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  • Aria of a Brown Girl

    by Sarita Vargas
    Aria of a Brown Girl is the true story of the perilous journey one girl takes after experiencing trauma over and over beginning in her formative years and continuing on through young adulthood. Placed into adoption at birth, this sets the tone of abandonment she feels from the start and creates an overall mindset of not belonging. In addition, she is faced with numerous moments of abuse, which start her on a downward trajectory to self-destruction. Told with an unapologetic honesty, and an agoni... more
  • Dead Windows: My Long Journey Out Of Domestic Violence

    by James Snowden Walker
    Many Black men suffer silently with the long-term effects of growing up in a household of domestic violence and child abuse. We are taught to be tough, not to cry and to brush off the abuse as just a part of life. For those who seek help, there are very few mental health resources available. I was one of those men who was told to “get over it” as I grew older but I remained frozen in those childhood memories. And it took decades for me to find self-worth. I know many Black men will see themselve... more
  • All My Clothes Were White: The Spirited Life, Pre-Heaven Visit, and Peaceful Death of My Mom, Jean Mruz

    by Bart Mruz
    As 95-year-old Jean Mruz approached the end of her life, her son Bart dreaded the impending separation from his mom. Much to his surprise, her passing brought peace, joy, and reassurance. During Jean’s final days, a series of experiences convinced Bart and his siblings that their mother was being prepared for her transition from this world to the next. Jean died as she had lived, in her own quirky and unique way. Complete with a pre-death visit to another realm. She even had some control over... more
  • Spiritual Sugar: The Divine Ingredients to Heal Yourself With Love

    by Lisa Manyon
    Spiritual Sugar is Lisa’s love letter to humanity. Two years before receiving a cancer diagnosis, Lisa received a divine download that she was to write a book called Spiritual Sugar about healing with love. Lisa journaled about it, tucked the idea away, and was reminded of it when facing mortality. Lisa healed cancer with love (no chemo or radiation, only surgery, and dietary resets). Within Spiritual Sugar, she shares her personal journey (The Awakening), over 40 non-traditional healing modalit... more
  • Dreaming in Chinese

    by William Tsung
    I'm a Taiwanese American born in the states. I went to Taiwan to celebrate Chinese New Year with my grandma. I have a medical license for cannabis for my anxiety. I thought my license would protect me. I couldn't have been more wrong. The original charge was 12 years to life, it got down to 2 years. This is the story of my time.
  • The Open-Heart Open-Mind Recovery Concept

    by Violet Kairos

    In The Open-Heart Open-Mind Recovery Concept, Twelve Suggestions to Freedom and Wholeness for Survivors of Parental Narcissistic Abuse, the author describes her own journey of recovery from the lifelong misery and twisted reality as an adult child of narcissists. Through the Twelve Suggestions, she marks a path of healing from parental narcissistic abuse trauma, that allowed her to discover her authentic self, and emerge as the adult she is meant to be.

  • "Get Mahoney!; A Hollywood Insider's Memoir"

    by Jim Mahoney
    It's not easy being in the public eye. There's always someone watching, waiting for you to mess up. That's where Jim Mahoney comes in. For over 40 years, he's been the go-to guy for Hollywood's elite when they need to clean up a scandal or avoid one altogether. He knows all the tricks of the trade and he's finally spilling the beans in his new book, Get Mahoney!. From Gable to Garland, Sinatra to The Stones, Jim has helped some of the biggest names in Hollywood keep their image squeaky clean.... more
  • Never Enough: Three Pillars of Food Addiction Recovery

    by Sandra Elia
    If you've tried every diet on the market to no avail, if eating and weight are affecting your physical health, your career, your relationships, your mental health, and your self-worth, then Never Enough is for you. Equal parts self-help and memoir, this moving book contains everything you need to develop healthy relationships with food, others, and, most importantly, yourself. Certified Food Addiction Counselor and Founder of the Food Addiction Recovery Program, Sandra Elia, delves deep in... more
  • Graceful Agony: An Intimate Memoir of Living with Fibro & Chronic Fatigue

    by Deb Morgan, Advocate and

    "In the pages of 'Graceful Agony' is a beautifully written journey of deep and intimate memoirs soon after the authors' diagnosis with Fibro, chronic pain, and fatigue. It is a memoir filled with pure perseverance and inspiration."

    As per "National Fibromyalgia Association," fibromyalgia is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases. In America, an average of ten million people yearly suffer from this disease. It c... more

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    by K.P. Summers
  • Chasing the Daylight

    What is it like to be part of the world’s most powerful armed forces at the dawn of the 21st century? Does a military tale have to be about the men going to war? You’ll find out here. Joanna is a fragile, romantic, former ballerina. After a painful rift with her beloved friend and mentor, she joins the U.S. Army. Her dream is to become an Intelligence Officer. She faces a formidable task, but she embarks on a four-year journey to accomplish her goal. The story whirls us into the center of the... more
  • This Fragile Partnership: A Year in the Civic Life of a Florida Teacher

    by Jeremy D. Lucas
    In the aftermath of a shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old gunman entered his old elementary school through an unlocked door and killed 21 people, two teachers and nineteen students, the nation was rattled. Understandably, there were educators who thought about quitting, moms and dads who thought about keeping their kids home, and legislators who got more aggressive about security. At the heart of this uniquely American tragedy was a terrifying breach of trust. Every parent and grandp... more
  • Please I Can to the Toilet Go?

    by Guy Newmountain
    Ever wondered what it's like to be a supply teacher? This is the book for you! Artist and illustrator Guy Newmountain, a time-served teacher at the chalk-face for 25 years and a familiar sight to thousands of pupils across the spectrum from nursery to sixth form, tells a succession of school-related anecdotes with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour. Some are hysterically funny and a few sad; others heart-stopping and deadly serious.. Guy even bares his soul regarding personal heartbreak... more
  • Ask Your Father

    by Tony Wasowicz
    So many questions not asked . . . . Who are the significant elders in your life? Parents? Grandparents? Older friends or neighbors? What do you really know about them? Have you ever asked them to tell their stories? Tony Wasowicz waited until his father was in his nineties to ask him. He will always wonder why he waited so long. Many of us—most of us—take our elders for granted, thinking that, maybe someday we’ll get around to sitting down with them and taking the time to listen to them... more
  • The Possibility of All Things: A Story of Parallel Journeys

    by Frank Head
    A memoir of dramatic parallel stories of young lovers coming of age in the early 1970’s and the same couple’s struggle to survive a major medical crisis forty years later. In alternating chapters, the author recalls their struggle to find a purposeful life as part of the 60s generation and contrasts it with the same challenges in the later stages of life. Whether they are young adventurers lost in the wilds of the Sierra Madre or senior lovers trying to communicate through the barrier of an e... more