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  • Graceful Agony: An Intimate Memoir of Living with Fibro & Chronic Fatigue

    by Deb Morgan, Advocate and

    "In the pages of 'Graceful Agony' is a beautifully written journey of deep and intimate memoirs soon after the authors' diagnosis with Fibro, chronic pain, and fatigue. It is a memoir filled with pure perseverance and inspiration."

    As per "National Fibromyalgia Association," fibromyalgia is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases. In America, an average of ten million people yearly suffer from this disease. It c... more

  • STIGMA Through the Eyes of a Bipolar Artist

    by David A. Feingold, Ed.D, LCSW

    Feingold takes us on a winding road of emotional twists and turns in this compelling personal memoir. His visceral art exposes the inner pain of mental illness stigma, while his impassionedl self-narrative shows us a way through it.

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    by K.P. Summers
  • Chasing the Daylight

    What is it like to be part of the world’s most powerful armed forces at the dawn of the 21st century? Does a military tale have to be about the men going to war? You’ll find out here. Joanna is a fragile, romantic, former ballerina. After a painful rift with her beloved friend and mentor, she joins the U.S. Army. Her dream is to become an Intelligence Officer. She faces a formidable task, but she embarks on a four-year journey to accomplish her goal. The story whirls us into the center of the... more
  • This Fragile Partnership: A Year in the Civic Life of a Florida Teacher

    by Jeremy D. Lucas
    In the aftermath of a shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old gunman entered his old elementary school through an unlocked door and killed 21 people, two teachers and nineteen students, the nation was rattled. Understandably, there were educators who thought about quitting, moms and dads who thought about keeping their kids home, and legislators who got more aggressive about security. At the heart of this uniquely American tragedy was a terrifying breach of trust. Every parent and grandp... more
  • Please I Can to the Toilet Go?

    by Guy Newmountain
    Ever wondered what it's like to be a supply teacher? This is the book for you! Artist and illustrator Guy Newmountain, a time-served teacher at the chalk-face for 25 years and a familiar sight to thousands of pupils across the spectrum from nursery to sixth form, tells a succession of school-related anecdotes with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour. Some are hysterically funny and a few sad; others heart-stopping and deadly serious.. Guy even bares his soul regarding personal heartbreak... more
  • Ask Your Father

    by Tony Wasowicz
    So many questions not asked . . . . Who are the significant elders in your life? Parents? Grandparents? Older friends or neighbors? What do you really know about them? Have you ever asked them to tell their stories? Tony Wasowicz waited until his father was in his nineties to ask him. He will always wonder why he waited so long. Many of us—most of us—take our elders for granted, thinking that, maybe someday we’ll get around to sitting down with them and taking the time to listen to them... more
  • The Possibility of All Things: A Story of Parallel Journeys

    by Frank Head
    A memoir of dramatic parallel stories of young lovers coming of age in the early 1970’s and the same couple’s struggle to survive a major medical crisis forty years later. In alternating chapters, the author recalls their struggle to find a purposeful life as part of the 60s generation and contrasts it with the same challenges in the later stages of life. Whether they are young adventurers lost in the wilds of the Sierra Madre or senior lovers trying to communicate through the barrier of an e... more
  • While I Walk: Solo Adventuring in the Vast, Beautiful World

    by Rachel Durchslag
    What motivates a person to leave the comforts of home and travel alone to hike the mountains of foreign lands? Find out as author Rachel Durchslag walks some of the most beautiful hikes in the world in search of adventure, meaning, and an expanded version of herself. In this poignant, honest, and funny memoir-meets-travel guide, Rachel invites you to set foot with her on trails spanning the globe from Chile and Nepal to Jordan, Spain, and beyond. Learn along with her as she discovers how solo tr... more
  • Present in the Past: A Narrative

    by Delavar Khomarlou
    The 1980–1988 Iran–Iraq War, a conflict mostly forgotten since, plays a central role in in the book Present in the Past. The war, which lasted 8 years (1980–1988) and claimed over a million lives, affected a whole generation in Iran. Present in the Past is about the interaction between a naïve teenage son and his mother, Touran Mirhadi, a renowned educator of great accomplishment. The war forced her to make a decision and not send her son to the front line. Her decision to take her son out of t... more
  • One Reason to Live: A Memoir About Surviving Trauma

    by Christine Rose

    After a series of traumatic events (including the end of a 15-year marriage and multiple sexual assaults), a woman discovers she must face the reality of her life, or end it. On a scrap of paper she writes “Reasons to Live.” It stays blank for days. Then, she remembers her old dream: move to Europe. 

    By pet-sitting in exchange for lodging, she makes this dream a reality, finding solace in exploring new landscapes and spending time with animals. Against a backdrop of fur-filled adventure... more

  • Face Value

    by Christine Macdonald
    Face Value: From Working the Pole to Baring My Soul is Less Than Zero meets Miami Vice but with more make-up and hairspray. It is the story of a beautiful, free-spirited, wide-eyed little girl from the island of O`ahu who has no childhood memories before the age of nine. What trauma could have erased her early life; she may never know. What she does know, is that for as far back as she can remember these events influenced her unusual life. Christine tells her story with raw, honest, relatable, a... more
  • Untethered: A Woman's Search for Self on the Edge of India - A Travel Memoir

    by C.L. Stambush
    Determined to discover her true grit and despite never having ridden a motorcycle in her life, journalist C.L. Stambush impulsively buys a Royal Enfield Bullet and sets out on a 7,000-mile, 5-month solo journey around the Subcontinent. Fraught with danger and near-death experiences, she encounters ominous men, confronts culture clashes, and narrowly escapes homicidal drivers. Along the way, she crashes her motorcycle, loses her camera, her way, and her self-control—crossing lines she never im... more
  • Places in Time: Reflections on a Journey

    by Maxine Schur
    Places in Time recounts Maxine’s adventurous round-the-world journey. It is the story of youthful adventures seen through the lens of time in essays that are exciting, funny, poignant, and reflective. Each chapter chronologically covers a new point in her journey—with the goal being immigration to New Zealand. Maxine’s story tells of a world of fascinating people―what they care about and what they believe. The "places" included in the narrative are Mexico, The Caribbean region, Switzerland, Fran... more
  • The Return

    by Stephen Bennett
    In The Return you will journey with us, through this true story, of changing times and hope. Hope that will shine in the darkness.
  • By Accident: A Memoir of Letting Go

    by Joanne Greene
    Small in stature, large in presence, and always in charge, Joanne Greene anchored the news and hosted talk shows on San Francisco radio while totally devoted to her family - until a traumatic accident suddenly removed her ability to control anything. By Accident is a story of resilience and perseverance, of will and pluck, and of positivity and gratitude for lessons learned - even as the personal hits just keep on coming.