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  • Glorified Bus Driver

    by Jason Hawkins
    Jason is barreling towards a mid-life crisis. As a military officer with a growing family, he could have been living the American dream, if only he'd known what to look for. Restless and desperate for contentment, he takes the risk of a lifetime and leads his family into poverty. Climbing out of it nearly cost him his life and exposes sources of the self-destructive mindset that plagues generations of men. Ultimately, he conquers his past and his thorny nature to reach a life beyond his drea... more
  • Rearview: A Psychiatrist Reflects on Practice and Advocacy In a Time of Healthcare System Change

    by Barry B. Perlman, M.D.
    In Rearview: A Psychiatrist Reflects on Practice and Advocacy in a Time of Healthcare System Change Dr. Barry B. Perlman, a graduate of Yale Medical School, offers an overview of his career in medicine. From his first inklings of interest in mental health issues tied to his grandmother’s bouts of severe depression and his mother’s volunteer work with persons discharged from psychiatric hospitals, to his summer jobs in hospitals, through to closing his practice and retirement, Perlman recounts th... more
  • One with the Road

    by John Reger
    Most people never get to travel across the United States, least of all take three months to do it. In One with the Road, John Reger leaves Southern California on his Harley Davidson in a classic search for himself and America. Covering forty states and nearly 12,000 miles, the author meets unique and interesting people that share his iconoclastic lifestyle, such as a hitchhiking preacher, a truck-stop dentist, and a confidence man-all who teach him, and us, that being unusual makes life more int... more
  • She is My Child: What My Daughter's Medical Journey Taught Me About Faith, My Heavenly Father, and Flying Standby

    by Tammy Coulter
    In 2007, fourteen-month-old Ava was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome, a rare, progressive, genetic disorder for which there was no treatment. The jarring news left her mother Tammy reeling and wondering what the future held for her daughter. As the days following the diagnosis blurred together, Tammy saw two paths before her—fall apart or fall into the arms of the Lord. For a time, she did both, struggling with her emotions one moment, feeling God's peace the next, all while continuing to care fo... more
  • Journals, Volume 1: 1993-2001

    by Matt Cardin
    For more than two decades, Matt Cardin has been one of the most dynamic writers of contemporary weird fiction. In addition, he has been a perspicacious commentator on weird literature, horror films, and related subjects. Now he presents the first of two volumes of his journals, which he began keeping years before he contemplated a career as a writer. In these journals Cardin wrestles with profound philosophical and religious issues, absorbing the work of thinkers ranging from Plato to Nietzsche... more
  • Trust Yourself to Be All In: Safe to Love and Let Go

    by Amanda McKoy Flanagan
    A Boundless Quest for Emotional Freedom and Soul Evolution Everyone leaves you or hurts you. This false myth of generational family dysfunction, compounded through trauma, appeared frighteningly true to Amanda the moment her brother overdosed and died. Devastated, she shined up the emotional armor she wore to protect herself from pain and soldiered on. But a decade of self-reflection and personal growth in 12-step recovery could not save her from herself. Attempting to destroy everything arou... more
  • El Chirrido de Los Columpios: De la supervivencia a la plenitud, Una historia real de superación del abuso sexual. (Spanish edi

    by Guy Giard
    Voy dando saltos en mi bicicleta, pedaleo tan rápido como puedo y cruzo de un carril al otro sin preocuparme por el tránsito que avanza en sentido contrario. Mis pulmones se llenan de polvo. En un paso subterráneo en abandono, el asfalto fisurado se entrechoca con la tierra y las columnas grises desfilan como los dientes rotos de un peine viejo y grasoso. El olor fétido de los centenares de excrementos blancos y grises de las palomas compite con la putrefacción de sus plumas y del lúpulo de la c... more
  • Le Grincement Des Balançoires: La véritable histoire d'une victoire sur l'abus sexuel (French Edition) (Guy Giard)

