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  • Back on Bonaire: Rediscovering Diver's Paradise as a Father

    by Andrew Jalbert
    With its protected nearshore reef system, gem-clear seas, and sweeping conservation efforts, Bonaire has earned the title it boasts on its license plates: Diver’s Paradise. For Andrew Jalbert, who first visited in the early 1990s, there was a draw to the island that was hard to shake. He returned regularly over the next twenty-five years in a variety of capacities: as a scuba instructor, a sun-starved vacationer, and a writer/photographer. What he hadn’t expected at 43 years old, however, was to... more
  • The Complete Response

    by Stanley Beavan
    Stanley lives life to the full – working hard, playing hard. In 2016, his life was turned upside down with a serious medical diagnosis; he had a stage IV bowel cancer which had spread extensively to his liver and was inoperable. Many people may have given up but Stanley looked at the challenge of beating cancer with positivity. Stanley carried on working throughout the medical process ahead of him and developed his own strategy with the help of others around him and his life experiences. The pla... more
  • Milk with Wine: A Child's Year in Paris, 1963

    by Meg Westley
    Flung into a 1963 Parisian school with no knowledge of French, a young Canadian girl is treated like the village idiot as she struggles to survive. Ill with late-diagnosed tuberculosis, she silently masters the language and forges some once-in-a-lifetime friendships. She also gets to know old world Paris, before the advent of tourists and big box stores: a city of strange odours, tiny shops, fierce gendarmes, quaint and sometimes infuriating customs.
  • 7 Years on the Front Line

    by Sarah Y. Tse
    Sarah Y. Tse created a successful small publishing business, which possessed an expanding client list and national reputation. And then, disaster! “7 Years on the Frontline” is the compelling true story of Sarah's seven-year journey of business setbacks and personal loss. During this trying period, the litigation seemed endless, and the option to "end it all" was increasingly tempting. This story reveals how she came out on the other side victorious, with numerous lessons to benefit small-busin... more
  • The Supreme Victory of the Heart: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Synchronicity

    by Sharon Hewitt Rawlette
    At 29, Sharon Hewitt was about to see her dreams come true. For the past decade, she’d been living the academic high life in New York, Paris, and Boston but struggling to feel at ease far from her rural roots and the religious faith she’d left behind in college. Now, engaged to a Frenchman and about to settle on a beautiful farm in the rolling countryside of Brittany, she felt she’d finally come home… …until a girl her fiancé had known in high school unexpectedly resurfaced, changing everythi... more
  • Practicing for Love: A Memoir

    by Nina Kennedy
    Young Nina Kennedy was a child prodigy, a musical genius. Growing up in a segregated black community, she was forced to speak slang or “Ebonics” during the day to protect herself from bullying. At night, she would return home to speak the King's English with her college professor parents, both esteemed classical pianists who felt their careers had been hampered by American racism. As a result, they were determined that their daughter would have the success that they never could. Practicing fo... more
  • Gypsy Nomad Hippie Chick: Homeless In New Hampshire

    by Dana Vilandre
    Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick, Homeless in New Hampshire is the first in the ‘’She Series’ of Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick! Read through one woman’s journey through homelessness and heartbreak, with comical moments, crazy adventures and a search for self. Read about ‘her’- a woman who could be any woman, and the depth of her heart and she ‘rewrites’ her life..
  • Labeled: Ward of the State

    by Kenisha E. Anthony
    An abandoned child of drug-addicted parents and Florida’s broken child-welfare system, Kenisha E. Anthony was left to wonder if anyone would ever want her. As a young girl, desperate for love and belonging, she bounced from one unstable home to the next, packing only resentment, abandonment, and heartbreak to take with her. Still, Kenisha found her way, ultimately breaking barriers and shattering statistics. Against advice to “just get a GED,” she earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree... more
  • Up from Adams Street

    by Larry Crane
    Up From Adams Street recounts a boy's coming of age in a whistle-stop town in Illinois. He is the favorite, of whom much is expected, naïve to a fault, decked out in high school football gear, dreaming of glory, all 120 pounds of him, perched on the roof of a freight car hurtling toward a bridge over the Mississippi, and into jail for a night. He falls for a girl, become the inevitable star-crossed lover, and discovers that the life he wants to live is the life he's living, isn't it?
  • Out of the Third World

    by Ashok Sharma
    When Ashok, a shy impressionable 18-year old Indian student from East Africa goes to England in 1967 with the ambition to become a medical doctor, his enormous challenges of British English comprehension and difficult pre-medical school studies are compounded by the adversity he faces from a tumultuous period in British politics, triggered by an apocalyptic-sounding speech, dubbed “The River of Blood.” Delivered by Enoch Powell, a prominent British politician, on April 20, 1968, harshly denounci... more
  • Despite My Odds: A Memoir

    by Denise Monique
    Layla spent the first eight years of her life in a loving home with her grandparents. That comfort all ended once welfare caught up with her mother who was still receiving food benefits for her. After moving to her mothers’ home, the dysfunctional relationships continued for years. Layla was abused emotionally, physically, and sexually. She looked to her mother for love and protection but never found it. Layla’s mom, Val, often told her she looked like a boy and would never amount to anything ju... more
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery

    by Kate Russell

    "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery" is a darkly funny memoir, chronicling Kate, a child of alcoholics, as she wryly pokes fun at her childhood of abuse, bullying and eating disorders. In teen-dom Kate recounts stories of marijuana and alcohol-soaked debauchery, which eventually lead to her decision to grow up. Now 8 years sober she shares how faith and a sense of humor helped her continue to move through fear towards a life beyond her wildest d... more

  • Paris, Part Time

    by Lisa Baker Morgan

    Paris, Part Time is a different kind of love story — it is an adventurous evolution of self-creation and determination to overcome obstacles and time zones that will take the reader to the streets, cuisine, culture, and matchless beauty of France. 

    In 2008, Lisa Baker Morgan, a thirty-eight-year-old, newly divorced mother, unexpectedly found herself staring down death in a Monaco hospital, nine time zones away from her two young daughters in Los An... more

  • Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail: A Story of War, Brotherhood, and the Pursuit of Truth

    by N. B. Hankes

    Nate Hankes returned home from his tour in Iraq unable to answer one simple question: Had his mission overseas been honorable? Determined to find clarity and forge a new identity outside of the U.S. Army, Nate, alongside his brother Ben, a recent college grad delaying his entry into the Great Recession job market, set out to hike the entire length of the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail. Unpredictable weather, brutal terrain, straining health, and a fractured mind stretched beyond comfort by a wi... more

  • God and the Single Girl

    by Niambi LeeKong McLaurin
    Even as women enjoy unprecedented access to money, power, and opportunities, many still find themselves plagued by that age old female fear of being single for life. 50 years after the iconic Helen Gurley Brown changed the perspectives of young single women; GOD and the Single Girl explores the social and personal struggles that Single Girls face in 21st century relationships- relationships with men, family members, friends, and themselves! This book takes real life anecdotes an... more
  • Unafraid: A Survivor's Quest for Human Connection

    by Niyati Tamaskar
    On March 2, 2018, Niyati Tamaskar heard the words that would forever change the course of her life: “All three sites have tested positive for cancer.” How could this be happening to me? she wondered, numb. She was a thirty-four-year-old breastfeeding mother with a doting husband, fulfilling engineering job, and two children under four. Invasive ductile carcinoma though, doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care how old you are, how many kids you have, or how successful you’re supposed to be. Furt... more