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  • This Ain't My Life

    by Bilal Alaji
    A compelling story of Bilal's journey to finding his destiny. Growing up Muslim Bilal experiences many trials throughout his youth with his father leading him down an arduous path. As he fights and claws his way out of every obstacle he relies on his faith to pull him through. Bilal shows his willingness to never give up on finding his true purpose. As he goes through failed marriages, criminal proceedings, the shelter system, and lost jobs; Bilal refuses to believe this is the life he was meant... more
  • GIRL WITH SPIRAL NOTEBOOK: A Writer's Memoir of New York Life

    by Susan Braudy
    In this memoir, I write about observing people who have bold-faced names, talent, and ruling class privilege--from Hugh Hefner to Michael Douglas to Gloria Steinem. I desperately wanted to observe and write about these shining people and even join their charmed circle. I did write about them. But I became slowly disillusioned by the elbows-out, me-first tactics of our A-list people. If the actions of the late Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump hadn't become public knowledge, I would be hard-pr... more
  • Still There

    by Felice Cohen
    Imagine The Graduate as a lesbian version. Now imagine it’s a true story. At twenty-three, fresh out of college, I had an affair with my boss, a woman thirty-four years my senior who had a long-term partner. That affair nearly capsized me as I tried to navigate my personal journey into adulthood and coming to terms with my sexuality. Throw in a lesbian affair with someone three decades older and I found myself bobbing like a cork. The book opens with the older woman dying of cancer, me at her si... more
  • When the Creator Moves Me: A Story about Music, Resistance, and Creative Activism

    by Shelley Muniz
    When hippie activists first wound their way on to the Navajo Reservation at Big Mountain, Arizona, what they saw and what they did would influence social and environmental activism in the Black Mesa region for many years to come. Navajo Grandmothers were being tormented. Water wells had been capped. As a result of corporate interest in uranium and coal extraction, and the passage of the 1974 Navajo/Hopi Land Settlement Act, sheep, goats, cattle, and horses were being confiscated and sacred cerem... more
  • Whirlpools, yoga and the balance of life: Travel tales for the adventurous spirit

    by Lindsey Porter
    Sucked into a whirlpool… Discovering pre-Inca tribal remains… Breaking an ankle 5000 metres up the side of a volcano… These are just a few of the unexpected circumstances Lindsey Porter found herself in as she travelled to some of the world’s most incredible locations. For the first time these tales have been brought together in a collection that shares the unforeseen and often humorous outcomes, whilst revealing an insight into places that are a little off the tourist trail. They a... more
  • Chance or Circumstance?: A Journey through the Struggle for Civil Rights

    by James R. Mapp
    Looking through the prism of one man's life, Chance or Circumstance reveals the historical context and personal hardships endured by African Americans in the fight for equality in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The book reveals what it took for James R. Mapp, his family and the community to make a difference when the racially prejudiced laws and culture of the times were against them. Focusing on the 1960s, the book gives an account of the people, places and events that took place in Chattanooga. ... more
  • Discover U Part II “Dream Doers”

    by Dederick Woodard
    This is part 2 of Discover U which teaches participants how to live their dreams and to understand the power that comes with effort and support.
  • Tears of Steel

    by Debbie Neckel
    From a young age, Debbie Neckel wanted to be a cop. Life had other ideas until she was 45 years old and decided it was her last shot before senior hood set in. Fast forward two years and Detective Neckel worked some of the toughest homicides and sex crimes cases in the country. But it didn't start there. The nightmare turned dream began when eleven-year-old Debbie witnessed and was forced to take part in an unimaginable crime that changed her life and led her to the right side of the law. ... more
  • Memories of Pith

    by Pith Schure
    Discovering new friends and distant horizons was not only in his blood, but he also went for it. And so a world in its countless forms opened up in front of his eyes.
  • American Bread: My First Twenty Years in America

    by Alfred DiGiacomo
    My book begins with my parents, our family life and my life during my first 20 years.
  • Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability

    by TA McMullin
    Award-winning, Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability is about a child who was adopted and later rejected by her adoptive family. Learning was a challenge for the author, T.A. “Terry” McMullin, as she was dyslexic and could barely make out words in elementary school. Because of failing grades her parents sent her to a foster home where Terry turned to God and a special horse for help. Years later, Terry’s life transformed from a brok... more
  • Sober Heart: Life and Love in Recovery

    by Mary Ellin Lerner
    a collection of essays that together comprise a memoir of one woman's experiences with addiction and recovery
  • The Complete Guide to Buying at Garage, Yard, and Estate Sales and Selling Online for Fun and Profit

    by Dan Blakely
    Where else can you start a new business or hobby with $100.00 in your pocket and a full tank of gas in your car? For years garage sale trainer Dan Blakely has been helping people easily supplement their income by going to Garage sales! This is not a small book, it is complete and covers a very wide range of profit opportunities. With so much demand for his services he has finally agreed to write a book to expand his expertise to whomever wants to learn. If you have wondered how some people make ... more
  • My World Book 2: Tramping the Globe on $10 a Day

    by Ben Batchelder
    A lost American, fresh out of college and despairing of his career, chaotic life, and diseased family, looks to renew himself. Invited to Europe, he decides to travel ever east on $10 a day for over a year. Here is the story of his odyssey, with disastrous brushes with thieves, malicious custom officials, lost luggage, Cairo scam artists, and Thai police. It is a tale of lost innocence, political awakening, falling in love, and finding the support, and resourcefulness, to pull through the most... more
  • The Writing on the Wall

    by Marilyn Howard

    The Writing on the Wall provides strategies to conquer and succeed in life and business, while telling an entertaining story. Becoming an entrepreneur wasn't an option for a woman in the early 1960s, but explorations called and opportunities appeared. Breaking through an ad agency's glass ceiling, skiing in Aspen, and a year of travel adventures led to the founding and operating of Creative Freelancers Inc., the first central agency for freelance commercial artists ... more