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  • Signatures of Misconduct: The Making of The Blackwood Bomber

    by Donatien Chamchawala
    In April 2009, after a child triggered a tripwire in his back garden, Donatien Chamchawala was arrested and charged with possession of explosives. Sentenced to an indefinite period in a secure mental hospital, he would spend 7 years struggling to regain the freedom that appeared permanently lost to him. Learn how a mild-mannered vegan’s world collapsed as he gradually descended towards madness. Wrongfully portrayed as hateful and dangerous by the authorities, the diary entries you are about... more
  • A Cry In the Dark: A Stroke Survivor’s Story of Hope and Recovery

    by Terence Ang

    “Given a choice, I would have dressed for the occasion. I dressed for every occasion, even nightmares. But this time… I was caught unaware… I was no longer in control.”

    Terence never dreamt he would suffer a stroke. After all, didn’t strokes happen only to old people? Terence did not die, he survived. But there is a difference between just surviving and living “magnificently and beautifully”.

    A Cry In The Dark details the journey of Terence Ang,... more

  • Feathered Canyons: Finding Treasures in the Golden State

    by Jeannette Hanby
    Four years of adventures as I explore Big Sur on the California Coast in the 1960s, fall in love with a man who entices me to join a gold mining venture on the Feather River in Northern California, and finally find my pwn path into a wonderful future.
  • The Unexpected Benefits of Being Run Over

    by Naseem Rochette
    Find the beauty and the power in your cracks. Recognize that breaking doesn’t mean broken. In a pedestrian crosswalk on a quiet tree-lined street, Naseem is hit and then run over three times. Onlookers yell for the driver to stop as she hears her fate in her husband’s screams. Is he is watching the mother of his children die? Miraculously, she survives, yet she is no longer the person she worked so hard to be. Her “cracks”—the changes to her body and mind—initially feel impossible to acc... more
  • Growing into the Gray: Reflections on Transforming Trauma for Women and the World

    by Laurie Lee Davidson
    From the microcosm of personal transformation to the macrocosm of global healing, Growing into the Gray is equal parts life story and social prescription. A collection of interwoven evocative reflections on trauma, somatic healing, and the state of the world, it delivers a universal message of profound hope: we can heal. In it, I demystify the meaning of trauma and invite readers to view their lives and our society through a new lens, that of the body, offering a vision for openhearted living in... more
  • How Women's Hockey Saved the World* (and defeated Donald Trump, but not necessarily in that order)

    by Alex Charns

    "Poignant, philosophical, humorous, and wise… A part handbook on hockey and a part political satire, Charns’s latest book is both wholly hilarious and deeply reflecting. The narrative straightaway delves into prejudice based on gender, especially in the field of ice hockey, and the story that follows is periodically interrupted by Charns’s hilarious tips on the vigorous sport as he narrates his family story, including his son and daughter’s passion for the sport ... more

  • My Aphrodite within her Athena: The Transcendent Beauty of Jeri

    by Michael Boyajian

    A friend called to say that my late wife was pretty in her youth. I tried to move his needle to understand that Jeri was beautiful at all ages in different appearances sometimes on the same day much the same as a faceted prism like gemstone. This book illustrates that beauty. Jeri on Olympus would be Aphrodite and Athena as one and on Earth she was Queen Penelope of Ithaca from Homer's Odyssey.


    by Margie Smith Holt
    When her carefully laid plans for career and marriage fall apart on the eve of her 40th birthday, a risk-averse Philadelphia journalist finds adventure, love, and meaning in an offbeat Caribbean “paradise,” but two back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes threaten to blow it all away.
  • Conversations With My Mother: A Story of Love, Hope, and Dementia on the Maine Coast

    by Ronald-Stéphane Gilbert

    Conversations with My Mother, a Story of Love, Hope, and Dementia on the Maine Coast, is a fictionalized memoir that describes the changes in an elegant, empathetic Francophone, YVETTE DALLAIRE, as she is overtaken by old age and dementia. The story debuts when Yvette is in her late eighties and the coastal Maine town that she’s lived in most of her life is being transformed into a resort-like destination for vacationers and retirees from Boston and beyond. Focusing on Yve... more

  • How Hockey Saved My World. An off-beat family memoir.

    by Alex Charns
    Poignant, philosophical, humorous, and wise. Part handbook on hockey and part memoir. The story is periodically interrupted by hilarious tips on the sport, as the author narrates his family story, including his son and daughter’s passion to play and his missteps as a hockey dad and husband.
  • Into Dark Corridors: A Tale of Hands, Heart, and Home

    by Constance Hood
    INTO DARK CORRIDORS: A Tale of Hands, Heart, and Home By Constance Hood \tThe abandoned house sat our 35-acre canyon, a neighborhood hazard and the weekend roost for two competing Los Angeles street gangs. From our hilltop cottage we saw a back patio, sliding glass doors now smashed, twisted bits of aluminum and steel poking out of concrete. Weeds and brush covered the barns, and stables. Fire prevention crews and equipment roared through there on Labor Day 1985, and my husband wandered dow... more
  • Echoes in the Stars

    by Gordon Frisbie
    Boo was a predominantly white Australian shepherd. Her only handicap, aside from bone-headed bravery, was deafness in one ear. Deafness is a common disability for the lethal white variety of this breed. She was found alone in a city park, brought to an animal shelter, and ended up with a man who had never owned a dog. For fifteen years man and dog enjoyed dog-sports, adventure, friendship, mishaps, law breaking, and (unofficial) law enforcement. This collection of stories and essays also include... more
  • The Mayor of Mardi Gras: A Memoir

    by Gregory L Fischer

    New Orleans Mardi Gras parades date back to 1857. Many people attend Mardi Gras. Fewer people participate as members of a krewe, and still fewer work year-round as artists and float builders. My cousin McKinley "Mackie" J. Cantrell, III was one of the artists and builders who worked full-time to bring Mardi Gras to life. A third-generation float builder, Mackie's grandfather began building floats during the Great Depression. By the mid-70s, "Big Mac" Cantrell had his o... more

  • Let that dark horse run

    by Sean Taylor-Cole
    My story is about how other people's actions, abuses and words can impact,alter and completely annihilate your life. It shows how apathy and complicity are just as ruinous. It is a disturbing, candid and gritty memoir that reveals the deterioration of the mind when unlawful harassment is allowed to run rampant in the workplace. It reveals how this grievous and shameful abuse caused mental suffering which left me alone and vulnerable to unscrupulous and negligent people. My harassers poss... more
  • My daughter, myself

    by Connie Easterbrook
    Grief and mourning are taboo subjects-in our society, so how do you interact with the world after your daughter dies in a tragic car accident. My Daughter, Myself is Connie Easterbrook’s journey towards understanding the complex relationship she had with her daughter, Simone, and the complicated grief that ensued.