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  • Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui

    by Laurelee Blanchard
    Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary chronicles Laurelee Blanchard’s unique journey from corporate America to nonprofit animal rescue. Her story is inspiring, devastating, instructive, heroic, and unforgettable. The story—enhanced by stunning photographs—begins by taking readers on a tour of Laurelee’s life running a sanctuary for rescued farm animals such as goats, pigs, and chickens in Hawaii. It quickly rewinds the clock beginning with her harrowing childhood, a highly successful care... more
  • The Island

    by Pete Healey
    "The Island", Gives the reader a glimpse of 20th century ranching on Santa Rosa Island, Calif. At 53, 000 acres, Santa Rosa is the second largest of the eight Channel Islands and is 30 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara. This book tells some stories of four long-time Island residents, their humor and integrity that is only unique to a cattle operation in the ocean. These stories are fun and interesting and give a good historical account of Santa Rosa Island from 1843 to present time.
  • As My Mother Would Say: Como Decia Mi Mama

    by Judith V. Valles
    As My Mother Would Say . . . is about being raised in a conservative Mexican Family that valued the traditions and sayings of Mexico. The proverbs or "dichos" were a daily dose of teachings from my mother. We believed she made them up as situations arose and it was not until we began using the "dichos" as adults, that other people we met from Mexico could relate, laugh and say "my grandma used to say that" These "dichos are not so common anymore among young Mexican families and at the request of... more
  • Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir: Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds

    by Lisa Fleetwood
    Not just a book about pets. Not just a book about loss. And not just a book about travelling and broadening the mind. Destination Dachshund rolls them all into one and takes you on a journey much further than the European adventure depicted within its pages. It is a book about coming to terms with loss of family and of much-loved family pets. It is a book filled with fun and laughter, even amidst the pain and heartache of bereavement. And above all it is a book about the love of a family. ... more
  • Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lessons from an Unlikely Teacher

    by Rick D. Niece, Ph.D.
    Although life’s journey takes him far from his childhood home, Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., never forgets the people he meets and the lessons he learns as a young man growing up in picturesque DeGraff, Ohio, population 900. A small-town newspaper boy who becomes a lifelong educator himself, Dr. Niece is deeply touched by the endearing residents of DeGraff who shaped his youth—especially Bernie Jones. Confined to a wheelchair with severe cerebral palsy, Bernie becomes Rickie’s friend, inspiration and s... more
  • The Prodigal Daughter of a King

    by Demetria Mitchell
    Prodigal Daughter of a King is the story of a Christian woman that loss herself in a man. A man that took everything: family, friends, money, house; but most importantly her zeal for the Lover of her soul., Jesus Christ. The question ends with whether she will allow this one person to strip of her identity or does she give her life back to Christ and get back on track for not only her children; but for herself.
  • The Prodigal Daughter of a King

    by Demetria Mitchell
  • Blades of Grass

    by Mark Aylwin Thomas

    George Aylwin Hogg was a man of remarkable dedication and honour. Though he died in 1945 at the age of thirty, Aylwin's name and legacy is remembered in China to this day, where as a wise and noble friend to the people of China, he immersed himself in the culture and life of the Chinese people whom he served in his mission. In Blades of Grass: The Story of George Aylwin Hogg, author and nephew of the late Mr Hogg, Mark Aylwin Thomas, explores his uncle's own letters and writings and s... more

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: An Uncertain Journey on Turkey's Lycian Way

    by Michelle Sevigny
    After a turbulent year, Michelle Sevigny heard it as she ran seaside: do more of this. After researching long-distance coastal routes, she prepared to solo hike the 509-kilometre Lycian Way. The journey doesn’t take her where she planned, but as she camps in the wild, gets lost without water and confronts charging sheepdogs, it guides her to exactly where she needs to be. Breaking the Fourth Wall: An Uncertain Journey on Turkey’s Lycian Way is a story about learning to embrace uncertainty, o... more
  • Life After the Down Low

    by Ingrid M. Ellis
    “Life AFTER the Down Low” chronicles the post trauma of a wife deceived by her husband who lived a secret double life as a homosexual. Not only did the youth pastor breach the sanctity of their marriage with countless men but he was also accused of violating the lives of innocent boys he would steward. The grief stages were evident, stress and depression became visible and healing was hard fought. Through her faith in God and determination not to die, Ingrid survived. She uses her voice in “L... more
  • Poor No More: An American Dream

    by Steven Bentley

    Now retired, author Dr. Steven Bentley was a successful emergency physician. But his path in life wasn?t always an easy one. In Poor No More?An American Dream, he shares his story of how he survived a rare birth defect, abject poverty, an alcoholic mother, a KKK father, an abusive children?s home, and a cruel step-mother.

    This memoir tells how Bentley emerged from a difficult childhood and adolescence to practice ER medicine during a time of enormous change in the field and how he ... more

  • My Brain Is Out of Control

    by Dr. Patrick Mbaya
    Although Dr. Patrick Mbaya?s illness caused a lot distress and nearly took his life, the emotional symptoms of the depression he developed helped him understand and empathize with patients and how they feel when they become ill. In My Brain is Out of Control, Mbaya, fifty-five and at the peak of his career, shares a personal story of how he suffered from a brain infection in 2010 that caused loss of speech, right-sided weakness, and subsequent depression. He tells how he also dealt with the anti... more
  • Nothing Good Happens at … the Baby Hospital

    by Daniel Fulkerson, MD
    When Daniel Fulkerson entered medical school, he pictured neurosurgery as a serious business that demanded precision, a harsh attitude, and a complete absence of fun. But after falling backwards into the specialty, Dr. Fulkerson found neurosurgery to be a field filled with joy, sadness, a little humor, and courageous and inspiring patients. In an honest and compelling retelling of his long and winding road to train and then practice as a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Fulkerson guides others throu... more
  • Oriana

    by Oriana Josseau
    It is November 6, 1920, in Chilean Patagonia when Oriana Josseau is born into a lively family with two grandparents, two parents, and sixteen young aunts and uncles, most within easy reach of her robust cries. And so begins the life of an independent-minded girl from the bottom of the world who somehow manages to overcome the restrictions and biases of a conservative patriarchal society and eventually becomes a scientist. As her family relocates to the idyllic countryside of central Chile and... more
  • 31 Months in Japan: The Building of A Theme Park

    by Larry K. & Lorna Collins
    31 Months in Japan-the Building of a Theme Park is the story of two Southern Californians embarking on the adventure of a lifetime-moving to Japan to participate in the construction of the Universal Studios Japan® theme park. Join authors Larry K. & Lorna Collins on an odyssey into a foreign culture where they are often misunderstood and frequently confused. Discover the challenges and frustrations of building a world-class entertainment venue outside the United States. Enjoy the adventure as th... more
  • The Lies that Bind

    by Dr. Deborah Waterbury
    "Go on home now, Debbie." These are the first words in what may be one of the most personal and heart-breaking books to come out this year. For the first time in her ministry, author, bible teacher and radio host, Dr. Deborah Waterbury, recounts the day she was gang raped by two neighborhood boys when she was just 12 years old. But that's not all the pain and tragedy she shares in her new book, "The Lies That Bind." Dr. Waterbury reveals the details of her subsequent life of promiscuity... more