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  • Infinite Miracles

    by Katie Simons McCarty
    Katie McCarty, a first-time mom at age thirty-seven, was ready, excited, and determined to perfectly balance her career and motherhood. When she learned about her son’s rare fetal diagnosis of an omphalocele – a condition in which his intestines and liver grew outside his body – she was stunned. Katie entered the Stages of Grief Club and surrendered expectations of the perfect motherhood and perfect child. Little did she know that her personal transformation had just begun.
  • Cheeseburgers in Paradise

    by Niamh Oliver
    In 1996, my sister and I found ourselves living and working far from home in Rota, a town in Andalucía, Spain, which hosts a huge US military base. We spent our nights serving cervezas and shots of Jägermeister to homesick American sailors. Our lives were a heady cycle of working until 3 am, dancing until dawn, and sleeping all day. But everything changed when my sister was attacked by an AWOL Spanish sailor, setting off a chain of events that we could never have anticipated.
  • Things I Never Told My Father: Growing Up Gay as a Preacher's Son

    by Jeffrey Carrier
    It isn't easy growing up in the Bible Belt of East Tennessee when you start having same-sex fantasies as a child, especially when your father is a preacher who thinks that homosexuality is a sin. Moments of pleasure and the torment of guilt intersect in this memoir by Jeffrey L. Carrier. Exploring his sexuality and trying to make sense of his feelings, he takes us along on his journey of acceptance. Beginning with his childhood in the 1960s, he introduces us to the people who helped him along... more
  • Running Naked: Surviving the Legacy of Family in Rural Nebraska

    by Colby Coash
    FROM DUSTY ROADS AND DEAD ENDS, A NEBRASKA NATIVE SON FINDS HIS WAY A former Nebraska state senator hails from the heart of rural Nebraska—tiny Bassett, Nebraska, population 1,010—where his father and grandfather owned and operated the fertilizer plant, the backbone of the rural community. Born into the tapestry of small-town existence, Coash’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of tight-knit neighbors and the enduring spirit of the American small town. In this inspiring coming-of-age mem... more
  • Waking Up In Heaven: Living With Purpose Through Afterlife Wisdom

    by Ellen Wier
    At the age of twelve, a horseback riding accident left me in a coma, teetering on the brink of life and death. During this critical time, music became my lifeline, ultimately pulling me back into my body. Before I awoke, I made a vow to return to use music to heal others. This pivotal decision set me on a lifelong path of service, using insights from my near-death experience—and the spiritual life experiences that followed—to help others. "Waking Up in Heaven" is more than just a memoir; it’s... more
  • Scholar Mine: An Ohio State Love Story

    by Sharyn Talbert
    In our twenties, we goofed up. in our thirties, Ohio State saved us. It was the stage upon which our love took flight. And as everyone knows, education is the key. But what we found inside those unlocked doors--that's the story.
  • Help! My Kid Won't Go to School!

    by Katie Fowle and Sharoya Ham
    Help! My Kid Won’t Go to School! is part memoir and part step-by- step guide. Co-author Katie Fowle shares her raw and honest account of overcoming school refusal with her daughter. In addition, Parent Coach and co-author Sharoya Ham provides a roadmap to help parents unravel the underlying causes of their child’s school resistance. The book’s concise, story-driven chapters teach parents strategies to use in the heat of the moment that will get their children out the door and back to s... more
  • What the Heal

    by Tia Warrick
    In "What the Heal," Tia Warrick offers a raw and honest glimpse into her life's journey, entwined with the heritage of a first-generation immigrant Caribbean family. She candidly explores the dynamic of her family relationships, amidst a backdrop of turmoil and resilience, illustrating the profound effects of her upbringing on her life's path. The book's title cleverly reflects the dual themes of pain and healing portrayed in Tia's story, inviting readers on a transformative journey from deep-se... more
  • Stigma - Through the Eyes of a Bipolar Artist

