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  • The Apocalypto Kid Goes To College

    by Grant Harper Reid
    Never in the history of memoir writing, has the author as the protagonist been so wrong and illogical yet been so right. This is Reid’s third and newest most personal literary work. It’s the true story of the author as a poor black teenager trying to acquire a college degree while at the same time attempting to become a man. This memoir details the author’s wild five year journey towards his college degree. Within the pages of the book author Reid graduates to the top of his class by proving tha... more
  • Unemployable

    by Alysia Silberg
  • The Gift of Pain

    by Tony R. Kitchens
    We all struggle. Muddle through. Get knocked down. Feel wistful about what used to be. These aren’t the moments that define you. It’s what you do about it that does. That’s what I’ve learned. The Gift of Pain is my story, of growing up as an average boy on the South Side of Chicago, with parents who loved me but didn’t have much. In it, I share how I turned failures, painful moments, and fear into passion, determination, and resilience. The Gift of Pain is a story of entrepreneurship, me... more
  • Whatever The Future Holds

    by Heidi E. V. McCann

    Author Heidi McCann was just a young teenager when she first laid eyes on the boy who would become her first love, and eventually the man who would change her life. Curtis Roger Vance was handsome, popular, and just a little wild. It was the story that small-town romances in rural Vermont are made of. At least at first. Curtis and Heidi fell in love and began their life together. Far too early on in their life together, they were dealt the devastating blow that Curtis had ALS, or Lou Gehrig&r... more

  • Reflections of My Life

    by Betty Dawson
    Living in a quiet provincial area of Northern Ireland, marriage, living in Singapore, adventures in the Far East. Divorce and starting again in a career in Public Information, working across UK, parts of Europe, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and then to Kosovo. A memory of overcoming obstacles, writing articles and negotiating between groups of people. All adds up to a life.
  • Born Into Crisis: A Memoir

    by Kenneth Nixon
    The American mental health system is in crisis, and those affected by its shortcomings are drowning without the tools and resources they deserve and need to thrive. In Born Into Crisis, author Kenneth Nixon shares his story of growing up with a mother with severe mental illness and a family stuck in an enduring cycle of trauma. He knows firsthand the impact trauma can have on a person's life. Kenneth not only takes you on a powerful journey through his stories, he provides cogent and practical s... more
  • No One Can Tell You Who You Are Except You

    by Pier Pagano
    Your guide to repattern the blueprint you were born with and create the life you deserve. Pier Pagano's practical book of essays and exercises will inspire, motivate and teach you how to use your own powerful tools to make peace with your past and embrace your present and future possibilities. Learn how the traits you hide are sometimes the most enlightening and wonderful qualities you have. You just don't know it yet.
  • My Path On This Earth

    by Rose Lopez
    Rose Lopez, a Franco-American woman born in Oran, Algeria, immigrated to the United States in 1969. After surviving war and traveling through many countries with her husband, Jules, Rose has made California her home. She currently resides in Orange County, California, with her three children and three grandchildren. In her memoir, Rose writes honestly about the pain of poverty, war, trauma, and loss, just as honestly as she writes about the beauty of love, hope and laughter throughout the journe... more
  • Madame Ph.D.: Growing Up Black in DC and Beating the Odds

    by Gwynette P. Lacy, Ph.D., MBA

    Madame Ph.D. is an inspiring true story of of a black woman's journey from inner-city Washington, DC to become the first African American female to earn a Ph.D. in her field from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The author details how she emerged from a childhood full of challenges, such bullying and a broken home, to beat the odds and succeed in spite of her background, gender and the color of her skin.

    The author provides a glimpse into major historical events in America... more

  • A Fish Has No Word For Water: A punk homeless San Francisco memoir

    by Violet Blue
    Her mother was a hacker-for-hire and drug dealer to Silicon Valley's elite; after everything went wrong she was homeless and alone on San Francisco streets at the age of thirteen. Fleeing her mother's life on the run from a double-crossed cartel and fresh out of witness protection, she joined Silicon Valley's children foraging food from San Francisco's trash cans and sleeping in abandoned cars -- while tech's earliest generations of workers partied, broke laws, and spat on homeless kids begging ... more
  • The Twenty: One Woman's Trek Across Corsica on the GR20 Trail

    by Marianne C. Bohr
    Marianne Bohr and her husband, about to turn sixty, are restless for adventure. They decide on an extended, desolate trek across the French island of Corsica--the GR20, Europe's toughest long-distance footpath--to challenge what it means to grow old. Part travelogue, part buddy story, part memoir, The Twenty is a journey across a rugged island of stunning beauty little known outside Europe.
  • Joseph W. Taylor BORN TO BIRD

    by Ann Taylor
    Joseph W. Taylor BORN TO BIRD is a biography of the foremost North American amateur ornithologist and conservationist in the mid-twentieth century. BORN TO BIRD examines Joe Taylor’s life path as a journey toward his true self. This transformation came slowly. He was born to economic and social privilege, yet an unanticipated destiny with birds awaited him. Birdwatching began for Joe at age eight. Early on, he conformed to a traditional pattern of education and employment. Nevertheless, b... more
  • Memoirs of an unexpected loser

    by Magali M.
    What happened? How did I manage to miss the train to the land of fulfilled potentials? I'm stuck on the platform and it looks like I can't even get anywhere anymore. This journey dives into a series of life events most people have either experienced or know someone who has: a non-success in a study, a gap in a career, the loss of someone dear, sexual abuse, miscarriage, addictions, expatriation... It also gives a few slightly abrasive facts about France, being a human female in this century and... more
  • College Life of a Retired Senior

    by Yvonne Blackwood
    Seven years after she retired from a lengthy career in banking, Yvonne Blackwood surprised her friends and family by returning to school at age sixty-four to pursue an English degree. Her purpose was fueled by four powerful reasons—to add texture to her writing; to ward off dementia; to enhance structure in her life; and to inspire her two young grandsons to continue their education after high school. But as she stepped onto the campus of Canada’s third-largest university, Blackwood had no idea ... more