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  • Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness

    by Federico Faggin
    In Silicon, internationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur Federico Faggin chronicles his “four lives”: his formative years in war-torn Northern Italy; his pioneering work in American microelectronics; his successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur; and his more recent explorations into the mysteries of consciousness. In this heartfelt memoir, Faggin paints vivid anecdotes, steps readers through society-changing technological breakthroughs, and shares personal insights, as each of his l... more
  • WE ARE EAGLES: Inspiring Stories Of Immigrant Women Who Took Bold Steps In Life Through Literacy

    by Anna Marie Kukec Tomczyk

    Maribel, a domestic violence survivor, raised a daughter while cleaning toilets for a living, then later ran her own business and a marathon. Juanita escaped stalkers by seeking a new life in America. Blanca rose from housekeeping to management before a corporate decision changed her life. Teresa married against her father’s wishes, survived an earthquake and natural gas explosions, before settling her family in America and setting four new goals. Maria found inner strength after her hu... more

  • Sharpen Your Sword

    by Shelly Lockett
    Sharpen Your Sword promises to be a blessing to readers. We all need greater wisdom and understanding to navigate life’s daily challenges. How do we deal with all the different people who either compliment or complicate our lives? When should we take on other people’s burdens? Can we look negativity in the face and reject it? In Sharpen Your Sword, Shelly Lockett shares 50 original inspirational parables paired with scriptures that will be a blessing to readers seeking help to maneuver thro... more
  • The Arrow Tree: Healing from Long COVID

    by Phyllis Weliver

    Award-winning professor and author Phyllis Weliver was in the first wave to fall ill with long COVID. Moving from the city to a woodland cottage above a Michigan lake in order to regain health, Weliver reflects on the process of integrating mind/body health with the natural world. As she recovers from long-haul COVID, the author draws inspiration from forest bathing, traditional Odawa and Ojibwe culture, ancient Chinese philosophy, and British and American literature.

    While this memoir ... more

  • Surviving Chaos: How I Found Peace At A Beach Bar

    by Harold Phifer
    For more than fifty years, Harold Phifer's childhood living conditions remained a secret, even from those who thought they knew him best. No one knew about his past growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness; a greedy, controlling aunt; a mindless and spoiled older brother; an absent father. It wasn't until an explosion in Afghanistan that his memory blasted back into focus. This book is the result of a long, cathartic chat with a stranger at a beach bar, where Harold finally foun... more
  • 48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness

    by Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs
    The book “48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness” (published by Archway Publishing) shares Dr. Sheldon Jacobs’ decision and experience going undercover as a homeless man for 48 hours in Las Vegas. “The way I was made to feel by humanity as a homeless man was as if I did not exist. I was treated as if I did not exist or that I was invisible, which is how the problem of homelessness is viewed by many,” Jacobs says. “The hope is that the book helps to change that narrative.” Living in... more
  • Soul Afterlife

    by Bud Megargee
    From the award-winning author of five unconventional spiritual memoirs comes Bud Megargee’s latest book in the series, Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near Death Experience. Through a series of dialogues with “a voice from the beyond”, we bear witness to his thought-provoking questions, the detailed and unorthodox answers he receives, and his attempt to come to terms with them. The book tosses conventional understanding of what happens when we die to the wayside to tackle tough questions about the ne... more
  • Nowhere like This Place: Tales from a Nuclear Childhood

    by Marilyn Carr
    Marilyn Carr’s family arrived in Deep River, Ontario in 1960 because her dad got a job at a mysterious place called “the plant.” The quirky, isolated, residence for the employees of Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories was impeccably designed by a guy named John Bland. It’s a test-tube baby of a town that sprang, fully formed, from the bush north of Algonquin Park, on the shore of the Ottawa river. Everything has already been decided, including the colours of the houses, inside and out. What could p... more
  • Burning Down UNESCO: A Guide To Innovative Fundraising

    by Howard Burton
    By a curious set of circumstances, Howard Burton found himself hired as a fundraising consultant at UNESCO's Paris headquarters. Overwhelmed by the bureaucratic double-speak and smug complacency that he encountered everywhere he went, he decided to use his clear-eyed analytical skills to ask a very different sort of question: What, exactly, was UNESCO doing that was actually worth funding in the first place? Filled with his customary dry wit and penetrating observations, this book is another... more
  • Letters From Languedoc

    by Howard Burton
    In this engaging epistolary memoir, Howard Burton describes his early experiences of moving with his family to a medieval hilltop village called Le Pouget in Languedoc after years of running Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. The Languedoc region is sometimes referred to as the “real South of France”— thanks to its largely unspoilt, breathtakingly-beautiful countryside, traditional wine-making villages and slower pace of life. This delightful book details what it is really li... more
  • Beginner's Mind

    by M.B. McLatchey
    For parents of young children, their teachers, homeschooling parents, teachers in training, and all adults interested in discovering a more loving way for children to blossom in school, Beginner's Mind is the how-to book we have been waiting for – a book that describes teaching the way we so passionately want it for our children. Told through the eyes of a ten-year-old who, in real life, did go from shipyard town to Harvard University, Beginner's Mind gently answers the question, "How do we want... more
  • The Wren Rises from Trauma to Triumph

    by Hilda Thomasine Wren
    What does it take to get over an abusive childhood? Can those who have been victimized ever be fully whole again? Yes. says Hilda Thomasine Wren in her stirring and inspirational memoir, The Wren Rises from Trauma to Triumph. Wren was born into a severely dysfunctional family. Beaten and sexually abused as a child and denied the love and acceptance she so desperately needed, Wren ran away as a teenager. She soon was thrust into a life of prostitution, and began a series of damaging relationshi... more
  • The Road to 'L': Do you remember your driving instructor? They sure remember you

    by Tony Levy
    The Road to 'L' Do you remember your driving instructor? Well, they sure remember you. This is My next book and its title is The Road to 'L' I have just completed this and it is a humorous memoir. Set in Central London during the period 1981 to 1983 when I was a driving instructor in London working for The British School of Motoring. Pitched somewhere between the old English classic carry-on films and a series of sexy films called Confessions of... It is a humorous memoir of my time as a driving... more
  • The Sea Once Swallowed Me: A Memoir of Love, Solitude, and the Limits of Language

    by Sondra Charbadze

    In this bold and lyrical debut, Sondra weaves personal narrative with philosophical themes, crafting a story about love, solitude, and the unsayable urges that run beneath our lives. Sleeping in the woods outside a medieval city in Spain, Sondra ponders her decision to abandon a more ordinary life. “I am here to decipher nature,” she writes. “But as the stone glints back, I know this is a lie. Humans can decipher nothing but their own small lives."

    Entra... more

  • No Tears: The Triumphant Life of Dr. Kenny D

    No Tears is my life’s story about the good in people to fight the "good fight" for a better life experience and a better society at large. Everyone can do a better job to help our fellow man, but it takes a conviction not to fall prey to the demons of society and the demons of our soul such as racism, bigotry, and personal hatred. We must continue to tell stories of courage, personal growth, and sacrifice to fuel the desire of individuals and society as a whole. Encouraged by these efforts, we s... more
  • Life in Lockdown: I Caught the K-Fever (The First Wave)

    by Three (Se)
    Written for K-drama enthusiasts, newbies, and in-between. Read more about Korean culture, too.