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  • The Caregiver

    by Troy Donahue Jackson
    The Caregiver book purpose is to recognize, uplift and empower caregivers worldwide. This is A-must have book, can be pass down to next generations. Aging love ones need this care so bad. Humanity is paramount above everything else. Troy is the caregiver for his mother and gives her love everyday with passion. Description This book details the challenges caregivers face on a daily basis and how to overcome them. Overall, the book can and will make you understand and respect all caregivers for ... more
  • It Won't Hurt None: A story of courage, healing and a return to wholeness

    by Rebecca E Chandler

    “This book serves a therapeutic purpose for readers, giving them hope that not all is lost, even if they feel alone and abandoned.” Reader’s Favorite

    Rebecca E. Chandler was living in Kenya when she turned to a surgeon in Dubai for a “routine procedure.”  Within days of the operation, her mental and physical health collapsed. As her mind and body deteriorated,, flashbacks of her childhood sexual abuse began to re-emerge. Depression took over a... more

  • A Conservation Notebook

    by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski
    This highly personal volume from the former head of Creative Services for WWF International wanders from crowded UN conference rooms in Rio to simple farmers in Bhutan, to coral reefs in Micronesia and the Philippines to the wild regions of Indonesian New Guinea where outsiders want a piece of a poor farmer’s soul to the rainforests of Borneo where indigenous tribesmen fight for their land. From a mythical sacred mountain in India to holy groves in Burma to an ecological war zone in Zimbabwe, fr... more
  • Midlife Emergence: Free Your Inner Fire

    by Jen Berlingo
    Midlife Emergence is a revelatory memoir and an inviting guidebook; it is a compassionate companion that belongs on the bedside table of every woman who finds herself burning to reclaim powerful parts of herself that social conditioning has locked away. Midlife doesn’t need to be a crisis or an emergency—rather, it’s an emergence, an opportunity to make those beautiful, unexpressed facets shamelessly visible. When psychotherapist and coach Jen Berlingo traversed her own midlife portal, she exp... more
  • The Odyssey of a Hippie Marijuana Grower

    by John-Paul Cernak
    A historic look at the hippie era, and how the election of Ronald Reagan ended an epic cultural age. Jack never felt free until he lived in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. But his freedom was in peril. The 1960s were over, and an era was closing. When the door slammed shut, there was no exit. Most of his friends cut their hair and took straight jobs in a world becoming more corporate and increasingly structured. It was a fate worse than death. But he wasn’t ready to capitulate. There might be an... more
  • M*A*S*H Vietnam: What it's like to be a war nurse

    by Lorna Griess
    M*A*S*H Vietnam shows how one young nurse survived the day-to-day drama in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in South Vietnam. Dealt in a frank, no-holds-barred tone, the book uncovers the operations of a MASH unit in a combat zone and the bleak hardships of war. This story is not so much about a war but about a regular nurse who followed her passion, her desire to do good, into the middle of a war zone, and her mixed emotions going home to a country torn by an unpopular war, uncertain how she wil... more
  • Within The Portal--A Memoir of Near Death Experience and Guide To Spiritual Awakening

    by Scott Spackey
    On June 19, I was killed. Dead in the street, Mangled, bloody and… Killed. Life can go from light to dark in an instant. Krishnanand catapulted to the ‘other-side’ when he was hit in the face by a full-size SUV. While he remained in a Stage 3 Glasgow coma for nine days, he remained fully conscious in a celestial dimension he now calls The Portal—what Tibetan Buddhists call The Bardo, and what Vedic/Sanskrit philosophy calls The Akashic Records. He woke without an identity, having no recall... more
  • A Quest for Identity: From Afghanistan to the World

    by Parastu Ahang-Mehdawi
    A Quest for Identity is her voice that offers a ladder to the world of literature. She defines herself as a citizen of the world. She is a disciple of human rights. Her message is clear: Stop separating humanity by colour, gender, religion, country, or nationality, and tolerate no war. Parastu’s pen dances on the paper when she gets inspired by nature’s beauty or is moved to scream by the injustices of the world. Her series of memoirs continues; in the second volume, she narrates her life as a w... more
  • Not Weakness: Navigating the Culture of Chronic Pain

    by Francesca Grossman
    After thyroid cancer, Crohn’s disease, and a slew of other autoimmune conditions ransacked her body in her twenties and thirties, Francesca was left feeling completely alone in her chronic pain. Constant, relentless, often indescribable, and always exhausting, it affected her whole life―intimacy, motherhood, friendship, work, and mental health. Yet it was also fairly invisible―and because of that, Francesca felt entirely alone in the centrifuge of her own pain. But after twenty-plus years of liv... more
  • The Golden Ticket: A Life in College Admissions Essays

    by Irena Smith

    The Golden Ticket combines sharp social commentary on the exorbitant aspirations driving the college admissions frenzy, family history, and the lessons of great (and not so great) literature to offer a broader, more generous vision of what it means to succeed.

  • My Heart Behind Bars

    by lorri britt
  • My Heart Behind Bars

    by Lorri Britt
  • Glorified Bus Driver

    by Jason Hawkins
    Jason is barreling towards a mid-life crisis. As a military officer with a growing family, he could have been living the American dream, if only he'd known what to look for. Restless and desperate for contentment, he takes the risk of a lifetime and leads his family into poverty. Climbing out of it nearly cost him his life and exposes sources of the self-destructive mindset that plagues generations of men. Ultimately, he conquers his past and his thorny nature to reach a life beyond his drea... more
  • Rearview: A Psychiatrist Reflects on Practice and Advocacy In a Time of Healthcare System Change

    by Barry B. Perlman, M.D.
    In Rearview: A Psychiatrist Reflects on Practice and Advocacy in a Time of Healthcare System Change Dr. Barry B. Perlman, a graduate of Yale Medical School, offers an overview of his career in medicine. From his first inklings of interest in mental health issues tied to his grandmother’s bouts of severe depression and his mother’s volunteer work with persons discharged from psychiatric hospitals, to his summer jobs in hospitals, through to closing his practice and retirement, Perlman recounts th... more
  • One with the Road

    by John Reger
    Most people never get to travel across the United States, least of all take three months to do it. In One with the Road, John Reger leaves Southern California on his Harley Davidson in a classic search for himself and America. Covering forty states and nearly 12,000 miles, the author meets unique and interesting people that share his iconoclastic lifestyle, such as a hitchhiking preacher, a truck-stop dentist, and a confidence man-all who teach him, and us, that being unusual makes life more int... more
  • She is My Child: What My Daughter's Medical Journey Taught Me About Faith, My Heavenly Father, and Flying Standby

    by Tammy Coulter
    In 2007, fourteen-month-old Ava was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome, a rare, progressive, genetic disorder for which there was no treatment. The jarring news left her mother Tammy reeling and wondering what the future held for her daughter. As the days following the diagnosis blurred together, Tammy saw two paths before her—fall apart or fall into the arms of the Lord. For a time, she did both, struggling with her emotions one moment, feeling God's peace the next, all while continuing to care fo... more