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  • NO - Sequel to One Small Word / 9781647533274

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Frankie is a survivor of familial childhood abuse. Whilst on a work placement as a mature social work student at the age of 50, she had learned how her childhood experiences of abuse had affected her adult behaviour. She was able to recover from the abuse and gain some insight into managing her reactive behaviour into the future by using the one small word, 'No', that she had used to stop the abuse as a fourteen year old. This book continues with Frankie other life's journey from the age of 50 ... more
  • One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Readers share the life of Frankie, a 50-year-old social work student, and her dramatic memories of physical and sexual abuse at the hand of her father. Frankie journeys from despair to recovery, transforming into a strong woman who is able to turn the negativity of her life into positive help for others. Readers experience Frankie's emotions at the time of the abuse, gain insight into how this affected her adult behaviour, and share her victory as she learned to overcome.
  • From Pennies to Millions

    by Mark Kaley
    Set in the early 2000s, From Pennies to Millions tells the story of how a former Florida theme park worker, a former pool cleaner and a former New York attorney rose to dominance on the coattails of a tracking device, a piece of plastic rebar and a biometric thumb drive in a lesser known industry where honest businessmen were outnumbered by swindlers, cheats and charlatans, looking to game a system where the rules were often more gray than black and white, to become one of the preeminent consult... more
  • Pip's Memoirs and Manoeuvres

    by Paul Gabriel
    Pip goes to London at age twenty and finds a job at a leading wallpaper/fabric emporium where he learns tricks of the trade. At Sanderson & Sons, he learns a great deal about wallpapers, paints, and general interior design. He teaches himself how to paper and the right way to paint. By then he starts feeling as though he could excel as a self-employed decorator. When a good customer calls him to suggest leaving Sanderson and doing just that, he makes up his mind and takes the plunge. Before long... more
  • Dying to Live

    by Monica Hards
    What happens after we die? Where does our soul go? An experience that will never let you go. Encounters that are difficult to explain. How being a highly sensitive person has its’ challenges in life. Themes that deal with life and death, and the question of what comes next after we leave this planet. Based on her profound insight into these provocative questions, Monica Hards tells in her book “Dying to live” of her own out-of-body and near-death experiences, and much more. We shouldn’t let ours... more
  • Silent Rise

    by Rick H. Jones
    Hamilton, Ohio, was spiraling out of control teetering on the brink of economic and social collapse. Leadership in the schools was stagnant. The graduation rate was about sixty-five percent. Social unrest threatened the city. There was a cultural void. Major industries were moving out and jobs were being outsourced. The nation was entering a recession in the early ‘90s. Yet, civic and city leaders in this mid-size Rust Belt city turned to the arts. Follow this seasoned arts administrator as he s... more
  • Crete–Timeless People in a Changing Time

    by Douglas Bullis

    The people of Crete have a proud history as a fiercely independent people with a unique and complex culture. There are many books about Crete and its history, but very few about the lives and thinking of Cretan people as they live their daily lives and tell their own stories. Timeless People in a Changing Time is a you-are-there walk through the streets, quays, and countryside as you meet everyday people whose lives are being seriously impacted by modernity and tourism wealth. Meet colorful c... more

  • Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness

    by Federico Faggin
    In Silicon, internationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur Federico Faggin chronicles his “four lives”: his formative years in war-torn Northern Italy; his pioneering work in American microelectronics; his successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur; and his more recent explorations into the mysteries of consciousness. In this heartfelt memoir, Faggin paints vivid anecdotes, steps readers through society-changing technological breakthroughs, and shares personal insights, as each of his l... more
  • WE ARE EAGLES: Inspiring Stories Of Immigrant Women Who Took Bold Steps In Life Through Literacy

    by Anna Marie Kukec Tomczyk

    Maribel, a domestic violence survivor, raised a daughter while cleaning toilets for a living, then later ran her own business and a marathon. Juanita escaped stalkers by seeking a new life in America. Blanca rose from housekeeping to management before a corporate decision changed her life. Teresa married against her father’s wishes, survived an earthquake and natural gas explosions, before settling her family in America and setting four new goals. Maria found inner strength after her hu... more

  • A Time to Forget

    by Shelia Mariah Bolar
  • Leave the Lamp On...

    by Sue McCullough
    Historical fiction set during World War I. Story of author's own family. A grandfather who abandoned the family, leaving a 5 year old to support his mother and 4 sisters. A story that paints a very fine line between cowardice and courage, between fact and fiction.
  • Sharpen Your Sword

    by Shelly Lockett
    Sharpen Your Sword promises to be a blessing to readers. We all need greater wisdom and understanding to navigate life’s daily challenges. How do we deal with all the different people who either compliment or complicate our lives? When should we take on other people’s burdens? Can we look negativity in the face and reject it? In Sharpen Your Sword, Shelly Lockett shares 50 original inspirational parables paired with scriptures that will be a blessing to readers seeking help to maneuver thro... more
  • The Arrow Tree: Healing from Long COVID

    by Phyllis Weliver

    Award-winning professor and author Phyllis Weliver was in the first wave to fall ill with long COVID. Moving from the city to a woodland cottage above a Michigan lake in order to regain health, Weliver reflects on the process of integrating mind/body health with the natural world. As she recovers from long-haul COVID, the author draws inspiration from forest bathing, traditional Odawa and Ojibwe culture, ancient Chinese philosophy, and British and American literature.

    While this memoir ... more

  • Surviving Chaos: How I Found Peace At A Beach Bar

    by Harold Phifer
    For more than fifty years, Harold Phifer's childhood living conditions remained a secret, even from those who thought they knew him best. No one knew about his past growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness; a greedy, controlling aunt; a mindless and spoiled older brother; an absent father. It wasn't until an explosion in Afghanistan that his memory blasted back into focus. This book is the result of a long, cathartic chat with a stranger at a beach bar, where Harold finally foun... more
  • 48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness

    by Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs
    The book “48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness” (published by Archway Publishing) shares Dr. Sheldon Jacobs’ decision and experience going undercover as a homeless man for 48 hours in Las Vegas. “The way I was made to feel by humanity as a homeless man was as if I did not exist. I was treated as if I did not exist or that I was invisible, which is how the problem of homelessness is viewed by many,” Jacobs says. “The hope is that the book helps to change that narrative.” Living in... more