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  • A Fast Bike to Byzantium: A Travel Adventure (Book 3)

    by Andy C Wareing

    The year is 1986; no smartphones, no google maps, no internet—the destination is distant and mysterious Istanbul—what could go wrong?

    Jump on the back of Andy’s Suzuki GS1000 as we cross Europe and ride through the Iron Curtain to reach the very edge of Asia. Witty, poignant and accidentally informative, the story tells of travel in an era long gone, a time when the USSR was the largest country in the world and the threat of nuclear war seemed inevitab... more

  • It Was Interesting: 50 years as an investigator

    by chris peterson
    True cases spanning the career of the author - both as a sheriff deputy and a private investigator Chris Peterson grew up in rural Washington State, graduating from WSU with a degree in Police Science. He joined the Air Force and spent time on a Turkish Air Force base as a Captain in the security police. From there he spent 26 years at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office retiring in 1997. He has been an established Private Investigator since then.
  • Two Floors Above Grief

    by Kevin M O'Connor
    As a child in the 1950s, Kevin O’Connor knew his house was different than his friends. A stately, three-story, nineteenth-century Victorian. His bed is tucked next to a stage in a former ballroom. His uncle and aunt lived with their three daughters on the floor below. A large electric organ in a bay window of the first-floor mortuary business. Stacked caskets and an embalming room in the basement. \tNobody had a house like his. \tSet from the 1920s to ‘80s, Two Floors Above Grief is full o... more
  • Heart of New York

    by Emil Rem
    NEW YORK IS THE BACKDROP FOR A FAMILY CHRISTMAS FULL OF COMPLICATED MEMORIES AND NEW PERSPECTIVES The adventure continues... In his second novel—another collection of beautifully written and illustrated stories—Emil takes us through perilous, sometimes humorous, and always fascinating tales of a past and present that seamlessly intertwine to create a personal narrative that will resonate with every reader. ...“The snow-flaked, fog-bound skyline of Manhattan loomed out at him as though thro... more
  • The Gray Choice: Lessons on My Journey from Big-Time Banking to the Big House (and Back)

    by Shaun Hayes
    At 29, banker Shaun Hayes was on his way to his goal of becoming a millionaire. Guided by hustle and ingenuity, he purchased his first bank and was CEO of one of the largest publicly held bank holding companies in Missouri. For years, he was lauded as one of the Midwest’s top entrepreneurs and riding high as a business leader and family man. He took the risks and made the sharp decisions others wouldn’t— Until those decisions led him to his downfall … and prison. Learn the true story of en... more
  • Hashman

    by Alexander Grand and Joshua S. Berman
    Criminal-turned-psychologist Joey Berkowitz has a complicated past, extending through East Coast mobs, the psychedelic 60s, the New York celebrity drug culture, Berkeley Peace movement, the Paris riots, Altamont, Woodstock, laundering money in Southeast Asia, and sitting meditation courses in Tibet. Join Joey as he manages to escape prosecution time and time again by the seat of his pants, ultimately becoming a noteworthy shrink in Seattle where he manages to find himself as a central figure in ... more
  • Lifeline to a Soul

    by John K. McLaughlin
    Having built a successful company from scratch, author John McLaughlin decided that he wanted to teach others how to do the same. In his fifties and with no teaching experience, his only job offer was at a minimum-security prison camp. Having no experience with prisons or the incarcerated, McLaughlin told his first class on his first day, “I am going to learn a lot more from you than you could possibly learn from me.” Lifeline to a Soul takes the reader inside the fence and chronicles the vi... more
  • Beyond Belief: How Living with a Brain Stem Tumor Brought Faith and Purpose to Life

    by Kyle Campbell
    Kyle was diagnosed with a Brain Stem Tumor at five years old. This is the thumb-size bridge that connects our brain to the rest of our body, and controls many vital functions for life. Kyle shares his medical journey of daily symptoms, doctor visits, MRIs, Radiation, and more health challenges he's faced. Kyle then takes us on a journey through his education in Philosophy, and how that road intertwined with his Christian Faith... ultimately leading to discovering incredible purpose in living ... more
  • Under the Naga Tail

    by James Taing

    A courageous and poignant memoir of one young man’s daring escape from Cambodia’s genocidal regime Forced from his home by the Khmer Rouge, teenager Mae Taing struggles to endure years of backbreaking work, constant starvation, and ruthless cruelty from his captors—supposed freedom fighters who turned against their own people. Mae risks torture and death to escape into the dark tropical jungles, trekking across a relentless wilderness crawling with soldiers. When Mae is able... more

  • Madame PH.D.: Growing Up Black in DC and Beating the Odds

    by Gwynette Ford Lacy, Ph.D., MBA

    MADAME PH.D. is an intimate memoir of a young black girl, struggling in inner-city Washington, DC, who became determined to survive and succeed despite her background, gender, and the color of her skin. The author details how she emerged from a childhood full of challenges and relentless bullying to become a math whiz and STEM trailblazer, and eventually became the first African American female to earn a Ph.D. in her business field at a major Big Ten University.

    The great, great, great ... more

  • Featured Creatures: Animals in Our Lives

    by Lalita Gandbhir
    Award-winning author Lalita Gandbhir reflects on a lifetime with animals — from the dog she grew up with in India, who bit people for no reason, to the menagerie of creatures (from cats and dogs to a squirrel and a snake) that her animal-crazy husband and children brought into her household through the years. She also offers keen observations on animals she’s encountered in the natural world, from elephants in Africa to eagles and moose in Alaska to the everyday creatures that have made their ho... more
  • The Girl From Number 7 Windsor Avenue

    by Vivienne Grilliot Worthington

    A humorous and poignant account of an English-American girl growing up as an Air Force BRAT in post-WWII  England, France, and America.

  • Raising Simba

    by Falisa Ray

    The inspiring true-life journey of a single mother who through faith and resilience helped her son navigate the streets of Chicago to achieve his dream of playing Simba in Disney's Broadway production of "The Lion King".

  • Sam & Me and the Hard Pear Tree

    by Jami Yeats
    A gloriously warm summer afternoon in February 2013 suddenly turned into a nightmare from which there was no escape and no respite. In one horrifying moment – the moment every mother dreads – Jami Yeats knew her life would never be the same again. When the ambulance took young Sam away there was still the tiniest sign of life. But Jami knew from the first scream that her baby was gone. That is where this story begins. But it also begins long before that, and is a story that will never end. Sa... more
  • Poetic Injustice: A True Story of Forbidden Love

    by Jonathan Sure

    A true story with names and details altered, Poetic Injustice is a tale of romance between a therapist and his patient resulting in profound insights that challenge almost all objectives of modern day therapy. Jonathan Sure, a seasoned therapist intuitively aware of projected feelings in transference and counter-transference, is nonetheless lured into an intimate relationship with his patient, Kulai and finds himself drowning in an abyss of confusion, submission, and obsessio... more