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  • Cowboy Up! Life Lessons from Lazy B

    by Lynn Wiese Sneyd
    Alan Day's short stories reflect on the everyday life of the cowboy, with all its trials and tribulations. H. Alan Day, an award-winning author and American cowboy, who grew up on a 200,000-acre southwestern cattle ranch, made a hand at age five, and lived adventures most of us only witness on Netflix. While interacting with cowhands, horses, and the land, Alan learned valuable life lessons about loyalty, trust, humility, forgiveness, persistence, failure, innovation, and success. Day, who grew ... more
  • Cubbyhole Kid

    by C. E. Joseph

    Cubbyhole Kid is a heartrending true story of dysfunction and abuse in a California family in mid-1960s.

    It tells the harrowing survival story of a young four-year-old boy as he recounts his days being raised in a strict Irish Catholic family while expressing his gratitude and love for two incredible women that saved his life—his protective fourteen-year-old sister, his godmother, and his beautiful, religious mother. Together, along with his other siblings, his brothers, they pain... more

  • 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman's Walk Around the World

    by Polly Letofsky
    Polly Letofsky left her Colorado home and headed west across 4 continents and over 14,000 miles--by foot--to become the first woman to walk around the world. In a spirit of adventure, along with the goal of raising global awareness for breast cancer, strangers welcomed her into their homes. The world had embraced her. But in the middle of Polly's journey, 9/11 flung us all into a crossroads in world history, and she found herself navigating a vastly changing world. Polly's GlobalWalk has been... more
  • A Bridge to the Dimension of the Sacred Feminine (Escorting the Female Back to Wholeness)

    by David Best
    Through the words of this book, I will show you how I see you, I will show you how loves sees you. And through the power of the Divine Masculine Presence, you will feel safe to open your heart. I will hold space and seal your initiation into the Dimension of the Sacred Feminine. This is a book that every woman should read! It is powerful and moving, and after experiencing it, you will never be the same
  • HomoAmerican - The Secret Society

    by Michael K Dane

    With the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion recently behind us, HomoAmerican - The Secret Society remembers that time through the eyes of a witness who grew up in a world where we were invisible ...not merely the tale of a gay man growing up in America, but a firsthand, disturbing and yet often hilarious portrait of those turbulent and confusing times. In ghettos and in stereotypes there is an underlying thread of a war, not with society at large, but with o... more

  • Just a Slap

    by Kathleen P. Howard
    How does a vibrant, playful child become a frightened, lonely and invisible teenager? Kathleen lost her childhood joy when her mother’s anger and abuse terrified her. She found safety in becoming a people pleaser. At university she was drawn to yoga and loved the philosophy and practices of self-development. They felt like a balm to her wounded soul. Years later she trained as an Assistant Teacher in the Vipassana Meditation tradition. Throughout her life Kathleen suffered from chronic p... more
  • China Is Not for Everyone: But It Was My Home for a Decade

    by Stephanie Chaloux

    What is it like moving to another country and embracing another culture as your home?

    I will guide you through my experiences living in China as I moved there right after college. I never saw it as a gap year and lived there for ten year. It was awesome having the chance to introduce people to Jesus, and most didn’t believe the first chance they heard. Living overseas might seem exciting to some, but there are struggles to wrestled with, and daily life happened.

  • Confessions of a Helmet-Free Childhood

    by Cinnia Curran Finfer
    Confessions of a Helmet -Free Childhood is a humorous memoir of lessons learned the hard way. Organized in 13 "Confessions," Cinnia Curran Finfer recounts her mishaps and mistakes in a pre-digital era..
  • Delhi Escorts Service Suggests Questions, Not To Be Asked To The Escorts

    by Poonam das
    Hello guys, I am Poonam das, a 21 year old escort in Delhi Thank you for taking the time to visit our website Delhi is an established agency offering the service of hundreds of cute and beautiful girls. These babes are committed to their profession and do everything to please the clients. But being a responsible escorting agency, we want to highlight a few points that normally irritate these astonishingly beautiful Delhi Escorts . Many clients ask stupid, rude, poi... more
  • Riots of Passage

    by Jason McGathey
    "We have spent this entire summer living on chipped ham and No-Doz..." In this highly anticipated follow-up to One Hundred Virgins the author continues to document in riotous fashion life on a major college campus, in a major U.S. city. Though specifically Ohio State University and Columbus, Ohio, in a sense the particulars don't matter because such experiences, though often outrageous, are universal ones. Joined by his familiar cast of fellow reprobates, along with a healthy crop of fresh... more
  • Struggle: No Obstacle Is Too Great

    by Talla Spaul
    EDUCATION IS FREEDOM Five years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Maryam decided that she could no longer raise her two sons in their home country. She took them to the United States, leaving behind her husband, her mother, her medical practice, and everything she owned. Arriving penniless in Florida, she began the difficult and sometimes dangerous process of rebuilding her life—starting as a dishwasher. In time, she went back to school in NYC that prepared foreign doctors to be able to ... more
  • The American Dream

    by Tony Williams
    Madoc, a 12th Century prince of Wales, first set foot in America eight centuries ago, and today their are still native American Indians who know his story and honour his memory. This was just one of the discoveries for Tony Williams and his family, when they set off on Madoc's trail and found themselves on an Indian reservation in North Dakota.
  • Human, with a Side of Soul: One Woman's Soul Quest Through Open-Minded Interviews

    by Gina Dewink
    Soul 101 Do humans have a soul? Is the universe directing us with signs? From her vantage point as an open-minded investigative writer from Middle America, Gina Dewink asks a dozen strangers from the medical, scientific and spiritual realms about soul beliefs—along the way, encountering perspectives such as an environmental consultant who believes she’s lived before, a neurologist studying patients in a coma, a medical mystery who survived more than one near-death experience, a Bible-quoting... more
  • We Lost Her

    by Ellen Krohne
    A close family of nine was expecting joyful news of a new baby’s arrival that September morning in 1970. Instead tragic news changed this family forever. All seven siblings in this poor farming family dealt with their grief in different ways. I n this powerful book, their personal, emotional journey is told through the eyes of the third oldest sibling, Ellen Krohne. This story is painful, but it is also one of hope, struggle and renewal of faith. They all made it against the odds, all in... more
  • Welcome to Wonder Valley

    by William Hillyard
    Welcome to Wonder Valley You might have passed through there, maybe. Out for a drive with time on your hands you might have noticed the abandoned homestead shacks crumbling along a grid of dirt tracks scraped into this corner of the Mojave Desert. Wonder Valley. It’s a place peopled by a menagerie of misfits and miscreants, artists and retirees, methheads and the otherwise marginalized. They live in the derelict cabins, fixing them up, some, or just making do in others. Author William Hilly... more
  • A House with Holes: One Marriage Journey in a Charleston Renovation

    by Denise Mast Broadwater
    When seasoned renovators Greg and Denise Broadwater dream of renovating a historic home in Charleston, South Carolina, they have no idea they will be facing years of hard work and dozens of obstacles while living in their condemned 1920’s Charleston Cottage in a transitional neighborhood. The tension will take the Broadwaters to the brink. Through Denise’s fascinating heartwarming memoir, the author and therapist shows how she and her husband strengthen the holes in both their house and their ... more