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  • No Ordinary Life: Awakenings in the Final Days of Apartheid

    by Mary Byron
    Love, war, espionage, NO ORDINARY LIFE is a thrilling inside account of marriage and diplomatic life seen through the eyes of a newlywed in Cape Town during one of the most dangerous periods in South Africa's modern history. What Mary thought would be adventure in a foreign land turns out to be a political pressure cooker as the first democratic elections draw near. The couple experiences jeopardy and joy, up to the final days of apartheid when Nelson Mandela is elected the first black Pres... more
  • I've Never Met A Dead Person I Didn't Like: Initiation By Spirits

    The extraordinary travels of a young, alone and broke psychic. The heart-warming and adventurous true story of a young woman on her own at age seventeen, broke and surrounded by talkative spirits that don’t want to go away. Living in-between the physical world and the spirit realm, yet feeling a stranger in both, Sherrie Dillard criss-crossed the country by bus, train and hitchhiking in a search for answers. Along the way she was led to help the poor and homeless on skid row, install water syste... more
  • Forget They Were Ever Born: A Memoir

    by Sharon Flanagan-Hyde
    This deeply troubling yet inspiring memoir recounts the appalling abuse of people with intellectual disabilities and the anguish of their families. When Sharon Flanagan-Hyde’s sister, Mary Jean, was diagnosed with severe mental retardation in 1962, doctors said to put defective children in an institution and forget they were ever born. Mary Jean was sent away as a toddler, but she was not forgotten. Decades of witnessing maltreatment and horrific conditions at Belchertown State School devastated... more
  • Close Calls and Other Neat Stories

    by Vito Tomasino
    “Close Calls, And Other Neat Stories,” is a series of short vignettes recalled from a military career spanning twenty five years, three wars and a revolution. The first three of those years were as an infantryman with the United States Marines; the second twenty two as a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. Most of the thirty-four chapters in the book deal with tense situations that could have just as easily gone badly as not. The “Other Neat Stories” are too compelling not to include them in book tha... more
  • Junk Justice: A Law-abiding Busnessman's Trajic Quest for Due Process

    How badly has our judicial system gone astray? A new book by Gerry Rising, Junk Justice: A Law-Abiding Businessman's Tragic Quest for Due Process, provides plenty of evidence that it has indeed strayed far from the path set out for it in our constitution. Here you will find how a rural judge can send a $25 million business into receivership without legal justification by a stroke of his gavel, how an overzealous federal prosecutor working in full cooperation with Rising's defense attorne... more
  • Joy Came in the Dawn of a New Day

    by Jacinta Da Cruz Rodgers
    Come with Jacinta to experience the challenges of growing up in an orphanage, where the word "love" was never heard and discipline was the guide and terror of an orphan. Follow her to her first missionary mission in a remote part of Brazil, where dedication grew stronger amidst the challenges
  • Accidental Activist: Justice for the Groveland Four

    by Barbara Venkataraman
    This book will take you through my incredible four year quest for justice for The Groveland Four and teach you how to pursue your own causes, whatever they may be. It is a primer for positive action, a journey through Florida's past as well as its future. Some of the things you will learn: everything takes more time than you think, nothing ever goes according to plan, help can come from unexpected places, time is on your side, everyone is connected to everyone else, you can reach your tipping po... more
  • Scenes of a Reclusive Writer & Reader of Mumbai: Essays

    by Fiza Pathan
    “I am a recluse and I love books more than I love people.” – So begins Fiza Pathan, the self-proclaimed Reclusive Writer and Reader of Mumbai. In this charming collection of personal essays, Fiza recalls important phases of her life, along with the books she was reading at the time and where she read them. Revealed along the way are Fiza’s personal struggles, from the father who didn’t want a girl child to the years she believed she wanted to be a nun to the college friends who shamed her for ga... more
  • Crazy Quilt Pieces of a Mennonite Life

    by Cynthia Yoder
    A love story. A search for identity in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. A ground-breaking memoir. In her mid-twenties and in a state of despair, Cynthia leaves her husband, and drops out of her studies at Columbia University. She moves home to rural Pennsylvania to collect stories from her Pennsylvania German Mennonite family. While living with her aunt and uncle, she confronts her own demons and makes peace with a heritage she has felt at odds with. Yoder’s account of that year became one of the ... more
  • Runaways

    by Powell Kimbell
    Runaways is a simple story, simply told. Two brothers are orphaned at ages two and four, thrust into a system of orphanages and foster homes, until their eventual adoption at ages four and six. They will become runaways, attempting to escape the real dangers of their new adoptive home. It is a gripping true story told with a factual intensity, as it was lived. A must read for all ages, the story springs back into life with pure vibrancy and passion. It is my very great pleasure and honor, to inv... more
  • Reverent Whisper

    by Chetna Asmi
    Jimmy Digne is an ordinary, basically good guy who doesn’t care if the world is saved or not. He believes the planet will continue to evolve, even if humans do not exist because Jimmy knows full well that saving the world begins and ends with the power of the human mind. As he puts pen to paper and begins contemplating the world around him, Jimmy shares not just his own story, but also the stories of others in order to make himself appear more interesting. Jimmy starts by looking back to the ... more
  • Is Anyone Out There?

    by The Major
    Entrepreneur and Adventurer Ranulf Rayner has kept detailed scrapbooks for most of his life, including letters and photographs from when he was first at school. His life has been an extraordinary one, starting with escaping from his pram. Subsequently expelled from five schools, he later managed to win his spurs as a regular officer in the British cavalry—managing, soon after joining his regiment, to write off a fifty-ton tank. In the army, he also earned to fly helicopters, which while se... more
  • The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek

    by Kathleen Schmitt

    "The best that can ahppen is to fulfill the dreams of one's youth." - WIlla Cather, 1927

    "Uh huh. Ever actually, like, try it?" - Kathleen Schmitt, in conversation

    The idea to ride a horse from coast to coast was born over the breakfast table at the horse farm where Kathleen worked during high school - a few hours and a world way from her southside Chicago upbringing. Ten years later Kathleen put herself, her horse, Murphy, and her Box dog, Country Boy, on ... more

  • In My Son's Corner: A Father's Inside Story

    by Chris Chinaire
    In my son's corner is a father’s perspective on the complex terrain a typical black boy navigates in London. Chris Chinaire provides a glimpse into the dynamics at play in black fatherhood. The book will take you on a whirlwind tour of London—a pluralistic yet restrictive metropolis, where racism, now couched in politeness, still dictates the life of many a black immigrant boy. Chris explores a wide range of topics, from the pre-colonial history of Africa to love and modern dating and fashion,... more
  • Desperately Seeking Novelty: A Memoir about ADHD and Adaptation

    by Sandra Arnau-Dewar


    When Sandra Arnau-Dewar's six-year son injures his right eye and is nearly blinded, she is confronted with a brutal truth. If she doesn't find a way to manage her son's hyperactive and accident-prone behavior, he could end up maimed or dead. Although she long suspected that he had ADHD, she resisted having him diagnosed because she didn't want him medicated. Now she has to decide which is worse--his continuing risky behavior--or the s... more