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  • ignite

    by aby jose
  • Starvin' Artist: Hunger for Success

    by Anthony Waldren
    Finding success in this thing called “life” can be complicated. Sometimes we’re driven by an insatiable hunger; other times, we drift in life aimlessly looking for purpose. Yet, what appears to be circumstances meant to bury us can become the foundation from which we grow. In life, we grow strong and resilient simply because of our courage to continue through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This book is an example of what happens when perseverance becomes less of an admirable quality and ... more
  • Why We Must Encourage the Women Businesses?

    by Being She

    Businesses need a specific disposition. It is far easier to work for another person than it is to be your own boss. Women have undeniably a larger number of difficulties than guys regarding working a business.

    Men are effectively viewed as pioneers, yet women who run an association, especially their own, are seen with doubt and question. A lady should have dauntlessness and solid feelings to assume the situation of a business visionary.

    Women’s business has be... more

  • All the Things That Nobody Told Me: Finding the Extraordinary in My Journey

    by Charity Pleasant
    This book follows the journey of an Ohio native from birth throughout adulthood. It recalls many of her memories and lessons throughout her life that has given her an understanding of how she thinks and who she is today. It explains transparently some of the mistakes she's made on her journey in hopes to keep others from making the same ones. It's a real-life take on the basic principles she was taught and how she has lived by some and let others fall by the wayside. This reading will connect yo... more
  • book review

    by Tony Lai
    ដំណើរជីវិតដែលមានជយ័ជំនះរបស់ក្មេងកំព្រាម្នាក់ An Orphan of The Killing Fields Description The story is about a young man who went through the darkest regime and walked away from the grave. Both of his parents died when he was only 16 years old. His only brother sent him to the camp with a family friend in the hope that he could reach a 3rd world country. During the journey into the refugee camp, he experienced the darkest of nights, armed robbery, and crossing the armed observation post. Afte... more
  • The English: A Portrait of the People

    by azar mirza-beg
    A Portrait of the English seen through the eyes of a Muslim who lived in London starting from 1994 to 1999. It is a candid and true picture.
  • Widow's Tears of Sorrow

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    This book is a companion volume to Widow's Walk. It contains all the poems from the first day, when I found my husband of 42 years in his chair, gone, to three years later. There are 42 poems to celebrate our 42 years of marriage, and three poems for my mother, who passed away the next day. They are not happy poems, they are gritty, they are painful, and they are real. My hope is that these poems touch your heart, and let you know that are not alone, that at some point we all go through this in... more
  • Tears of Pain, Tears of Joy: One Mother's Story

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    when you start married life at 17, problems are everywhere you look. First baby, second baby, husband out late, children getting sick. Problems, problems, and more problems. But there are bright moments, too- the first daughter-in- law, the first grandbaby. Tears of Pain and Tears of joy were shed during the first 25 years of this marriage. Learn what being a mother meant to this woman, and how she handled it.
  • Through the Garden Window: A Year of Celebration

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    The fourth in the series, A Year of Celebrations shares 12 memories of the authors life during special occasions- the ones that celebrate food! Contains 24 recipes from the authors grandmothers' and great grandmother's recipe boxes.
  • Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest 2

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Third in a series, Season of Harvest 2 shares 12 more essays on gardening, harvesting and cooking for a year, in the authors gardens. Contains recipes from the authors grandmothers' and great grandmother's recipe boxes.
  • Through the Garden Window: Family Memories

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Second in a series, Family Memories highlights the importance of making lasting memories with family by growing, cooking and eating food together. The book contains 12 essays from the author reminiscing about growing up and how food brings the family together. Complete with 12 recipes from the authors grandmothers' and great grandmother's recipe boxes.
  • Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    The first in a planned series, Harvest Season gives you a glimpse of growing your own food and what to do with it when you do. This book contains twelve essays about the authors gardening adventures, from planning in the winter to putting the garden back to bed in the fall. Complete with 12 recipes from the authors grandmothers' and great grandmother's recipe boxes.
  • Civil Rights Baby: My Story of Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American Journalism

    by Nita Wiggins
    Principled journalist Nita Wiggins reveals what happens off camera at television stations. At age 8, Wiggins sets her compass for Dallas, Texas, to report on the celebrated Dallas Cowboys. But, she faces a moving goalpost in the male-dominated industry. "If only the treatment within my TV newsrooms had been as respectful and appropriate as the treatment given to me in the sports team locker rooms by the millionaire athletes," the author remarked in 2021. The new edition updates civil rights g... more
  • Adventure in Zanskar

    by Amy Edelstein
    In 1983, twenty-one year old Amy Edelstein set out on a solitary 500 kilometer journey in the highest valley in the world. Zanskar, India, the westernmost corner of the Tibetan plateau had only recently opened to travelers. She would spend two months walking by foot, crossing passes above 16,000 feet, sleeping in caves, meeting high lamas and monastics, and exploring a culture that had remained virtually the same for thousands of years. It was a culture that would change dramatically and irrevoc... more
  • Running All Over The World, Our Race Against Early Onset Alzheimer"s

    by Anthony Copeland-Parker
    When my partner Catherine and I were in our 50s, we found out in short order that I needed a heart valve replacement, and she had early-onset Alzheimer's. We both have a history as endurance athletes, so our reaction to this news was to sell our home, retire from our jobs, and become nomads, running marathons and half-marathons all over the world. My book Running All over the World, adapted from a blog I wrote during our travels, is a nonfiction account of our five-plus years of flying, runni... more
  • Heaven Is a Long Way to Go

    by Joe Willey
    Book Summary: Heaven Is A Long Way to Go This non-fiction book takes the reader into the hopes, hardships, and tragedies of four generations of ambitious individuals, connected by lineage and marriage. They emigrated to America from Norway, England and the Isle of Man, seeking freedom and free lands offered by the federal Homestead Act. Settling in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska, they were challenged by economic humiliations, locust plagues, blizzards, prairie fires, accidents, and ... more