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  • The Vegetable Grows and the Lion Roars: My Peace Corps Service

    by Gary R. Lindberg
    The Vegetable Grows and the Lion Roars: My Peace Corps Service is a memoir about author Gary Lindberg's experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Ivory Coast, Africa in the 1960's. This powerful book offers a fascinating glimpse into what it was like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the early days of the program. This one-of-a-kind memoir presents how he decided to apply for the opportunity, how he trained, his project, the daily life activities, and the friends he made while he was there. H... more
  • Bipolar Adventures

    by John H Staines
    John has wrestled between sanity and insanity during a very busy professional career working for the British and American governments as an international travelling market researcher, despite his handicap of suffering a pronounced mental illness of bipolar affective disorder. This has resulted in cycles from ecstasy to manic depression which is reflected in his candid and honest description in a humorous non-judgmental tone, and even at times of absolute despair, he has looked back over his lif... more
  • 43 Days of Reflections and Ruminations

    by Tom Fahey
    When you find out you are going to be forced to have extensive down time with radiation treatments, you can react in many ways. I choose to use the time to put down my reflections on my life and my thoughts about topics I wanted to share with my children, family, and close friends. While facing 43 treatments I sure had time for 43 topics. My brother said I needed to share this outside family and friends. I hope you find some humor and commonality in spirit. Being a survivor of now two different... more
  • Life Blood: Lessons from one woman who survived serious illness against the odds

    by Cathy Koning
    ‘I decided to call my cancer the little c rather than the Big C. I wasn't giving it that much power over my life!' Cathy has been feeling unwell for some time. Eventually her worst fears are confirmed with the shock diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Cathy has a deep-seated aversion to medical procedures but without immediate treatment she will not survive - not a great combination. Maybe this is not going to end well. Cathy's moving, unflinchingly honest and often humorous recollections a... more
  • Calico Lane

    by Judy Kiehart
    Set in a time before sexual identity became a household phrase, Judy and her parents settled into a neighborhood called Calico Lane. In Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Lane, Judy develops attractions for an older girl. Year after year, the feelings intensify. Other girls want to kiss the boys; however, no one talks about girls kissing girls. “Don’t Make Shame” is the family’s mantra, and over time Judy fears her emotions are not typical and, if continued, will shame the family and dishonor the ch... more
  • To the Catskills with Love

    by Michael Boyajian
    The author and his late wife had always loved camping in the Catskills but now they decide to turn it up a notch and actually purchase a summer home in those magical healing mountains in the party town of Margaretville where every weekend friends and family visited as the lovers put sweat equity into their dream home and where the author's first book came into being, Green Enchantments.  
  • Poopy Fingers: One Person's Account of Working in the Delightfully Strange World of Assisted Living

    by Kevin Donner
    Working in senior care isn't for everyone. It isn't even for most. But for those rare few who find their passion in this multifaceted industry, the sense of job and life satisfaction are limitless. So too, however, can be the pervasive sense of loss and hopelessness. After graduating from university in Vancouver, Canada, Kevin Donner followed his high school sweetheart to Australia and the United States as she pursued her dream of medical school. Over the years that follow, each move forces D... more
  • Mercy on 27th Street

    by Marian T. Call
    This book deals with the lives of several women who have been connected for almost fifty years, first as members of a religious community together, then as friends after most of them left the convent. The first part focuses on the author’s childhood and teenage years, while the remainder concentrates on the years she lived in a small community of six women who were all members of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, under the auspices of the Province of Cincinnati. Many changes occurred in their live... more
  • Forever on Pointe: A True Story

    by Agota Gabor

    Dancing was her life. Until a paralyzing virus threatened to shatter her dreams. Forever on Pointe: A True Story is the fascinating account of one woman's ever-evolving journey from the intense world of professional ballet to the bloody streets of the Hungarian Revolution to the glittering nightclubs of Montreal.

    In this intimate and revealing memoir, Agota Gabor shares how grit and determination allowed her to attain her wildest dreams. As a young girl, Agota intends to become a pr... more


    by Gary Orleck
    TRAVELS WITH MAURICE AN OUTRAGEOUS ADVENTURE IN EUROPE IN 1968 Find out how I, a nobody from the state of Rhode Island, was invited to travel Europe with the son of the richest man in the world at the time. We drove 19,965 miles through 12 different European countries in 10 weeks. We dined with Kings and Queens in Denmark, we gambled with the Shah of Iran in Monte Carlo, we had high tea with her Imperial Highness of Iran Princess Farah in Paris, we were rescued out of handcuffs by Shirley Temp... more
  • Travel Mementos

    by Julie Watson
    Travel Mementos is a collection of true stories from around the world. The argument in an Italian ice cream queue, a bumpy becak ride in Indonesia, African migrants washing up on a Spanish beach. Spanning continents and cultures, the evocative retelling of these personal memories will transport, surprise and delight in an immerisve reading experience.
  • Whole Body Prayer

    by Yan Ming Li

    So begins Master Yan Ming Li's spellbinding memoir recounting the challenges of growing up as a spiritually-gifted child in a land where exploration of the unseen realms was forbidden. Like a Chinese Harry Potter, Li found solace in a mysterious and powerful force he called the Light.

    But this is not a work of fiction. It's a true story. In the pages of this book, we learn how all of us can gain access to this benevolent, healing, and boundless Light.

    It is, in f... more


    by Dashiell Aston
    Drifter is an Autobiographical Novel. Real events woven into fiction or vice versa... Imagine sitting at a table in a bar somewhere, anywhere, sipping your favourite drink. The story is told as if Dashiell sits beside you recounting the events of his life. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, there is only one lesson to be learnt for the young graduate, Dashiell Aston, there is no such thing as justice, morals, or nobility. Only money matters. From 2008 until 2019, he went from aspiring... more
  • On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam

    by William V. Taylor Jr.
    Eighteen-year-old Marine recruit William V. Taylor Jr. and his brother Marines are assembled into a new reaction force that is immediately tested in the fire of a bloody conflict known as Operation Beaver Cage. After a traumatic first fight, they push through back-to-back operations with little time to rest or reflect. Those who survive will return home ensnared by everlasting memories of a real, but entirely surreal nightmare. Now after more than fifty years of holding everything in, Taylor sha... more
  • Modern Day Jouliete

    by S.Storm
    Modern Day Jouliete is the true experiences of one woman and her life as a daughter, sister, wife, stepmother; in addition to being a combat veteran. Written as a first person conversation between Jouliete and her reader, S.Storm tells her thoughts and feelings during her military service, as well as, figuring out life after being a soldier. She provides a raw, honest and deeply personal view of what she experienced living and loving in the military and returning home from combat both physically... more
  • Untethered: A Woman's Search for Self on the Edge of India - A Travel Memoir

    by C.L. Stambush
    In a quest to prove she can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone she wants, C.L. Stambush sets out on a solo 5-months and 7,000-mile motorcycle journey along the edge of India. Fraught with danger and near-death experiences, she encounters ominous men, confronts culture clashes, and homicidal drivers. Along the way, she crashes her motorcycle, loses her camera, her way, and her self-control—crossing lines she never imagined possible. In the end, will the price she pays be worth it?