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  • Blind Passion

    by Vincent I. Perry
    A true story, a personal love history, an autobiographical memoir of a loving couple, occurring during the years 1965-1976 at a major university in the state of Illinois. The love affair involved a middle-aged married woman and mother of three, named Dorothy, whose marriage had long been dead. She rediscovered happiness when a blind college student, named Grant, half Dorothy's age, fell in love with her; and their love affair resulted in a happy marriage of thirty years, a tribute to the power o... more
  • Why I Travel

    by Van Chesnutt
    Imagine, being in an Egyptian night market, experiencing the heat of the Egyptian desert, or dealing with hordes of school children in Monet's garden in Giverny. Or having a discussion with fellow diners in Lisbon shortly after the 9/11 attacks or dealing with the crowds at the Chelsea Garden show. Why I Travel is a collection of travel experiences, observations and conversations.
  • Civil Rights Baby: My Story of Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American Journalism

    by Nita Wiggins

    In this deeply relatable true story, principled Nita Wiggins reveals the abuses that happen off camera inside television stations. She begins life with a belief in equal opportunity. She develops the unexpected goal to soar to the highest level in the male domain of sports reporting. For her that means reporting on the Dallas Cowboys football team in Dallas, Texas. But she is chasing a moving goalpost.Along her career climb, Nita interviews Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, U.S. President Jimmy ... more

  • The Ribbon Untied, A Journey to Finding a Family

    by Ann Eklund
    Are you searching for someone missing from your family tree? Ann was. Her husband, Chuck, was born out of wedlock in 1944 and raised by his mother, Mary Lou, and a stepfather. Chuck grew up an only child, thinking that his mother was the only blood relative he had. After his stepfather dies of a heart attack in 1966 and Mary Lou succumbs to cancer in 1972, Chuck needs to sell the family home. As Chuck and Ann clean everything out of Mary Lou’s house, they unearth a shoebox full of love letters... more
  • The Rembis Report: An Observation

    by Michael Rembis

    When friends and relatives suffer fatal accidents, Mike's fun monthly newsletter evolves into an existential exploration of his own close calls edging towards death, to remind us that life’s greatest reward is life itself.

  • Hard-Boiled Egg Index

    by Kudzai Joseph Gumunyu
    The Hard-Boiled Egg Index is a true story on the struggles Kudzai Gumunyu and most Zimbabweans went through during the record- and heart-breaking hyper-inflationary period in Zimbabwe. Though saddening, the story is told in a humorous and vivid way detailing how Kudzai had to adjust to the effects of economic meltdown. Zimbabwe's inflation rate reached a mind-boggling 89.7 sextillion percent by 2008 and US$1 was worth 3 nonillion Zimbabwean dollars had the Central Bank not debased the currency t... more
  • Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from the Child Savers

    by Susan Louise Gabriel
    Six weeks into a blissful honeymoon, life turns into a nightmare when Susan’s 9-year-old daughter is taken away and her husband is falsely accused of child sexual abuse. As her own and other families throughout the country are crushed under its wheels, Susan musters the strength and the will to battle a behemoth system that has become the very thing it was created to eradicate. Wheels of Injustice is the true story of one woman’s fight against a powerful system that’s run amok, grinding f... more
  • The Lifespan Movement

    by Nayana Williams

    “The Lifespan Movement" is an inspiring and empowering account of one woman's personal progression to finding purpose, happiness, and financial freedom. Life brings challenges, adversity, and numerous obstacles. Who we are, how we are, and who we become, is the product of how we respond to adversity and overcome hardships. Get ready to follow along in Nayana Williams' compelling story of self-actualization and transformation.  

    It was during one of the most ... more

  • Crossing the Bridges

    by Eva Cristina Hoffman Jedruch
    At the turn of the twentieth century, Central and Eastern Europe was a configuration of nations dominated by three empires: Austrian, German and Russian, whose borders promised to be set in concrete. The Austrian Empire was a multi-ethnic entity of countries that had been absorbed over time. Among these were Polish lands annexed by Austria in the eighteenth century, which became the Austrian province of Galicia, where Zofia Neuhoff was born in 1905 into an upper-middle-class family. Victorian ma... more
  • Passing Through: Exploring the Envelope, Part One

    by Manny Sousa
    It is wondrous how God chooses to bless people by guiding them on His path for them. as can be found in this Part One 1932 - 72 memoir of author Captain Manny Sousa, US Navy(ret), raised in an Army family during the Great Depression, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Cold War through 1955. Following Manny's commissioning as a Navy Ensign and designation as a naval aviator in 1956, he flew the first carrier-based aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons on his initial Western Pacifi... more
  • Banned from California

    by Robert C. Steele
    This is the biography of Jim Foshee, born in 1939. As a 15-year-old gay runaway he finds himself in the 1950s Los Angeles underground world of homosexuals and early queer culture. Experience Jim Foshee's bold, free spirit as he hitchhikes 800 miles away from his home in a small Idaho town. Jim lives on the edge. Throughout his adventures and misadventures, he finds himself among kind-hearted strangers, kindred souls and drag queens as well as con artists, liars, and ruthless cops. At a yo... more
  • Those Darn Stripes

    by Tyrel Nelson

    In his third book, Tyrel Nelson offers a patchwork of lovingly constructed vignettes that interweave themes of change, loss, and joy, all while managing to preserve a light-hearted and inspiring tone. Written in straightforward and sparse language, his narratives touch upon the impact of fleeting interpersonal encounters as well as the enduring effect of past and present relationships. Throughout his short collection of stories, Nelson's prose deepens and matures to mirror the effect that... more

  • Travels and Tribulations

    by Tyrel Nelson

    In his latest book of short stories, Tyrel Nelson immerses you in his peripatetic world, transporting you to old haunts and sharing his latest meditations. Through Tyrel’s personal and spiritual meanderings you become fully invested in people from all walks of life. You appreciate Doña Vicky treating you like family, imagining her sending an unmentioned smile your way. You seek escape in a sweaty adventure with eager explorers wanting to lend a helping hand. You sit by his mother... more

  • Risking Is Better Than Regretting, Live Without Regrets

    by Cornelia E. Davis
    Based on the author’s true-life experiences, working thirty-five years internationally in infectious diseases in twenty countries in Africa and Asia, Cornelia E. Davis shares stories and exploits from her life in the field. Connie inspires you to take calculated risks. She reminds you that if you want anything in life to Change, you must make the Choice, to take the Chance. Live Without Regrets is more than an inspiring memoir. It gives you a chance to: \tReflect on your life, \tCrea... more
  • The Wolcott Circus

    by Michael Snarr
    What was it like to be a member of a Greek fraternity in the late 60's during one of the most tumultuous periods in US history? What happened to the members of Pi Kappa Alpha, and how they made a difference in the world beyond college is very humorous and inspiring.
  • The Grief and The Happiness

    by Nancy Viera
    In this memoir, Nancy Viera tells her story of resilience, healing, and moving forward with grief in one hand, and happiness in the other. Her son’s father passed away unexpectedly in 2016. He was 33 years old and had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression years before that, as a result of four years in a war zone. At the time of his death their son, James was six years old, and Nancy was the one to break his heart with the news. It shattered her to see his p... more