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  • Becoming a Warrior

    by Catherine Hand
    Becoming A Warrior is the triumphant story of a shy 10 year old little girl with a dream who perseveres for 50 years to make that dream come true. Working in both politics and entertainment she learned lessons that gave her the courage and strength to navigate through personal tragedies and professional hurdles. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom and advice for anyone with a dream.
  • Way Too Fast: An American Reckoning

    by John J. Farmer, Jr.
  • She Had Been A Tomboy. Raising A Transgender Child, A Mother's Journey

    by Sandra Bowman
    Synopsis Prologue (Authors Note): I reveal that my oldest child, GRANT, is transgender. Forward: I relate my desire to be a better mother than my own mother. The Story: Grant is born premature. PARKER is born full-term. Family life is happy. Grant’s style of play is “all boy.” He shows exceptional intelligence. It is difficult for peers to relate to him. Teachers struggle as to where to place him academically. Grant refuses to bond with his father ROBERT. He clings to me. His suffers anxi... more
  • A Sky of Infinite Blue: A Japanese Immigrant's Search for Home and Self

    by Kyomi O'Connor
    From an early age, Kyomi’s life was filled with emotional difficulties—an adulterous father, an overreliant mother, and a dismissive extended family. In an effort to escape the darkness of her existence in Japan, Kyomi moved to the States in February 1990 to start a new life as a researcher working at NIH in Bethesda, MD. Soon, she fell in love with her husband-to-be: Patrick, a warm, charismatic British cancer researcher whose unconditional love and support helped her begin to heal the traumas ... more

    The author of ten books, Vladimir Tsesis dedicated this work to millions of women heroically fighting the aggressive metastatic breast cancer. Under the pen of the writer “the medical history” of his wife Marina, turned into an exciting chronicle of stoic resistance to a fatal ailment, filled with not only happy findings of the peaceful flow of everyday life, but also irreparable losses. Contrary to the forecasts of medical experts who predicted Marina’s inevitable death in a few months, she liv... more
  • To Venus and Back, One Man's Quest to Rediscover Love

    by Turner Grant
    TWO YEARS AFTER THE UNEXPECTED DEATH OF HIS WIFE, TURNER GRANT WAS READY TO CONSIDER LOVE ONCE MORE. YET EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED, AND HE SOON FOUND HIMSELF ADRIFT IN THE DIGITAL-DATING WORLD. At age fifty-one, Turner Grant became a widower and single parent to his twin boys. Deep in grief, he often found daily routines difficult and his work as an architect in Washington DC, arduous. But after two years, Turner embarked on a journey to find his future, both in life and love. What Turner d... more
  • Rank Absurdity: An Irreverent Military Memoir

    by Sean Smith
    Sean was a skinny teenager with one good eye and marginal athletic ability who hated camping. It never occurred to anyone who knew him that he’d pursue a career in the Army. Nevertheless, he was accepted to West Point, and almost flunked out immediately for being bad at gymnastics and analyzing poetry. Eventually he got a pretty good handle on being a cadet and graduated, only to embark on a military intelligence career that was a lot like a James Bond movie – if James Bond slept in tents, ate b... more
  • All Those Except Those...An Anecdotal Autobiography

    by Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
    Humor of the Greatest Generation. Comedy and history combine in this journey of a Jewish boy from Escanaba, Michigan to the heights of power: 1930's University of Chicago, New Deal Washington, World War II London, Marshall Plan Paris. "Perhaps if future generations understand what made us laugh, they will better understand what we did." - Bob Oshins
  • Holding It All Together When You're Hypermobile

    by Christie Cox
    How to Deal – and Heal – for those with Rare Chronic Illness like EDS Tired of being told there’s no name or treatment for your illness? That it’s all in your head or that your pain can’t be real because you’re too young/old/pretty/bright/healthy/normal to have a chronic disorder? What if instead there was someone who knew what you were going through and could teach you strategies for coping with rare chronic illness? This is not a false hope – you can live a full life. You can turn pain into... more
  • Unattached: A Memoir

    by Reannon Muth

    Everyone thinks 33-year-old travel writer Reannon Muth is brave for backpacking through dozens of countries on her own. But what Reannon's friends, travel blog readers, and boyfriend don't know is Reannon has an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for her to get close to people. She's afraid to ask for help, she's afraid to be vulnerable, but most of all, she's afraid to be herself.

    When Reannon suffers a surprising loss, her fearless façade begins to cru... more

  • The Little Vagina that Could (Have Sex without Pain)

    by Karen Liberi
    Let's face it. Talking about difficulties having sex can be DAUNTING... but it doesn't have to be. Once you have a better understanding of WHY you are having pain during sex or are unable to have sex, you can more easily start the conversation. There is valuable information laid out for you in this book to help you understand what is happening and why. Your delightful guide, Gina, will break it all down and educate you about signals to pay attention to in your body that may be contributing to... more
  • Pepperoni, Jalapeños & LSD

    by P.H. Mountain
    At eighteen, Paul Mountain pissed on his academic scholarship to the University of Minnesota and fled to Boulder, Colorado without money, family or prospects. In a cramped one-bedroom apartment with two other dudes, Paul's life was youth unbridled, impulsive, and without remorse. Within a year, Paul finds himself in a tiny cabin with his girlfriend in a Rocky Mountain ghost town, convinced he can write his way out of poverty before buying his first legal drink. He was wrong. He was wrong abou... more
  • Family: A Family Doc's Memoir of Life in Africa and the US

    by Ed Dodge
    When Ed Dodge was born in Salamanca, New York, nobody could have guessed the twists and turns his life would take. He spent much of his childhood in Angola, where his parents were missionaries. He suffered culture shock when he returned to America as a teenager, but went on to become a physician who worked in the United States and Africa at various stages of his career. Along the way he was a prison doctor, an emergency room physician, a public health director, a family doctor, a volunteer with ... more
  • Overcoming Deepest Grief: A Woman's Journey

    by Mary Aviyah Farkas
    A powerful, inspirational, intimate and deeply moving recounting of how a Lesbian widow overcame the loss of her wife, dearest sister, and two dear friends. You hold your dearest sister as she takes her last breath, dying in your arms. Less than six months later, you come home to a cold dark house and find your wife of 18 years dead on her bed. She died totally unexpectedly while you were at work. Two weeks later, after your wife’s Memorial Service, after weeping, holding, and consoling th... more
  • Dream Encounters

    by Margaret Honton
    The author explores the interrelatedness of the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual realms, and how to use dreams to identify issues that need to be addressed, to let go of lingering feelings of attachment; to honor one's spiritual guides.
  • Shoeing To Win: Memoir of a Master Farrier and Blacksmith

    by Kim Jackson
    Leonard Crotts’ classic work is a compendium of horse lore, common sense training advice, and a rich source of information on the art of working iron as it relates to the horse. From evaluating conformation and movement to instructional information on how to forge iron including hand-crafted horse shoes, bits, and spurs, Shoeing to Win covers the many topics that are of interest to those who work with horses or iron. Any person who owns, rides, or trains horses, or works with iron will read this... more