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  • My Alcoholic, My Love

    by Margaret J. Moschak
    To save yourself and your family from the destruction the alcoholic brings to your life, you must turn away and learn how to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is not easy. Most of us have been raised to love and care for the people in our lives. To break this tradition is heart wrenching and nearly impossible. Few can do it alone and the author found the Al-Anon organization of tremendous help. Here are the author's struggles as she battled to find her way to a new satisfying life ... more
  • Minus the Journey: A Journal through Europe-a Redemption in Serbia

    by Michael N. Sever
    In the fall of 1993 author Michael Sever smuggled $10,000 to family members in war torn Yugoslavia. He undertook this mission to honor his father who passed away earlier that year. But prior to the harrowing border crossing, (with a forged visa), and subsequent monetary handover, he traveled through Europe on the cheap. While planning and plotting, he experienced nearly the whole gamut of Europe, from artistic to atrocious, from silly to somber. This journal details those two months of adven... more
  • Bali: Life on the Ring of Fire

    by Arlo Hennings
    10 years 10 spells about true stories as an expat living in Bali.
  • Holding Fast: A Memoir of Sailing, Love, and Loss

    by Susan Cole
    HOLDING FAST: A Memoir of Sailing, Love, and Loss is Susan Cole’s story of leaving everything behind to follow her husband's lifelong dream of sailing away. Susan’s journey took her from the glitzy world of Madison Avenue advertising to riding out Hurricane Mitch, the largest hurricane on record at the time, on a sailboat in Guatemala. She hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, but ended up on a life-changing odyssey.
  • California Chrome: Our Story

    by Perry Martin
    California Chrome – Our Story A compelling book about family, life, and love. Building a dream, then getting swept away by the horse of a lifetime. The Martins had built a comfortable middle-class life, only to risk it all and push their finances to the limit in building Martin Testing Laboratories. After years of struggling, they made the business profitable through sheer will. Regaining their financial feet, you would think they would relax and enjoy their earned success. Instead, they embark... more
  • Drive Through the NIght

    by L. M. Browning
    Following the release of her micro-memoir, To Lose the Madness, and the TEDx Talk at Yale University based on her life, Browning returns from a six-year poetic silence with, Drive through the Night. Raw, gritty, lonesome, and stunningly authentic—we pick up Browning’s trail at mid-life as the poet reflects on her journey through her major relationships, both with lovers and self. The map of these poems traces the poet’s journey of overcoming and re-becoming while simultaneously set agains... more
  • The Book by Nobody for Everybody

    by Herman Goldstein
    With eighty years of life experiences as his guide, Herman Goldstein provides a guide to life for anyone and everyone. It’s an exploration of the most profound: religion, God, and the afterlife. But it’s also about dating, marriage, children, healthy living, and much, much more. The Book by Nobody for Everybody is a truly unique blend of sage advice and introspection. Witty, frank, and clever, Goldstein’s nuggets of wisdom from a life well-lived are relatable to readers of all ages and life sta... more
  • Midnight Calling: A Memoir of a Drug Smuggler's Daughter

    by Lynn Walker

    Lynn was the happy-go-lucky daughter of a Miami undercover narcotics agent—until her dad snuck out of their house in the dark of night without a glance back. She never knew what happened to him until he landed in prison for smuggling 12,000 pounds of marijuana. By then, Lynn was filling the emptiness he’d left in her life with a massive drug habit of her own. It was a perfect setup for her to latch onto the only connection to her dad that remained once he was paroled from prison&m... more

  • Counsel & King

    by Zyion Houston-Sconiers
    On Halloween night, 2012, Zyion Houston-Sconiers, who was 17, and Treson Lee Roberts, then 16, carried a white-handled .32-caliber revolver around Tacoma streets robbing Tacoma trick-or-treaters of 96 pieces of candy, a cellphone, and a devil mask. Zyion Houston-Sconiers and Treson Roberts were tried as adults, convicted of robbery, and given prison terms of 31 and 26 years, respectively, for the robbery spree. In 1995, Zyion was born in a in a small urban section of Tacoma Washington called... more
  • Bridging the Cultural Gap My Memoir

    by sam gupta
    Can the vast cultural gap that exists between a conservative Caucasian Hindu from India and a divorced Christian Caucasian woman from America be bridged? Can such an intercultural marriage stand the stress and test of time? This memoir answers these questions. My wife, Carol, and I come from vastly different cultures and have been married for 50 years. I, a conservative north Indian Hindu came to America for higher education in 1966; married Carol, a divorced white Caucasian American with a... more
  • Dude, Where's My Walking Stick?

    by Kevin Moore
    After my life was suddenly flipped and turned upside down, I decided to take a long walk across New Zealand’s South Island to clear my mind and heal my soul. With a pack of old, worn out equipment, very little experience, and a body that hadn’t seen a lot of physical exercise, I set off alone and terrified, to tackle the Te Waipounamu section of the Te Araroa: a 1,300 kilometre trail through some of the most incredible and beautiful landscapes Aotearoa has to offer. From the highest of highs to ... more
  • Raccoon Love

    by Stephen Akey
    Ever fallen in love? If so, you might remember some of the feelings: the dizziness, the silliness, the rapture, the idealization that ennobles both the lover and the beloved. Stephen Akey remembers all this and more in his funny, touching, and heartbreaking memoir of his twenty-three years with Lucy Ha Kung, the dazzling Chinese-Philippine graduate student that he meets one spring day in 1980 on the campus of Columbia University. And he also remembers the obverse: the disillusion, the despair, a... more
  • On the Rocks

    by Maria Costanzo Palmer and Ruthie Robbins

    Overview “The intangibles that enabled me to achieve my greatness also contained the seeds to my destruction.” --Joseph Costanzo, Jr. Joseph Costanzo, Jr., a young postal worker with a daydream of opening a world-class Italian restaurant in a dying town, becomes a classic example of blind ambition, as he is at once the driving force behind his success and the cause of his own downfall. “The Rocks” is no longer a destination for anyone but the locals when Joe Costanzo entertains thoughts of bu... more

  • My Cancer God's Mercy

    by Ray Scott
    Faith and a Miracle of God heal a Stage 4 Cancer while praying for a 5 week old baby.
  • Unapologetically Enough: Reshaping Success & Self-Love

    by Carrie Severson
    For years, entrepreneur and writer Carrie Severson struggled with her own “enoughness.” Like so many women, she constantly questioned if she was thin enough, wealthy enough, young enough, or fertile enough. But instead of finding answers, she ended up battling professional and personal burnout, self-love, and her status as a middle-aged woman without her own children. And it forced her to make a change. Shining the light of love on both the good and the bad of that process, Severson sha... more
  • Grass Roots

    by Alan Dudley Alpass
    Would you expect a suburban Melbourne solicitor to settle brothel brawls, to locate dead bodies and to search for buried bullion? The author relates all of these adventures and more as he explores engaging stories of humanity, gleaned from decades of legal practice. From courtroom characters to family feuding, the author highlights the true, yet untold stories that show a surprising side of legal practice, told with simplicity and colour. As William Shakespeare said, “An honest tale speeds best ... more