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  • My Blackness

    by Svetoslav Ivanov
    'Blackness is what he sees when he closes his eyes. He hates it because memories haunt his mind. The old man wants to reconcile with his past and leave this world without a burden as he tells his life story.' Some children suffer because their parents fail at raising them properly. Others sense considerable pain because they do not have parents by their side. Nowadays when the world gets filled with uncertainty and chaos. A young boy is preparing to live his life as an independent man. The fi... more
  • Immigrated: A Memoir

    by Nadija Mujagic
    At the age of 19 and newly married, fleeing from her native country and still haunted by her demons from the Bosnian War, Nadija struggles to adapt to the completely different culture of the USA. Immigrant life cannot protect her from her abusive marriage, which magnifies and extends her war trauma. Isolated and lonely, she learns new life lessons, making many mistakes along the way. Can she face her war demons head on and rise above the horrors of her past to start afresh? Immigrated is an i... more
  • Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales

    by Kathy Biehl
    A tasting tour of joys, quirks, and questionable behavior that food and drink inspire. From Houston’s burgeoning culinary landscape to late-night revelry in Britain and Barcelona to a Hell’s Kitchen TV studio, the tales capture a way of life we take for granted no longer, when people freely gathered at tables and counters, shared food, raised glasses, and partook of drama and laughter and magic
  • Unleashing My Superpowers: How to Navigate and Succeed in a Male-Dominated Mining Work Environment (STEM)

    by Dr Patience Mpofu
    Have you ever wondered, “What does it take for women to succeed in a male-dominated workplace like mining?" Or are you a woman in STEM, struggling to navigate the male-dominated work environment? Imagine what life would be like if you had a manual with strategies to help you navigate the challenges of trying to succeed in a male-dominated work environment. Look no further! Multi-award-renowned global mining sustainability thought leader and IWF Fellow Dr. Patience Mpofu, reveals for the first ti... more
  • The Demon Staring Back at Me

    by Jesse Busdegan
    The Demon Staring Back at Me is a raw and real account of the perils that many face in dealing with toxic relationships. Jesse takes you through his story of real life events in a vulnerable and authentic way. His bravery in sharing his truth is commendable and inspiring as many could relate to his experience in dealing with the crazy-making of narcissistic abuse. His story showcases the real and raw facets of one man's journey in understanding and rebuilding from the grip of darkness. His bra... more
  • Suit to Saddle

    by Larry Walsh

    "Your job has been eliminated."  In other words, you're unemployed, out of work, and desperate to find a new purpose.  When US Army veteran Larry Walsh heard those words, his world was turned upside down. With a desire to move beyond unemployment, create an exciting new future for himself, and push past his limits, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream to bike across the country.

    He purchases a Surly Disc Trucker touring bike and begins his 3,120-mile ride of ... more

  • Una búsqueda de Dios en nosotros y en el mundo

    by Jesús A. Diez Canseco
    Colección de pensamientos sobre diversas áreas que dentro de la sociedad humana impulsan nuestras vidas.
  • Searching for God in us and in the world

    by Jesús A. Diez Canseco
    A series of thoughts concerning the various aspects of human society as they apply to our daily living.
  • In Remembrance of the Lost Sheep

    by Michael Andrews

    As a husband, father, and successful professional, Michael Andrews prides himself, but unforgiveness gripped his life and halted the progression of his destiny. After experiencing betrayal, disappointment, sexual misconduct, abuse of power, misappropriation of church monies, control, and manipulation within the confines of religious systems, Michael's life was on cruise control; as he suffered bouts of depression from the plight of sonship.The mishandling of God's sheep have caused a ... more

  • The Reject Bench

    by James H. Morgan
    In June, 1961, the Morgan family moved from their little house in a blue collar neighborhood in Upland, California to a bigger and better house in Claremont, five miles away. Jim Morgan was not happy about having to move to what his friends called Snob City. He made no new friends at his new high school until the end of the school year, when two boys invited him to join them. The following year, the three friends appropriated a bench in the quad. Two new students, a British boy and a transfer st... more
  • The Road to 'L': Do you remember your driving instructor? They sure remember you

    by Tony Levy
    The Road to ‘L’ Do you remember your driving instructor? Well, they sure remember you. My latest book is another biography but is a prequal to my other two books and my continued searched to find my own piece of El Dorado. It is a humorous memoir. Set in Central London during the period 1981 to 1983 when I was a driving instructor in London working for The British School of Motoring. Pitched somewhere between the old English classic carry-on films and a series of sexy films called Confessions ... more
  • How To Hollywood: Advice and Anecdotes from an Animator

    by Scott Claus

    "How To Hollywood" is a narrative non-fiction account of one person's journey through the Hollywood film industry with a focus on the the world of animation film production. Working both as a “how to” style user’s manual as well as personal memoir, this work documents the rise and fall of hand-drawn animation in the 1990s and the CG animation boom that is still going strong today, told from the perspective of someone who worked at major production houses such a... more

  • Don't Bring Your Vibrator To Rehab

    by Pam Gaslow
    Don't Bring Your Vibrator to Rehab: A Somewhat Comedic Memoir by Pam Gaslow is an emotionally frenzied memoir that uncovers the terrifying and lonely world of addiction. After almost a decade of sobriety, Pam relapsed into a life of dependency on marijuana, which nearly destroyed her. In her new book, she recounts a devastating downward spiral that shattered her at forty-five years old. From bongs to pipes to flavored vape pens, she drifted and then dove into a two-year-long stoned void - a prot... more
  • The Conspiracy: New Revelations

    by Liam McCarthy
    The Conspiracy chronicles the monumental struggles of an innocent priest, Monsignor William McCarthy, falsely accused in 2003 of molesting two young sisters more than 23 years earlier. On the eve of his retirement from a stellar career as a priest and pastor, for the next five tortuous years, he was the victim of an anonymous complaint that was accepted as true by his bishop and friend of 40 years. Share his travails and see how ones faith can overcome the worst injustices that man can heap on a... more
  • Blind Passion

    by Vincent I. Perry
    A true story, a personal love history, an autobiographical memoir of a loving couple, occurring during the years 1965-1976 at a major university in the state of Illinois. The love affair involved a middle-aged married woman and mother of three, named Dorothy, whose marriage had long been dead. She rediscovered happiness when a blind college student, named Grant, half Dorothy's age, fell in love with her; and their love affair resulted in a happy marriage of thirty years, a tribute to the power o... more
  • The Ribbon Untied, A Journey to Finding a Family

    by Ann Eklund
    Are you searching for someone missing from your family tree? Ann was. Her husband, Chuck, was born out of wedlock in 1944 and raised by his mother, Mary Lou, and a stepfather. Chuck grew up an only child, thinking that his mother was the only blood relative he had. After his stepfather dies of a heart attack in 1966 and Mary Lou succumbs to cancer in 1972, Chuck needs to sell the family home. As Chuck and Ann clean everything out of Mary Lou’s house, they unearth a shoebox full of love letters... more