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  • The Bruises from My Mother's Love

    by Author Danette / Danette King
    This is a story about a little girl by the name of Lunye' Williams. Lunye' suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse by the hands of her own mother and other family members from the time she was a child until she became a teenager. Read how long you will survive the blistering whelps and the blood-filled bruises received from her mother at the age of five till 13 in her seven chapter book from her seven book series as it unfolds. Each book will allow her readers to chime in on how she endured a... more
  • My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Grateful

    by Amy Oestreicher
    What happens when an ordinary teenager has to turn into a warrior just to survive? And can the journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really become an “adventure?” Amy had ambitious plans for college and a Broadway career, until her stomach exploded the week before her senior prom. Months later, she awoke from a coma to learn that she might never be able to eat or drink again. After 28 surgeries and seven years on IV nutrition, her digestive system was miraculously reconstructed and... more
  • Ramblings of a Baby Boomer Wannabe

    by Tom Golden
    There are 135 short stories of childhood mischief, history, adventure, hot rods, romance, heartbreak, suspense, parenting, business advice, the newspaper industry, a puppy and even slot machines. Some of the tales are happy and upbeat while others are quite sad. Your emotions will go up and down like a roller coaster - but all the while you will be thoroughly entertained. It's a crazy Baby Boomer thrill ride: You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll fall in love with Ramblings of a Baby Boomer wan... more
  • Chasing the Invisible: A Doctor's Quest to Abolish the Last Unseen Cancer Cell

    by Thomas Grogan
    Chasing the Invisible combines the suspense of a spy novel with the education and scientific insight of a medical mystery thriller, all wrapped in a dramatic business story. In addition to revealing the detective work of medicine and its impact on physicians and patients, Chasing the Invisible features a colorful cast of Wall Street investment bankers, venture capitalists and the titans of a giant multinational company out to acquire the missing puzzle piece necessary to ensure the next phase of... more
  • Real Life American

    by Roland O'Brian
    A shocking story, full of hatred, violence, fear, and heartbreak. Never before has the American life been told in such a raw and honest story. This man’s story tells it all. Feel the heartbreak, experience the joys, come along for the journey, and feel the freedom. Real Life American tells the story of life in America for the common man. From trials and tribulations of a rural childhood spoiled by political influence, through the turbulent teenage years while trying to discover who he is, to a f... more
  • Gifting

    by danny philip

    Gift giving is something that should not be a chore. It must come from the heart. When you give gifts, you are giving something willingly without wanting something in return. Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more especially with the flowers by best florist in dubai. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them.While it feels good to be on the receiving end, there’s a feeling of self-gratification when you are the one who ... more

  • Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure

    by Sylvie Beljanski
    Nixon signed the War on Cancer in 1971. 45 years and billions of dollars later, it looks like we have lost the battle. Or have we? When a natural, non-toxic way to fight cancer is discovered, it is big news in the scientific community. But instead of being embraced, it is fiercely opposed by those tied to the pharmaceutical industry. This book, written through the eyes of Dr. Beljanski's daughter, Sylvie, tells the true story of one woman's quest to carry on her father's legacy and to discove... more
  • Nordisco: Things Mom Did With the Help of Whiskey

    by Reidun Saxerud
    Unusual, stranger-than-fiction experiences in one's early years is universal. It is only when we reach adulthood, become one of the many "they," and discover how small we are in a big world, does it occur to us that some of those events were beyond the pale and affect more than just memory. NORDISCO recounts specific events in the author's life and examines them against the template of modern relationships, and all the things that can go wrong between mother and daughter.
  • 1 Pill = 28 Years: Thailand's Injustice System

    by Ken Albertsen
    What started out as a chronology of my extended time in a Thai prison on phony charges - evolved to wider topics. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but the book proves, through facts and personal experiences, how US's DEA plus right-wing Christian NGO's conspire to lock-up of tens of thousands of S.E. Asians. Ya-ba is the Thai word for 'speed' or methamphetamine. Thai authorities rake in tens of millions of dollars from US institutions - to criminalize tens of thousands of S.E. Asian me... more
  • Woman Of Integrity

    by Veronica Marme
    Its the author's positive inspirational life story and testimony how God raised her in the wilderness for 20 years before God released her calling or ministry to her. Her personal journey with God and challenges she goes through in life that she wants to share with others in their day to day walk with God Almighty.
  • New Website

    by Kay G. Rock
    Please visit my new website, for all the latest news of events, book excerpts, and where to buy. Your comments are welcome!
  • Never Stop Dancing: A Memoir

    by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby
    A story of grief, male friendship, and healing conversations. “Be present,” “cherish each day,” “always say I love you.” John Robinette lived those words. Or so he thought. Then his wife, Amy, was killed instantly in a pedestrian accident. John’s world shattered, and he began the grueling task of parenting two young boys in a house filled with vibrant, bittersweet memories. As the grief closed in around him, John’s close friend, author Robert Jacoby, saw John struggling and proposed an unu... more
  • Water Damage Cleanup Racine

    by Restore More
    Whether your home has been damaged by flood, fire, or another type of disaster, Contact RestoreMore to convert your property in pre-loss condition!
  • Mixed Marriage: A Memoir

    by Janet Cheatham Bell

    It was the sixties. Everything was changing. People were demanding freedom of every kind. Freedom from racism, from the war in Vietnam, from sexism, from police brutality. So, why not, also, the freedom to marry whomever you choose? In 1965, before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the ban on mixed marriages was unconstitutional, in many states it was a crime to marry "outside your race." And less than 1% of Americans chose to commit that crime. This is the story of h... more

  • En busca de un mañana mejor: De Nocedo Del Valle a Estados Unidos

    by Blanca De La Rosa
    ¿A qué renunciarías hoy para un mejor mañana? Muchas personas abandonan el único mundo que conocen en busca de un mejor mañana. Abarcando más de cien años, En busca de un mañana mejor, es mucho más que una novela que recoge la historia de tres generaciones durante más de cien años. Es un maravilloso viaje desde España hasta Estados Unidos que mostrará al lector nuestra historia reciente, las ideologías de cada momento, la crudeza de la inmigración, la lucha por la supervivencia, el coraje de sus... more
  • The Emptiness of Our Hands: 47 Days on the Streets

    by Phyllis Cole-Dai
    Join Phyllis and co-author James Murray as they voluntarily give up their homes for 47 days to live on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. They go out to be as present as possible to everyone they meet. This chronological account of their experiences is perfect for use in daily meditation. It includes nearly 30 black and white photographs, most shot by James using crude pinhole cameras he constructed from trash.