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  • The Best Article About How To Get FREE ROBUX

    by Toshka34 Smilov

    Effortlessly earn Robux R$ by downloading smartphone applications, watch videos, or even complete simple tasks. All of us already have over three-hundred-thousand completed offers!

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    We hav... more

  • The Woods of Veltzer

    by A. Keller

    "They say it’s a place where time and space cease to exist. A place where nothing lives but mere oblivion and this…”


    3 teens whose lives were ruined:

    Treyton became addicted to cigarettes.

    Paul saw is father being shot to death.

    Laurie used to be one of the most popular kids of her grade. But now she’s suffering from loneliness.

    But th... more

  • cliftonayy

    by clifton mora
  • Basketball Courts

    by APT Asia Pacific
    Basketball courts can be colourful, have you heard about it? If you are listening this first time then let us introduce you our designed colourful basketball courts which will fascinate yours. We have designed these courts to make Australian basketball game at a high standard.
  • The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Volume 1

    by D.G. Valdron
    Once upon a time, Doctor Who was a show in Crisis! So fans decided to started making their own. They’ve been doing it ever since... A collection of reviews and essays that chart a hidden history of fan recreations of classic Doctors, brand new Doctors, female Doctors, black Doctors, Doctors from around the world, shot from Mayan temples, to the Cutty Sark sailing ship, Roman Ampitheatres, British landmarks, scenic ruins. The stories of the Greatest Doctor Who Fan Films ever made. A unique ... more
  • Kids in Musicianland: Five Reasons to Stick With It

    by Karyn Rashoff
    Kids in Musicianland illustrates five strong reasons for teens to keep music in their lives and not let it disappear when other distractions are pulling them away. 1. You meet a lot of people 2. You're part of a team 3. You're part of history 4. You get to travel 5. You balance your life with music. 28 short stories and interviews with musicians, professors, radio hosts and conductors compel the reader to learn more about the joys of sticking with music for a lifetime, despite th... more
  • Warrior Book 4 in the Maagy Series

    by Virginia Burton Stringer
    Faced with no other choice, Maagy must temporarily assume the crown in King Henry’s absence and become the leader, the soldier she is trained to be. The abduction of King Henry has thrown the Commonwealth into chaos. Dressed in her combat uniform with the Battle Wreath of the Heir firmly on her forehead and weapons at her sides, Maagy makes a solemn vow to bring her father home. War ravages the valley for a year with devastating losses and immeasurable suffering. Through it all, Maagy proves her... more
  • Kids Favorite Quarantine Activities

    by Dionne L Fields
    Kids Favorite Quarantine Activities a true story about a boy name Rain Fields, who has been self-quarantine and social distancing for weeks at home and his entire spring break.Rain Fields invented a new product during the COVID-19 outbreak in his community this will prevent kids from germs, flu, virus and corona virus.And he wanted to share his virus quarantine survival tips for kids being quarantine for weeks at home.
  • Chicago Kids Play and Sing Hoagy

    by Bucky Halker
    Great news! Bucky Halker is happy to announce the completion of an illustrated children’s book and CD project featuring children’s songs by the legendary songwriter Hoagy Carmichael. The recording spotlights the charming and talented vocal work of Chicago children ages 4-18 on all fifteen tracks. Children also appear as instrumentalists on nearly all the tracks - acoustic guitars, taiko drums, jarana, piano, electric bass and guitar, Japanese flute, and mandolin. Older Chicago “kidz” (... more
  • The Invisible Rim

    by Dionne L Fields
    The Invisible Rim Even though Rain’s dad, has been invisible to him for over 11 years. A basketball rim is the only invisible hope he has in his life.
  • What is the Best Time to Visit Yosemite?

    by Extranomical Tours
    When is the best time to visit Yosemite? With all its stunning attractions, including Glacier Point and Half Dome, Yosemite is awesome all year round. In this post, we’ll tell you the advantages of a Yosemite winter (imagine Yosemite in December covered in snow!), the best ways to enjoy Yosemite in summer (and how to prepare yourself for Yosemite in July), not to mention, of course, Yosemite in fall (Yosemite in October is stunning and avoids the crowds) and the springtime splendor of Yosemite i... more
  • LuLu Diaries: Manners Matter (Sheryl Keper)

    by Anindita Roy
    LuLu is the naughtiest birth Flower God had created that season, but she desires to have the best parents. Anna wants to have a baby, but of course, not a one who is Naughty. How is Anna going to teach LuLu manners, which matters the most? Let's find out more about the events as the DIARY Unfolds!!!! This is the first of the series of 4 books: 1. LuLu Diaries 2. The World Upside Down 3. The Last Letter 4. Time Travel in Pajamas
  • Watch Her Shine

    by Deborah Henry
    Watch Her Shine addresses the rise of the feminine and how working together as a community can bring change. The courageous protagonist, Dembe, with the help of Abbo, a mountain gorilla, leads her people to safety from an evil prince. "Deborah Henry creates a world of magic, fairy tale, and lush fantasy like Gabriel Garcia Marquez translated for kids. Wonderful and playful." Josip Novakovich - International Man Book Prize Finalist.
  • Dot to Dot to Dot: 88 Advanced Dot to Dot Puzzles with Extra Dots

    by Roy W. P. Reed
    A collection of 88 advanced dot to dot puzzles with extra dots. Yes, more dots on the page than you need. Figure out the counting pattern, skip the extra dots, reveal the picture. Count by 2s, 3s, 4s, all the way up to 10s, and begin at different starting points. A challenge for anyone 8+. Start with the easy puzzles and work up to the hard ones. Seven holiday and seasonal themes. Appealing to anyone who trying to be mindful, loves puzzles or wants to keep their brains sharp.
  • What is the Idea!

    by Hridoy Ahmed
    When the mind of man is perfected, then, and only then, the body can express itself perfectly. Charles F. Haanel wrote that. And he was right.
  • The Bookshop: (Part 1)

    by Bakhtiyar Sakupov

    A beautiful brown cat lives at Chapter bookstore (southwest London’s largest independent bookshop). He spends his days sleeping on comfy laps and crawling over library carts. He's brought years of good luck and cheer to the bookstore with his famous