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  • Unstoppable

    by Ellen Casey
    A mother’s story of determination and triumph. Unstoppable is a gripping story of courage and unwavering determination by one of the world’s first IVF mothers. This powerful memoir reads like a riveting novel as the author chronicles her journey through the uncertain terrain of medical experimentation and the acutely personal anguish of her infertility battle. This resolute young woman makes medical history and works to change public opinion about IVF. Her captivating story of loss, struggle,... more
  • Swell Goatee

    by Mitch Friedman
    When a 30-something guy swaps a toupee from hell for a SWELL GOATEE, will it turn his bad luck on its head? Following a year wearing a hideous hair system, after a lifetime of dicey decision making, documented in his tragicomic memoir, Hell Toupee, Mitch Friedman flees to Greece and returns with a new lease on life, his first goatee, and a glass more than half-full of self-confidence. Are sparks of romance and a successful career in the arts in his future, thanks to the pleasing ring of hair a... more
  • Love's Journey Home

    by Gabi Coatsworth

    Their relationship seemed destined for heartache. A terminal diagnosis would teach them the true meaning of love.

    Gabi Coatsworth never meant to fall for the handsome American. And after walking away because he was married, the British single mother thought she'd go forever without seeing him again. But her move to Chicago five years later for a career opportunity led to their reunion, a rekindled romance, and a wedding.


    Forging a thirty-year life... more

  • Searching For a Stranger and Finding Myself - A Memoir

    by Wendy L. Scott-Hawkins
    HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW HARD IT WOULD BE TO FIND SOMEONE IF YOU DID NOT KNOW THEIR NAME? Wendy grew up knowing she had a half-sibling, but didn’t have the details. When she hits thirty years of age, and having suffered a few tragic losses, Wendy is compelled to search for this stranger. Questioning family members, weeding through library research, investigating several organizations, making cold calls, and building new relationships are just a few of the steps Wendy will guide you through. ... more
  • Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream

    by Natasha Miller
    From a homeless shelter for youth to the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing companies in America, Relentless is a raw and powerful memoir about one woman's tenacity that helped her break free from an abusive childhood, the irreversible decisions of her parents that left her transient, and the grittiness that has followed her through growing a multi-million dollar corporation of her own. Finding herself through music, Natasha Miller took the reins of her own life and fate to create a life tha... more
  • A Walk in the Twilight

    by John J. Bosco Jr.

    The book is autobiographical and discusses my quest to answer the difficult questions of life through biography, poetry, and personal insights.  I have managed to glean from my extensive readings in philosophy, Religion, and classic novels working answers to the impossible questions of existence for myself and for anyone who wants to explore on their own. Answering these questions is intensive and intimate to each one of us, and while my answers work for me, I invite you to produce your ... more

  • Bohunk's Redemption: From Blacking Out to Showing Up: A Doctor's Adventures

    by Bohunk

    When "Bohunk," a young, Jewish-Catholic heads to college, he aspires to become a doctor but fulfills his family destiny of alcoholism instead. Drinking his way through medical school and getting hooked on easy-to-access narcotics along the way, Bohunk inescapably finds himself on the precipice of death. After he emerges from a suicidal, drug-induced coma, he finally decides to confront his greatest fears and commits to live.

  • INVISIBLE INK a family memoir

    by Martha Leigh
    Stories about my Jewish parents and wider family from my vast archive of letters and writings.My mother was a concert pianist from Central Europe and my father grew up in poverty the East End of London. He was also gay. They met in Paris in 1937 and corresponded for the 6 years of World War II. Several family members had miraculous escapes from the Nazis in Europe. After the war my father became the world expert on Jean-Jacques Rousseau and professor of French at Cambridge University. My uncle... more
  • The Grand Master And His Protégé - A Memoir Of Love, Courage, Endurance And Devotion

    by Valerie Lumley
    This compelling true-life memoir spans 50 years, and is about the fulfillment of spiritual longing and the completion of karmic destiny. After a 40-year separation, life miraculously brought them back together again to experience the most enriching and meaningful chapter of their lives at a time when they needed each other the most. They saved each other in every way a person can be saved, and were the only people in their lives who could. So many of us go through life hoping to experience its d... more
  • When I Was Her Daughter: A Memoir

    by Leslie Ferguson
    Seven-year-old Leslie has a serious problem. Someone is trying to kill her. She and her little brother must confront the stark reality of living with their mother’s raging psychosis. Other family members try to help, but they are no match for the violence and unpredictability that comes with mental illness. Once in foster care, Leslie learns that life doesn't improve just because she's free of her mom. All seems lost . . . until one simple and unexpected question changes Leslie's world forever. ... more
  • Seven Days of SHIVA: Forty-six years of puppy love

    by Marc Gellman

    . . . and they called it puppy love!

    The story is the next romantic love story of the century, a romantic celebration of life, and the fulfillment of a husband's promise, "I will tell our story to the world; that every day we shared was special."

    Don't let the title of this book mislead you . . . 

    This love story is an unforgettable memoir about a romance that will mak... more

  • Just a Dreamer

    by Diana Estill
    Craving the bond she's never had with her reclusive brother Kerry, Diana won't stop pursing him. The two are nothing alike, though. She's an avid traveler. And he's afraid to leave his house. This midlife memoir explores love, loss, and compassion for kin we don't understand.
  • Love Letters from Janey: 50 Years of Breaking Barriers Together

    by Richard Cheu
    Excelling despite the odds, Janey Mildred Young was a Chinese-American woman who accomplished much in her life despite societal discrimination and family barriers. She came of age during the 1960s and was influenced by the changing society and the roles for women and Asian-Americans. Janey’s husband, Richard Cheu, kept all of her 167 letters and, as a tribute to her, compiled them into this new book. Able to overcome many obstacles in her path, her letters show a woman who had ambitious g... more
  • Know Love: A Memoir

    by Rex ShadesEagle
    Know Love tells the story of how Rex ShadesEagle overcame 27 years of addiction by healing childhood trauma. Physically and sexually abused from 6-12 years old until being kicked out onto the streets for fighting back against his abuser. He would learn how to hustle, lie, cheat, and steal on the streets of S. New Jersey. He left NJ to follow the Grateful Dead where he found his Tribe. The Dead led him to Boulder, CO where he would find his family. For the next 2 decades, Rex continued his heroin... more
  • Beyond the Visible Edge

    by Betsy Kelleher

     As Betsy Kelleher struggles to accept God's will in the loss of a son, walking the dog becomes a spiritual pilgrimage. Within a peaceful, secluded field just beyond the edge of her mobile home community, she experiences God's intimate, healing presence. 

  • Tales of a Gypsy Hotelier

    by Christina Synnott
    Tales of a Gypsy Hotelier is a collection of unique travel adventure stories and letters home detailing the author's experiences while visiting 43 countries, living and working in 7 countries, and managing hotels in Kenya; Zanzibar and Arusha, Tanzania; St. Lucia, Caribbean; and Tonga, South Pacific. Several stories are inspirational, others illustrate the unimaginable difficulties that can arise from living in undeveloped countries; some are romantic, but all are gut-wrenchingly honest and from... more