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  • Childhood Cassette: An Arab Woman's Journey of Self Discovery & Cultural Duality

    by samia shreteh
    "Childhood Cassette" is Samia’s vulnerable and authentic odyssey as an Arab-American woman. Through her poetic narration and compelling storytelling, she reflects on her childhood recollections, emotions, and revelations to reconcile her place in two conflicting cultures. Samia’s captivating prose takes readers on a journey through different destinations, battles, and reminiscences, providing motivation, wisdom, valor, and optimism throughout the way. This book serves as a pilgrimage towards sel... more
  • Seizing Control

    by Laura Beretsky
    Despite a lifelong challenge managing epilepsy, Laura has led a good life with friends, rewarding work, and a new life-partner. After having a grand mal seizure at work, Laura was devastated by the subsequent job insecurity—her superiors were sidelining her. When Laura’s first child was born three years later, she worried that loss of awareness during seizures jeopardized his safety. She opted for brain surgery, despite its possible life-threatening complications. Seizing Control recounts her qu... more
  • AlieNation

    by Jayma Anne Montgomery
    This is a memoir told as a series of vignettes detailing my immigration story, assimilation process, blended family dynamics, and personal tragedies that complicated my journey into womanhood.
  • In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta: The Travels of Ed Tabibian through Asia and Back Again

    by Michael Boyajian, editor

    In 1355 the travel memoirs of Ibn Battuta came into being and were widely read whereas his journeys surpassed both Marco Polo and Xheng He.  Now centuries later the 1971 journeys of Armenian American Ed (Edwin) Tabibian through Asia are available with a perspective and mindset of a world that has changed radically to what we know of today in 2023 and is as different to us today as is the world of Ibn Battuta's book.  Join Ed Tabibian back in 1971 as he travels through Asia to Tu... more

  • The Waiting Room

    by Casey Gent
    Waiting rooms can be lonely places. Disease may infect one family member, but it affects all of them. This dark autobiography takes the reader to the "healthy" child and how she responds to having a brother with an incurable disease. From strange habits, addictions, hang-ups, eating disorders, and major depressive disorder, the author hides her issues from everyone else while proving her loyalty to her brother, who is her best friend. The difference between how the siblings are treated by other... more
  • Mellow Your Money

    by Mick Heyman
    Mellow Your Money teaches, through MIck Heyman's experiences and misadventures, how to manage your money in an uncertain world. Though we all have unique roads to travel in life, most of us struggle with emotional and psychological challenges when it comes to money and building wealth. Learning to overcome these obstacles and changing our money mindset is how we grow rich—both as investors and as human beings. After a lifelong career as a wealth manager, Mick Heyman has discovered achieving gre... more
  • Days of My Life: A personal story about generational trauma, mental health and one woman’s transformational journey to healing

    by Rev Alford
    A compelling memoir detailing the intricate journey of Rev Alford’s life. From losing her mother to suicide, to becoming a mother herself with all the challenges that brings. She re-visits skeletons in the closet 20 years on as the generational trauma resurfaces. __________________________________________________________ Rev was 22 years old when her mother took her own life after many turbulent years of suicidal ideation. She believed she could forge on and put that behind her without process... more
  • Trust the Flow

    by Tara Rose
    Who am I, and what am I here to do? "Trust the Flow: Awakening with Kambo, Cannabis & Ayahuasca" is a memoir about finding very surprising answers to these questions through medicine ceremonies, shamanic dreams and mystical visions -- and some colorful "van life" adventures in the American Southwest that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired to step into creator consciousness with courage and faith.
  • The Undiscovered Country

    by Diane Meyer Lowman
    Diane Meyer Lowman, a divorced, suburban Connecticut-based mother of two grown sons runs away from home at age 57. The balm for her midlife crisis is a “senior” year abroad studying her literary idol. She sells her home, car, and most of her possessions and enrolls in an M.A. program at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford Upon Avon. The thrilling, energizing, and challenging year as a “mature student” and expatriate teaches Diane as much about herself as about The Bard. Take this physic... more
  • Tinderbox: One Family's Story of Adoption, Neurodiversity, and Fierce Love

    by Lynn Alsup

    Lynn watched her beloved Clare, newly adopted from Haiti, crawl the house in a frantic search for her lost mother. Preschool Clare enchanted with belly laughs and shining smiles. Also, thrashed and wailed in her room as Lynn crouched on her own bed—pillow clutched over her head—her past trauma triggered. A pre-teen trip to Haiti brought sunshine, ruby red hibiscus blooms, and the music of Haitian Creole. Back at home, Clare shattered mirrors into shards on the subway tiles of thei... more

  • Ride or Die: Loving Through Tragedy, A Husband’s Memoir

    by Jarie Bolander
    Modern society has a warped sense of the partner-caregiver role, especially for men. Too often, men are ill equipped to handle switching from provider to caregiver, and the “just suck it up” advice so many offer up falls as flat as the Kansas prairie in the face of the reality of life and death. Ride or Die takes its audience through the intimate conversations and thoughts of a Gen-X latchkey-generation husband—a man who has always had to fend for himself and believed that it’s up to him to sol... more
  • Not MeToo MeinCharge

    by Aphrodite Phoenix
    When “God’s people” choose a bragging woman molester and lawmakers pretend he belongs…when journalism trying to tell the plain truth gets called fake by the fakest lout alive…where lies are adored by many millions, and every day the crucial truth is trashed…where respect and admiration from the rest of the world has been dying since 2016… CAN A PROSTITUTE BE A MORAL COMPASS? You bet your life she can. “Absorbing…striking…passionate…informative. Takes a range of institutions and groups to task... more
  • SIPPING FROM THE NILE, My Exodus From Egypt

    by Jean Naggar
    To read SIPPING FROM THE NILE, Jean Naggar's lavish memoir of her Cairo childhood, is to be transported to another world, another time. This book is a document of the gorgeous, elaborate rituals of Naggar's Sephardic upbringing. It is series of exquisitely-remembered portraits of the people whose have lives braided into hers-- among them her father, whom she movingly memorializes for imparting to her a novelistic sense of the human world: "I listened, spellbound, to my father's rich store of ... more
  • Eros and Thanatos; a Hollywood Story

    by Max Denken
    It’s 3 am. A dejected Hollywood studio employee and filmmaker who had just been fired goes to a coffee shop and meets a woman who will upend his life and bring misfortune to his beloved mother. So begins the true story that took the author from Los Angeles to Munich and from there, via his mother’s wartime memoir, to the bloodlands of Galicia under Soviet, then German, then Soviet again occupations in 1939‒1945. A story of love between a mother and her son and of lust between the son and a woman... more
  • The Humorist: Adventures in Adulting & Horror Movies

    by Mike Cavaliere

    Horror movies meet the horrors of growing up in this unique and hilarious collection of personal essays, which examines the culture shock of aging as seen through the prism of pop culture addiction.

    Why grow up when you can watch TV, instead?

    That’s the question at the heart of this story, in which multi-award-winning humor columnist Mike Cavaliere captures the funny and surprisingly poignant moments that define our journeys to and through adulthoo... more

  • Young Man, Muddled

    by Robert Kanigel
    Embark on a serendipitous journey with celebrated author Robert Kanigel, from a Brooklyn childhood through an unexpected career shift from engineering war weaponry to crafting tales of geniuses and grand ideas. A story of a '60s youth in America's throes of change, a transformative love, and a muddled path that led to an unexpected destination: the life of a storyteller. A memoir of love, work, and the muddling through that shapes a life.