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  • Who Are You Talking To?

    by P. A. Aiken
    Who Are You Talking To? is a collection of personal, powerful experiences author P.A. Aiken wishes to share with her daughters. Throughout her life, Aiken has felt connections beyond the physical realm. She has had experiences with seeing apparitions as if they are living, breathing people among us. Her experiences are enlightening and powerful, and we may all learn a little from them.
  • STUMBLING HOME: Life Before and After That Last Drink ISBN: 978-1-942762-74-4

    by Carol Weis

    New York Times and Washington Post freelance writer, Carol Weis bares herself (sometimes literally) in her debut memoir, STUMBLING HOME: Life Before and After That Last Drink, where she unveils her two lives in alternating chapters. In those chapters, you’ll meet a desperate woman-child riddled with anger and fear from childhood trauma and an equally desperate sober, single mom struggling to push those feelings aside to care for her young daughter.

    Like many who abuse alcohol, the... more

  • Survival Plans

    by Sabrina Nash
    Survival PLANS (PLANS being the acronym for Poems, Letters, Art and Noteworthy Sayings) is an anthology and community memoir about life and what it's like to grow, survive, and thrive TODAY. Better than chicken soup for the soul, Survival PLANS is more than a healing anthology. It's a complete literary experience that brings community, culture and creativity together.
  • The Best Gummies for CBD

    by Maximo Lotus
    What is CBD? This wonderful little known substance is derived from cannabis. When THC and CBD are blended together in an edible emulsion, users experience a wide range of positive effects including, but not limited to; relaxation, to reducing anxiety, and to improving the mood while sleeping. CBD gummy bear supplements are sourced from plants in the "hestral areas," which means that the plant material used to make the product is not only organic but also chemical free. This ensures that the plan... more
  • The Truth About Down Syndrome: Raising a Son with Trisomy-21

    by Elizabeth Goodhue
    Written in a series of vignettes, The Truth About Down Syndrome: Lessons Learned from Raising a Son with Trisomy-21 is about how differences enhance our humanity, despite school and government systems that oppress those who don’t fit everyone’s idea of normal. Some vignettes describe the author's son's humorous antics, his sensitivity to others, and his connection to his community. William's personality and his growing relationship with his mother carry them through a struggle with a school dist... more
  • I, Quirky Girl

    by Autumn Simmons
    Autumn Simmons is the creator, producer, writer and actress of the award-winning web series, The Quirk Chronicles. Simmons is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I, Quirky Girl, is a witty and humorous memoir and brainy essay penned in February of 2021. She divulged facets of her formidable years, and shares her candid views from her early life, pop culture, religion, feminism, race and relationships.
  • Snow Blind: Recovering After the Random Shooting

    by William Johnson
    On a beautiful July day in Atlanta, Bill Johnson was walking to the subway station with two colleagues when a lone gunman jumped out of the shadows and shot all three of them. Bill was the lucky one. The bullet that struck him entered one temple and exited the other, destroying his optic nerve. The other two men were killed. Now profoundly blind, Bill had to learn to navigate this new, dark world. And he wanted to do it as a fully independent man, just as he had before. For Bill, it was a cha... more
  • Beckoned: Hearing God's Call to Deeper Faith

    by Stephanie Lape
    In Beckoned, Lutheran pastor and comparative religions teacher Stephanie Lape documents her lifelong spiritual journey. Beginning with a heritage of shame-based religion, she winds her way into, and often out of, five Christian denominations with ever increasing knowledge, trust, peace, and joy. Drawn to every destination by God, in each place she leans in and learns, in each situation she receives deep benefit, and for each experience she retains some of its gifts. Beckoned is a travelogue of o... more
  • Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America

    by Stephanie Battaglino
    For Stephanie Battaglino, her lifelong journey of self-discovery closely paralleled her daily grind of trudging up the corporate ladder. Her ongoing struggle to come to terms with her authentic self was intertwined with her drive to have a successful career. While she longed to be recognized for her work, she hid from her true self for decades lost in a maze of shame, guilt, and denial. Amidst the successes and failures of working as a male in the corporate world, Stephanie finally realized t... more
  • Dancing Around the Truth

    by Christine Jacobsen
    In the winter of 2016, after sending her DNA to to be tested, Christine Jacobsen confirmed the secret her mother had half-revealed fifty years earlier: The White man who had raised her was not her biological father. Christine was not of full Danish descent after all. Instead, she discovered that a quarter of the blood flowing through her veins is West African. Her sense of self immediately crumbled. Who was she? Who was her biological father? Did the father who raised her, now decea... more
  • To Every Page a Turning: One Life's Journey

    by Carl Buccellato
    Each man who journeys through life must travel through its season and ultimate lessons. For some, the journey is brief, and their life's light is fleeting. They are like rockets that flare to the heavens, glowing brightly only to go black in the next instant. Still others travel what seem to be an abbreviated journey, missing some of life's seasons, never knowing the agony or the ecstasy of what they have missed. But some live each season, taste each tear, relish each sunrise, and brace themselv... more
  • Necessary Rebirths: A Collection of Poems + Prose for Awakening

    by Nicole Long
    What happens when everything around you begins to look unfamiliar though nothing in your environment has changed? How do you vocalize the internal feelings of despair even though your life reads like a perfect love story? In "Necessary Rebirths: A Collection of Poems and Prose for Awakening," poet and writer Nicole M. Long explores her journey through depression, anxiety, and all of life's in-between stages to find the answers to life’s most pressing question: Why am I here? Sometimes dark and... more
  • Rise & Shine: 50 Real World Lessons

    by R Norman James
    The most valuable insights you will ever gain in a mere two hours. If you aspire to take your small business to the next level, or are managing any growing business, then this book is mandatory reading. Mr. James uses real life examples to demonstrate 50 priceless lessons to help business managers at every level navigate the changes and challenges that they face every day. Extremely clear and concise, this book delivers a hard hitting, valuable message in a short read.
  • Trigger

    by Robert Dannin
    Edward “Tony” Gawron died in his fifty-seventh year but not before leaving a chronicle of his eventful, yet tortured, life. He poured his own experiences, mixed with a stunning imagination, into Trigger, a twisting tale of survival and revenge set during sixty years of turbulent European history. The central character, Tadeusz Szczepanski, escapes the Warsaw Ghetto and plunges into a life of resistance, deception, and violence, anchoring his morality in the fictional roles portrayed by Humphr... more
  • Mesopotamian Goddesses: Unveiling Your Feminine Power

    by Weam Namou
    Archaeological evidence proves that women in ancient Mesopotamia had great political and religious status during the Garden of Eden period where, once upon a time, goddesses and gods lived harmoniously together. That is why there was a design and rhythm to the Garden of Eden, a yin and yang concept. Through the veil of ignorance, we lost that paradise. To create that balance in a new way, we first have to heal the earth by opening certain stories and putting them back onto the page and into our ... more
  • The Sound of Her Voice: A memoir

    by Sara Gelbard
    THE SOUND OF HER VOICE is Sara's exploration of what it was like to live in an unfeeling world as a child, the healing in writing, what her three homes are to her, how marriage healed her, and, ultimately, how she came to understand and forgive how her mother could, in her way, give her away. Sara sprinkles her book with haikus that go to the heart of such a journey. She has written her book for all who need to find that voice within them in order to heal. Sara Gelbard is a woman of three hom... more