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  • Beyond the Visible Edge

    by Betsy Kelleher

     As Betsy Kelleher struggles to accept God's will in the loss of a son, walking the dog becomes a spiritual pilgrimage. Within a peaceful, secluded field just beyond the edge of her mobile home community, she experiences God's intimate, healing presence. 

  • Tales of a Gypsy Hotelier

    by Christina Synnott
    Tales of a Gypsy Hotelier is a collection of unique travel adventure stories and letters home detailing the author's experiences while visiting 43 countries, living and working in 7 countries, and managing hotels in Kenya; Zanzibar and Arusha, Tanzania; St. Lucia, Caribbean; and Tonga, South Pacific. Several stories are inspirational, others illustrate the unimaginable difficulties that can arise from living in undeveloped countries; some are romantic, but all are gut-wrenchingly honest and from... more
  • Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man's Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement

    by Frederick Douglass Reynolds

    This book is about a Black cop who took an unlikely path to his chosen profession, ultimately working in law enforcement for 32 years in the city of Compton and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County. The book tackles police brutality, political corruption, the murders of police officers, and race relations in America. The most important aspect of this book, however, is that it is not just another "cop" book, but rather a book about a Black man who just happens to be ... more

  • Adventure on a DARE

    by Fritz T. Sprandel
    Adventure on a DARE is the first in a series of true-life accounts describing Fritz T. Sprandel’s journey into himself in which he discovers his capricious nature and raises questions about the nature of faith. During the course of his adventure, Fritz visits a variety of natural wonders, small towns, and fascinating people on a budget of ten cents and his own amazing resourcefulness. After overcoming the challenges of the wild, he finds himself in a foreign country, falsely charged with espiona... more
  • Petrified of the Light

    by David Beck
    Petrified of the Light, David’s first memoir, explores a ten year romance between David—a stage actor—and Luca, a promising fashion designer. The young lovers meet while drunk at a bar and immediately fall for each other, but David is ill-prepared for the danger that ensues when he unwittingly makes Luca his higher power. Meanwhile, an unexpected medical diagnosis, a stint on a competition reality TV show, and an escalating drinking problem all threaten to decimate the entire partnership. Des... more
  • WOO! Strange Happenings at the Windmill and Other Tangential Rants

    by Dave Thomson
    WOO! (Strange Happenings at the Windmill and Other Tangential Rants)' is a first-person journey into the mosh pits of various London venues and beyond, boomeranging through space, time, gigs, and major life events as Dave Thomson documents a raging culture war against musical mediocrity, political alienation, social cleansing and the brutality of neoliberal economics. He joins the dots and makes the connections, shining a light on how this has fuelled a creative explosion. A gonzo style close or... more
  • San Francisco Bay Area Baking Book

    by Heike Daldrup
    The San Francisco Bay Area Baking Book celebrates the beautiful scenery and culinary delights of the San Francisco Bay Area. As the birthplace of California’s farm-to-table food movement, San Francisco has a long tradition of creating healthy, tasty food. This book reveals long-kept secrets of European-style baking, combined with the sun-kissed fruits of Northern California. Selected recipes range from easy-to-prepare instructions for the novice home baker to new inspirations for the experienced... more
  • Pawprints On Our Hearts

    by Kerk Murray
    In Kerk Murray's coming-of-age memoir, he unpacks his life's journey alongside five incredible dogs, who supported him through his experiences of being bullied, battling depression, overcoming drug abuse, and ultimately saving his life. Their role in his redemption inspired him to founding The Lexi's Legacy Foundation, an animal advocacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which has helped rescue and provided care to over five hundred abused animals across the world. As a tribute to those dogs in ... more
  • Finding the Source

    by Dave Kobrenski
    An artist’s twenty-year struggle to overcome a painful affliction takes him ever deeper into West Africa, and into realms of spirit and healing he never imagined possible. A profound real-life adventure story that spans continents—and worlds.
  • This or Something Better: A Memoir of Resilience

    by Elisa Stancil Levine
    From Elisa’s first memory, trust was a gift bestowed by nature, not humans. Sexual abuse by her step grandfather and her grandmother’s strange compulsion to call her a murderer haunted her from earliest childhood. Only in the wild was she able to find solace. At twelve, in a deep canyon beside the American River, she created her own theory on how to be human. After leaving home at sixteen, Elisa struggled to raise her son, go to college, and forge a career in historic restoration. But when he... more
  • Sorry I Didn't Write

    by Nadia Alleyne
    Nadia was becoming increasingly restless with her role as a legal counsel in a multinational company when the opportunity arose for her to undertake a secondment in Yangon, Myanmar. The country was in the early stages of opening to the rest of the world. Four years later, she will again find herself in South East Asia, this time as an expat wife in Singapore.  In, Sorry I Didn’t Write, the author takes you on an insightful journey with her through the excitement and challenges of her childhoo... more
  • Nurturing the Nurtures--Healing the Planet: The Wati Kanyilpai Story

    by Leon Petchkovsky
    We live in difficult times: domestic violence, terrorism, gross exploitation by various governments and financial institutions, ecological destruction, global warming.........the list goes on. We now know from major advances in developmental neuroscience that if there is significant abuse or neglect in the first three years of life, the results can be catastrophic. If we could only get those first three years of life right, a huge range of negative behavioural consequences would be reduced to mo... more
  • Funny Face by Peggi Davis

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews

    The bright lights of Manhattan, burning crosses in Mississippi, and former flames from Texas sparked a series of stories and essays featured here in Funny Face. With wit and wisdom, author Peggi Davis’ musings recount the hilarious and harrowing events that occurred as she gingerly grew up, and her fractured family moved from town to town. Half hippie, half haute couture, she entered the wacky world of retail advertising at the young age of nineteen. There, her outrageous experi... more

  • The Invisible Sentence by Verna McFelin

    by Chick Lit Café

    Verna McFelin’s gripping account of her life after her husband’s arrest and incarceration for kidnapping is a stirring, enthralling and inspirational story. Her life of hardship and poverty is laced with the reality of God’s miraculous love and filled with expressions of her enthralling relationship with God, and her love for her children, and the multiple people she meets and supports along the way. It is absolutely fascinating, packed with Christian lessons, and is... more

  • Don't Eat Your Vomit!: We All Do This

    by Carolyn L. Austin

    My mother told me, “Don’t eat your vomit!” You see, my mother was referring to accepting people back into your life after they have done you wrong, broken your heart, or cheated on you. My tumultuous life experiences led me to also use “Don’t eat your vomit” to refer to people I trusted, who later betrayed me so fiendishly that it felt as if they stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife. Although I understood, it was not until years later that I recogni... more