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  • Presidential Spirit

    by Gina S. Scheff
    Gina has no intention of marrying again following a disastrous divorce. She wants to focus on raising her son and building a career, not falling in love. But then she meets a spirited airman named David Scheff and everything changes. It doesn’t take long for him to convince her that marrying her soul mate might be a good idea after all. A member of the Air Force, David eventually becomes the flight chief for Air Force One, giving Gina the opportunity to shake hands with presidents William Jeffe... more
  • Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum

    by Jane Blomstrand
    Almost all of us have experience with school, either as a student, a parent or maybe as a teacher. But few have the experience in school as a principal. Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum is a collection of stories from the life of a principal. All principals have stories like these. Some are funny, some are sad, some may surprise you and some may touch your heart. When you put them together hopefully you will have experienced what happens in a school beyond the curriculum.
  • A Brief Progress

    by Kyle Jarrard
    Form: Nonrandom free verse. Themes: Life, Death, Super-Consciousness, the Infinite, Devotion and Miracles. Keywords: City parks, truck signs, saris and dhotis, cranky ravens, haircuts, trees, swimming pools, trains, skulls, mammoths, pharaohs, cats, virgins, Malone and Quetzalcoatl. Way Stations: Mahabalipuram, Auroville, Tranquebar, Gokarna, Bellary, Hubli, Ur, St.-Césaire, Dallas, Las Vegas, Guadalajara and last but not least, Paris. Select Takeaways: Travel while you can, Don’t play 24 black,... more
  • Black Lion ONE, Resurrection and Ascension of the Black Lions

    by Donald E. Auten
    The historical biography of John Monroe “Hawk” Smith, Navy fighter pilot, is a gripping account of valor, sacrifice, and adventure during one of the most tumultuous periods in carrier aviation. Roger Ball!, the first work, takes the reader on Hawk Smith’s wild ride. Black Lion ONE, the sequel, continues the odyssey of “Hawk” Smith with the same white-knuckle intensity and on-scene story-telling narrative as its predecessor. Through the brutal war in Vietnam, U.S. tactical aviation forces suf... more
  • Twelve Years A Slave: A play based on the memoir by Solomon Northup

    by Kristopher Owens
    Based on the 1853 memoir by Solomon Northup, Twelve Years a Slave is a drama in two acts which chronicles the plight of a free black man from New York who is tricked into traveling with two men who eventually sell him into slavery. Northup's nightmare began in Washington DC, and ended in Louisiana twelve years later after a letter writing campaign and the help of a friend through a chance encounter.
  • The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2 Passion's Fire: Snippets from a Wild Ride - A Prayer, A Poem, A Prophecy

    by Amy Jean

    Amy Jean builds on the foundations she began in The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1, with the release of Passion's Fire. In Volume 2, you experience God dramatically stepping through human relationships, proving that love can repair breaches. In a world filled with individuals focused on collecting belongings and seeking fame, often at the expense of others, this volume yearns to warm the hearts of humanity in hopes of shedding light on many trapped in darkness. It ... more


    by Angela Paolantonio

    Angela Paolantonio is the author of The Ghosts of Italy (2016). In Still Life With Saints (2020), she trades Mulholland Drive for via Fontana to live in the house where her Italian spirit was born, on a magical lane among the women of the village who take her under their wing and into their lives. Call it magic, serendipity, or maybe a dispatch from a past life Angela is compelled to listen and act on her inner voice. In her sequel to The Ghosts of Italy s... more


    by Angela Paolantonio

    The Ghosts of Italy is Angela Paolantonio's memoir of how she first discovers and then returns to live in the remote mountain village in Southern Italy where her grandparents were born. She sets out late one November, just after having celebrated Thanksgiving alone on a rooftop in Rome, the spirit of her ancestors guiding her in. "I really didn't know I was searching for anything till I got here," she says. "Then I realized what I was missing and what it meant."... more

  • Smut Snark Satire

    by Maura Stone
    In 2012 author Maura Stone started her blog, kiss-keepitsimpleschmuck. It didn't take long to catapult as the TOP comedy blog. After six years, 10,000 pages and over 100,000 daily readers, Maura closed it down. Now, you can read select posts which rendered her blog as mandatory reading. Smut Snark Satire is the first of several volumes.
  • Grandpa's Notes

    by Chuck Cotton
  • Grandpa's Notes

    by Chuck Cotton
    60 years of Grandpa Chuck's notes and Tips on New Possibilities, Opportunities, Dreams Families, Athletics, Coaching, and Business FOR Baby Boomers to Gen Z'ers CHUCK COTTON You Will Love this Book
  • Virtual Insanity

    by Lara McKenzie
    She felt under surveillance by intelligence agencies. She felt her home was bugged. She felt they had her trapped in the astral field. She felt she was trapped in the astral field by ASIS having astral sex with her. She wanted justice. Was she going mad? Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2012 at the age of 36, and then with schizoaffective disorder in 2017, Lara's memoir describes the journey of her life and her descent into mental illness along with all she lost, namely her two children. Set in c... more

    Finding your place in a family tree that has only one branch, the other shorn by the Holocaust, is a tricky business. Gail Weiss Gaspar grew up believing that her worth was tied to busyness and productivity, with achievement and education prized above all other accomplishments. Keenly aware that her beloved father survived Auschwitz and the brutal environment of the Mauthausen labor camp, she silenced her suffering because nothing could match what he endured. Gail’s family had secrets, as... more
  • Brothers in Arms: Remembering Brothers Buried Side by Side in American World War II Cemeteries

    by Kevin M. Callahan
    Featuring over 700 historic photographs and other original artifacts, Brothers in Arms tells the stories of brothers buried side by side in American World War II cemeteries overseas. Fourteen of these noble cemeteries are spread around the world, holding the remains of over 90,000 fallen Americans and listing another 80,000 missing. All made the ultimate sacrifice so that others might live in peace and freedom. These sacred burial grounds are kept in meticulous care by the American Battle Mon... more
  • Fatherhood at 19...No Tutorial Books

    by Curtis Witters
    Fatherhood is a gift and a responsibility that most men never get the chance to fully experience and in most cases this is due to lack of navigation. Fatherhood at 19, No Tutorial Books hopes to offer Fathers of all cultures a piece of guidance & insight.
  • 0998033510

    by Maureen C. Berry
    Midlife Cancer Crisis chronicles Pamela McColloch’s cancer journey—the angst and denial, diagnosis, and treatments. This book explores a single woman’s search to understand her parental influences as she battles colon and liver cancer in her late-40’s while raising her teenage godson. Midlife Cancer Crisis is a story of family, choices, friendship, and faith.