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  • Single, Again, and Again, and Again...

    by Louisa Pateman

    In this heartfelt memoir, Louisa Pateman outpours her hopes and aspirations, her loves and her losses, as she recites her quest to find her happily ever after. For years, she diligently tried to fulfil her life plan; the path set by society—find her soulmate, get married and have children—but things didn’t go as planned…​

    Following a string of failed relationships, and continual revisions to her life plan, she found herself single in her mid-thirties wonder... more

  • Born and Raised in Sawdust

    by Lewis Thigpen
    Born and Raised in Sawdust: My Journey Around the World in Eighty Years is the deeply moving autobiography of Lewis Thigpen as a black boy growing up in a loving family in a small, tight knit community in the deep South during the extremely segregated Jim Crow era. It captures his life on the farm and in school in a revealing, instructive, yet colorful way despite the discrimination he encountered. Fearful of being a farm worker or common laborer for the rest of his life, he joined the U.S. Army... more
  • WWII + VI

    by Johan Zwaan
    A kid' s memories of war and postwar I wrote this book on June 6, 2019, 75 years after D-day, the greatest invasion the world has ever seen. Seven thousand ships, 150.000 troops, 4,000 American and British deaths on the very first day! The courage of the men, who jumped from the landing ships into the sea, sometimes drowning with their heavy equipment, and stormed the beaches under heavy fire from machine guns, rifles and artillery salvos, is unimaginable. I can't stop thinking about it today wi... more
  • Married a Hiker, Got a Cowboy

    by Nancy W. Brown
    If there has been one theme in Nancy W. Brown’s life, it is enjoying where her outdoor adventures have carried her over the years. In this memoir, she celebrates her lifelong love of nature, beginning with her upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1940s and 1950s. As a girl, she was introduced to the natural world. Her grandfather was a respected science teacher and photographer in Southern California, and he passed his talents down. Much of her time was spent outdoors with ot... more
  • Piazza San Giovanni Numero 8

    by Jules Wilson
    Piazza San Giovanni is in Cori, a small agricultural town with a history that spans before Rome was built, perched on a hillside where the people are better known for their clan name and whether they are from the Monte or the Valle. Cori is about fifty odd kilometers from Rome, and living in Cori became an unbelievable experience. This book came to life after keeping a sort of diary for the updates on e-mail. I was alone with just relatives and a whole new group of people in my life. The update... more
  • Your Food, My Adventure

    by Philip E. Bradshaw
    Rick Marrs, Ph.D., has been a soul care provider for decades, first as a Christian counselor and licensed psychologist, then as a pastor and seminary professor. He has taught Christ-centered soul care to thousands of counselors and pastors. "Phil Bradshaw and I are both Illinois farmers who share a passion for the land and a desire to help feed a growing global population. I have had the pleasure of working with Phil on many issues during my career, especially while serving as the US Secretary o... more
  • Swim Home: Searching for the Wild Girl of Champagne

    by Kathleen McDonnell
    In September 1731, a feral child emerged from the woods in the Champagne region of France. Clothed in animal skins, with matted, unkempt hair, and wielding a small club, she ran like a hare, climbed trees like a cat, and ate leaves and raw meat. But who was Memmie LeBlanc? Where had she come from? How had she survived on her own in the wild? From the very first, mystery and controversy swirled around her and it still rages, as playwright Kathleen McDonnell discovers nearly three centuries later,... more
  • The Saturday Morning Song Chronicles: Memoirs, Motown, and Music

    Pour yourself a cup and join world-renowned singer/songwriter Paul B Allen III as he takes you on a journey through his life-long love affair with music. For over five decades, the world swooned at the rich, smooth, sexy tenor of Paul B Allen III – Number One hit songwriter and internationally acclaimed lead vocalist of Raw Sugar, The T-Byrd Gordon Band, and of course The Platters. All across the world, Paul led show-stopping performances for Presidents and royalty – experiences from which he ... more
  • The Lucky One

    by Sherry V. Ostroff
    Ita was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. The place was the former Pale of Settlement which was a large swath of land in western Russia where Jews were forced to live for centuries. The year was 1918 and Russia was in the midst of two revolutions. The first occurred with the abdication of the last tsar of Russia culminating in his execution. The second was the bloody civil war that ensued for control of the country. Ita was caught in the middle during this time of great political and... more
  • I Said I Can Do It, I Did It and So Can You

    by Dave McEwen
    The human body is a wondrous work of nature and is limited in what it can do mainly by the mind itself. In 1976 the author was working at his “dream job” with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and planning his upcoming wedding. While returning from an event tied to that wedding, he was a passenger in a terrible car crash that left him disabled and changed his life forever. This book covers some of the struggles that he went through and the adaptations that can be made when one takes con... more
  • Farm Boy, City Girl: From Gene to Miss Gina

    by John "Gene" E. Dawson

    In the 1930s, John "Gene" E. Dawson was a shy, insecure boy who had been born to a struggling Iowa farm family during the Great Depression. In his memoir, Farm Boy, City Girl: From Gene to Miss Gina, Gene first recalls his years as a "Farm Boy," when he and his brothers worked alongside their parents as soon as they were able and attended country school. But life wasn't all work and school, and he writes about his love for and time with his extended Irish... more

  • Terminal Velocity: A Graphic Memoir

    by Barry Corbett
    The novel recounts the tragic death of Barry's brother in childhood and its repercussions. His journey takes him through the stages of anger, physical violence, self destruction, and finally acceptance. The stories are presented as brief vignettes and are told with a combination of humor and self reflection.
  • Dr.insomniac

    by samatha polisetti
    I am a doctor by profession but somehow my mind always wondered about the story of the patient more than the actual disease. I loved the fact that I could be empathetic and feel what they felt. The inside of a doctor's mind will never be known to outsiders. And sometimes during the learning stage we make mistakes that are so grave that they make you stay awake at night. These incidents make us strong, so strong that we begin to lose the empathy and become steel hearted. This draft is titled "wh... more
  • Suicide Kills

    by Klaude Walters
    There is a way out of the darkness. Acclaimed singer/songwriter Klaude Walters has lived an extraordinary life filled with great successes and even greater tragedies. She celebrates all she has learned and the path that has led her here through a visionary collaboration between the written word, poetry, art, and music. Each chapter in her life gives birth to its own song of loss, grief, and, ultimately, triumph. The child of an abusive, alcoholic father, Klaude learned at an early age that p... more
  • Not A Follower

    by Reem Mousa
    A Muslim born in Kuwait, and a stay-at-home mother of three, Reem begins traveling the world and learning from the most influential teachers and leaders of our time—such as Ibrahim Jaffe, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Stuart Wilde, and Wayne Dyer. She uses her newfound realizations to grow and transform her life. Then, one day, unexpectedly, she finds herself downloading an entire blueprint for the Pantagea app—an app with the potential to unite the world. You alrea... more
  • Family Legends, Family Lies

    by Wendy Whitaker Hoke
    Family Legends, Family Lies is a powerful memoir about a woman who was a victim of child sexual abuse. The abuser was her maternal grandfather, who was a Bishop in the American Lutheran Church. The memoir focuses on finding inner strength by speaking truth rather than describing in graphic detail about the sexual abuse. The author first worked for a Wall Street brokerage firm and later made a switch to work as a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy. While employed by the Navy, she experienced ... more