning to the Franklin, only to fly two more mission that day against the Japanese war machine.

    We're with him in the tension filled ready room and share some laughs at his barstoool.

    A tender memoir from our greatest generat... more

  • Vision of Hope

    by Leilani Faber
    Vision of Hope is an important contribution in the growing number of stories by recovering addicts, for its well-written account in terms that are touching yet honest, in both the low points and high points of her story. Perhaps most significantly, Leilani Faber’s life story brings us to a conclusion that includes a current life and an optimistic future that should make her, her children and her mother proud. It literally offers hope for anyone who has found their life severely impacted by met... more

    by Hillary Hauser
    As a diving photojournalist, HILLARY HAUSER has gone solo to 200 feet on the outside of a Hawaiian crater, explored sinkholes and caves in South Australia, slid into a flooded cavern underneath a mountain in Death Valley, gone down the face of a huge Fijian wave, and crashed on the backside of Molokini Island, Hawaii, in a canoe with six other people. She has chronicled the lives, and deaths, of fishermen, including a dear friend killed by a white shark. In this book Hauser tells the story of... more
  • Many Million Dreams Ago: A Recollection of Romances

    by Dre Carlan
    From self-harm to casual sex—, join one’s journey toward trying to find his other half while experiencing some of love’s darker sides.
  • Bedtime Stories for the Living

    by Jay Armstrong
    A regular dad. A rare brain disease. A chance to live forever. A cell phone’s ring interrupts the silence as Jay Armstrong sits in his high school classroom preparing for the year ahead. Something about the ring makes his stomach drop. It’s his doctor. The words, “diffuse cerebellar atrophy, a rare, degenerative brain disease” float through the speaker. All of Jay’s youthful dreams of being a writer rush back, flooding the twenty years he has spent teaching students how to appreciate nov... more
  • Wind of Change

    The Soviet Union dissolved a year earlier, and hope is high that a new era of cooperation between East and West is dawning. In Russia, the old rules under Communism have faded, but the new rules have yet to be written. Recent American graduate student, Ken Maher, embarks on an unexpected journey through post-Soviet Russia. He encounters numerous Russians and westerners, all trying to adapt to and succeed in the “new” Russia. Throughout his journey, Ken aspires to make a personal contribution to ... more
  • Camel from Kyzylkum

    by Lara Gelya
    Camel from Kyzylkum is a memoir about the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of immigrating from the Soviet Union in the late twentieth century. It touches on the themes of hope, struggle, family, and loss, while highlighting the compelling desire for people to focus on freedom and self-determination. Readers will gain a better understanding of how much work and risk people will endure reaching for a better life. Travel from Ukraine to the Kyzylkum Desert of Uzbekistan, from the Sovie... more
  • SexyQuad Chronicles: The Life and Times of a Salacious Quadriplegic

    by Luke Stewart
    Do you judge a book by the cover? If so, get prepared for an unreal ride that blows the roof off what a quadriplegic’s life should look like. Is it inspirational, motivational, courageous, or outrageous? You’ll be shaking your head at his decision making but that’s the beauty of life. Are you living or are you just alive? Enjoy the unbelievable true story of an over 30 year quadriplegic’s journey from his accident at age 17 that explores the fascinating insight into the psychology of a man. Be w... more