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  • Hashman

    by Alexander Grand and Joshua S. Berman
    Criminal-turned-psychologist Joey Berkowitz has a complicated past, extending through East Coast mobs, the psychedelic 60s, the New York celebrity drug culture, Berkeley Peace movement, the Paris riots, Altamont, Woodstock, laundering money in Southeast Asia, and sitting meditation courses in Tibet. Join Joey as he manages to escape prosecution time and time again by the seat of his pants, ultimately becoming a noteworthy shrink in Seattle where he manages to find himself as a central figure in ... more
  • Lifeline to a Soul

    by John K. McLaughlin
    Having built a successful company from scratch, author John McLaughlin decided that he wanted to teach others how to do the same. In his fifties and with no teaching experience, his only job offer was at a minimum-security prison camp. Having no experience with prisons or the incarcerated, McLaughlin told his first class on his first day, “I am going to learn a lot more from you than you could possibly learn from me.” Lifeline to a Soul takes the reader inside the fence and chronicles the vi... more
  • Beyond Belief: How Living with a Brain Stem Tumor Brought Faith and Purpose to Life

    by Kyle Campbell
    Kyle was diagnosed with a Brain Stem Tumor at five years old. This is the thumb-size bridge that connects our brain to the rest of our body, and controls many vital functions for life. Kyle shares his medical journey of daily symptoms, doctor visits, MRIs, Radiation, and more health challenges he's faced. Kyle then takes us on a journey through his education in Philosophy, and how that road intertwined with his Christian Faith... ultimately leading to discovering incredible purpose in living ... more
  • Under the Naga Tail

    by James Taing

    A courageous and poignant memoir of one young man’s daring escape from Cambodia’s genocidal regime Forced from his home by the Khmer Rouge, teenager Mae Taing struggles to endure years of backbreaking work, constant starvation, and ruthless cruelty from his captors—supposed freedom fighters who turned against their own people. Mae risks torture and death to escape into the dark tropical jungles, trekking across a relentless wilderness crawling with soldiers. When Mae is able... more

  • Madame PH.D.: Growing Up Black in DC and Beating the Odds

    by Gwynette Ford Lacy, Ph.D., MBA

    MADAME PH.D. is an intimate memoir of a young black girl, struggling in inner-city Washington, DC, who became determined to survive and succeed despite her background, gender, and the color of her skin. The author details how she emerged from a childhood full of challenges and relentless bullying to become a math whiz and STEM trailblazer, and eventually became the first African American female to earn a Ph.D. in her business field at a major Big Ten University.

    The great, great, great ... more

  • Featured Creatures: Animals in Our Lives

    by Lalita Gandbhir
    Award-winning author Lalita Gandbhir reflects on a lifetime with animals — from the dog she grew up with in India, who bit people for no reason, to the menagerie of creatures (from cats and dogs to a squirrel and a snake) that her animal-crazy husband and children brought into her household through the years. She also offers keen observations on animals she’s encountered in the natural world, from elephants in Africa to eagles and moose in Alaska to the everyday creatures that have made their ho... more
  • The Girl From Number 7 Windsor Avenue

    by Vivienne Grilliot Worthington

    A humorous and poignant account of an English-American girl growing up as an Air Force BRAT in post-WWII  England, France, and America.

  • Raising Simba

    by Falisa Ray

    The inspiring true-life journey of a single mother who through faith and resilience helped her son navigate the streets of Chicago to achieve his dream of playing Simba in Disney's Broadway production of "The Lion King".

  • Sam & Me and the Hard Pear Tree

    by Jami Yeats
    A gloriously warm summer afternoon in February 2013 suddenly turned into a nightmare from which there was no escape and no respite. In one horrifying moment – the moment every mother dreads – Jami Yeats knew her life would never be the same again. When the ambulance took young Sam away there was still the tiniest sign of life. But Jami knew from the first scream that her baby was gone. That is where this story begins. But it also begins long before that, and is a story that will never end. Sa... more
  • Poetic Injustice: A True Story of Forbidden Love

    by Jonathan Sure

    A true story with names and details altered, Poetic Injustice is a tale of romance between a therapist and his patient resulting in profound insights that challenge almost all objectives of modern day therapy. Jonathan Sure, a seasoned therapist intuitively aware of projected feelings in transference and counter-transference, is nonetheless lured into an intimate relationship with his patient, Kulai and finds himself drowning in an abyss of confusion, submission, and obsessio... more


    by Kathryn J Hardy
    There is evil. There has always been evil. Evil has no color other than the bloodshed stains left behind by hate and ignorance. Dr. Johnny Savage and Otis Ikner were no strangers to evil. This true story is an electric memoir, taking place during the 60’s and 70’s between two young southern men born in a rural, less populated, part of Northwest Florida, with one thing in common and that was their untamed determination to be poor no more. you will follow Dr. Johnny Savage’s life from the deadly, ... more
  • "Are You a N****r or s Doctor?"

    Dr. Otto Stallworth Jr. was born and reared in Birmingham, Alabama, during the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s, a city characterized during those years by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as “the most segregated city in America.” Crossed the Alabama state line the first time at age 16 in 1962 to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C., and became the first college graduate in his family. The details of Dr. Stallworth’s life are evocative of friendships, falling in love, and marriages; and a grea... more
  • Change of Course: Sailing into Love & Adversity on Caribbean Shores

    by Regina Petra Meyer
    In her mid 30s and trying to make sense of her floundering relationship, Regina is restless. She throws caution aside, books a one-way ticket to the Caribbean and joins the crew of a small, vintage racing yacht to satisfy her growing appetite for adventure. Once aboard the old yacht in Antigua, Regina and her fellow crew members work tirelessly under the watchful eye of its cantankerous owner, as they prepare for the passage back to Australia. During a sultry sunset party on a clifftop, R... more
  • Forty to Finish

    by Larry Walsh
    Embark on a cross-country cycling adventure in this exciting sequel that finds author Larry Walsh on yet another solo trek across America. Here, Walsh brings readers along for the ride of a lifetime: 4,200 miles, cutting across ten states, from Oregon to Virginia. The Trans Am Bike Race is so grueling that less than 300 solo riders in the last decade have crossed the finish line. But Walsh did just that. Reaching the Yorktown Victory Monument, however, is just a small part of this tale. In this... more
  • The Boy from Boadua: One African's Journey of Hunger and Sacrifice in Pursuit of a Dream

    by Patrick Asare
    The Boy from Boadua is a story of hunger, hardship, hope, and tenacity. It’s about believing anything is possible if you set your heart—and mind—to it. My story begins when I was a young boy growing up in a family so large and impoverished that no amount of backbreaking labor could keep our bellies full. Though no one in Boadua had ever progressed beyond elementary school, I was willing to endure any hardship in pursuit of what any reasonable person would consider a pipe dream: a world-class ed... more
  • The WORD Works...If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!

    by Tammy McBride

    My book is a 66-page read and was released on 2 August 2022. It is a memoir of my faith walk with God as I experienced financial struggles. Once I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I decided to take God at His Word. I began to consistently speak His Word (say what God says) daily and doing so turned my situation to good!