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  • Autism... A Mother's Story

    by Toni Hunt
    Autism is a life-long condition that affects how the brain works. It is not an illness and therefore cannot be ‘cured.’ Some may show traits but never be diagnosed as being autistic. Autism… A Mother’s Storyis a heartfelt account of a mother’s journey with her autistic son which spans almost 28 years and covers the huge ups and downs of this complex condition. This is a memoir that gives hope to those caring for anyone with autism or for anyone wanting to know more about the challenges that face... more
  • Daddy Bear Goes to War

    by Mary Page Greene
    At the peak of middle age, when you have many responsibilities and suddenly a distant threat arrives close to home and you feel called to help, how do you justify leaving your young family and sacrificing your thriving career for the greater good? How do you stay the course at every unexpected turn along the way? How do you keep a positive attitude during the devastation of war and simultaneously give encouragement with humor to your family left behind? After the mission is accomplished and many... more
  • Secret Son of a Legend

    by Mark Jennings
    I have only known since 2012, but I am the illegitimate child of Bobby Moore, the captain of the 1966 World Cup winning football team. I went from living an exceptionally happy and privileged childhood to one of detachment, hurt, and misery. My world was completely turned upside down and I deeply missed my former life and my family. I made the most of my life by focusing energy and attention on my education and the sports in which I participated, which helped me relieve the tension. I enjoyed my... more
  • Take Me Home

    by Gary M. Crist
    Take Me Home is a collection of short stories based on the author’s experiences as a sports-loving boy growing up in Indiana in the 60s and as a practicing attorney in Florida. Each story presents vivid local colors and memorable characters. Many present-life passages are to be navigated and moral questions are to be pondered. Take Me Home is a light but worthwhile read that you will want to pass along to your family and recommend to your friends.
  • The Idling Bulldozer and Other Paddling Adventures

    by Donald D. Yackel
    This book contains ten paddling adventure stories that take place in locations across the US and Canada. In each location, the author is surrounded by nature offering whatever conditions the natural world presents. Sometimes they are beautiful, offering deep transcendent moments, but at other times the author is cold, wet, frightened, or driven mad by swarms of bugs. These trials are the dues paid to experience a glorious sunrise over a salt marsh, or to watch manatees playing in the shallows, o... more
  • Memories of “A Kid from the Heights”

    by Don Moore
    As the years go by and each step I take brings me closer to the end of my journey, coupled with the advent of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, I started reconnecting with many childhood friends via social media. The past two years of isolation brought the realization that this unique era we shared in a remote village during the 50s and 60s will never be available again to future generations, and that generations born after the 50s and 60s lose the likelihood of ever having an opportunity ... more
  • Pretty Wrecked: Confessions of a Teen Addict and Her Road to Recovery

    by Tracy Viola
    Going numb was her only choice... In this captivating memoir, one woman's journey unfolds - from the darkest depths of teenage abuse and addiction to the heights of personal and professional success. Her brave and vivid narrative, skillfully blending laughter and tears, reveals the enduring beauty that can emerge from life's darkest moments. Marked by scars and illuminated by triumphs, this is a gripping read for anyone who has faced adversity, dared to hope, and believes in the boundless power... more
  • Buddy's War: A World War II Medic's Journey and the Power of Family

    by Barry Lehman
    Follow the author as he takes an extraordinary journey through the hidden chapters of his family history , intertwined with the monumental events of World War II. Through vivid storytelling, personal reflection, and meticulous research, the author offers a profound exploration of love, loss, and the unbreakable bonds that connect generations. Buddy’s War is a rich blend of personal reflection, historical context, and poignant revelations. This becomes a powerful testament to the enduring powe... more
  • If Cancer is a Gift, Can I Return It?

    by Agalia Baker MSN, FNP-BC-Ret
    Agalia Baker is a retired advance practice nurse with over 40 years in nursing. Despite all her knowledge and experience, she was an incredibly unprepared patient when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Searching for solace from the emotional hell she endured and unable to find answers, she decided to write the book she needed at the time. The result is an irreverent blend of health care provider information and a glimpse through her eyes as she lived it. If Cancer is a Gift, Can I Return It?... more
  • I'm History...But Do I Repeat Myself?

    by Lee Knapp
    “How quaint…or is this kind of lame?” thought artist Lee Knapp after she half-heartedly returned to teach history at her old public high school. Because her private history was in a state of upheaval, it seemed she had no choice. It turned out to be life-changing. Teaching at her once all-white alma mater— now majority-minority and one of the most diverse in the state of Virginia—broadened, if not exploded, many of Knapp’s carefully constructed identities begun there in the seventies. In four b... more
  • The Path to Complex PTSD

    by Judith N. Brooke
    In this deeply moving and transformative memoir, the author sheds the veil of invisibility that often shrouds the journey of those living with Complex PTSD. The book, a revised edition of her 2012 publication, now bears her true identity, embracing the raw and real experiences that defined her life. This narrative is not just about the struggles of enduring relentless emotional, psychological and physical abuse. It is a poignant exploration of the silent questions that haunt many who have walk... more
  • Butterfly Being: I Am Who I Am

    by Rosalyn Davis
    Rosalyn Davis faced a heavy challenge in navigating her way through trauma after a near-death experience and the resulting diagnosis of PTSD. Executing intentional change, Roz would experience a profound transformation in her personal state of being. The journey to her authenticity would mirror the transformative journey of the butterflies becoming and help her find her way to her life’s purpose. Butterfly Being invites readers to witness the emergence of a resilient soul from the cocoon of adve... more
  • Unparalyzed

    by Danielle M. Bryan
    Unparalyzed is a deeply personal memoir about grit. It is about refusal to give up. To allow adversity and difficult circumstances to win. But victory is one of its lessons too. It is the book that the late Toni Morrison inspired me to write. The book I wanted to read so I could see myself in another woman whose experiences were like my own. A 30-something divorced, professional woman of color with an invisible and incurable chronic illness and insatiable determination. To accompany similarly si... more
  • Object Lessons: A Parris Island Memoir

    by Terry Dwyer
    This is an enduring account of one person's journey through basic training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island, South Carolina. For those who have served in the Marine Corps, this will bring back memories of their own regardless of how recent or far removed. For those who have not served in the Marines or any branch of the armed services, this memoir is intended to faithfully depict the experiences of young men fifty years ago in their efforts to join this country's finest fightin... more
  • Survivors of the Armenian Genocide: Photographs from the Now Distant Past

    by Michael Boyajian

    Photographs of those who survived the Armenian Genocide. So great a catastrophic tragedy that the survivors felt it had to be an illusion and the emotional health problems associated with survivors and their descendants of such cataclysm horrors became a diagnostic mental health category, from the Genocide to the Holocaust and beyond. A People Power Project.  Editor: Gary A. Kulhanjian.

    Amazon Reports Kindle rankings Number One in Ethnic and Racial Studies and Number 8 in Historica... more

  • Dante's Paradox

    by Dante M. Slater and Bridget May
    Dante’s Paradox is a story about an individual trying to seek out every truth in life and its mysteries. Then during his lifespan stumbles upon a series of events that most would call science fiction and not even giving it a second thought. He grapples with the idea that there are no coincidences from the womb to the tomb. The subject actually thinks that we as human beings can connect to everyone and everything and reverse our destructive behavior if we give it a second or even third thought.... more