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  • Along Came Hell, or So I Thought

    by Lois Young
    How does one recover after learning that a husband of forty-four years has been molesting their granddaughters? Along Came Hell, or So I Thought tells one woman’s story of her family’s journey down that road. Throughout this book we see how conversations, circumstances, Bible studies, TV shows, and Holy Spirit surprises brought about healing over many years. It’s not merely her story, it is God’s story as he guided her from emotionally feeling nothing to recognizing her pain, naming it, and hand... more
  • From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream

    by Janice S. Ellis
    A Powerful, Compelling, and Inspiring True Story For girls and women who seek to discover their purpose in life, their role in society, and dare not let any obstacle stop them from realizing their quest, their dream—no matter the place of their birth, socioeconomic status, or station in life—which, after all, is America’s promise. From the perch of poverty, farm life, family, and the confining community in which Janice Ellis grew up, she found her sense of purpose and determination to change t... more
  • Girl Hidden: A Memoir

    by Jesse Gibbs
    Echoing among the Blue Ridge Mountains were the cries of newborn babies that disappeared into the night. The screams of children nearly drowned out by the sound of crickets. A girl, hidden and waiting to be found, terrified, and confused. The fireflies sparkling in the woods, bringing light to darkled places. The bulk of Jesse’s memories were of growing up in the farm country of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. The farm folks stayed pretty much outside of town, except for visits to... more
  • Good Boy, Bad Boy, a Better Man

    by Phillip Giambri
    In Phillip Giambri’s most recent collection of vivid prose vignettes Good Boy, Bad Boy, A Better Man a lost world is recalled in the tradition of Jack Kerouac as the Great Rememberer. With the skilled practitioner of the art of the spoken word set to robust prose, these word picture snapshots cut with an uncluttered precision of a master storyteller. From some of Phillip’s earliest memories as a child growing up in urban Philadelphia to an emerging adult on the lower east side of NYC, one can tr... more
  • Rites of Passage

    by E.C. Joe
    Rock climbing throughout the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California has been going about quietly for well over a century. The exploits of its pioneers into this beautiful mountain range have been infrequently documented in a few books, alpine journals, and magazines. The tales of these climbers in this area remain elusive in comparison to more mainstream places like Yosemite. Rites of Passage is a collection of those experiences written by a few aficionados of the Southern Sierra who hav... more
  • Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros

    by Dennis Swiftdeer Paige
    Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros: A Memoir Into the Fire of Original Experience challenges the reader to look below the surface and see what is most important to one’s body, mind, heart and spirit. The book explores different themes that make up the author’s journey of becoming as he presents a memoir that goes to the epicenter of being human. The stories in this book span seven decades. They begin in a 3 flat apartment above a tavern owned by the author’s family on the nor... more
  • My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor

    by Mark S. King
    My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor is an anthology spanning four decades – in turns emotional, biting and hilarious – from activist and writer Mark S. King. The sum of these chronicles is a manifesto of survival. But they also are a portrait of a man giggling through a graveyard. There is a sense of joyful gratitude that permeates even the darkest chapters, a throughline of cheeky optimism that makes the tragedy bearable and the humor uproarious. My Fabulous Disease divulges... more
  • Naked Truth: A Fight Against Racism, Religious Discrimination, and Retaliation in My Federal Government Career

    by Jean D Francis, Ph.D.
    Jean served successfully for eighteen years in various government agencies-until her stellar career came to a screeching halt. Naked Truth is the riveting true story of one woman's experiences with discrimination, racism, and unlawful retaliation from the government entity meant to watch over and protect the people. After seven years of suffering under widespread corruption, lies, and mismanagement, Jean uses this deeply painful and personal experience to help motivate, empower, and inspire othe... more
  • The White Boy And The Indians

    by Paul Austin Jennings
    As the only white boy in an all-Indian school, young Paul Jennings developed strong relationships with his Native American classmates and neighbors. Those friendships produced sometimes bizarre, always character-shaping experiences Paul would never forget. An unexpected move to a small Central California railroad town spawned his lively stories told with humor, history and lessons during a time of innocence during the Depression, World War II and the migration of Okies from the MIdwest to Califo... more
  • Words With My Father

    by Lowell Klessig • Lukas Klessig
    THE DRAMATIC STORY OF A PIONEERING MAN, HIS MERCURIAL MIND AND A SOCIETY IN LIMBO. Lowell Klessig’s posthumously-released story, infused with reflections by his son Lukas, provides an intimate window into one man’s life in flux with bipolar disorder. As the author narrates a postwar upbringing and describes the manic-depressive travails of developing his identity, he offers us a view into the turmoil of the times – and of his mind. Through mania- and danger-filled months fighting for Civil... more
  • las Crosses: An Unwavering Journey to a New Life in America

    by Apple An

    Determined to earn her doctorate in America, Apple An leaves Beijing with little more than her desire and spirit. The year is 1989, and Apple has just survived the Tiananmen crackdown, but now she faces the culture shock of living in a small town in the U.S. Apple’s curiosity and sense of adventure propelled her across the Pacific Ocean, and now her resilience is being put to the test in front of language barriers, money shortages, and job failures. As she copes with the lonel... more

  • Back From Suicide: Before and After the Essential Patrick

    by Marie Lisette Rimer

    Patrick Wood was a valedictorian, an AP Scholar, and a National Merit Scholarship winner with perfect SAT scores. He graduated with honors from Stanford University and was a top programming intern for Siemens. He was popular in Berlin’s gay scene when rejection from a boyfriend plunged him into despair. He left his job without notice and wandered the streets of Berlin in a daze. He told his mother suicide would be easy. She had no idea he meant it. Six weeks later, he plugged every open... more

  • A Man's Fate

    by Michael Zilbering
    The book 'A Man's Fate' contains a short memoir about the forceful imprisonment of a young Jewish boy in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War. There is no greater gift than a human life. And this gift has to be utilized for good of all humanity. However, the world works differently. Our life is subjected to challenges and dangers created by the human himself.
  • Stay: Why I'm Still Here, A Spiritual Memoir

    by AmyLu Riley
    Wasn't it Paul who said he longed to go, but it was more necessary to stay? AmyLu wanted God to show her what she needed to accomplish in this life so she could just do it and be free to go home. But God didn’t want a transaction. He wanted a restoration. He wanted her to know his affection in a new way while she was yet in the land of the living. He wanted to restore her crushed spirit with his compassion and hold her head close to his chest, so she could hear that his very heart beats with l... more
  • Volcanic Adventures in Tonga - Species Conservation on Tin Can Island

    by Ann Göth
    The wonder of the South Pacific comes alive in this real-life adventure story. A travel memoir based on the experiences of a young conservation scientist in Tonga. The delights and harsh realities of life on tropical islands are revealed in detail. Are you a traveller with a wanderlust for faraway islands, an enthusiast for Tongan culture, an explorer wanting to learn about a mysterious part of the world, or a lover of exotic birds? This thrilling adventure takes you to far-away places – volc... more

    by James Ryan
    It is June 6, 1962, Graduation Day at West Point. With the Cold War raging, President John F. Kennedy told us that “above all, you will have a responsibility to deter war as well as to fight it.” After over sixty years and so many wars later, I asked my dimming memory how we got from there to here. What abides? West Point does. An honorable place without need of keys or locks. What Abides marks a journey before, to, through and after West Point. Come with us.