    by David A. Feingold, Ed.D
    Readers are taken on a deeply personal journey through the ups and downs of bipolar disorder through a creative weaving of the author's raw and emotive art, descriptive captions, poetry, memoir, and reader self-help. It is an honest portrayal of the stigma surrounding mental illness and how it impacts both those who suffer from it and those who love and care for them. With unflinching honesty and a determination to overcome the challenges posed by bipolar disorder, the book shows us that, despit... more
  • The Miller's Angel Baby

    by A.R. Miller
    Book Synopsis The Miller’s Angel Baby In "The Miller’s Angel Baby," the author Alexis crafts an intimate journey through the tumultuous waves of loss, discovery, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly perfect life, the narrative delves into the depths of the human spirit, unearthing buried truths and unfulfilled dreams. At first glance, Alexis appears to embody the epitome of success: a flourishing career, a loving family, and a steadfast commitment to her roles as wife... more
  • Goal in Progress: The Detours and Diversions of a Spiritual Journey

    by Bhikkhu Nyanadhammika
    In Goal in Progress: The Detours and Diversions of a Spiritual Journey, an American Buddhist monk describes his eclectic, non-linear spiritual journey and his ongoing attempts to clarify the goal of his quest. Beginning with his early search during the late 1970s, followed by a prolonged residence in West Berlin, he goes on to articulate the monastic journey he embarked on at the age of fifty-four. After initially entering into Buddhist monastic life in Bodhgaya, India, and subsequently ordai... more
  • My Grandfather's Clocks: The True Story of a Grandson’s Search for an American Inventor’s Lost Collection

    by Gregory Gerard Allison
    After receiving praise from watchmakers, engineers (and even Hollywood celebrities) in 1940s Los Angeles, the hand-crafted Charles Allison Timepiece Collection was lost to time. Nearly 70 years later, after four years of cross-country sleuthing, his gay New York-based grandson rediscovered it in an unlikely place—a former church building in Montana. Along the journey, he also gained insight into what it means to be a man—and what it means to carry forward a family name.
  • Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted

    by Tariku Bogale
    THE GREATEST SUCCESS STORIES can spring from the humblest of beginnings. Such is the case with Tariku Bogale. From his early days raised in poverty to funding his own education and becoming the CEO of numerous companies, Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted tells Bogale’s story of success, struggle, and determination. Sprinkled with a dash of international intrigue and high stakes risk, Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted details Bogale’s journey through South Africa to Switzerland, New York, Holly... more
  • From Brokenness to Atonement, Faith, Hope, and Love: A Vietnam War Sniper's Journey and a Psychiatrist's Bibliotherapy

    by Hani Raoul Khouzam
    This is a story of Mr. L, an orphan who was raised and nurtured by a devoted Carmelite nun, then drafted to serve as a skilled sniper during the Vietnam War. A journey of learning and mastering of the French language, excelling in the Little League baseball, discovering the art of hunting, and of an uttermost devotion to assigned military missions. A tale of grief, depression, anxiety, intermixed with bitterness, rage, fear, and delayed onset posttraumatic stress disorder with its most devastati... more
  • Run in My Shoes

    by Phillip Jr. Bell
    Run In MY Shoes is a chronological historical account regarding the political and social economic reasons concerning the development of Racism in American History. Written by an author who grew up during the turbulent Sixties/Civil Rights Struggles regarding the Black/White divide. Run In My Shoes highlights the American social economical historical facts and periods that define the American Social adaptations. The author personally highlights his personal social experiment of being the third Af... more
  • Won't Be Silent--Don't Stop 'Til It Matters

    by Abe Gurko
    In his debut memoir, Won’t Be Silent, Abe Gurko invites you to join him in celebrating a life that he calls “finally worth living.” It’s an honest, rollicking ride filled with joyous and life-affirming as well as challenging, daunting, and heartbreaking situations that he navigates with aplomb, though not always. Abe’s bohemian odyssey kicks off in the dregs of New Jersey, sashays through the velvet ropes of Studio 54, ricochets to and from Hollywood, comes out at the Gucci store in Florence, a... more