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  • A Year Lost, a Life Gained: Fighting Breast Cancer with Wit, Humor, Friends and a Perky Poodle

    by Suzanne Dalton
    Suzanne Dalton has accomplished much in her life—she is an artist, writer, actor, web designer, and program manager. The one undertaking for which she did not sign up was breast cancer. In her new memoir, humor guides Suzanne through difficult decisions about treatments, surgeries, and reconstruction. Her story, told through witty letters to friends, includes a party before surgery, a zany poodle, and refusal to let cancer define her. A Year Lost, A Life Gained: Fighting Breast Cancer With Wit, ... more
  • RECKLESS: A Memoir

    by Rebecca Allard

    Why would a middle class white woman fall in love with a convicted felon from Harlem? Reckless is the story of a young actress from west Texas, who was seduced into a life-threatening marriage, and the journey she took to reclaim herself.

  • Paths to Pachamama, A Traveler's Guide to Spirituality

    by Joseph De La Cruz
    Written independently, two stories of self-discovery gracefully intertwine and poetically prove no matter our unique journeys, we all travel the same path. Joseph De La Cruz from Boulder, Colorado and Simon Vandekerckhove from Bruges, Belgium meet on the road and now combine forces, offering a backpacker’s perspective of the inward and outward scope of their experiences. A tale suitable for any traveler on the adventure known as life, in Paths to Pachamama you’ll understand there’s more to this ... more
  • Woman Plans, God Laughs: My Story of Love, Loss and Learning to Live Life with Faith

    by Debie Monax
    Debie Monax loved math - it's consistency and predictability. In math all one had to do was follow the proper process and apply appropriate principals to produce and guaranteed result. She applied the same mindset to her life, believing that if sh understood the rules and applied the proper principals to all her decisions, she would have the life she dreamed of. Established in a successful career as a CPA and engaged to a wonderful man, she was confident that she would soon have the family an... more
  • Adventures with Durango Pete

    by Stephen Hinman
    Stephen and his wife, Cynthia, went to a puppy adoption event near their Colorado home to look at a terrier. Instead, the tiny squeaks begging for attention came from an 8-week-old cattle dog crying, “Pick me up!” Stephen did. The puppy licked him up the nose, across his cheeks, and in his ears. The deal was sealed. Durango Pete had a new dad and Stephen was in for a wild ride. Durango Pete and Stephen were soon locked into a battle of wills. The struggle for power and control is a quintes... more
  • My Life with Ndoto, Around Africa in a Forty Year Old Land Rover

    by Teres O'Kane
    The Author, Teresa O'Kane, and her husband explore Africa in the quintessential overland expedition vehicle, a 1973 Series III Land Rover with a rooftop tent. Their yearlong, 48,000 kilometer safari in Ndoto (Swahili for dream), takes them from Cape Town to Northern Kenya, through South Africa, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, a post-genocide Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique. O'Kane paints a humorous and practical guide to self-drive adventure in Afri... more
  • Waking up Human

    by Susan Aranda
    Have you ever felt you don’t belong here? That maybe you were sent to the wrong place? Have terrible people happened to you, in a seemingly endless parade of pain and bewilderment? Do you long to make sense of it all? You are not alone. This is a survival story of how one soul lived through years of abuse. Discarded and betrayed, her fierce determination and dauntless introspection helped her discover the quiet, small voice inside that grew into a powerhouse of self realization. She c... more
  • Act Normal: Memoir of a Stumbling Block

    by Kristy Burmeister
    Eighteen-year-old Kristy has a stalker who sits three pews behind her every Sunday morning. She expects her beloved church family to rally around her, but her fundamentalist church council is dismissive. As her stalker’s erratic behavior escalates toward a promised Old Testament-style execution, and church members continue to shelter him, she must make a choice: risk being murdered or leave everything behind to build a new life—and faith—from scratch.
  • Risk a Verse: A Year in Daily Sonnets

    by Libby Weber

    What kind of person decides to write a sonnet every day for a year? In Libby Weber's case, it was someone with too little free time who nonetheless wanted to create something new every day. The result of her year-long literary experiment is a verse memoir full of scintillating wordplay and keen observations, ranging from delightful nonsense to reflections on nature, death, love, and occasionally television. Sonnets remain a popular way to express powerful feelings and reflect on... more

  • Living Beneath the Surface: My Journey Through Love, Loss, and Forgiveness

    by Krista Bennett-Bruns
    “Why God? Why does a child have to die when murderers and rapists and terrorists get to live? Why take a four-year-old who was innocent and full of pure love?” These are the questions that haunted author Krista Bennett-Bruns after the heartbreaking loss of her young son, Sutton. After Sutton’s death, Krista encountered a barrage of agonizing emotions: Intense grief and pain over being separated from her son too soon. Rage and disgust toward the first responders who had jeopardized Sutton’s ch... more
  • The Thoreau Whisperer

    by Cathryn McIntyre
    After an encounter with her mentor, an eminent Thoreau scholar, eleven days after his death, in The Thoreau Whisperer, Cathryn McIntyre finds she must hone her psychic abilities, set her doubts aside and accept the role she was destined to play in a remarkable collaboration that allows the words of Henry David Thoreau to be heard once again in our time.
  • I Have Something to Tell You: A Memoir

    by Natalie Appleton
    On the eve of Christmas and a proposal, Natalie Appleton discovers she doesn’t want to settle for sevens, and starts over. So, she abandons everything in Alberta for Bangkok. Along the way, with startling illumination, honesty and humor, Natalie unpacks the past that caused her to flee: cheating hearts, small-town suffocation, a tattered family and a genetic disposition to madness. In Bangkok, Natalie kills an albino gecko, crawls into bed with a lampseller and nearly calls off her quest when... more
  • My Turn: When Caregiving Roles Reverse

    by Linda Wright
    Weaving two different parts of her life, Linda Wright combines the care she received from her parents and the care she gave to them when they became elderly and frail. She was born with a rare bleeding disorder, so even the slightest bump created deep bruises on her body and a minor injury kept her out of school. The disorder limited her ability to grow up like a typical kid—riding bikes, climbing, and running. Despite the many hospitalizations for uncontrolled bleeding and infusions to clot her... more
  • Escape to Canada, Rendered in Poetic Overtures

    by Walter Schenck
    Walter Schenck's Canadian adventure written in poetic free verse is a remarkable book. It is an epic exploration into man's souls in the context of history as few are capable of writing. I do not believe there exists anywhere a writer as versatile, as glorious brilliant as Mr. Schenck. It is quite ironic it took a Costa Rican to write such a magnificent work on Canada.
  • Catharine's Horses

    by Walter Schenck

    WINNER 2017 Royal Palm Literary Gold Award - Biography Walter’s newest work is an extraordinarily and fabulously written biography from his Aunt Catherine’s point of view. It is a poignant tale about her memories of her childhood love for horses that she carried with her throughout her life. The story begins when she comes to terms with the nearness of her death. Through her flashbacks Catharine determines to pay a final tribute to the horses that meant everything to her. Walter c... more