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  • The Gift Shop at the DMZ

    by Maureen Hicks
    When a Buddhist therapist contracts to counsel soldiers around the world, her ingrained opposition to war initially obstructs her view. Repelled but curious about military culture, her careful listening to servicemembers and families leads to empathy and understanding for their challenges. In postings from the US to Germany to Korea, serving soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, she learns to respect and serve those enduring trauma. When the too-rare sessions lead to a struggle with depress... more

    by Tamas Pinter
    This 384-page work, which has all the hallmarks of a guidebook, showcases the best natural wonders of the geographical unit once known as the Wild West. Just as the national parks are well-organized homes to unique geographical and cultural formations, the short stories are structured around information about these places. These true tales are realistic, but often astonishing or even thought-provoking, and provide a glimpse of what a visitor can see and experience in this open exhibition hall of... more
  • Not That Girl Anymore

    by Patty Cabot
    For 20 years I battled drastic weight fluctuations and thought it was what prevented me from having romantic relationships. Desperate to break the cycle and open myself to love, at age 38 I sought out a therapist specializing in eating disorders. She believed my weight was a symptom of a much deeper issue, my childhood sexual abuse, and only by resolving it could I have the love I wanted. So began the next 12 years of my life working with my therapist and EMDR, a chiropractor to release trapped ... more
  • Undomesticated Women Anecdotal Evidence from the Road

    by Anna Blake
    Welcome to our year of living compactly. My dog, Mister, and I crossed thirty states, saw two oceans, and drove fourteen thousand miles in eight months, pulling our A-frame trailer, the Rollin’ Rancho. We were nomads looking for horse training adventure and liver treats. Work paid for the trip; it was part clinic tour, part travelogue, part squirrel hunt. But mostly an unapologetic celebration of sunsets, horses, RV parks, roadkill, diverse landscapes, and undomesticated women. It’s a book made... more
  • Final Notes from the Field

    by Kirk Ward Robinson
    The Appalachian Trail, that celebrated and often idealized 2000-mile footpath between Maine and Georgia, taunts the imaginations of those who have never hiked it from end to end, and haunts the memories of those who have. Kirk Ward Robinson, trail name “Solo,” had already completed three southbound thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail when he returned in 2021 for a fourth, northbound this time. After his third southbound thru-hike in 2018, Robinson hadn’t planned to return to the trail again u... more
  • More Notes from the Field

    by Kirk Ward Robinson
    In this sequel to Notes from the Field: A Diary of Journeys Near and Far, Robinson continues his journeys to places near and far, always peering around the corner for those insights that leave enduring legacies. Traveling on foot or bicycle, this very vulnerability leads him toward the greatest rewards, from chance encounters to hardships overcome to lasting friendships. Through excerpts from his travel diaries, in prose spare, vivid, and starkly honest, Robinson recounts a healing foray onto t... more
  • Notes from the Field

    by Kirk Ward Robinson

    This new edition of Notes from the Field: A Diary of Journeys Near and Far is the opening volume in a trilogy of travels close to home and around the world. From a toddler in a storm-tossed Cessna to a sexagenarian on the Appalachian Trail, Kirk Ward Robinson was struck by wanderlust early on, abetted by an accidental career that kept him on the move for the better part of two decades, always observant along the way for those moments beyond the common. Through a memory for fine detail and a p... more

  • The Real Gatsby: George Gordon Moore

    by Mickey Rathbun
    When author Mickey Rathbun began to investigate a longstanding rumor that her grandfather had been the model for one of the most illustrious fictional characters in American literature, she discovered closer connections than she had ever imagined. In her memoir, THE REAL GATSBY: GEORGE GORDON MOORE, she examines the striking parallels between the real person and his fictional doppelganger. Beyond their hardscrabble western origins, formative sojourns in England, extravagant lifestyles fueled by ... more
  • Selectively Lawless: True Story of Emmett Long, an American Original

    by Asa Duane Dunnington, Bill Maddox
    In the early twentieth century, money, power, and reputation were king. With outlaws like Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson roaming the streets, it was a lawless time, with lawless individuals taking their fates and fortunes into their own hands. Emmett Long was one of them. Bank robber, moonshiner, gambler, and on occasion even a killer, he made his own rules. But he varied from the typical story. Instead of dying at the young age of thirty-something in a blaze of guns and fury, he lived to... more
  • Paris for Life

    by Barry Frangipane
    Barry Frangipane experiences riots, bombings, culture clashes, and helps to save a famous mime's home from foreclosure in 1970s Paris.
  • Passports and Parasites: An Extraordinary Journey of Adventure, Resilience, and Healing

    by Vashti Kanahele

    "Passports and Parasites" is a mesmerizing memoir that invites you to embark on a remarkable journey with Vashti, an intrepid traveler whose life unfolds across the pages in vivid and unvarnished detail. This captivating narrative takes you on a rollercoaster ride through Vashti's life, from her daring adventures in war-torn regions to the serene shores of Curaçao.

    Throughout the pages of this book, you will experience the full spectrum of human emotions—the e... more

  • Snapshot Of A Warped Man

    by Michael Shashoua
    Why are the awkward boys so awkward? In a time before smartphones and the internet, their coming of age happened with less supervision, but also less support. In “Snapshot Of A Warped Man,” Michael Shashoua tells his own story about being one of those awkward boys, and what it was like to be socially alienated, carrying unsavory sexual fantasies. He tracks a through line from there into adulthood, showing how that mindset got cancerous and disastrous -- but with an understanding of wha... more
  • The Funk Queen

    by Dawn Silva
    “One of the most honest-in-my-life in music and books you’re going to read, and one of the most exploratory.” Dave Thompson English Author
  • Tough Enough

    by Lewis Tucker
    This book will answer curiosities regarding what it's like to go through army basic training from a physical and psychological stance. These chronicles will make it seem as if you were right there.
  • Last Bohemian: The Life and Times of Jonathan David Batchelor Part 1

    by Julia Antoinette Rosenstein
    Artist Jonathan Batchelor based his life not upon finances or money, but upon philosophy, love of art and music. He was an archetypal free-spirited non-conformist who thrived in the San Francisco Bay Area the latter half of the twentieth century. Part 1 of his biography takes the reader from his humble beginnings as the child of a vaudevillian actor and musician. Together father and son struggle through the depression; Jonathan finally finds stability and the means to earn a good living through ... more