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  • Birds of a Letter: ABC Together!

    by Craig Macnaughton
    From AVOCET to ZEBRA FINCH, fly the friendly skies with some fabulous feathered friends! Author/illustrator Craig Macnaughton takes you up into the trees, to the oceanside and deep into the rainforest to practice your ABC’s with an amazing aviary of beautiful birds. The lively illustrations and terrific trivia are a fantastic introduction into the incredible world of birds.
  • Local Cable Deals

    by Danish Meraj
  • Can I Be Your Roommate?

    by Susan Barkman

    True story: One morning a House Wren flew through my back door and into the kitchen. This bird seemed right at home, calm and in no real hurry to leave.  Story: "Can I Be Your Roommate?" is based on this little wren and the way she could have been looking for a roommate.


  • What Do the Plants Say?

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Alex hears balloon flower buds popping. She is sure the plants are talking to her. She invents a plant translator. The plants want to have a party. They want to fly. She invents a flower inflator with helium. The plants want her to fly with them. It's fun until the plants try to talk to her while flying. When they pop, the helium comes out of their flowers, so they come back to Earth. Now they want Alex to invent a way for them to talk and fly at the same time. She's had enough inventing for ... more
  • What Is a Green Roof?

    by Vicki Sando
    Green roofs are an urban oasis in a patchwork of black tar and silver rooftops, but what exactly are they? This beautifully illustrated picture book is a perfect introduction to green roofs for children- and their adults. From the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon to present-day rooftop farms, green roofs have been built for centuries. They are receiving new attention because of the environmental benefits they offer, and the additional value of ‘greening’ typically neglected spaces. This book i... more
  • Something Wonderful

    by Matt Ritter
    This educational and interactive picture book immerses the reader in the strange and interwoven lifecycles of a tropical fig tree in the rainforest, and the tiny insects and colorful creatures that call it home. Following the growth of a seed haphazardly dropped into the canopy of a rainforest tree by a flying toucan, Something Wonderfulteaches the interdependence of rainforest ecology in an easy-to-follow, captivating story. Flip the beautifully illustrated pages and experience the journey of t... more
  • Can a Tree Be Blue?

    by Audrey Sauble

    Is an oak tree blue? Or maybe a birch tree? Of course not! Trees are green. Right?

    Well, have you ever seen a blue tree?

    Discover all the colors a tree can be with this entertaining picture book! In this book, children will learn about colors, as well as the ways trees change throughout the year.

    Plus, find more great details to observe outdoors with the scavenger hunt included at the end of this book!


  • What Wonders Await Outdoors

    by Justine Avery

    Listen to the birds, the breeze, the rustle of the trees so excited. All of Nature is calling. We’ve been invited!

    The core message of exchanging indoor activities for the adventure of the great outdoors drives the rhyming narrative, a journey of imagination and discovery mixing fantasy with reality in brilliant watercolor landscapes.

    We almost forgot to step outside! How could we? When we’re very very busy, time passes so quickly.

    What Won... more

  • Hurricane Vacation

    by Heather L. Beal
    Preschoolers Lily and Niko get a crash course on how to handle the unexpected when their vacation changes from sand castles and swimming to lessons in hurricane preparedness. But as the kids prepare to evacuate with their cousin Emma and her family, Niko’s favorite stuffy gets lost. Will they find him in time to evacuate safely? Or will this fuzzy family member get left behind? Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschoo... more
  • How to Apply to a Medical School

    by Subhajit Khara
    You have to go through a comprehensive admission process if you want to apply to a medical school. You can maximize your chances of securing a seat in a medical school if you complete all the steps required for application carefully and thoroughly. Moreover, it’s better to prepare everything in advance. Here is a description of the general steps involved in the application process.

    1.Take the MCAT:

    MCAT is the medical college admission test which is a mandatory requi... more
  • dear plant killers: a guide on how to be a good plant parent

    by Krista Esse
    you’re probably here because you have a hard time keeping plants alive. i’m here to tell you not to give up. plant care is not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. it takes time, care, and research to keep every plant alive. it’s not always your fault if a plant dies... but most causes of death are avoidable. this book will help you understand the work it takes to keep a plant alive!
  • Backsides: Zoo Animals

    by Lois M. Baron
    This photo book for young children lets them figure out which animal they're seeing from a new viewpoint—its backside! When they turn the page, they'll found out if they solved the mystery correctly.
  • Max Finds A Master

    by Joseph Olsen
    Max heads out of the wild to embark on a journey of finding his master.
  • A B Sea Creatures

    by Craig Macnaughton

    From Anglerfish to Zebra Lionfish, say hello to the most diverse delights in the deep blue sea! First-time picture book author/illustrator Craig Macnaughton takes you deep under the ocean to your learn your A-B-C’s with a colourful collection of fascinating fish, impossible invertebrates and marvellous mammals. The playful illustrations and fun factoids are guaranteed to start more than a few bedtime conversations.

  • topclass

    by Niiki Vella
    I'm a blogger with lots of experience writing high quality guest posts covering different subjects. Like: Business, Shopping, Education, Travel, Health, Tech, Finance, Pet, Sport, Law, News and Home.
  • The Freedom of Falconry

    by MJV Literary

    How extraordinary is it to gain the trust of a raptor? Even the smallest birds of prey exude power and grace as they take to the air and soar explore the world in a way that we humans can never do. The Freedom of Falconry - explains the basics of falconry: the history of the sport, the equipment used, the different methods used to raise and train birds of prey and why falconers do what they do. But this book will also explore something that few falconry books do: the unique relati... more