    by Guy Giard
    « Rebondissant sur la selle de mon vélo, pédalant aussi vite que possible, je fuis d'une voie à l'autre sans tenir compte de la circulation en sens inverse. La poussière emplit mes poumons. Dans un passage souterrain abandonné où s’entrechoquent asphalte fissuré et terre battue, les colonnes grises défilent comme les dents cassées d'un vieux peigne gras. L’odeur fétide des centaines de tas d'excréments blanc et gris des pigeons rivalise avec la pourriture de leurs plumes et du houblon de la bras... more
  • Lost in Beirut: A True Story of Love, Loss and War

    by Ashe and Magdalena Stevens
    An award-winning true story that poignantly captures the essence of living in the moment. Travel with Ashe to Lebanon to help organize a 50 Cent concert at the invitation of his best friend. There, he falls in love with a beautiful billionaire and the country itself. But when war breaks out, his idyllic romance is interrupted and Ashe is forced to flee for his life. Through this tumultuous experience, he discovers the depths of his own strength and resilience and emerges from the flames of wa... more
  • Off My Knees: From Skid Row to Sunset Boulevard

    by Julie D Summers
    How much trauma can one person survive and still, in the end, thrive? Julie D. Summer's debut memoir takes readers on a ride through incredible highs and the depths of hell, then rams back up to a conclusion of success. Hers is not a misery memoir but a challenging story of one woman's belief in her abilities to overcome the pits she finds herself in.
  • ALL CAPS: Stories That Justify an Outrageous Hat Collection

    by Craig Colby
    2022 Canadian Book Club Award Winner, non-fiction. In March 2020, during the great COVID-19 lockdown, television producer Craig Colby’s work disappeared. He marked the time by wearing a different baseball hat every day, posting a picture with a story about each one on social media. A community of friends started sharing their hats and stories, too. After 125 days, Craig ran out of hats, but gained new insight into what each cap told him about his own life. In isolation, Craig experienced triumph... more
  • Pepo

    by Donna Papacosta
    "PEPO: Tales of growing up, addiction and prison" is a memoir based on more than 100 letters that John Papacosta wrote to his sister Donna. To preserve his sanity while incarcerated, John wrote stories of growing up in Astoria, Queens, discovering girls, going off to college in upstate New York and Miami, working in the hospitality industry, and much more. His many misadventures, both hilarious and harrowing, showcase his sense of humor, his lifelong friendships and his storytelling abilities. H... more

    by Candi Milo
    Author Candi Milo free up in one of California's first halfway houses for the mentally disabled and emotionally disturbed, opened by her father, an ex-nightclub performer in 1969. She was eight. She tells the tale with humor and a dry-eyed sense of pathos and we learn the true meaning of family, acceptance and unity through her telling. Kirkus Reviews rated highly favorably.
  • Naples Secrets in the Sun: As Uncovered by an Inquisitive Uber Driver

    by Al Bianco
    Welcome to Naples (Florida, that is) Your entertaining guide to this sun-drenched city is Al Bianco, a dapper retired attorney turned Uber driver. Beside living in one of the richest communities on planet Earth, Naples' residents are good looking, smart, sophisticated, athetic, and down to earth. And they have great stories to tell. On your whirlwind tour of the city, you will discover the highlights, history, many clandestine secrets, and puzzling questions like these: Where was ... more
  • Cloud Clippers: The High-Flying Life of Marie Rae Miller Hubert

    by Karen Madigan

    Cloud Clippers is the story of a daring woman who lived her aviation and travel dreams. Included are Marie's flight logs, photos, articles, and stories. A fierce feminist before there was such a designation, Marie's voice shines bright.

  • Justice Is Served: A Tale of Scallops, the Law, and Cooking for RBG

    by Leslie Karst
    “The book is a romp from cover to cover—and, just like a great meal, left me ready for more.” —Karen Shimizu, Executive Editor, Food & Wine When Leslie Karst learned that her offer to cook dinner for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her renowned tax law professor husband, Marty, had been accepted, she was thrilled—and terrified. A small-town lawyer who hated her job and had taken up cooking as a way to add a bit of spice to the daily grind of pumping out billable hours, Kar... more